I Tried A Muscle-Building Diet App For A Week 💪🏾

  • Published on Jul 20, 2017
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +226

    Hey guys!!! Hope you like this video!!!! Lmk what u think!! We are in the middle of filming for the next MK Ultra video and I am so excited to show you guys!! 😍😍😍

    • Cali Tex10
      Cali Tex10 Year ago

      Michelle Khare Try CROSSFIT

    • DemiGodyr
      DemiGodyr Year ago

      Would you say this app is better than 8 fit?

    • Le Mystical
      Le Mystical Year ago +17

      Michelle Khare you should do a video training like Charlize Theron for Atomic Blonde!! Since she did all the stunts herself 💪🏻😍

  • semis bars
    semis bars 24 days ago

    for a week what was the point

  • Ruth Gonzalez
    Ruth Gonzalez Month ago

    Youre gorgeous !

  • oneofakind
    oneofakind 3 months ago

    So what's the difference between a piece of salmon and a salmon burger?

  • Miss Leah
    Miss Leah 3 months ago

    I love salmon it is so worth it

  • Riley Smiley
    Riley Smiley 5 months ago

    Vegan for 1 week

  • Anna Ramirez
    Anna Ramirez 5 months ago +1

    You are great keep doin what you do

  • From: To:
    From: To: 6 months ago

    I started to use this app 2 months ago and my weight keeps the same

  • Bill Fencegates
    Bill Fencegates 8 months ago

    Wait what, did she just say MKULTRA training program?

  • Tara Johnston
    Tara Johnston 9 months ago

    Michelle if you have a Trader Joe’s near you that is a good place to buy fish for less $. Also you can buy those Nuun hydration tablets

  • Sophia Cardin
    Sophia Cardin 9 months ago

    Anyone know what ?verbasive? mean???😂😂

  • Libby Lilley
    Libby Lilley 9 months ago

    Maybe you’re thirsty when you go to sleep, not hungry x

  • Marissa Riley
    Marissa Riley 11 months ago

    I wish you would be more detailed in your “trying (whatever) diet” videos ... you summarize too much and focus on points that weren’t related to the goal. As in, you talked about your water consumption and didn’t say or show us anything about your muscles. I wanted to know how the diet helped with gaining muscles and you didn’t show that at all. You do this in all of your diet videos and it keeps me from subscribing.

  • Britney Parker
    Britney Parker 11 months ago

    Try swimming

  • Christine Dalgaard Persson

    Very nice review about the app - I didnt know it could do so much :) I would love to see you make a video about rebounding as your only workout maybe for a week or more..

  • Miss Bean
    Miss Bean Year ago

    Hey girl! Love your channel! Just saw that you use aluminium foil for cooking. Please don't, aluminium gets in food and it's highly toxic. We consume too much heavy metals and toxic chemicals as it...anyway, one of the best ways to get rid of these metals and the rest of toxins is too add barley grass powder or chlorella to a smoothie. These also give a lot of energy if added to a green smoothie.
    Lots of love and keep doing what you're doing, you are so entertaining and nice! :-)

  • MrLappis
    MrLappis Year ago +1

    Ok.. that background music is driving me fucking insane. If it's just me, by all means go ahead. If this post gets some likes, it's something other people have noticed as well. (The intro music with the tick tick tick, the other music is fine lol) Love you Michelle!

  • Macie Spann
    Macie Spann Year ago

    I know this is really random but I think you would be a great mom

  • Anouk Flantua
    Anouk Flantua Year ago

    You should try gymnastics for a week!

  • alison nazaruk
    alison nazaruk Year ago

    hey michelle i was just wondering if you can please try the whole30 diet

  • Jan L
    Jan L Year ago

    Pls, don´t drink 5 glasses of water is unhealthy (you can even die from too much water) and your body can´t absorb that much water at once.

  • shadi tod
    shadi tod Year ago +1


  • lauren slater
    lauren slater Year ago

    PLEASE DONT CHUG THAT MUCH WATER AT ONCE it can cause cells in your body to burst and die......which is bad

  • Gabb y
    Gabb y Year ago

    This is a cool video but I’m not convinced I think you should have shown before and after pictures

  • Flora Kay
    Flora Kay Year ago

    Lol the mess on her bed in the background. Love you Michelle!

