Secrets The Food Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

  • Published on Mar 3, 2018
  • From marketing tricks to shady practices, the food industry has a lot of secrets. Here are some crucial facts you should know about the food you eat.
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Comments • 8 364

  • TheClusternuts
    TheClusternuts 2 hours ago

    I hate myself now poor animals!!

  • Clifford Browning
    Clifford Browning 5 hours ago

    They just make it so hard to find and use good sources of food these days.

  • Rylei Clark
    Rylei Clark 6 hours ago

    alright so instead of giving the animals antibiotics when they get a bacterial disease, what should farmers do? let them suffer? Would just like to know.

    • Rylei Clark
      Rylei Clark 6 hours ago

      Also, NONE of your meat or milk has significant amount of antibiotics. A withdrawal period exists when they are used to ensure this. The biggest factor in antibiotic resistance is... OVERPRESCRIBING antibiotics to HUMANS.

  • doyouevenknowwhoiam ?
    doyouevenknowwhoiam ? 7 hours ago

    We would eventually all die without bees

  • Pauline Falzon
    Pauline Falzon 8 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Bob Rubbi
    Bob Rubbi 9 hours ago


  • Vicente Dominguez
    Vicente Dominguez 15 hours ago

    Nd all this happens because the world is over populated

  • Danny Romo
    Danny Romo 21 hour ago

    Shit like this makes me happy i don't eat meat.

  • kim santos
    kim santos 21 hour ago

    humans always complain but they are not special

  • kim santos
    kim santos 21 hour ago

    but its difficult to survive without food industry. would you go hunting and plant your own food? humans are over populating but animals decrease its population

  • kim santos
    kim santos 21 hour ago

    we humans meant to eat each other. and that is a fact.

  • chininton
    chininton 22 hours ago

    I don’t eat shrimp 😂

  • Jwalk550
    Jwalk550 Day ago

    9:22 spawn kill

  • My Channel
    My Channel Day ago

    No more meat 🤮

  • hazlee f
    hazlee f 2 days ago

    Shocking . Omg

  • Anime Aunty
    Anime Aunty 2 days ago

    SUGAR DOESN'T GIVE U DIABETES! Fat does. Sugar problems r the after effect of diabetes but it's meat products that cause it.
    Misinformation is deadly.

  • Carole Carole
    Carole Carole 2 days ago +1

    It is so sad the FDA allow these practices, where as in other country these things are banned.

  • Tim Edwards
    Tim Edwards 2 days ago

    Why cant we just have food that is healthy.

  • Pastora Martinez
    Pastora Martinez 2 days ago

    The government is trying to depopulate so they basically put all these harmful toxins into our food supply and it’s obviously why they don’t want farmers to grow their own food

    SYDSK8 HP 3 days ago

    We all should eat less meat

  • PK Lo
    PK Lo 3 days ago +1

    I dont get it, why mistreat food so far that it effects us?? And why so inhumanely???
    Come on now?! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Dallas Kelly
    Dallas Kelly 3 days ago

    The most disturbing part of this is how many of you believe everything he says is true. Although there were a few small truths in this video, most of what he said was false. I do not know for sure if the falsities were based on lack of knowledge/poor research or if they were intentional lies and misinformation. The fact is, most of you commenting need to actually go visit a local farmers and let them show you how things are done. You will be shocked at the difference between real farms and the ones in this video.

  • Max Power
    Max Power 3 days ago

    Me thinks this was made by Democrats. Nothing on this Earth, "Evolved". "In the beginning GOD created the Heavens and the Earth". Cows can eat whatever they want. GOD created corn.

  • Max Power
    Max Power 3 days ago

    Bayer owns Monsanto now.

  • Tomas Habinak
    Tomas Habinak 3 days ago

    Go vegan

  • Richard Hoak
    Richard Hoak 4 days ago

    I have never seen so many lies in one video. This channel must be run by worthless vegans. UNSUBSCRIBED.

