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  • Karl lowry
    Karl lowry Day ago

    Povetkin wasted wilders time twice failing usada tests eddie uses plays on words all the time he needs someone else to make deals eddie wants his money before AJ hes a leach.

  • SouthPaw
    SouthPaw Day ago

    Kugan has found his niche in life.....getting T bagged by "Fast" Eddie on PPV.


    R.I.P Sir Enzo

  • zorro Sp
    zorro Sp 3 days ago

    Your dealing with yanks ! U need to expect this shit !

  • zorro Sp
    zorro Sp 3 days ago

    I honestly believe every word Hearn is saying! He tried his best to get that fight

  • rigest bici
    rigest bici 3 days ago

    Eddie AJ is so lucky to have you as promoter

  • rigest bici
    rigest bici 3 days ago

    well say. that chicken shit Wilder. can't hide any more, Joshua will cach you up one day and slay's you chicken shit.

  • Boxing knowledge
    Boxing knowledge 6 days ago

    iFL you asked the right questions but Eiddie, is such a fuckin liar he turns my stomach!!!
    💣 Squad 😎🥊💥

  • Yazmin Khan
    Yazmin Khan 6 days ago

    Aj is a legend

  • Rob S
    Rob S 7 days ago

    lol give it a rest eddie...

  • Ma Da
    Ma Da 7 days ago

    I mean what the fuuuck is this geezer talking about? Klitscko = 40, Povetkin 40...Can Joshua at least fight someone over 50?? I mean it would be great for his legacy
    cocksuckers... fuck off

  • Ma Da
    Ma Da 7 days ago

    your pussyass bitch will get ko'd within 6 with Wilder you fkn twat. Cheers to Grandpa Povetkin you dumm bitch fkn gramps is 40 years old taking steroids you stupid fuck and you put him number 3 in the world??? what the fuck??? shut your filthy hole bitch

    • Ma Da
      Ma Da 6 days ago

      +Alan Laird Alain, go back to bed. Your boyfriend is waiting for you....

    • Alan Laird
      Alan Laird 6 days ago

      Ma Da What age is Ortiz then ? As he is Wilders best opponent.lol. Also on heart medication because of his age ,think before you open your mouth,dummy.

  • Chelsea Edwards-Sutton

    Wilder USA weasel. That’s why wilder has taken the fight with fury. Sorry wilder you pussy and as for fury will get destroyed

  • James Lee
    James Lee 13 days ago

    Hes lying looking up and to the left. Total bull

  • AndImJustFerocious
    AndImJustFerocious 15 days ago

    They will fight one day I think, but not for quite a while. They BOTH want air of invisibility that comes with being an undefeated champion. Once they are close to the end of their career with nothing to loose, the contract will get signed.

  • Andrew Radford
    Andrew Radford 15 days ago

    In my hole life I have never listen to so much rubbish and Bull shit everything seems so cockeyed he sounds like a used car sales man it's like he selling old shoes to a bum can someone please be fair about the amount of the fight net worth both Fighters are champions and have no losses how would you feel if did all the work and got nothing for it🔥🔥🤾🏼‍♂️🤾🏼‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️🥊🥊🥊🤾🏼‍♂️🤾🏼‍♂️

  • lee mack
    lee mack 16 days ago

    wtf tyson got stripped cause they did not know what they were doing hehehehe wtf you chat shit mate

  • Ivan Rivera
    Ivan Rivera 23 days ago

    This guy is the modern day DON KING lol, LIAR.

  • EDOGZ818
    EDOGZ818 24 days ago

    So Wilder gets a flat fee, then 50% on rematch if he wins, in US?
    So Wilder, undefeated, with all the belts, on home turf, gets 50%?
    Wouldn't that at least be 60/40?
    GTFOH & give Wilder a fair deal & stop ducking, AJ's bottom is already falling out, check Pedvetkin #'s.

  • Stewart
    Stewart 27 days ago

    Good guy hearn, his success attracts a lot of hate.

