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  • ChrisMisc1
    ChrisMisc1 6 hours ago

    I love Eddie, he does his best to put on the big fights and says it straight.

  • A. Guyton
    A. Guyton Day ago

    Man after this interview I can’t tell who the hell lying or not

  • Dwayne Watts
    Dwayne Watts 2 days ago

    Im getting sick of all this bull shit with wilder and Joshua wilder clearly doesn't want the fight so ffs move on and set up another fight.

  • Citywide Construction
    Citywide Construction 3 days ago +1

    Watching this pisses me off we wanted the fight in the US and Joshua could've cleared 100 million easy! A coward has many excuses and no solutions for battle!

  • Citywide Construction
    Citywide Construction 3 days ago +1

    A sinking ship. Don King Jr.

  • Ricky beans
    Ricky beans 3 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue.
    Joshua is shite
    And wilder is poo

  • Rich_LHDC
    Rich_LHDC 4 days ago

    Well done Eddie.

  • Mike D The So called Black

    Wilder is making bad business decisions from a business standpoint he should have fought Whyte for 5 million dollars went to the Joseph Parker fight and I tell you AJ would have invited him in the ring and I guarantee you he would have made estimated at least 20-30 million dollars that includes the Whyte fight

  • Amun Jr
    Amun Jr 5 days ago


  • Luke Lapins
    Luke Lapins 6 days ago

    Eddie Hearn is a stupid ass

  • Fortnite Battle Royal

    Wish wilder would let Eddie milk him already

  • Super MegaBroBro
    Super MegaBroBro 6 days ago

    what is he wearing!?

  • Jason Meza
    Jason Meza 6 days ago

    One more thing Eddie lying about giving Wilder a rematch if he wins. That Wilder would make so much more money in the rematch. It was not in the contract Eddie sent Finkle. That's right folks no rematch clause for Wilder only one for Joshua. But here he claims there was one. This guy......Eddie Eddie Eddie.....jog on you bugga!

  • Jason Meza
    Jason Meza 6 days ago

    This guy admits that Finkle should have seen interviews saying we want the fight in Cardiff. So instead of stating that in the contract that the fight would be in Cardiff HearnS says don't tell me Finkle didn't see my interviews with me saying that. Lol unprofessional twat. See how slick he is. Hes playing games. There's a reason there was no date or venue in the contract. Plus Finkle just came out and said Hearn never told them that he'd been talking with the WBA and they were getting fed up waiting. When Finkle said I'll have the contract back to you on the following Friday Eddie on purpose didn't mention that The WBA was about to make Joshua fight their mandatory. Finkle said if you really want the fight with Wilder you would tell us about the pressure the WBA was giving you and he would have had the contract there the next day. And this is after Eddie Hearn gauranteed to Finkle that Wilder would be Joshua's next fight. Hearn is playing games. You can see the excitement on his face when he thinks his bullshit may work. Lol you British fans need to start calling this man out. He keeps asking Kugan after everything he says , " does that make sense?". Only thing missing is Hearn then saying,"really Kugan? You really fell for my bullshit?". Kugan asked a great question though asking if the WBA had Eddie asked for more time would they have given it to him. Eddie says no. You need a signed contract to get an extension. What Eddie is failing to tell you is that he kept this all hidden from Finkle. He could have told them but he didn't on purpose. He's lying here when he said " by the way I told Finkle that the WBA is breathing down my neck". Look at his face when he says this. Lol he's a skilled liar. Almost like an actor. Kugan track this man down again. Call him a liar to his face! Don't be afraid of him. He's bad for boxing! Lol Hearn always wanted this fight next year. He scammed them well but now he and Joshua will never get near that WBC belt unless it's a 50/50 split. Bottom line is though HearnS is scared shitless for Joshua to lose to Wilder because that's basically all he has. Poor Eddie. Nah fuck him. Lol

  • James Watson
    James Watson 6 days ago

    Make wilder and Joshua fight they are both champions who both hold belts. Who ever refuses to fight strip them of there belts. This shit is getting boring they are boxers make them fight. Boxing greats like Ali and tyson fought everybody.

