Secrets The Food Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

  • Published on Mar 3, 2018
  • From marketing tricks to shady practices, the food industry has a lot of secrets. Here are some crucial facts you should know about the food you eat.
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Comments • 8 735

  • Laoagan Lester
    Laoagan Lester 10 hours ago

    It is impossible now a days to 100 % avoid these foods!!!

  • Peter Hefley
    Peter Hefley 13 hours ago

    this maks me sick.

  • Evie
    Evie 13 hours ago

    Shrimps are Dirty? *Looks likes i'm not Pink anymore*

  • Evie
    Evie 13 hours ago

    Look at "Made with:", Job Done

  • The Most Ligit Kid
    The Most Ligit Kid Day ago +1

    Cows in america(probably), other countries: abusive, rape and overproduction
    Cows in india, nepal: treat them like a god

  • Tony's World
    Tony's World 2 days ago

    Monsanto needs to be shut down

  • XxGalaxy fox _ gamingxX

    I’m crying now

  • BigKikko
    BigKikko 4 days ago

    vegan propaganda

  • B Laws
    B Laws 4 days ago

    Sue Monsanto out of business. They’ve bankrupted and poisoned hundreds of thousands. And stop using anything with Nutrasweet!!its linked to the rise in autoimmune diseases like krohns and MS. When heated above 80f as in coffee or soda carried in a hot truck it’s chemistry mimicks the same as wood alcohol.

  • B Laws
    B Laws 4 days ago

    #2 and #1 in particular are quite inaccurate, and I’m being polite

  • bigtimes1
    bigtimes1 4 days ago

    This video is full of falsehoods.

  • fungoorstitch
    fungoorstitch 5 days ago

    The sows in the crates is horrendous. They can't do that with feeder pigs because high stress levels can actually foul the meat at slaughter time. Some facilities even have warning lights to inform caretakers global noise levels have risen past acceptable levels. But for poor sows only there to pump out units, the sky they''ll never see is the limit.

  • fungoorstitch
    fungoorstitch 5 days ago

    Yeah, I have to admit, I do need help getting diabetes. Off to the sugar shack.

  • Young James
    Young James 5 days ago

    Ahh but the fine Americans will continue to eat this shit. This will never change the mind of an American.

  • jieqiang luo
    jieqiang luo 6 days ago

    Hmm, so Minecraft farms are better?

  • fullboostturbo1
    fullboostturbo1 6 days ago

    So in other words Monsanto is the company responsible for the diminishing bee numbers throughout the world.
    I would even bet these Parasitic Jews created the Parasitic bug which feasts on Honey bees in their hives.
    We really are doomed unless stand up and dispose of these idiots playing mother nature.

  • T8 DO
    T8 DO 7 days ago

    Your next video should be, “Secret biases and misinformation the amateur reporting community doesn’t want you to know about.”

  • Horseradish sauce
    Horseradish sauce 8 days ago

    Poor chicks!

  • Itzzy Z
    Itzzy Z 8 days ago

    Can't wait til we go extinct so other animals can thrive

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee 8 days ago

    All thanks to the greedy American Corporations. Today, America doesn't make or produce any products except information. So Americans sell their know-how, in this case, food gimmicks to companies throughout the world. Greedy Americans!

  • Jack Snow
    Jack Snow 8 days ago

    none of this stuff should be legal!

    • Jack Snow
      Jack Snow 6 days ago

      @Jo Pearson so why is there a video showing it is then. human.

    • Jo Pearson
      Jo Pearson 6 days ago

      most of it is untrue...

  • Barto Bruintjes
    Barto Bruintjes 8 days ago +1

    Glad that I am not living in North America when it comes to food.

  • Terry Silverstein
    Terry Silverstein 9 days ago

    Great ending question.

  • Omar Rose
    Omar Rose 10 days ago

    My mom got disgusted

  • IgnacioAgramonte
    IgnacioAgramonte 10 days ago


  • mrak408
    mrak408 11 days ago

    1:52 what goes into coke

    Get it?