  • Zero Buzz
    Zero Buzz 29 days ago

    what a idiot! - fury had a secret meeting with bellow and they both agreed and guess what! he picked haye instead, not to mention fury & Joshua fight pays alot better so why not put him in easier fights to get him ready, harder fights will make it very unlikly Joshua and fury fight! why couldnt hearn say, you pick 4 fights no matter who it is and on the 5th fight you have aj, eddie you meant to be a good promoter im sure your promoting skills could of give fury a way to be popular with the puplic, to me you have tried making it difficult for fury so joshua doesnt need to face him.
    bellow, whyte fighting fury you wouldnt need a promoter, that would sell out any aren.

    hearn you ducked wilder and you tried to duck fury, are you silly to think the public doesnt see it...

  • ya boi
    ya boi 29 days ago

    Eddie Hearn a good talker delboy like bullshit

  • Nathan Hayes
    Nathan Hayes Month ago

    The only way we’re ever going it know what really happened, is when one side or both share the emails / proof of contract protecting the sensitive/private information. They both seem genuine but someone’s obviously lying

  • ouncy
    ouncy Month ago

    Such a slimey prat.

  • Farquad Shmoogle
    Farquad Shmoogle Month ago

    Eddie Hearn should be going for the future stars. Obviously good to get some current ones, but if you get the future ones, then you are set. I dont get why Eddie Hearn never approached Munguia? He offered the Charlo brothers, but you know when Charlo faces Munguia, its over for him. So again, why not go after Munguia? Why not go after fighters that seem to not have gotten their chances either? Like Kanat Islam? he is top 10 ranked in 2 organizations, but havent heard from him? I know Hearn is more for staying around UK and such, but to be big, he needs fighters from all over. Murata is a big draw in Japan, he could use that and get fighters to go there to fight him. Another fighter he should go get is Jesse Hart. He is looking good, KOing guys, and close loss to Ramirez. but he is a top 168 fighter that can make exciting fights and wants his title shot.

  • andyspb83
    andyspb83 Month ago +1

    Starting to look a dick now

  • iBi AhIVIeD
    iBi AhIVIeD Month ago

    I wouldnt trust anything Hearns says

  • geoffrey fury
    geoffrey fury Month ago +1

    cockroach sure can spin em. the public are seeing right through Hearns capers now . he wont let joshua fight wilder he wont let joshua fight whyte he wont let Joshua fight TY .joshua will keep on fighting the Takems on ppv and look what a washed up chisora did to Takem and he wont let joshua fight outside the uk either . bullshit bullshit bullshit

  • Blue Moon Riseing
    Blue Moon Riseing Month ago

    Sheffield uks best boxing city,swfc

  • Andrew Tiffin
    Andrew Tiffin Month ago

    I’m offering £5mill of my DADDYS money haha

  • Andrew Tiffin
    Andrew Tiffin Month ago

    I dislike warren but fuck me-has seriously bum fucked Hearn. Hearn you have lost it you cunt
    Scott quigg if your reading this it’s tiff tell your dad to get in touch pal ps leave this cunt

  • Andrew Tiffin
    Andrew Tiffin Month ago

    Hearn you time has finally come where it’s your time to get dry bum fucked you horrible cunt. Stop bitching and copying your old man word by word

  • Josh 1
    Josh 1 Month ago +1

    A feature-length documentary of Fast Eddie talking out his arse. Great. Just make the fight. Frank Warren can manage it, why can't you? You don't want it. Let Wilder and Fury damage each other and then pick up the scraps, billing it as a 'final'. Strategic, but completely see-through.

  • greatest4
    greatest4 Month ago

    this dude is a arrogant ass...how does he think that people are too stupid to not see what he does...WILDER WONT SIGN IT BECAUSE ITS A LOWBALL DEAL PERIOD AND THE OFFER YOU MAKE HIM IS SHIT....stop trying to act like its the most he has ever made when the man clearly deserves a percentage...its obvious Wilder wants this fight REAL RECOGNIZE REAL....foh Hearn you are messing up Joshuas reputation with this bullshit making him look like a punk ass for real

  • nich p
    nich p Month ago

    u a bum eddie who you think you are everyone know wilder is the ko machine joshua got lamped out by old man hahhahahhaha since that moment eddie hearn shat himself and did a kell brook the matters sway delay lie and steal paydays.