  • h tee
    h tee 6 days ago

    Blasphemy by the Brit’s. AJ is shook of Wilder

  • James McKenzie
    James McKenzie 6 days ago

    Hearn and joshua are embarrasments hearns wrapping his money maker in cotton wool wilder will finish aj FACT

  • James Jenkins
    James Jenkins 6 days ago +1

    That contract is rubbish if I was wilder I'd fight in the USA only

  • Dale Mcilwain
    Dale Mcilwain 7 days ago

    Do one Eddie & AJ. Just go and fuck yourselves.

    POTUS 7 days ago

    He’s an excellent boxing promoter

  • pham dang khoi
    pham dang khoi 7 days ago

    fuck you eddie

  • pham dang khoi
    pham dang khoi 7 days ago

    fuck you eddie

  • imjr8o8
    imjr8o8 7 days ago

    Dumbass hearn give deontay a percentage split not a flat rate u crookkk

  • Gooner Westlondon
    Gooner Westlondon 7 days ago +1

    Greedy wide boy that takes the boxing public for granted. The public should boycott the fight...

  • Shelbi Hawksworth
    Shelbi Hawksworth 8 days ago

    my channel and I will do the same :)

  • James Samuel
    James Samuel 8 days ago

    Look I’m an AJ fan but a flat fee for a fight like Joshua-wilder is bullshit, and Eddie Hearn knows it.

  • marty mcfly TM
    marty mcfly TM 9 days ago

    Wilder 😂 😂 shitebag

  • S U R V I V E
    S U R V I V E 9 days ago

    If they both want it, then make the damn fight, simple.

    KILLAGORILLA7000 9 days ago

    Crap offer, why would Wilder agree to this?

  • john kirwan
    john kirwan 9 days ago

    should i listen to the rest, i am 10 minutes in and asking myself the question; can i believe anything he is saying ? is he just another snake ?

  • jed davies
    jed davies 10 days ago

    Hearn is smug bastard. He's talking all round the subject but never telling ux why the Wilder fight won't take place. Wilder has done everything this POS limey has demanded. He's trying to humiliate Wilder. He can dress this turkey anyway he wants but its obvious Hearn doesn't want the fight. Joshua loses and there goes Hearns piggy bank. He'll fight his mandatories for the next 2+ years and then retire, never facing Wilder.. They'll both be richer but their reputation will be in the toilet. Its beginning to stink already.

  • Simon Cooper
    Simon Cooper 10 days ago

    Not in pyjamas. No.

  • lucious brun
    lucious brun 10 days ago

    Eddie, people need the air you breathe. Be decent and...

  • Dhara Ndini
    Dhara Ndini 11 days ago

    Why offer another fight before Joshua though. Give him Joshua straight up.

  • jahnkonoo
    jahnkonoo 11 days ago

    I am happy Deontay Wilder hasn’t signed this CRAP of a contract, because Eddie Germ is always lying 🤥.

  • llewbach77
    llewbach77 11 days ago

    The key fundamental ingredient to making a deal is communication and there is some serious immaturity
    going on with both parties.

  • Ste G
    Ste G 11 days ago

    Come on then wilder sign .carnt wait to see AJ turn your lights out 💤💤💤💤

  • Deepblo comment
    Deepblo comment 11 days ago

    if wilder wins boxing will go from a British sport to an american one. so even if eddie is lying, hes defo making the right decision. wait till that cunt stops producing supernatual levels of testosterone

  • Norm Williams
    Norm Williams 11 days ago

    I love cock x

  • curtis morrissey
    curtis morrissey 11 days ago

    he's full of shit. milking the joshua cow with povetkin.