  • Paul Boobier
    Paul Boobier 11 days ago

    Look into the Halal method of slaughter.

  • Dennis Fischer Jr.
    Dennis Fischer Jr. 12 days ago

    Sue these companies
    1. Animal cruelty

  • Next Future
    Next Future 12 days ago

    How cheap can People be?? 🤢😵😣🤮😠🤑

  • Peter Ross
    Peter Ross 12 days ago

    as soon as the bullshit about Monsanto started, I unsubscribed.
    Look, if you're going to spread misinformation and bullshit, you don't deserve to have your video watched by anyone.

  • Hazuki Mas
    Hazuki Mas 13 days ago

    The sugar list... They're required to list the nutritional value of their foods, if you think a food has sugar in it... Check the label? Then check the ingredients.

  • Jon Wagner
    Jon Wagner 13 days ago +1

    All this idiot said around the 4 min mark was Monsanto spray was killing bees, I stopped watching it there. Where is your proof? Of course Monsanto is going to say their spray is not killing bees because there is no proof!!! Then this idiot said with their track record can you believe them! Well, who can believe your lies without any proof? Stupid people believing this! I hope Monsanto sues you!

  • Akiko Fujishima
    Akiko Fujishima 13 days ago

    Agave has a low glycemic level and is actually safe for diabetics.

  • Justen Lee
    Justen Lee 14 days ago

    Your first point alone is ridiculous. I lived and worked on a family farm and antibiotics are used in the first most crucial part in the begging of the animals life is the first week of it being there. By the time animals are sent to the butcher the antibiotics are not in their system anymore.

  • bull elephant seal
    bull elephant seal 14 days ago +2

    those pigs don't deserve to be confined to these tiny cages
    we need this cruelty to stop!!!

    • shavalgen
      shavalgen 10 days ago

      Most countries have either fazed them out or are in the process of doing so. The ones shown in the video look to be from quite a while ago as I haven't seen them used in many years, farrowing crates sizes were greatly increased , the small crates were terrible but the larger ones allow the sows to move around, they were never kept in those crates for long periods, approx 4 weeks as it was to protect the piglets from being squashed by the sow. If a sow is farrowed twice a year then she spends a total of 8 wks out of every 52wks or approx 15% of the year in a crate which as mentioned are no longer that small if used at all. That is their sole purpose, to protect the piglets not to confine the sow for her entire life. As soon as the piglets were strong enough and smart enough to avoid mum's big butt they were transferred to larger premises which depending on the operation, varies from a large pen in a housed intensive piggery, to a barn style housing right through to extensive paddocks in a free range operation. Animal activists have a habit of picking photos and video that is very old showing systems that are no longer accepted by industry or they focus on the less than 5% that do the wrong thing. These animals are a farmer's income, the better they look after them, the less stress that they are subjected to the faster they grow, they better the meat quality. Check out some real facts.
      Farmers aren't against transparency, farmers are against so called do-gooders trespassing on their properties which is a biosecurity breach. Say for example, an activist has been on another property that infected stock and then move to another property where they unknowingly transmit an illness, they do far more harm than even the most negligent farmer. We've seen recently that activist have left a trail of dead animals behind them, sows have aborted after being stressed by large numbers of activists stormng farms, in Spain around 100 rabbits died because activists stole their mothers leaving them to starve. They were euthanized by a local vet rather than be left to die. There were also rabbits that had their backs broken. Rather than try to shut industries down, it's far better to work with them, animals are farmed for meat, it's time these activists stopped deluding themselves and work with farmers to develop 'best practice' methods of production.
      Mulesing of Merino sheep is another farm practice that received a lot of negative press, yes sheep had loose skin trimmed from their breaches , I don't like the idea of it but when I was young I worked on a farm that did it. I actually had to hold the lambs when it was done, yes there was some blood but one thing I did notice is that within minutes the lambs acted as if nothing had happened. Animals are far more resilient to pain than humans, I've seen sheep with injuries from predator attack just grazing away even though they have half their guts hanging out. What it did stop though was being blown by flies leading to maggots. Finding a flyblown sheep in the paddock was the worst thing, but due to the way the Merino sheep had been developed over 200yrs it was a fact of life. Farmers have been working on breeding the loose skin out of the sheep but it doesn't happen overnight. Each generation though makes more progress and we now have many Merino sheep that no longer require mulesing. The vast majority of farmers care about their animals, there are bad apples just as there are in all walks of lfe. Stop demonising farmers and recognise the hard work they do day in and day out to provide food for your table.