  • Maren Hatch
    Maren Hatch Year ago

    Your skin is glowing in the end card.

  • Ranad Kamal
    Ranad Kamal Year ago

    Why don't you show as a before and after pictures of ur body ?

  • Rilee
    Rilee Year ago

    You should try calisthenics for a month 😸

  • NerdyGeisha
    NerdyGeisha Year ago

    Wow! Watching your videos really made me inspired to really try and work out again! Seeing you talk about how your body feels after these fitness challenges reminded me why I wanted to start a healthier lifestyle in the first place. Thanks Michelle! :D

  • Dena H
    Dena H Year ago

    Would love it if you actually show us a before/after so we can judge results. :)

  • sam
    sam Year ago

    139 missed calls damn girl pick up

  • cha cha real smooth

    You deserve more subscribers :)

  • Caitlin
    Caitlin Year ago

    Ugh same for my area (London), if you want a good piece of meat or fish, it’s really expensive, for example if my mum wants to make a good roast or beef Wellington, the meat can cost £40-50 if she wants a good piece, it’s ridiculous. It’s okay for our family, but for a lot of other families it’s really hard

  • C- ZA.C
    C- ZA.C Year ago

    Love your attitude!
    Just subscribed!

  • C- ZA.C
    C- ZA.C Year ago

    Love this video thank you so much !

  • Angelica Kaspersen

    You’re beautiful, so gorgeous!!

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Year ago


  • ahmed abderaouf
    ahmed abderaouf Year ago

    I'm in love with you

  • Anamaría Granada

    Drinking water all of a sudden wont hydrate you. The LifeSum app suggests you drink two glasses of water around breakfast, one mid morning and one before lunch. One with lunch, one mid afternoon, one before dinner and one before bed.

  • Adrienne's World
    Adrienne's World Year ago

    Does this app cost money ?

  • TheStallion234
    TheStallion234 Year ago

    She is gorgeous. Plus her personality on top of it? A++

  • Jingjing Li
    Jingjing Li Year ago

    Love your video! Instantly subed

  • Hathaway Wood
    Hathaway Wood Year ago

    Please do a video of you trying weight watchers for a week!!

  • Sydney Zielinski
    Sydney Zielinski Year ago

    I just wanted to let you know you really do inspire me!
    You are so sweet and kind and you are always willing to try new things and I love your personality and attitude on life.
    Keep smiling and doing what you're doing!

  • Kari Hemmert
    Kari Hemmert Year ago

    Loved this! Im a broke bitch and I have been using the free version of lifesum this summer to lose weight (lost 10ish pounds and 2 inches on my waist!). The free version gives you very limited access to recipes and diet plans but it has enough that I was able to get a good idea of my habits and - like you - be held accountable not to eat things that I know I shouldnt. Helped me space out my water consumption, up my protein, and lower my carbs!
    I hadn't found a fitness app though that I liked until your video with 8fit. Im only a few days into using that app but so far im enjoying the workouts a TON!

  • r e i
    r e i Year ago +1

    Not hating but I find it extremely stupid that this app encourages people to drink 8 glasses of water everyday. The misconception that this is that amount of water you need to drink everyday is complete and utterly incorrect, you should always drink when you are thirsty and never be forced to over hydrate.

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M Year ago

    I adore water enchancers like Crystal Light or Mio. Definitely helps me to get my 8 glasses everyday (I generally only add the water enchancers toward the last 2 glasses).

  • Tidi D
    Tidi D Year ago

    To drink more water, drink it when you are doing something and put like a 1l water beside you and just drink it. You will drink way more.

  • ItalGirl
    ItalGirl Year ago

    Michelle, why are you making drinking water look painful lol.

  • Christopher Velasco

    You're an amazing athlete and dietitian!!

  • Ria Brown
    Ria Brown Year ago

    meh .... expensive fish and water . thats it ???

