• Published on Sep 3, 2018
  • If there’s anybody in the industry who always sets the trends, it’s Rihanna! But Rihanna doesn’t always come up with those flawless makeup looks by herself, her makeup artist PRISCILLA ONO is right by her side! Today Priscilla is doing my makeup and giving me that classic FENTY touch!
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  • NikkieTutorials
    NikkieTutorials  6 months ago +15929


    • Meryly Gonzalez
      Meryly Gonzalez Month ago

      NikkieTutorials dude tell em why seeing how beautifully she did your face with all fenty products made me want to go buy all my “daily” make up products fenty 😫

    • 빨간 벨벳EXO-L BLINK
    • Taryn Ashby
      Taryn Ashby 2 months ago

      I love you Nikkie you inspire me

    • Orel Cohen
      Orel Cohen 2 months ago

      NikkieTutorials I’m not

    • Roxx Mon
      Roxx Mon 2 months ago

      wow...she gets a glassy skin effect...looks soo luxurious and perfect and hot and everything okayy!

  • Mako Kotani
    Mako Kotani Day ago

    I would say you look prettiest ever in this makeup...!!!!!💕💓

  • South Demon peru

    do my make up Priscilla .Purples blacks sparkles

  • Sheila Blake
    Sheila Blake 2 days ago +2

    The difference between a good MUA & Nikkie’s drag make up!

  • Gravitation3Beatles3

    Bores me since I just watched Scott Barnes

  • Magdalena Schweickhardt

    "wet scin, wet lips"
    "Wet mhhhjdkrojahd..." 😂😂😂 I died ! This was hilarious!

  • Rich Ramthun
    Rich Ramthun 3 days ago


  • Rachel Edmundson
    Rachel Edmundson 3 days ago +1

    Probably one of the prettiest looks I've ever seen on you Nikkie! Beautiful 😍

  • Iscalia
    Iscalia 5 days ago

    Wet skin...wet lips.... *Nikkie: Wet...uhmmmm....XDDDDD

  • Dionne van ‘t Goor

    Wauw wauw wauw! Wat een geweldige look! 😱🤩🤤

    MORNINGLORY 73 7 days ago

    You are so beautiful

  • Maria Conigliaro
    Maria Conigliaro 8 days ago

    What did she use to set the face And what color foundation is that !!??? LOVE !!!!

  • sarah Wood
    sarah Wood 8 days ago

    i wanna try this foundation!! can anyone help tho, what can i use to keep foundation on my top lip and nose/nostrils please!!!" also how to make it waterproof so if i cry makeup will be fine lol thanks

  • Solar Soul
    Solar Soul 9 days ago


  • yoongi supremacist
    yoongi supremacist 9 days ago

    this is the best she’s ever looked....

  • kathleen swenning
    kathleen swenning 10 days ago

    Expensive! Gorgeous!❤️

  • jackie reinstedler
    jackie reinstedler 11 days ago

    The highlight!!!!😙

  • hex 4
    hex 4 11 days ago

    literally such an amazing look. its so elegant so pretty so... god!! im in love

  • Irma14828
    Irma14828 11 days ago +1

    Hahahahahahaha Nikkie was soooo funny at 14:50 wet ****

  • Shean Lacdao
    Shean Lacdao 12 days ago

    For me that is a Makeup Artist. 1st of all her voice is relaxing. 2nd of all when she do makeup to others you know "The Color in the Face is so Warm" Or natural in 1 word Not like Nikkie, James, and other Beauty Gurus. Yes they are also makeup artist but more snatched than her. For me she is a makeup artist, for real ones😍

  • Hannah Hackelton
    Hannah Hackelton 12 days ago +4

    This video convinced me to buy Fenty Beauty. It looks so good!

  • Esther Cascante
    Esther Cascante 12 days ago

    I love makeup diamond shine

  • Frédérika LePain
    Frédérika LePain 12 days ago

    I live for that glow .. LIKE WOW

  • Megan O
    Megan O 12 days ago

    Well... now i want to go get the Fenty foundation... I love the primer and tried the foundation when it first came out. I think I need to try it again after watching this.

  • Sherian Crespo
    Sherian Crespo 13 days ago

    So great!!! Love the art of make up. 😍

  • Boondi Ke Ladoo
    Boondi Ke Ladoo 14 days ago

    Way better than the Beyonce once.