    PARTH JADAV 4 days ago

    Sugar cane has natural sugar

  • Hiromi Fung
    Hiromi Fung 4 days ago

    This video is literally making me cry because of how cruelly farm animals are treated

  • yasmeen peyton
    yasmeen peyton 4 days ago

    Well maybe humans could think about a 50%-100% plant based diet in a stable/healthy environment, it's all about perspective. You rely on a destructive society yet continue to reap its toxic benefits and after affects. Buying local produce is a start but seriously just do some research there's nothing enlightened humans can't accomplish.

  • Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones 5 days ago

    That shocked me,the male chicks been ground up alive.thats awe full. Shit this has really made me think about what I'm eating.all those protesters are not mad,not that I thought they were lol..people really need to wake up..shit..

  • Gir's Taco
    Gir's Taco 5 days ago +7

    My kid wants me to comment, "good job teaching us." So i did. 🖒

    HOLLOW HILL 5 days ago

    if money and profiting did not exist the world would be a better place....

  • Yoosha91
    Yoosha91 5 days ago

    Okay? I mean that's nice and all but you're only the like MILLIONTH guy to tell us this, and like all of them you didn't tell us what we're supposed to do; all you guys tell us to avoid these foods, but no one says HOW.

  • Jordy Walson
    Jordy Walson 5 days ago

    Oi, i eat what i want to eat. you aint stopping me. lemme die in a food coma !

  • Tommy Tarbox
    Tommy Tarbox 5 days ago

    Lots of BS here too.


    All this only exists in the US in Europe states things like those don't even exist

  • vicky hell
    vicky hell 6 days ago

    Sucks. I feel like all it takes is 1 person or group of people to make a difference by simple rebelling and burning down the places that TORTURE animals

  • TJfishbuk Salliverro

    People of this wonderful earth, listen up! We're fucked and screwed. Good luck to all of us and have nice lives.

  • Mr CAPS 257
    Mr CAPS 257 7 days ago

    I Hate the U.S..!

  • SSuperCuriouss
    SSuperCuriouss 7 days ago +2

    So this is public knowledge and up to the consumer to not put harmful things in their body, or mistreat animals. So we can shut down the FDA and other gov org meant to protect us, since they are ok with legal loopholes and dodgy "research", for profit.

  • Frank289100
    Frank289100 7 days ago


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  • JDSabre
    JDSabre 7 days ago +5

    Going Vegan was the single greatest decision of my entire life.

  • Q. Tech
    Q. Tech 8 days ago

    No more meat

  • no dorks should should grow

    Thank god i live in Australia we have fresh abundance of all food the choice is easy to make fresh or packaged

  • thomasinmn
    thomasinmn 8 days ago

    to see where grocery store meat comes from, watch dominion. it was a real eye opener for myself and my son.

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 9 days ago

    A lot of information on here is full of shit.

  • todd margaret
    todd margaret 9 days ago

    Isn't round up a herbicide not an insecticide?

  • Haddy Nough
    Haddy Nough 9 days ago

    It’s no surprise that everyone has a leaky gut!

  • Charles Dowling
    Charles Dowling 9 days ago

    No surprise, anybody who's willing to look at where their food comes already knows this. Care about what you put in your mouth

  • Brittany Bracey
    Brittany Bracey 9 days ago

    Ok America i get the point nothing here on earth is safe nothing at all

  • DaPoorAmerican Homestead Farming

    Totally agree on the shrimp because I lived in a region known for shrimp. Imagine how much our meat absorbed the marinated over night and we get the taste of the flavor the next day. Imagine that with shrimp bath in poison chemicals for 3 months.

  • Vojin Vaskovic
    Vojin Vaskovic 10 days ago +1

    At 2:19 there are some foods that are in Europe,and not in America.I mean for Milka,Nescafe...
    These got world famous i think 😀

  • Blake Sanden
    Blake Sanden 10 days ago

    Monsanto should be closed permanently

  • Excel
    Excel 11 days ago +1

    Pretty much everyone in the world knows that cheese in America isn't real cheese, ONLY America has this problem. America-screwing the world one product at a time

  • AlyMetz
    AlyMetz 11 days ago


  • ThreadingKitty
    ThreadingKitty 12 days ago much as I love chicken, I never liked the process of getting meat from animals, but these things makes things even worse, especially the last three:( This completely legal animal cruelty needs to stop!