  • khezar hussain
    khezar hussain 12 days ago +1

    Hahaa the penalties comment 1:07:15

  • Samy Shinobi
    Samy Shinobi 12 days ago


  • Shadow Man
    Shadow Man 12 days ago

    This guy a joke! Lenox said it best if AJ wanted the fight it would happen.. Aj got the wrong circle! Wilder Ko King AJ will drop like a LOG! Tiiiiiiimmmmmmbbbbbbeeerrrrrrrrr

  • Nich Dee
    Nich Dee 12 days ago

    Quack, Quack!

  • comments007
    comments007 12 days ago

    Eddie Hearn keeps sayin “we never asked for proof of funds”
    thexvid.com/video/yFlWizD6YOI/video.html - 1.30 he says they need proof of funds.
    I saw a number of interviews where Eddie said they want proof of funds.

  • David Patel
    David Patel 12 days ago

    I think baby miller would have Parker and be 50/50 with whyte

  • james russell
    james russell 12 days ago

    Why the fuck would Wilder ever take a flat fee?!! Hearn's fault for this fight not happening. Absolute idiot cunt.

  • Michael Davison
    Michael Davison 12 days ago

    Been a bit disappointed in the last couple of aj fights to be honest didn’t have the snap he usually comes with, as for wilder would like to see him fight a bit of a caliber about them he done well considering he looked like he was stumbling out of a club to knock his grandad out 😂

  • Ken Peacock
    Ken Peacock 12 days ago

    Hearn you and AJ have been exposed, 24 hour deadline from the WBA is fake, there was no limit, you called on a favour. You wont get 100 million from any other fight than wilder so why offer 15 million for the fight. Wilder agreed to sign the contract on Friday so you quickly ducked the fight and call on the favour which has now been exposed!!! Now it doesn't matter if wilder hasn't had such a big fight, the USA are now interested and behind Wilder so now his going to start getting the same doe as AJ simple. The difference is wilder actually has a personality and doesn't pretend to be someone he isn't. The US want to see the fight and now AJ image there is fucked, You ducked Ortiz so wilder fought him and so you cant demand shit, your making him look like a mug! Wilder also holds the biggest title in boxing the WBC green strap. Clearly you ducked the fight and didn't want it. Not saying AJ doesn't want the fight but asking for 50 million getting it and still thinking of a way out is a way of a coward. Then asked about wilder he said talk to Eddie? seriously his like a well groomed frank Bruno!!!

  • 94FADE
    94FADE 12 days ago

    Just looking at Eddie I can tell he’s full of shit. Honestly it seems like Joshua’s side seems like they don’t want the fight right now

  • Paapi Chuloo
    Paapi Chuloo 12 days ago

    why is eddie hearn wearing givenchy ?

  • J.H. Lowery
    J.H. Lowery 12 days ago

    Crock of shit.

  • Martin O Neill
    Martin O Neill 13 days ago

    OK so the joshua and wilder fight will be hype then suck and he boring, however they gotta be payin wilder more than that

  • john phillips
    john phillips 13 days ago

    Eternity is to long to get this wrong. Accept Jesus Christ today, we are not promised a tomorrow. Do yourselves a favour and check out these channels, ODD Reality and The Potters Clay.

    • Jamie Piller
      Jamie Piller 12 days ago

      Why would *ANY* sane person want to "accept" a fictional character?

  • emanny1986
    emanny1986 13 days ago

    com'on Eddie, one minute it is Dinkle, next it is Winkle, then Finkle....LOL!

  • emanny1986
    emanny1986 13 days ago +1

    Kugan, please go interview Wilder, he keeps talking to all these butt-kissers who give us nothing.

  • lewis fordham
    lewis fordham 13 days ago

    Thats bullshit eddie said in another interview after wilder said 50million, that he wanted to see proof of funds before any contract was offered and that he wanted to see where the money was.... eddie hearn is a snake and all that he says is a pack of bull. They need to stop talking shit both sides inc wilder and just make the fight.

