Zayn - Can't Help Falling in Love (Cover)


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  • Unicorn poop
    Unicorn poop 3 hours ago

    People saying not to sing or make a cover of the ‘kings’ songs again. To be really honest. Zayn is the king of this generation. Everyone knows about him and listens to his songs. Elvis was a king of his generation but not this generation ya know..

  • Rahayu
    Rahayu 3 hours ago

    I love can't help falling in love song. And this is one of my favorite cover. Very different❤❤

  • Iona Brooks
    Iona Brooks 4 hours ago

    This is shit

  • zoë
    zoë 4 hours ago +1

    e w

  • Magnolia JR
    Magnolia JR 5 hours ago

    O:-) LOVE.

  • manny1534
    manny1534 5 hours ago

    Did people really think he was gonna sing it jus like elvis. it's his own version some people like it some people don't that's it. you do a version and do it better, or go listen to the original one . personally i like the orginal one but I'm not gonna crucified zayn for trying.

  • Najlaa Tabit Sebbar
    Najlaa Tabit Sebbar 5 hours ago

    Uauuuuuuu this song makes me feel like I have butterflies in my stomach, Zayn is the best.

  • ULK
    ULK 5 hours ago

    So fly.
    Just a song:

  • wuraola olagunju
    wuraola olagunju 6 hours ago


  • Jocette Agustin
    Jocette Agustin 6 hours ago

    Myghad. Zayn's voice is heaven!! His voice is mature and I really like mature voice. I can't help but to listen to it over and over again haha. Daamn.

  • Lamisa Group
    Lamisa Group 6 hours ago

    I swear that this song does get better and better when you keep playing it! And now I can't stop , rip my replay button 😭😂😍🔥❤️🌹

  • Maria Farlina
    Maria Farlina 6 hours ago

    Why the views are like so little

  • Lydia Mélisa
    Lydia Mélisa 6 hours ago


  • Dipika Chanda
    Dipika Chanda 7 hours ago

    Beautiful cover Zayn can't wait to see you in Kolkata #Directioner forever....

  • Erin Macliver
    Erin Macliver 7 hours ago


  • Shadow Ambush
    Shadow Ambush 7 hours ago +1

    Awww man.... Zayn zayn zayn...... Cmon man you can do better than that. If you wanna cover that song, at least sing it with some respect. This sounds like gibberish. Im not a hater, i love your songs but this..... Its just a mess.... Im sorry

  • sekar Wangi
    sekar Wangi 8 hours ago


  • danial khalid
    danial khalid 8 hours ago +1


  • Simran Gerrard
    Simran Gerrard 8 hours ago +1

    If there wasn’t a title I wouldn’t of guessed the song, he messed up that bad!

  • Jameela Francois
    Jameela Francois 9 hours ago

    This cover is really wonderful I love it

  • diksha singh
    diksha singh 9 hours ago +1

    why did you do this? Such a precious song by Elvis.

  • Willson Basyal
    Willson Basyal 9 hours ago +2


  • andy carson
    andy carson 10 hours ago +2

    Guy can't sing for shit..

  • Tia Naomi
    Tia Naomi 10 hours ago +1

    This is offensive to Elvis

  • Hadeer Muhammed
    Hadeer Muhammed 12 hours ago +1

    I'm waiting for the next Album ZAYN IS THE BEST 🔥

  • Jughead varchie
    Jughead varchie 12 hours ago

    his voice made me lss to this song. I think I'm inlove lol

  • noor payne
    noor payne 12 hours ago

    I💖you zayn

  • wonu's scrunch nose jeononu


  • Tenzing Kunga
    Tenzing Kunga 12 hours ago


  • Muck Hunter
    Muck Hunter 12 hours ago +2

    Nice job..... destroy a classic song by the king... hope I never hear it again

  • Sweety Mehta
    Sweety Mehta 12 hours ago

    I like Z's version better.

  • Mehreen Hasan
    Mehreen Hasan 12 hours ago +1

    Three letters: TØP.