  • just melissa
    just melissa 14 days ago +1

    Rihanna technique? I have been putting my highlight on like that for years 👌🏼🙂

  • Leo Datura
    Leo Datura 14 days ago +4

    Omg I've been highlighting like that for years! I feel so validated. Yay.

    AHMDIRHM BEAUTY 15 days ago +1

    so Such a big difference between a professional and a 'guru'.

  • Bella Ryan
    Bella Ryan 16 days ago

    She kinda looks like Doja Cat!

  • Alyssa Andruss
    Alyssa Andruss 17 days ago

    Probably one of my favorite looks of all time. 💜💜

  • yung poSie
    yung poSie 17 days ago

    I am OBSESSED with these videos!!! Keep it I'll girl, such an icon to me ❤️❤️

  • M T
    M T 17 days ago +1


  • Sarah Bryan
    Sarah Bryan 17 days ago

    Priscilla at 15:14 is me after I take a big hit

  • House of Diva D.
    House of Diva D. 18 days ago

    Omg, I think you had makeup-gasm!!! Love love love!!!

  • Midgley Howe
    Midgley Howe 18 days ago

    Nikki is so funny 🤣 I love her

  • Sylvia Gomez
    Sylvia Gomez 19 days ago

    It looks really good. Out of all mua’s this one was the best.

  • AlDahamshi Atheer
    AlDahamshi Atheer 19 days ago

    I love Rihhana’s makeup .. she looks perfect always 😍😍

  • ash Em
    ash Em 19 days ago

    Wow she is an amazing makeup artist. That look is stunning like one of my favorite looks of all time.

  • ash Em
    ash Em 19 days ago

    Why did you edit out the blush application?????! I so badly want to see and know how she applied it the way she did bc it looks so different from traditional blush application.
    Ughh!!! You’re killin me.😩😩😩I need to know how this was done!!!!

  • Flame Maiden
    Flame Maiden 20 days ago

    Stunning!! Best one ever

  • Marlena Murray
    Marlena Murray 20 days ago

    Where can I get that highlighter

  • Maharlika Torres
    Maharlika Torres 20 days ago

    I have learnt new things ... Rhihanna

  • Dangerous Type
    Dangerous Type 20 days ago

    Nikki you are Sooooo funny, i'm in love with you girl!.

  • michelle glo
    michelle glo 21 day ago

    damn beautiful makeup. she's a professional makeup artist.

  • Maria Z
    Maria Z 21 day ago

    This makeup look is so gorgeous.😍

  • Argy Papaioannou
    Argy Papaioannou 21 day ago


  • Sweet Zoz
    Sweet Zoz 21 day ago

    In love with this classy satisfying beautiful makeup 👌😘💄❤️💅

  • Riosmonserrat21
    Riosmonserrat21 21 day ago

    omg she’s a genius!!!!!!!!

  • Bablooka Jonez
    Bablooka Jonez 21 day ago

    Nikki this look is to die for!! I watch this once a week 😂🙌🏽

  • Carmen Chan
    Carmen Chan 21 day ago

    So beautiful make up she has made!! 💕

  • Hillary Smith
    Hillary Smith 22 days ago

    @NikkieTutorials :"Wet eye, wet look, wet hmmmm hmmmm"!
    Was that a wet whoo-hah? Lmao i love love love u girlie.... ;)

  • Megan Mays
    Megan Mays 22 days ago

    Not crazy for the eyeshadow in this look... Sorry not sorry

  • Lady Bug
    Lady Bug 22 days ago

    This is amazing!!!

  • What do u want?
    What do u want? 22 days ago

    That eyeshadow tho I would do anything to have it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Analissa Mania
    Analissa Mania 22 days ago

    Cutttte this is soooo good

  • Shaz Islam
    Shaz Islam 23 days ago

    Priscilla has the prettiest voice on earth

    YEXINI S.Z YOSI 23 days ago

    Highlight poppin omg 😍😍😍😍 !

  • Lisa Leyendekker
    Lisa Leyendekker 24 days ago

    Nikki looks so gorgeous! I wanna look like that all the time!