  • Rich Bespoke
    Rich Bespoke 13 days ago

    i can read through all his lies.. even his mannerism is off. ALSO has anybody noticed that comments under this video have a huge amount of likes? 300+ Lol.. i wouldn't be surprised if all of this is a hoax.

  • Ronnie Pickering
    Ronnie Pickering 13 days ago

    30 mil winner take all. last man standing

  • Scythe Sphinx
    Scythe Sphinx 13 days ago

    Sorry who is he? And why does he think he can get a lot of views o.o

  • ReeseTheComedian
    ReeseTheComedian 13 days ago

    Lmao want him to sign a contract for next year foh #DuckDuck

  • John ONeill
    John ONeill 13 days ago

    "could have put it on the fuckin' moon!" 😂

  • ros1tony
    ros1tony 13 days ago +1

    Joshua is th4e biggest fraud at heavyweight. ...

  • James Dean
    James Dean 13 days ago

    Could have done that interview in 20mins kept repeating the same old thing,

  • RosesAre Purple
    RosesAre Purple 14 days ago

    Absolutely liberty taking wind up merchants😆😆😂

  • Great M
    Great M 14 days ago


  • hot video
    hot video 14 days ago

    Type in "lennox lewis blasts anthony joshua for ducking deontay wilder"

  • Harry
    Harry 14 days ago

    Eddie has been saying the exact same thing for a year almost? I've watched all these interviews, wilders corner comes out with different shit every week, if you rlly look at who's being sincere you can tell its Eddie. if wilder dosent sign this 25mil contract that says it all

  • WASD
    WASD 14 days ago

    This is all just the Eddie Hearn show he like Don King loves attention doesn't care about the fighters. AJ should be in front of the camera.

  • Zanfrea
    Zanfrea 14 days ago

    Eddie Hearn is a National Treasure, best wheeler and dealer in the land

  • johaza Gaming
    johaza Gaming 14 days ago

    That's the problem. Money is always the issue

  • Truth Betold
    Truth Betold 14 days ago

    Anyone who watched a full hour of BS needs their noggin inspected Hearn iz directing traffic on Bluff and Fraud Street !

  • Brian Macro
    Brian Macro 14 days ago

    I am not a huge Wilder fan, nor any Anthony Joshua one either, but I am hoping that the officials for the Povetkin fight especially the referee are not all British. What the fans do not need is another fight similar to the AJ v Parker one where as soon as the fighters got close they were separated straight away which spoilt the overall fight. I wish the AJ and Wilder camps would stop bickering and tell the truth instead of lies going backwards and forwards. The rumours circulating about Wilder receiving a contract with no venue or date on it for starters, also proposed fight in September which would if it had proceeded clashed with the Canelo v GGG, Fight which was booked. If Eddie Hearn really does not want AJ to go Stateside , at least let the fight proceed with officials nominated from different parts of the world, with a non British referee , to give both fighters an even break. Last but not least if Povetkin does beat Joshua, which I fully expect him to ,then Hearn will not have to worry about the Wilder fight, because there won't be one involving AJ.

  • Aaron Revell
    Aaron Revell 14 days ago

    hearn is a lying cunt and Joshua is full of shit too they have both ducked wilder that is obvious fuck the both of them

  • andrew johnston
    andrew johnston 14 days ago

    Anyone who knows boxing knows Joshua is dying to fight Wilder, on that basis alone you just got to believe that Wilder is scared or his team are.

  • Matty K
    Matty K 14 days ago

    Dillian Whyte a world top 5 heavy?😂 Jesus Christ, he’s not even top 5 in UK. Just shows the absolute state of the heavyweight division when Hearn ranks Whyte in the top 5

  • John
    John 14 days ago

    All this shit just builds the fight 👏

  • black bob
    black bob 14 days ago


  • Ricardo Mendes
    Ricardo Mendes 14 days ago

    Bullshit, just utter bullshit. Aj and Eddie are in it for money. So is wilder after AJ next fight get the FIGHT to happen!! Stop making excuses after excuses and have it happen fml.