  • Animax ifieD
    Animax ifieD 12 hours ago +1

    Absolutely beautiful

  • Clint Mosses
    Clint Mosses 13 hours ago +1

    I love Elvis Presley and this one is my favourite song. Zayn you just make it worst ,Please quit the job..bitch

  • Kraften Lars
    Kraften Lars 13 hours ago

    Wow his voice👍✌️

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 13 hours ago +1

    I want to like his music and I think his voice is so damn good but a lot of the time his music is over edited and there is production stuff in there that doesn’t need to be. Just my opinion though. I hope we hear something new from him soon.

    • lalitha lotus
      lalitha lotus 11 hours ago

      But you're right. This sounds totally weird and artificial. In addition, he only sings the beginning of most words.

  • Alfian Putra
    Alfian Putra 14 hours ago +1

    I just can't understand what you think zayn.. If you want cover a song just cover it. If you want have a song with your style on it, just make your own song. Do not ever ruins any love song again..
    #sorry for bad english.

  • Debora Coronel
    Debora Coronel 14 hours ago +1

  • Zeeshan Haider
    Zeeshan Haider 14 hours ago +1

    Cant help falling in love with "Zayn"!

  • Tohukhe Achumi
    Tohukhe Achumi 14 hours ago +1

    After listening to this song i feel like I'm in heaven. Love you #ZAYN

  • Lucy Bae
    Lucy Bae 14 hours ago +1

    This cover has to be in Z2

  • Vivek Gajjar
    Vivek Gajjar 14 hours ago

    I am a Zayn fan but the fact is he just ruined this song😤😤😤

  • Laura Or
    Laura Or 14 hours ago +1


  • moonwalkjade moonwalkjade


  • the boi
    the boi 15 hours ago


  • Lophro Sophia
    Lophro Sophia 16 hours ago +1

    Thank you for blessing our ears 😭 we love you Zayn. Please come to India. We are dying for you here.😭

  • Shahrul Nizam
    Shahrul Nizam 16 hours ago +1

    I only know this song in a movie 'book of life'.im just new to this original song. So i can say this version is sooo good to my ear. I dont know what opinion from people that have been listening the original song from kids. Mybe they cant accept or otherwise. To me its my new fav song. Thanks zayn

  • subhannita dey like
    subhannita dey like 18 hours ago +1

    soooo nice bro

  • Showkat Bashir
    Showkat Bashir 18 hours ago

    Worst cover ever for this song. Ruined it completely. Well done mate 👍

  • Syafrina Aisha
    Syafrina Aisha 18 hours ago +1

    Wise men say
    Only fools rush in
    But I can't help falling
    Shall I stay?
    Would it be a sin
    For I can't help falling
    Like a river flows
    Surely to the sea
    Darling, so it goes
    Some things are meant to be
    Take my hand,
    Take my whole life, too
    For I can't help falling in love with you
    Like a river flows
    Surely to the sea
    Darling, so it goes
    Some things are meant to be
    Take my hand,
    Take my whole life, too
    For I can't help falling in love with you
    Falling in love with you

  • betsy suàrez
    betsy suàrez 18 hours ago +2

    amazing 👏

  • Julia gonçalves castilho leite


  • Brendan Quinn
    Brendan Quinn 18 hours ago

    Couldn't get past the first 30 second. Horrible.

  • Jukebox Stories Media
    Jukebox Stories Media 19 hours ago +1

    It’s not terrible. It’s his rendition of the song. It has a nice rnb melody to it. Definitely a top 3 covers for this song. Now let’s talk about the Me Myself And I

  • justachannel
    justachannel 19 hours ago

    One of the worst covers ever

  • Ximena San
    Ximena San 19 hours ago

    What the hell is this? I hate it, I love Zayn's voice but this is horrible.

  • Mathing Awungshi Shimray

    Wtf the worst cover song I've ever heard ... Such a beautiful song ruin by zyan 😒 the horror

  • vasu sharma
    vasu sharma 20 hours ago +1

    It a whole new song♥
    Not even familiar to that...
    Its awesome♥♥♥♥

  • MsSummerAlyse
    MsSummerAlyse 20 hours ago +1

    I admit this isn’t wasn’t I was expecting, but I love it regardless. Elvis was a man who thrived on music and liked to make renditions his own, so I think if he were here today that he would love the song. Can’t understand why so many people are hating on Zayn and his take?