  • skamerhomofil
    skamerhomofil 12 days ago +1

    Those 3,884 dislikes are the people getting paid by the government.

  • I me and sea
    I me and sea 13 days ago

    People are killing one another in the name of money, development etc

  • Randolph
    Randolph 13 days ago

    Living near and knowing poultry house farmers, their chicken houses are cleaned each time a new batch of chicken are raised. This cuts down on diseases being passed from one flock to the next. Every two years simply doesn’t make any sense. You would also want to use the manure to fertilize the crops or land at a minimum of once a year. More if you have multiple crop plantings

  • Reggy Smif
    Reggy Smif 13 days ago

    Great video. Very well put together. I appreciate how you delivered the information without sounding hateful or bias while refraining from using horror movie music in the background. This is a scholarly demonstration.

  • Kappa pranks
    Kappa pranks 13 days ago

    What kind of world are we living in

  • Pazelloxu
    Pazelloxu 14 days ago


  • jay double U
    jay double U 14 days ago

    people should be slaughtered in slaughterhouses too

  • Dazza W
    Dazza W 14 days ago

    EVIL money hungry greedy people! Go VEGAN and save the animals from suffering!

  • Silver Legend
    Silver Legend 15 days ago

    1:00 - "Bacterias"? - learn English before you parade your ignorance on the 'net.

  • Dark Madder
    Dark Madder 16 days ago

    Great segment! Just a couple of notes - 1. All sugars are NOT equal (although high-fructose corn syrup is essentially toxic); for someone dealing with diabetic potentials, GLYCEMIC INDEX is what you want to pay attention to (basically how high the glucose of that sugar?). Coconut sugar/the dried nectar of the coconut flower contains 1/3 of the glucose of the identical amount of table sugar. Agave is also considerably lower, just behind coconut nectar, with honey next in line, closer on the glycemic index to table sugar, but still yet lower. 2. In order to plasticize the liquid byproducts of the dairy process into "process cheese product" they add rennet to solidify them. Rennet is acquired by scraping the stomach lining of the slaughter calves. In order to keep dairy cows producing milk, they keep them impregnated; however they don't want their cash product being consumed by these calves, so they immediately separate them from the mother and slaughter them. The calves would not be able to digest the lactose in the milk, but for the natural presence of rennet in their stomach lining, which cause the milk to curdle into something resembling cottage cheese, which they can now digest. This biochemical process has proven handy for the solidification of liquid byproducts into something resembling cheese by a soulless industry.

  • josepf stalin
    josepf stalin 16 days ago +1

    You know whats more fake then its fibers? Your videos

  • josepf stalin
    josepf stalin 16 days ago +1

    Lies all of you say its fak

  • josepf stalin
    josepf stalin 16 days ago +1

    Gmo is good you nigga idiot

  • josepf stalin
    josepf stalin 16 days ago +1

    I dont care i love sugar fuck You man

  • Mark Millsaps
    Mark Millsaps 16 days ago +4

    Monsanto is now as of June 7, 2018 called by the name of Bayer...
    Sell em poison. Sell em medicine(another poison) if they get poisoned. REPEAT

    • John Smith
      John Smith 10 hours ago

      Bayer was a friend of Hitler.....

  • david
    david 17 days ago

    a vegan made this video

  • Anita Birjas
    Anita Birjas 17 days ago

    I think these are old news, most people know this is common.

  • Barack Obuma
    Barack Obuma 17 days ago

    Why are there 30 million god damn ads in a 10 min video

  • Flash Berner
    Flash Berner 17 days ago +39

    What kinda horrible person u have to be to throw a chicken directly in to a grinder

    • Mogwai Jizm
      Mogwai Jizm 5 hours ago

      @Anime Aunty umm ok,, first,, im a prick,, ok good start there darls,, second,, sure id do almost anything to protect and provide for my loved ones,, what I wouldn't do is accept a job throwing baby chicks into a grinder,,,im getting the feeling I hit a nerve? and maybe you did accept a job doing exactly this ,, so cool you fed ur baby by murdering others babys,, that's cool,, sure jesus loves baby killers,, hehe you keep hoping that,, good luck to you,, and hell we all make mistakes,, but some you cannot fix or make right,, and killing babys is one of them im afraid,, just facts,, sorry if the truth hurts,, I don't mean to upset you,, but if me talking upsets you while you throw babys into a grinder without a thought,,then,,im also afraid,,of you,,!!!