  • AntonGasper
    AntonGasper Month ago +1

    45:07-45:14 jheeze even the video sensed ed trying to sell something

  • Amir Halley
    Amir Halley Month ago

    I wonder how u aj cocksuckers feel since all this new info came out see clearly who’s ducking who six months no aj vs wider but two to three weeks wilder vs fury gets made and little Eddie has nothing to do with it this man lies for a living u all follow him blindly this shit is getting sad

  • The Billy Acorn Channel

    Wilder and Fury are the best in the world. Wilder would rip Joshua's head off and shit down his neck. Followed by VI Poo so it dont smell

  • Dean Hall
    Dean Hall Month ago

    Love how passionate Eddie is getting! It must be so frustrating dealing with bellends on a daily basis.

  • manny Tui
    manny Tui Month ago

    I'll offer nut bags :)

  • lu4goldenchild
    lu4goldenchild Month ago

    Fraud, he said 100% the fight happens without a doubt in 2018. Its Hearn AJ and their fans saying one thing, and the rest of the boxers and boxing world saying they dont want it. We can all comment and drag it in but it seems clear from a neutral point of view who really wants it to happen now. Only so long you can protect Golden boy.

  • Racbir Singh
    Racbir Singh Month ago

    Yes the Contract with that many stipulations, no rematch if you draw, no rematch if we win but rematch if you win. 80% us 20% you. A contract not signed by your self all in your favour.

  • Swizz Bre
    Swizz Bre Month ago

    Full of shit eddie

  • West Brom
    West Brom Month ago +1

    We see the bull shit the UK are having the best fights

  • Chuckk kkcuhC
    Chuckk kkcuhC Month ago

    Eddie don't want Joshua-wilder because he is scared for joshua to lose all the belts instead he wants dillian or someone Else to fight wilder and hope that wilder lose the fight and then you will see the next fight will be Joshua against dillian(or the one who wins against wilder).even if Fury beats Wilder the next fight will be Joshua-Fury without any doubt.Hearn simply scared of wilder.I am sure Joshua isn't scared of someone but he has to listen to Eddie...

  • gypsy boxers
    gypsy boxers Month ago

    wow. Eddie you are the biggest shit talking bastard iv ever seen. fucking scam artist lol

  • Daily Grime It's Life

    Dinkle??LMAO...I like Eddie..🤣🤣

  • Hunta Lee
    Hunta Lee Month ago

    Money first

  • Neale Bertram
    Neale Bertram Month ago

    People think boxing promoters/managers are all slimy liars!
    But to be fair, a lot of what Hearn's saying does make quite a bit of sense.

  • Box Entertainment
    Box Entertainment Month ago

    WAR! Maidana vs Morales! - thexvid.com/video/LRXHDAbaIoY/video.html

  • Darren Morgan
    Darren Morgan Month ago

    I fight Wilder for 5 million and I try my best to knock him out.....BEAST 👊👊👊

  • Box Entertainment
    Box Entertainment Month ago

    Boxing fans!! .. Like and Subscribe thexvid.com/user/BoxEntertainment

  • Saxz -
    Saxz - 2 months ago

    What y’all don’t understand is, all wilder has to do is sign the contract and the fight happens. That simple.

  • noghd
    noghd 2 months ago

    Fight is agreed for April but Hearn has to make up all this shit to raise wilder name before an beats him

  • 86macca86
    86macca86 2 months ago

    Im wondering if wilder has eva heard ice cubes no Vaseline ?

  • ChrisMisc1
    ChrisMisc1 2 months ago

    I love Eddie, he does his best to put on the big fights and says it straight.

  • A. Guyton
    A. Guyton 2 months ago

    Man after this interview I can’t tell who the hell lying or not

  • Dwayne Watts
    Dwayne Watts 2 months ago

    Im getting sick of all this bull shit with wilder and Joshua wilder clearly doesn't want the fight so ffs move on and set up another fight.