  • Jakub Klamerus
    Jakub Klamerus 14 days ago

    Need some fried chicken ASAP!!!

  • Wil Abbott
    Wil Abbott 14 days ago

    You say a lot a of lies in this video

  • Ses 69
    Ses 69 15 days ago

    If I didn't died before watching this video from the food that I ate I won't die after

  • Marty Nuñez
    Marty Nuñez 15 days ago

    Who else would like to see a top 10 of people who created a free world with electromagnetism
    Perpetual motion machines
    Homemade water wells rain catchers
    Organic gardening back to eden
    Homemade furnaces smelting
    Growing permaculture ecosystems like mineral gardens copper and alum, natural fish farms, and vegetable garden chickens and organic phalaris grass fed milk cows and bee hives
    Homemade metal milling lathe machines
    Earthen homes Roman concrete mortar
    Natural medicines

  • New Person
    New Person 15 days ago

    The old ways are much better, now it’s all about making a quick buck at the expense of our health.

    HOLY COW GRASS FED 16 days ago

    WAKE UP AMERICA and see the truth what you are eating buy your food from your local farmer we are here to help you eat better

  • Gabino Santos
    Gabino Santos 16 days ago

    Wow, I'm surprised they didn't talk about the soda companies in specific

  • Ed Joseph
    Ed Joseph 16 days ago +2

    Its all about Greed.
    There are three things I despise more then anything.
    2. Selfishness
    3. Jealousy

  • BroccoliQueefed
    BroccoliQueefed 17 days ago

    Everyone who works for Monsanto and Bayer should be sentenced to death via scaphism

    And all sugars (cough) sweeteners are not the same. Use the right terminology.

  • Gary Antonelli
    Gary Antonelli 17 days ago

    The food industry are killing more people then wars

  • Allan regista
    Allan regista 17 days ago +1

    Hey i live in indonesia. The shrimp is definitely not true. We're just like any other country, not all farms are dirty or clean. It's depend on the farmer, not the nation. We also have lots of clean n hygienic farmer and also bad and nasty farm at some area but THATS NOT MAKE ALL SHRIMP FROM INDONESIA ARE DIRTY JUST LIKE WHAT U JUST SAID.
    You better do some research before creating video or u could ended up in a sue case at any time. Please be more careful!

  • Sweet Uniques
    Sweet Uniques 17 days ago

    Damn and they are being sued right now for that roundup

  • IMustBe Crazy
    IMustBe Crazy 18 days ago

    The spelling is bad.

  • Jane Ayala
    Jane Ayala 18 days ago

    And people we need to stick together and try to eat meat only once to twice a week let’s get these animals if a shot we all have to live on this earth let’s stop being so selfish

  • Jane Ayala
    Jane Ayala 18 days ago

    It’s fucking disgusting human beings eat and in America it’s probably one of the worst place if individuals don’t start waking up and understand the killing us with McDonald’s Burger King Wendy’s Chinese food they are destroying us and our children I want to the Philippines even though it’s a poor country the food tasted way better healthier the pork all the meats just something different about the food it’s disgusting what we’re doing here in the United States and Europe they don’t even do that they’re killing us people wake up

  • chae monroe
    chae monroe 18 days ago

    *It amazes me how many folks didnt realise this shit was going on especially in AMERICA*

  • lukas f
    lukas f 18 days ago

    as log as we keep buying, they'll keep producing ...