  • nomthandazo smangele
    nomthandazo smangele 25 days ago

    ohhhh, whats the blush she used

  • nomthandazo smangele
    nomthandazo smangele 25 days ago +1

    no shade nikkie, i love you and i think this is how you should do your makeup.....
    this video has totally showed me that fenty is a need....

  • isabella abidoye
    isabella abidoye 25 days ago

    Nikki looks really good

  • elyka josefina
    elyka josefina 25 days ago

    youre freaking gorgeous!! ❤️❤️

  • mini roundabout in brum

    Hey Nikki u so pretty. Hey Nikki !!

  • Brandy Weaver
    Brandy Weaver 27 days ago +1

    Hands down best look on her entire channel

  • Solennia Kutar
    Solennia Kutar 27 days ago

    Beautifulllll omg !!!! The rihanna trick is sooooo amazing

  • Da'Ja Don’Toria
    Da'Ja Don’Toria 27 days ago

    Who else is filling their wish list with fenty products ....

  • Jacey Liang
    Jacey Liang 29 days ago

    wheres my man😏😏😏

  • kit blue
    kit blue 29 days ago

    love it

  • Aisha Nicole García López

    I literally said Michael Jackson way before she answered, my heart stopped when she said it too. I love this woman, she knows quality people to work with.

  • Morgan Husch
    Morgan Husch Month ago

    You look beautiful without too just the little she put on dang girl work it! Beautiful❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • misswillowgirl
    misswillowgirl Month ago

    Sad there is no product list.

  • Lyza Estalilla
    Lyza Estalilla Month ago

    My favorite video... I've replayed this 20x

  • JM Delaquesta
    JM Delaquesta Month ago

    She’s already beautiful in the first place

  • _red_ princess
    _red_ princess Month ago

    I freaked out at every damn step

  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden Month ago

    Wowwww this looks amazing!!!!

  • summerwan9614
    summerwan9614 Month ago +1

    “She’s so talented she can do her own makeup”

  • zai siya
    zai siya Month ago

    your lips is so 🔥❤️🥰

  • zai siya
    zai siya Month ago

    your skin is so clair

  • Noraida Vasquez
    Noraida Vasquez Month ago

    So bomb so bomb

  • Desiree Wyatt
    Desiree Wyatt Month ago

    Who do you keep looking over at???

    DAWN BECKER Month ago

    You can’t have soft stick makeup that is to soft it will just skip off your face !! Enjoy your videos.. I am going to try the Fenty make up stick💕

  • Loredana Ionita
    Loredana Ionita Month ago

    That foundation is good for acnee marks? How is the coverage?

  • Carlota Cacharrón
    Carlota Cacharrón Month ago

    love that michael jackson moment and love fenty and priscilla yaaas

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S Month ago +1

    Does anyone know where these hoop earrings are from? I'm obsessed!!

  • 桜里
    桜里 Month ago

    OMG.Those eyebrows looks much better for sure ♥

  • Christie
    Christie Month ago

    my my my thatttt highlighter

  • Kate Kong
    Kate Kong Month ago

    I feel like I’m watching qvc rn

  • Ines Dolmans
    Ines Dolmans Month ago

    This is the most beautiful you have ever looked

  • AppleStarr
    AppleStarr Month ago

    She did a good job

  • Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller Month ago

    Glow mama? No ma'am you are a GLOW GODDESS!!!!!!!

  • Bo van der Horst
    Bo van der Horst Month ago

    I love this video and that highlighter likeeee 😍✨👏

  • 3seren
    3seren Month ago +1

    I respect Nikkie's talent so much, but honestly her looks are too drag for my taste. This kind of brows suit her wayyy more

  • Claudia Okyere-Fosu

    Ladies you rock 😍🤟I’ve subscribed 💕💯

  • Fake Hesap
    Fake Hesap Month ago

    This is the best look i see on you i loved it.

  • tracy taylor
    tracy taylor Month ago

    OMG lurrrrrve you have amazing skin & those lips mmmmmm swap lol 😘😘

  • Dogs R Us
    Dogs R Us Month ago

    Anyone else got reminded of Kim K ?

  • Dogs R Us
    Dogs R Us Month ago

    My name is Rianna

  • indira hapsarini
    indira hapsarini Month ago

    "we hate cakey lips"
    Nikkie: "..........okay...."

  • 6am Beauty
    6am Beauty Month ago