  • Ruta
    Ruta Year ago

    No actual evidence for the results.. wish there was a body composition comparison

  • skyhigh lihi
    skyhigh lihi Year ago

    1.34 oh that's a moroccan tajine over there

  • Dana Kauther
    Dana Kauther Year ago

    Try living like a triathlete for a week. Should be interesting.

  • Emily E
    Emily E Year ago

    Hi Michelle!! I love your videos :) I definitely want to see either a keto diet or an intermittent fasting diet week. I see it so often on Instagram and I have no idea if it's worth the massive life change. Thank you!!

  • Jemimah DeCastro
    Jemimah DeCastro Year ago +1

    You have to gain fat to build muscle... it doesn't automatically turn into JUST muscle.

  • Zeynep Akdora
    Zeynep Akdora Year ago +2

    Of course salmon is expensive is if you buy it from Whole Foods😂

  • draconistarum
    draconistarum Year ago

    So did she build any muscle combined with her gym routines? lol

  • Amber Holland
    Amber Holland Year ago

    I would love to see you try Beachbody and the 21 day fix

  • Aspen Laulu
    Aspen Laulu Year ago

    I think we share a birthday, Michelle? 10th August??

  • Шура Шторм

    Прикольная девченка..

  • Cami Hervieu
    Cami Hervieu Year ago

    The reason that the fish was expensive because you went to whole foods

  • Esraa Aljdaei
    Esraa Aljdaei Year ago +1

    I wanna know what you do at the gym if you go there often ☺️ and what is the best exercise at the gym to lose belly and thigh fat ❤️️

  • Jmz 33
    Jmz 33 Year ago

    Strongman competition ( woman ) Power lifting. Youve done MMA , Boxing's popular right now

  • That boy Who draws

    plz do daily vlogz Q-Q

  • Astrea Flora
    Astrea Flora Year ago

    PRO TIP! If you need to drink alot of water eat Takis, you’ll end up chugging water like a champ

  • NovaNation
    NovaNation Year ago

    have anyone told you that you look like the girl from krewella?

  • julia nakatani
    julia nakatani Year ago

    you should try a kpop diet for a week, like Somi's or Iu's

  • kayla robinson
    kayla robinson Year ago

    I love lifesum so much

  • ParsimoniousTV
    ParsimoniousTV Year ago

    I eat fish pretty much every day because I eat a lot of sushi and fish isn't really that expensive in Michigan, especially white fish. And a salmon roll at a sushi restaurant is like $4-7 depending on where you go. Also I have a life straw water bottle so I drink a lot of water since I can fill up from any sink, lake, water fountain, or even fill up with snow without worrying about it.

  • -Tori-
    -Tori- Year ago

    when drinking water, it is better to take smaller sips throughout the day

  • BriannaNicolee1614

    hey just want to let you know that the app wants you to have 8 glasses of water a day but you were drinking a lot more than needed which i mean can be good but i just wanted to let you know , a glass of water is considered 8oz and you were drinking out of (what it looked like to be) a 20oz water bottle , so you wouldn't need to have 8 of those , if you are drinking out of that you would only need about 3-6 depending on how active you are etc . just wanted to make sure you knew! 😊 and also if you feel you were putting on fat it's probably true, you can't gain muscle without putting on a little bit of fat too! it's completely normal 😊😊

  • AyDeeEye
    AyDeeEye Year ago

    That moment when u leave buzzfeed to make buzzfeed content

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor Year ago

    God dam I thought you quit BuzzFeed?

  • Larissa Allred
    Larissa Allred Year ago

    You should do the gallon of water a day challenge for like a week! Curious to see your results!

  • Marielle Lado
    Marielle Lado Year ago

    Who else is binge watching Michelle and wonder how is she still a living atom.😂😂😂 ps ur amazing luv u.😂❤️

  • Lisa Broadley
    Lisa Broadley Year ago

    the rule 'drink 8 glasses of water' doesn't have proper supported research. However water is good to have at mealtime rather than nothing or something sugary.

  • Detroit 4life
    Detroit 4life Year ago

    For a week Michelle! Lol you not going to see results in a week.