  • Citywide Construction
    Citywide Construction 2 months ago +1

    Watching this pisses me off we wanted the fight in the US and Joshua could've cleared 100 million easy! A coward has many excuses and no solutions for battle!

  • Citywide Construction
    Citywide Construction 2 months ago +1

    A sinking ship. Don King Jr.

  • Ricky beans
    Ricky beans 2 months ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue.
    Joshua is shite
    And wilder is poo

  • Rich_LHDC
    Rich_LHDC 2 months ago

    Well done Eddie.

  • Mike D The So called Black

    Wilder is making bad business decisions from a business standpoint he should have fought Whyte for 5 million dollars went to the Joseph Parker fight and I tell you AJ would have invited him in the ring and I guarantee you he would have made estimated at least 20-30 million dollars that includes the Whyte fight

  • Amun Jr
    Amun Jr 2 months ago


  • Luke Lapins
    Luke Lapins 2 months ago

    Eddie Hearn is a stupid ass

  • Fortnite Battle Royal
    Fortnite Battle Royal 2 months ago

    Wish wilder would let Eddie milk him already

  • Super MegaBroBro
    Super MegaBroBro 2 months ago

    what is he wearing!?

  • Jason Meza
    Jason Meza 2 months ago

    One more thing Eddie lying about giving Wilder a rematch if he wins. That Wilder would make so much more money in the rematch. It was not in the contract Eddie sent Finkle. That's right folks no rematch clause for Wilder only one for Joshua. But here he claims there was one. This guy......Eddie Eddie Eddie.....jog on you bugga!

  • Jason Meza
    Jason Meza 2 months ago

    This guy admits that Finkle should have seen interviews saying we want the fight in Cardiff. So instead of stating that in the contract that the fight would be in Cardiff HearnS says don't tell me Finkle didn't see my interviews with me saying that. Lol unprofessional twat. See how slick he is. Hes playing games. There's a reason there was no date or venue in the contract. Plus Finkle just came out and said Hearn never told them that he'd been talking with the WBA and they were getting fed up waiting. When Finkle said I'll have the contract back to you on the following Friday Eddie on purpose didn't mention that The WBA was about to make Joshua fight their mandatory. Finkle said if you really want the fight with Wilder you would tell us about the pressure the WBA was giving you and he would have had the contract there the next day. And this is after Eddie Hearn gauranteed to Finkle that Wilder would be Joshua's next fight. Hearn is playing games. You can see the excitement on his face when he thinks his bullshit may work. Lol you British fans need to start calling this man out. He keeps asking Kugan after everything he says , " does that make sense?". Only thing missing is Hearn then saying,"really Kugan? You really fell for my bullshit?". Kugan asked a great question though asking if the WBA had Eddie asked for more time would they have given it to him. Eddie says no. You need a signed contract to get an extension. What Eddie is failing to tell you is that he kept this all hidden from Finkle. He could have told them but he didn't on purpose. He's lying here when he said " by the way I told Finkle that the WBA is breathing down my neck". Look at his face when he says this. Lol he's a skilled liar. Almost like an actor. Kugan track this man down again. Call him a liar to his face! Don't be afraid of him. He's bad for boxing! Lol Hearn always wanted this fight next year. He scammed them well but now he and Joshua will never get near that WBC belt unless it's a 50/50 split. Bottom line is though HearnS is scared shitless for Joshua to lose to Wilder because that's basically all he has. Poor Eddie. Nah fuck him. Lol

  • James Watson
    James Watson 2 months ago

    Make wilder and Joshua fight they are both champions who both hold belts. Who ever refuses to fight strip them of there belts. This shit is getting boring they are boxers make them fight. Boxing greats like Ali and tyson fought everybody.

  • h tee
    h tee 2 months ago

    Blasphemy by the Brit’s. AJ is shook of Wilder

  • James Thomson
    James Thomson 2 months ago

    Hearn and joshua are embarrasments hearns wrapping his money maker in cotton wool wilder will finish aj FACT

  • James Jenkins
    James Jenkins 2 months ago +1

    That contract is rubbish if I was wilder I'd fight in the USA only

  • Dale Mcilwain
    Dale Mcilwain 2 months ago

    Do one Eddie & AJ. Just go and fuck yourselves.

