The REAL Reason Tfue's *NEW TRIO* Got 1st Place... (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
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Comments • 950

  • TQR_clanz Tqr_C0mb4t - Tqr_Fl4r3

    Favourite or like my comment sypher for another sub ha jk I’ll sub

  • Hero RS
    Hero RS 13 days ago

    most competitive region my ass

  • Andrew Sanda
    Andrew Sanda 14 days ago

    Why every time I click on a video these guys never talk about what’s in the caption getting pretty old click baiting fucks😂😭

  • Redache
    Redache 15 days ago

    I really enjoy watching u play this game

  • Alex Anarchy
    Alex Anarchy 18 days ago +1

    Wow eso has changed so much I didn’t know they added guns

  • Urmumgay Fukyou
    Urmumgay Fukyou 18 days ago

    5:34 I KNOW he didn’t just say what I think he said

  • 30 Thrasher
    30 Thrasher 19 days ago

    I can’t be the only one to notice my mans uses the same thumbnail lol I love this dude no homo

  • Elysium Rod
    Elysium Rod 25 days ago


  • Average Commenter
    Average Commenter 25 days ago

    When does he explain it?

  • keanu moylan
    keanu moylan 26 days ago

    2% of this video had something to do with Tfue....... gtfo

  • mike lopez
    mike lopez 27 days ago +2

    Nah tfue is just a god

  • Jackie McClendon
    Jackie McClendon 27 days ago

    Sypher shut up OK dude and quit judging people. Youre just mad because tfue better than you and he got 1st place. You always telling the "real" reason about somebody.

  • Tru Spencer
    Tru Spencer 28 days ago

    Around 5:32 it sound like he says the N word

  • Guilmain Vlogs
    Guilmain Vlogs 28 days ago

    Same with me with floor placments

    NUKE TIMMY 28 days ago

    Most competitive region my ass😂 y u think europe gets more money out of tournaments its because its the hardest and most competitive region

  • Richard Isaac Ash
    Richard Isaac Ash 28 days ago

    Let’s be SERIOUS Nate hill carried sypher and nick mercs so hard

  • Vaughn Voth
    Vaughn Voth 29 days ago

    Unsubscribed cause of dumbass titles

  • Pablo Aguilar
    Pablo Aguilar 29 days ago

    54th place is not top 50, Sypher. Why are you misleading al these fort-babies lmao

  • KingLou XIII
    KingLou XIII 29 days ago

    when you get click bated just give the crappy video a thumbs down

  • Sagar Thapa Magar
    Sagar Thapa Magar 29 days ago

    Tfue suck!

  • Yet Numb
    Yet Numb 29 days ago

    That is the most annoying thumbnail

  • Siggy922
    Siggy922 29 days ago

    Nah I'd have to kill basically the rest of the lobby for a 20 bomb....procedes to kill 9 of the last 11 and gets a kill stolen

  • Dracis
    Dracis 29 days ago

    Because he is mad

  • Faber EMF
    Faber EMF Month ago

    no need to call you a looser :)

  • Nicky Peat
    Nicky Peat Month ago

    This guy get his eyebrows done?

  • Rene Espinoza
    Rene Espinoza Month ago

    You’re such a click baiter sypher which makes you double trash

  • TheOnlyZooM
    TheOnlyZooM Month ago

    Are you really going to turn into one of those “fortnite first” youtubers lmao

  • Rick Heeren
    Rick Heeren Month ago

    Sypher, your aim, wtf 😂 (headshot, headshot, headshot)

  • Brian J
    Brian J Month ago

    your editor is garbage. hmu for an actual editor with skill

  • goofy
    goofy Month ago

    U got Nate cause u needed someone to carry nicks bot booty

  • Destin Fair
    Destin Fair Month ago


  • Oliver Sandqvist
    Oliver Sandqvist Month ago

    du är så jävla bra och så har 200 IQ

  • Remy TV
    Remy TV Month ago

    I liked the video because you went in on the kid who said you laid an egg in trios.... Politely. He will remember that egg he laid... brother.

  • t millz
    t millz Month ago

    Made a video about tfue lol

  • ooo CHIEF
    ooo CHIEF Month ago

    sad how u use others ideas/names/titles just to get views bro c’mon just get to the point

  • Sky
    Sky Month ago

    Well Nick is trash, you and Nate are decent but nick cant build or edit for shit. Replace him with nick Eh 30 lmao

  • grandad the strip king

    He's desperate for a video

  • Brian Spaulding
    Brian Spaulding Month ago

    When u jump it won’t register

  • Gator x
    Gator x Month ago

    PK you should definitely play more arena

  • dafuq ?
    dafuq ? Month ago

    Why are u trying to be smart, when in reallity you can lick others asses. Your opinion doesn't matter. Plus you rushed guy in 9:30 and then saying i would die to anyone but you becouse he overbuild you. It was your choice to rush him and waste your materials, its not his faulth that he build better then you, even tho you think so...

  • jentegame
    jentegame Month ago

    I can play fast, I can play mean but whatever I do it'll always be clean😊

  • Jack Beveridge
    Jack Beveridge Month ago

    Wtf is that season 1 zone at the end

  • Keith S. Hembree
    Keith S. Hembree Month ago

    Funny how the guy that joined my team in bullet force on freegames66 tried to shoot me while we were in the middle of a match.

  • Torch TV
    Torch TV Month ago +1

    Now Tfue is going to sue his new team!

  • rheece robinson
    rheece robinson Month ago

    sub scribe if pew die pie is a fuck and like if t series is a lil bitch ass lil mother fuckin' nigga

  • Gamemaster A
    Gamemaster A Month ago

    I know what you mean about placing it happens to me:)

  • Slash
    Slash Month ago

    i just had that floor issue too dude!!!

  • DehaanSolo
    DehaanSolo Month ago

    I love the new intro!

  • K Drake
    K Drake Month ago

    came 54th place and says top 50?

  • Phil Man
    Phil Man Month ago

    I’m not capping were u a history or English teacher 😂

  • Mama Llama
    Mama Llama Month ago

    Trios Top 50 in extremely competitive region with new teammate! Way to go!

  • Angelica Gonzalez
    Angelica Gonzalez Month ago

    I like my good streamer hat 1000000000000000.point good play harder

  • Reyes Ramirez
    Reyes Ramirez Month ago

    6:03 that's what he sad to her

    P.s I do not mean syphers couple

  • Killian Harriman
    Killian Harriman Month ago +1

    “Get a 20 bomb right now? Nah, I’d have to kill like the entire lobby”
    *proceeds to kill the rest of the lobby except one*

  • Envy
    Envy Month ago +4

    btw Khanada isn’t pronounced Canada, and he’s 14 and is in a clan called NorCal

  • Diamond Pickaxe 1hp

    What he means at 8:18 is that His build places then disappears for the other player so PK had less then it when up when he built it its a problemo

  • Qasim Karaf
    Qasim Karaf Month ago

    you hating ass guy lol

  • Ish Frosty
    Ish Frosty Month ago

    Sypher : the real reason tfue got 1 st
    Me : damn sypher rlly wants a sub he doesn’t wanna say hiat first lol+ tfue got 1st cuz hes good hes not. Spammer and not trash like u guys

  • Nathan Keller
    Nathan Keller Month ago

    I love siphers vids

  • wastedWIFI
    wastedWIFI Month ago

    Gay intro