  • transformers Decepticon dude

    Dear Be Amazed,
    Not a poem.
    I think we lost our way
    Perhaps, we may realize one day
    When our flesh peels from bones
    How will these businesses pay loans
    Gross you say as we might
    The last of us, our final bite
    Alarm the choice for eyes bright call
    Prosperity instilled, or the maul
    Don Suiters

  • Jim NORRIS
    Jim NORRIS 19 days ago

    All those Antibiotics why do you think Americans are so Fat.they give these Animals these hormones to make them bigger,an then we eat it.
    Glade I grow my own harvest my own meats.

  • Theresa Sainato
    Theresa Sainato 19 days ago

    Stop slaughtering animals! We are not carnivorous by species. Beams and pasts, lentils, clever use of spices, citrus vegis, this is a way cheaper and healthy alternative. But the brains of the majority of humans have been conditioned, and every 15 minutes 500 feet of the rainforest is burned for corn. Animal feed, and that corn gasoline. It's such a waste, if you don't believe me educate yourself and take a sociology class at your local community college.

  • ProJailbreaker
    ProJailbreaker 19 days ago

    Geez Companies
    Abuse Animals

  • christina Sizemore
    christina Sizemore 19 days ago +2

    usa and asia are so cruel and ceo industry leaders should be in jail.

  • a one
    a one 19 days ago +1

    He doesn't talk about the meat being injected with about 10% water, to make it weigh more, ever notice how much juice comes out of your meat when you cook it!!!

    • Roberto Seaturd L
      Roberto Seaturd L 18 days ago

      Yes that's true.
      Water is also 1 part oxygen which turns the blood red again, oxidizing it and aging it, this is why raw cheap hamburger has such a short shelf life and stinks in a few days
      The water destroys the texture of the meat and "they" add dry whey flakes(milk byproduct in cheese making)to help hold all that water in,

  • Ace
    Ace 19 days ago

    at this point why don’t we just eat sticks

  • Chokyi Nima
    Chokyi Nima 19 days ago

    Root cause of All the cruelty in slaughtering animals?? The demand created by the Non-Vegetarians. There is no two ways about it.

    • Roberto Seaturd L
      Roberto Seaturd L 18 days ago

      Well all people growing and raising food is a great solution that will just not happen, it would probably even make things worse because of lack of room and most people, sadly are too irresponsible, the growing of just legal marijuana has shown those dangerous results and damage to property, soil and drain water.
      Best thing is to wait for the genetic cloning industry to tip to mass production, first thing to go will be these large scale animal facilities.
      This will have huge reduction in crop animal feed also, tho will probably be altered to grow fuel.
      Then soon after that, hard to grow expensive plant matter will be produced in a factory also, it's just the way progress works, we are pushed along with it weather we want it or not.
      Sorry, we are all in the same boat.

    • Roberto Seaturd L
      Roberto Seaturd L 18 days ago

      @Chokyi Nima
      Many pulse studies have been done on plants and have shown digital results of plants having sensory memory of their leaf being torn off, we may not be able to relate to that in our terms of pain, but it can be the same if not possibly worse.
      My point is not to compare between the two but being aware of it all.
      Also poisoning of our water systems to speed grow plants is causing pain to all life, please don't be blind to all these bad methods, we are all connected.

    • Chokyi Nima
      Chokyi Nima 18 days ago

      @Roberto Seaturd L Wanton treatment and interference with natural evolution of plants is ofcourse unethical but do they feel pain like you, me and other animals?

    • Roberto Seaturd L
      Roberto Seaturd L 18 days ago +1

      There is Mass cruelty to plants also, GMO nightmares, powerful fertilizers and pesticides toxifying the land and fresh water ways, should vegetarians be called out for that then? No
      It's a people problem, we are all guilty of letting others feed us, we just assumed they do things with care.
      Time for all to take responsibility