  • Sophie
    Sophie 21 hour ago +1


  • América Retana
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  • Cocom Ban
    Cocom Ban 22 hours ago


  • Tom Ripley
    Tom Ripley 22 hours ago

    When you sleep walk and somebody left the studio door unlocked.

  • Tom Ripley
    Tom Ripley 22 hours ago

    Jeez, what a car crash.

  • Ben mercade
    Ben mercade 22 hours ago

    Bit shit tbh

  • seavey sunshiine
    seavey sunshiine 23 hours ago +2

    this is beautiful

  • Joanna Rouday
    Joanna Rouday 23 hours ago +2

    Everytime I listen to this song I feel like I am in heaven

  • Joanna Rouday
    Joanna Rouday 23 hours ago +2


  • King Ozymandias
    King Ozymandias 23 hours ago

    talentless weirdo

  • patoises
    patoises Day ago

    i wanted to love this cover....

  • halesnicole9
    halesnicole9 Day ago

    I love Elvis and I also love Zayn's style but the two just don't go together /: Wanted to be super impressed with this. Think if Zayn would've stuck to the original production and let his voice shine more, it could've been way better!

  • Keti As
    Keti As Day ago +1

    Yall are deaf if you think this is bad.

    • Joseph Francis
      Joseph Francis Day ago +1

      i wish i was deaf after hearing this garbage

  • Ban me hoes
    Ban me hoes Day ago +1

    This literally just ruined the fucking song

  • itsyagirlally
    itsyagirlally Day ago +1

    omfg ima die i love this so much

  • m.b fkh
    m.b fkh Day ago +1


  • Sultana's First YouTube channel EVER

    *thats a weird song name for someone who’s currently dating*

  • iqin baharin
    iqin baharin Day ago

    Wow. I'm really disappointed w this cover. I mean your voice is perfect (without needing all those weird autotunes) for this song and I actually looked forward to it but damn wasted my 2+ minutes. Better luck next time zayn.

  • porkimond
    porkimond Day ago

    look up meaning of zayn in herbrew and then you'll understand why all the girls love him.
    for me too much autotune

  • Noor noor
    Noor noor Day ago

    It’s good but old is gold ❤️❤️

  • Usama khalid
    Usama khalid Day ago
    new song by twenty one pilots Jumpsuit (audio) 2018

  • Jimena Ayesta
    Jimena Ayesta Day ago +1

  • shumaila munir
    shumaila munir Day ago +1

    how can u be so perfect zayn 😍

  • Willia Hunt
    Willia Hunt Day ago

    Mixed feelings

  • Cesar Productions
    Cesar Productions Day ago +1

    Why would you have to ruin a lovely song

  • little lisa
    little lisa Day ago +1

    I love you pumpkin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Alex C
    Alex C Day ago

    Thanks for nothing this is broken

  • Lucy Machipisa
    Lucy Machipisa Day ago +1

    His covers are sooo fire,lately ugh♥️

  • Halle Bendle
    Halle Bendle Day ago +1

    This is all I needed

  • S
    S Day ago

    This song is so beautiful that with a simple acoustic cover it would have been enough

  • Shandene Garraway
    Shandene Garraway Day ago +2

    I am sure Elvis Presley is so please of such heavenly tribute Zayn. #Art #Music #SoundVibration

  • Adarsh Singh
    Adarsh Singh Day ago

    Bhaiyaji album kaha hai

  • Phạm Duy
    Phạm Duy Day ago +1

    Where is the random guy with lyrics?

  • Mo low
    Mo low Day ago

    The TØP version was great. Elvis must be proud. But this? This must have Mr. Presley digging his grave 10 ft deeper...

  • Mo low
    Mo low Day ago

    Ok great, but some songs should be left alone: untainted and pure. Sorry.

  • Rikka
    Rikka Day ago +1

    this puts me to heaven. ♡

  • Nahid Parveen
    Nahid Parveen Day ago +1


  • priya strange4
    priya strange4 Day ago +1

    haters gonna hate but this is good 😍😍

  • Jess S
    Jess S Day ago

    pile of sh*t

  • Sweetdne Dody
    Sweetdne Dody Day ago +1


  • Salisa Dalfa
    Salisa Dalfa Day ago +1

    While listening to this song i cant help but crying.. Love you zayn good luck with Z2 💟💟💟