a week in the life of uni

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
  • she’s finally been enrolled into uni!!

    omg omg omg it’s what you guys have all been waiting for!! a week in the life of uni! holy mother of god i can’t believe I’m actually a uni student now… are u kidding me?? lol hope u love it and tell me if i should make more of these xxx
    I use a canon g7x and edit on final cut pro
    love y’all
    if you’ve read this far comment ‘queen of uni'
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  • Boby Trick Shots
    Boby Trick Shots 2 days ago

    She’s complaining that she had school from 9am to 3 pm I go to school in France and have to go to school from 8am to 5:30 pm

  • Josefine Slot
    Josefine Slot 2 days ago

    Does she go to Cambridge, it really doesn’t look like that from the architecture I saw... Does anyone know?

  • Ellie and immy
    Ellie and immy 6 days ago

    noooooo I loved your boarding school vlogs😫😭

  • Grace
    Grace 6 days ago

    what uni do u go to

  • Miss Meep
    Miss Meep 7 days ago

    We need more week in the life of uni. Wow.

  • Freya Nicholls
    Freya Nicholls 7 days ago

    Lucy has been replaced

  • Bryony Sumner
    Bryony Sumner 8 days ago

    She getting hit with freshers flu!

  • akelabigmeme
    akelabigmeme 8 days ago

    why did you mute the hoover, im FUMING

  • Boarding School
    Boarding School 10 days ago


  • nikita zamvar
    nikita zamvar 10 days ago +1

    have fun at the university of greenwich

  • nikita zamvar
    nikita zamvar 10 days ago +1

    have fun at the university of greenwich

  • nikita zamvar
    nikita zamvar 10 days ago +1

    have fun at the university of greenwich

  • Taylah Online
    Taylah Online 10 days ago

    I had a seizure trying to understand what the heck you were saying the whole entire video

  • sophonline
    sophonline 11 days ago

    this is just big boy boarding school

  • Maya D'Angelico
    Maya D'Angelico 13 days ago

    What uni does she go to?

  • hannah rosario
    hannah rosario 13 days ago

    Kate what mascara do you use????

  • Liv Bailey
    Liv Bailey 15 days ago

    aye I’m doing the same course next year hopefully x

  • Eddy Que
    Eddy Que 16 days ago +8

    is it just me or is this video like just complete filler aka there's nothing really talked about

  • B27
    B27 17 days ago

    Why the fuck do you talk like a road gyal?

  • Nsw 10
    Nsw 10 19 days ago

    Your friend sound like she smokes a box of fags a day

  • emmas chapstick
    emmas chapstick 20 days ago +3


  • Its nayeeem
    Its nayeeem 20 days ago

    Deadline is on my bday🤣🥳x

  • francesca
    francesca 20 days ago

    your tapestry is so pretty 😍

  • lauren emelia
    lauren emelia 21 day ago +1

    Take a shot evertime she says adulting at its finest

  • Isabella Lowe
    Isabella Lowe 21 day ago

    What are you actually studying at Uni?

  • Elissa Clark
    Elissa Clark 22 days ago

    What uni is she at?

  • zoe le guilly
    zoe le guilly 22 days ago

    *make more of these PLEASE*

  • zoe le guilly
    zoe le guilly 22 days ago

    hey what editing software / app do you use?

  • Ed Warburton
    Ed Warburton 23 days ago +7

    She must be so rich, I swear you can’t just eat out all the time and go random Westfield trips ?

  • Izzy L
    Izzy L 23 days ago

    Queen of uni

  • Lydia Woodhouse
    Lydia Woodhouse 23 days ago

    Where her clothes all from?

  • Dynnetton B
    Dynnetton B 23 days ago

    Make another oooonneeee

  • Annabel COUNSELL
    Annabel COUNSELL 23 days ago

    Isn't she at Kings college London?

  • Jade Jenner xx
    Jade Jenner xx 23 days ago +1

    This gave me a literal headache

  • Mette Zachmann
    Mette Zachmann 23 days ago

    Which uni is she ?

  • Harriet Gibson
    Harriet Gibson 24 days ago

    i have been waiting for this !! i love all of your videos so much

  • fleur
    fleur 24 days ago

    Kate this is what school feels like

  • Jada B
    Jada B 24 days ago

    What uni does she go to?

  • jessie lake
    jessie lake 24 days ago +1

    YAY (its not the same as boarding school weeks but im still very excited)

  • sturbed siero
    sturbed siero 24 days ago

    The stock pictures killed me

  • shantie smith
    shantie smith 24 days ago

    3:42 that's my birthday the 11th of december

  • Holly
    Holly 25 days ago +5

    Watching the 9am drunk part physically made me feel sick lmao even the thought of it

  • Anna Rose
    Anna Rose 25 days ago

    where are your jackets from ? xx

  • Charlotte Hamilton
    Charlotte Hamilton 25 days ago

    she’s put on a lot of weight on her face

  • Lauren
    Lauren 25 days ago +13

    she's totally gonna drop out lol

  • Charlotte B
    Charlotte B 25 days ago

    WHERE IS THAT GREEN T SHIRT FROM????? The one you wore at the start of the video??

  • Molly Hardwick
    Molly Hardwick 25 days ago +1

    Queen of uni

  • Aяiaηι
    Aяiaηι 25 days ago +3

    She's really annoying me

  • Enia Rutka
    Enia Rutka 25 days ago

    Do u dye ur hair , or u just use your lemon method :D ?

  • Jules
    Jules 26 days ago +1

    Girl your gunna damage your hair with that towel

  • It's yuh girl mikkeai8908

    I thought the alarm was a wolf howling. 😂

  • yummy snacc
    yummy snacc 26 days ago

    im such a fat bitch genuinely thought that box of hangers was a pizza

  • jasmin pattenden
    jasmin pattenden 26 days ago

    What uni do you go to x

  • Siena Warner
    Siena Warner 26 days ago

    Hey Kate love you loads, where are your first day trousers from ?? 🥰

  • Wendy
    Wendy 26 days ago

    Your friend seems so cool ngl

  • Abbie Lennon
    Abbie Lennon 26 days ago

    Does anyone know where her black top is from? The one from the first day with the heart with things on it? X

  • Anabel Rachel
    Anabel Rachel 26 days ago

    where is her uni?

  • ariyana vaswani
    ariyana vaswani 27 days ago


  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy 27 days ago

    I feel sorry for her friends Oh wait

  • Johanna McGuigan
    Johanna McGuigan 27 days ago

    i feel like your channel could be a lot stronger if you didn’t complain 25/7