  • Rell Draws
    Rell Draws Year ago

    just saying u don't have to drink alot of water most doctor's say u should just drink when u are thirsty

  • Rachel Craig
    Rachel Craig Year ago

    I tried this a couple months ago.... I'm lazy so it lasted only for a weekend 😂 I was doing good until I found chocolate. Plus, I ate healthy that weekend because I was at my grandmothers.... Lmao

  • Funny Monkey
    Funny Monkey Year ago

    Anyone else think she's really beautiful

  • Georgina Smailes
    Georgina Smailes Year ago

    The only thing that this video didn't actually show which felt a bit vital is that Michelle didn't show whether she actually gained weight or muscle. Which made the video a bit pointless. This became more a video about diet.

  • elizabeth herbin
    elizabeth herbin Year ago

    i really want to try this app but i wish it was free or less expensive!!

  • l l
    l l Year ago

    You might feel hungry in the evening because you are dehydrated. Happens to me all the time!

  • Jazmine Cantu
    Jazmine Cantu Year ago

    Are you afraid of heights i would love to see u parachute 😀😀😀hope to see u soon I love your videos girl😉

  • JäegerxHunter
    JäegerxHunter Year ago

    Why I left BUZZFEED...

  • BRi
    BRi Year ago

    Do "Training Like" Daredevil or Green Arrow next. (Good Luck. You'll need it).

  • sarahghutch
    sarahghutch Year ago

    you should try the Mediterranean diet for a week next! It's supposed to be one of, if not the healthiest diets :)

  • Sara Youssef
    Sara Youssef Year ago

    you should do water fasting *only drinking water with no food* for a week !! 👍🏻 A REAL CHALLENGE

  • Shennea
    Shennea Year ago

    Do a wheelchair basketball challenge!

  • Kensie Olson
    Kensie Olson Year ago

    So I really like the Lifesum app but beware of what plan you choose. If you choose a ketogenic diet make sure you are not too active. I made that mistake and even following the rules I was constantly exhausted and I would faint while doing workouts because I wasn't getting enough carbs and I was constantly dizzy. Other than that just see which plan works the best for you.

  • cassiopol
    cassiopol Year ago +1

    I think you should try to play Capoeira or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu !!!

  • Karina Mccarthy
    Karina Mccarthy Year ago +8

    I watch your videos...but they kind of annoy me. At the end we just get a quick general POV of your training or diet WOE. A before an after shot, a body fat percentage and weight before an after...any data you can add will make your videos so much more worth watching!!!! You said you lost body fat but how? You didn't include us in the measuring process, how much?
    Just a tip from someone who likes watching a lot of before and afters

  • Beka
    Beka Year ago +69

    I love all the stuff you test out, but I wish you'd give us some more data! How did you measure that you gained muscle and lost fat? How much fat did you lose? How much muscle did you gain? I can understand not wanting to share the specific numbers about your own body on the internet because...well, internet, but I'd love to at least see how you are measuring those things and the +/- differences before and after!

    • Malik Ali
      Malik Ali 6 months ago

      @Leucci11 She is just showing her body not body(muscles).

    • Leucci11
      Leucci11 Year ago +6

      it's only a week so there won't be any real difference. It would make sense if she had done this for a month to have a before/after

  • scorpio
    scorpio Year ago +2

    can you try triathlon training? 🙇‍♀️

  • Wiggler
    Wiggler Year ago +4

    Can I just say how much I love the buzzfeed employees who now have their own channel? it’s just so.. refined? if I wanted to see beauty or stuff like that i can just watch Saf or Candace. Fitness? Michelle!

  • lovinggossipgirl
    lovinggossipgirl Year ago

    i love these trying app videos!

  • Melanie Lloyd
    Melanie Lloyd Year ago

    I use the lifesum app and I love it, but I just don't know if I should upgrade to premium or not

  • ItzGustaph
    ItzGustaph Year ago +1

    Drink when you're thirsty, 8 glasses is just a recommendation without much backing from any science

    • A. Bo
      A. Bo Year ago

      ItzGustaph when I had kidney failure, my doctor told me it's actually not enough to drink when you're thirsty because thirst means your body is already missing water

  • toontownlegomaster
    toontownlegomaster Year ago +2

    Only thing I hate about drinking to much water is pissing every hour.