    • Anime Aunty
      Anime Aunty 11 hours ago

      Mogwai Jizm
      Wow! u r a pr***
      Also those barely paid, poverty level egg chick sorters don't have to worship satan to toss those chicks n a grinder. They only need to need a steady legal job & feed their families. I don't think u could ever understand what a God fearing mom would b willing to do to care for her kids. Grinding chick is not taking the Mark. Many of the towns that support the chicken industry, have very few other options for unskilled work. Many of these towns r drying up here n the US as people r more health conscience. U think the CEO is going to support the town & take a pay cut? I ended up on the street with a toddler 25 yrs ago, I had very few hard limits to make sure his tummy didn't rumble & I don't give the father of lies an INCH. Jesus loves me & my son & I live under the Grace of His Shed Blood that was freely given. What would u not do to feed a hungry innocent. Would u beg? Would u steal? Would u take ANY steady legal job available. No u probably wouldn't obviously. U would HAVE TO worship satan to do these thing right?
      Grace, u should try it.
      Ps. A FOUR word comment is not explaining urself 3 times, nice try.

    • Mogwai Jizm
      Mogwai Jizm Day ago

      and I sincerely apoligise if I sounded condescending,, I tend to get like that when im forced to explain to obvious 3 times in a row,, I feel like blowing my brains out,, I am just losing my tolerance to panhandle the idiots,,im sure you can sympathisz =)

    • Mogwai Jizm
      Mogwai Jizm Day ago

      @Anime Auntyok sugar plum,, let me try once more,,again,, just for you,, ,,and god does not like this,, but guess who does?
      now,, do you know of a thing that might be the opposite of god,, ???? someone who maybe,,i dunno,,opposes god,, who might wanna upset him? shout watermelon if you think you got it?

    • Anime Aunty
      Anime Aunty Day ago

      Mogwai Jizm
      Ok, unless ur at least 50, don't call me 'honey'
      Also, can u please tell me what's wrong with asking for clarification. Ur comment makes it sound like some 'lord & master' is telling people to toss live chicks n2 a grinder. Pretty sure that's not what u meant. Sounds like u r asleep when u try to communicate.
      W h a t d i d U m e a n?

  • Spottydaill54
    Spottydaill54 17 days ago

    This is horrible, we need to improve chickens living conditions. Or stop eating chickens completely.

  • Aidedwarrior 24
    Aidedwarrior 24 18 days ago

    people vaccinate children
    wE sHoUldNt VaCcInAtE aNiMaLs ItS bAd
    like wtf

  • Heath Eaton
    Heath Eaton 18 days ago

    As a producer all I can say is There are allot of “facts” included in this video that are just not true and seem to be included for shock value and nothing more. I am surprised that so many people believe the lies in this video.

  • Steven Arcand
    Steven Arcand 18 days ago

    Biggest human population experiment that exploded the obesity, diabetes, and alzheimers crisis since 1970....Healthy whole wheats, grains, corn, corn syrups and fake vegetable oils. Remember, "sAtUrAtEd FaTs R bAd 4 U" so eat our low fat, high carb foods. How is that experiement going? Buy statins!

  • Sandy Grayson
    Sandy Grayson 18 days ago

    I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian!

  • James w Bigrully
    James w Bigrully 18 days ago

    Remember guys the government the growers farmers they do not eat this crap they all eat pure organic foods

  • James w Bigrully
    James w Bigrully 18 days ago

    Now we know why we get our foods everyday of millions and millions of meats process foods. I keep asking where are all of these cows pigs chickens Turkey's feeding the entire world daily man is a beast, now we know why so many of us dying of cancer diabetes etc. And we go to the doctor and these suckers never heal us. We see a doctor its always I'll see you in 3 months. Dam doctor when do i get good results.when do you say hey man you no longer have to come see me unless it's a emergency. Its all about money not one care in the world.