  • pham dang khoi
    pham dang khoi 2 months ago

    fuck you eddie

  • pham dang khoi
    pham dang khoi 2 months ago

    fuck you eddie

  • imjr8o8
    imjr8o8 2 months ago

    Dumbass hearn give deontay a percentage split not a flat rate u crookkk

  • Gooner Westlondon
    Gooner Westlondon 2 months ago +1

    Greedy wide boy that takes the boxing public for granted. The public should boycott the fight...

  • Shelbi Hawksworth
    Shelbi Hawksworth 2 months ago

    my channel and I will do the same :)

  • James Samuel
    James Samuel 2 months ago

    Look I’m an AJ fan but a flat fee for a fight like Joshua-wilder is bullshit, and Eddie Hearn knows it.

  • marty mcfly Esq
    marty mcfly Esq 2 months ago

    Wilder 😂 😂 shitebag

  • S U R V I V E
    S U R V I V E 2 months ago

    If they both want it, then make the damn fight, simple.

    KILLAGORILLA7000 2 months ago

    Crap offer, why would Wilder agree to this?

  • john kirwan
    john kirwan 2 months ago

    should i listen to the rest, i am 10 minutes in and asking myself the question; can i believe anything he is saying ? is he just another snake ?

  • jed davies
    jed davies 2 months ago

    Hearn is smug bastard. He's talking all round the subject but never telling ux why the Wilder fight won't take place. Wilder has done everything this POS limey has demanded. He's trying to humiliate Wilder. He can dress this turkey anyway he wants but its obvious Hearn doesn't want the fight. Joshua loses and there goes Hearns piggy bank. He'll fight his mandatories for the next 2+ years and then retire, never facing Wilder.. They'll both be richer but their reputation will be in the toilet. Its beginning to stink already.

  • Simon Cooper
    Simon Cooper 2 months ago

    Not in pyjamas. No.

  • lucious brun
    lucious brun 2 months ago

    Eddie, people need the air you breathe. Be decent and...

  • Dhara Ndini
    Dhara Ndini 2 months ago

    Why offer another fight before Joshua though. Give him Joshua straight up.

  • jahnkonoo
    jahnkonoo 2 months ago

    I am happy Deontay Wilder hasn’t signed this CRAP of a contract, because Eddie Germ is always lying 🤥.

  • llewbach77
    llewbach77 2 months ago

    The key fundamental ingredient to making a deal is communication and there is some serious immaturity
    going on with both parties.

  • Deepblo comment
    Deepblo comment 2 months ago

    if wilder wins boxing will go from a British sport to an american one. so even if eddie is lying, hes defo making the right decision. wait till that cunt stops producing supernatual levels of testosterone

  • Norm Williams
    Norm Williams 2 months ago

    I love cock x

  • curtis morrissey
    curtis morrissey 2 months ago

    he's full of shit. milking the joshua cow with povetkin.

  • khezar hussain
    khezar hussain 2 months ago +1

    Hahaa the penalties comment 1:07:15

  • Samy Shinobi
    Samy Shinobi 2 months ago


  • Shadow Man
    Shadow Man 2 months ago

    This guy a joke! Lenox said it best if AJ wanted the fight it would happen.. Aj got the wrong circle! Wilder Ko King AJ will drop like a LOG! Tiiiiiiimmmmmmbbbbbbeeerrrrrrrrr

  • Nich Dee
    Nich Dee 2 months ago

    Quack, Quack!

  • comments007
    comments007 2 months ago

    Eddie Hearn keeps sayin “we never asked for proof of funds”
    thexvid.com/video/yFlWizD6YOI/video.html - 1.30 he says they need proof of funds.
    I saw a number of interviews where Eddie said they want proof of funds.

  • David Patel
    David Patel 2 months ago

    I think baby miller would have Parker and be 50/50 with whyte

  • Main Man
    Main Man 2 months ago

    Why the fuck would Wilder ever take a flat fee?!! Hearn's fault for this fight not happening. Absolute idiot cunt.