  • hellhound713
    hellhound713 19 days ago

    This makes me sad

  • Explodoboy
    Explodoboy 19 days ago

    Way to ignorantly misrepresent facts as scare tactics.

  • Angelo
    Angelo 20 days ago

    Aspartame. They feed sugar to microbes and then collect the faeces and that's aspartame, literally microbe faeces. Research at Cambridge, UK has shown that it makes rats dumb and infertile.

  • haleybrooke
    haleybrooke 20 days ago

    This is why i am vegan...
    *Love them*
    *Don't eat them*

    • Aidedwarrior 24
      Aidedwarrior 24 18 days ago

      this is why u should fucking eat them they r adorable feelings r a weakness

  • ArnKi
    ArnKi 20 days ago +1

    all of thes meets like whats the problem its food..

  • Doug C
    Doug C 20 days ago +2

    I am mostly ticked off at the law allowing monsanto to patent nature. WTF
    Why should he own the rights to all the food in the world.
    You have seen futurama, be prepared for you grand children to be mutants !!!
    All of this defies common sense and common law if you ask me.

  • Tyler Smythe
    Tyler Smythe 20 days ago +4

    Go vegan, you dumbs!
    Or at least consider vegetarianism and switch to full veganism when you realize how easy it is.
    I hate that 90% of the comments are legitimately shocked people who will most likely either today or tomorrow, forget this information completely and go pick up lunch at McDonalds.
    Literally everything but one thing on this video had to do with animal product..

    Just as we have the right to vote, we have the right to eat what we want. We have the right and ability to spend our dollar and support companies we know don't have a guilty background.
    Veganism doesn't mean you're a full-blown, full time plant eater..
    I eat fucking Chipotle, I eat Del Taco, mexican food is my shit.
    If you're not a picky prick, consider it.
    Take some vitamins, eat some meatless, cheese-less mexican food and don't fill with guilt knowing you're a part of why the milk and meat industry continue and are advancing in mutating these poor fuckin' animals.

  • David Jarvis
    David Jarvis 21 day ago

    You guys are showing dairy cattle when you're talking about beef cattle . Different breeds altogether . Not down playing antibiotics in meat , but most beef cattle are pasture raised , but for the last few months , when they go to feedlots for finishing

  • theodora Nomusa Chihava

    Number 1 is stale news because Professor Walter Veith spoke on antibiotic use in animals causing resistance in humans in the 90`s and nobody listened

  • Zelda Williams
    Zelda Williams 21 day ago +1

    Ikr!! 🙁 Oh my god look @ that poor dead cow! 😢 Stop!! 😩

  • krazyskibunney
    krazyskibunney 21 day ago

    All #facts. Can you do a YT on the fake food like plastic cabbage etc, ppl need to see it!

  • krazyskibunney
    krazyskibunney 21 day ago

    Screw Monsanto this company is over 120 yrs old and have their hands in everything from government to your makeup. I have a document from 1943 where they
    knew the harm of using round-up chemicals. Shit my Twitter got deleted had 2 yrs work in.. Yea do it again monstano I dgaf!

  • Chi Cago
    Chi Cago 22 days ago

    The baby chicks.....that was a new one for me

  • BitLife For Lyfe
    BitLife For Lyfe 22 days ago +1

    This world is controlled by the almighty dollar. There’s no money in healthy people, the billions are in the sick and dying.

  • Joy of Jesus
    Joy of Jesus 22 days ago

    I was hoping this was accurate information since I work for the USDA. I caution everyone to do their own research on the food they eat. No one can tell you what is in your food because there are so many moving parts from field to store shelf. This video is filled with inaccuracies covered in a little bit of truth.

  • Fuzzy_panda4
    Fuzzy_panda4 22 days ago +1

    I'm going vegetarian now

  • G A L E
    G A L E 23 days ago

    No to animal cruelty!