  • 8 baller
    8 baller 14 days ago

    aj will get his massive donna kebab head took clean off his shoulders.. wilder aint gonna miss a punch with a head that big its the length of 4 football pitches ffs

  • Khalif Marshall
    Khalif Marshall 14 days ago

    Did he down play Ortiz as old AJ can't beat Ortiz and Klits is old too stfu he a BullCrap artist

  • Khalif Marshall
    Khalif Marshall 14 days ago

    BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL CRAAAAAAAPPPPPP!!!!!! This liar nose is as long as Shaq Big Toe 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Oston Espinosa
    Oston Espinosa 14 days ago

    Promoters are scum.

  • HitMeQuick
    HitMeQuick 14 days ago

    I hope they're working in Word with tracked changes, otherwise these phase two comment amends are going to get messy. Remember to initialise in line margins.

    Kind Regards 😂

  • Little Girl and Panda show

    All I have to know the truth is AJ asked for 50 mil, Deontay's team came up with 50 mil and Joshua changed his tune. Use common sense here people. If Deontay didn't want the fight why on earth would he get the 50million?

  • Victor Oleru
    Victor Oleru 14 days ago

    if after listening to this then you still think Eddie don't want AJ to fight wilder then you must be on Drugs.

    WAVES 14 days ago

    So what I’m getting out of this is that Eddie Hearn sent Wilder back an insulting contract knowing he wouldn’t sign it.

    WISDM BOP 14 days ago

    hes wearing givenchy- he has the dress sense of a rich chav who watches love island and likes rimming their wife. hes basically del boy with a rich dad. mark my words, being as astute as delboy trotter is no mean feat, if delboy had some assets to work - 'next year I'll be a millionaire' would actually come true

  • yeah tbh.
    yeah tbh. 14 days ago

    hearn seems nothing more than a massive drama queen nonce.

  • Ignas Petkevičius
    Ignas Petkevičius 14 days ago

    Cant listen this peace of shit. Just make the fight you fg

  • Josh Crowell
    Josh Crowell 15 days ago

    Just told on himself from the jump

  • ozza lowes
    ozza lowes 15 days ago +1

    eddie hearn interview on ifl 300k views deontay wilder interview on behind the gloves 180k views this is why wilder is the b side he brings less hype than ajs bloody promoter

  • Boxing KOmments
    Boxing KOmments 15 days ago

    @37:50 = WHO IS REALLY DUCKING...

  • Danny o'neil
    Danny o'neil 15 days ago

    Wilder needs to get himself a pen.

  • Timm Kiefer
    Timm Kiefer 15 days ago

    Bla bla bla bla Hearn. You think the People are all stupid.
    You didnt want the fight against Wilder !!!
    And you dont want to fight in USA.
    You want make Safe Money with Joshua for a few years !!!!
    But we Fans are Not stupid. Money pussy

  • MrTrigga123
    MrTrigga123 15 days ago

    Hearn did ask for proof of funds, so why is he lying, makes himself look stupid

  • Kelly Hoyland
    Kelly Hoyland 15 days ago

    This is all wilders fault. He’s got all these managers it’s beyond a joke. Deontay you need to sack these idiots acting on your behalf because they don’t have your best interests at heart.
    Eddie hear couldn’t have put it anymore simpler... he’s dumbed it down for most of the US readers so they can understand it lol. This is laughable, deontay grow a pair and sign for April. All this messing about has cost you a fight this year.
    You already chickened out to fight Dillian who I feel would beat you.... Deontay you need to sack Shirley Dinkle lol he’s as much use as a pair of specs to a bloke with one ear lol.
    Eddie sack them off they’re a bunch of clowns..... too many chiefs in Deontays team.... Well done Eddie for clarifying everything. GAME OVER Deontay!

  • derek sinclair
    derek sinclair 15 days ago

    i think its time to forget about the shitbag wilder i like aj but without a shadow of doubt tyson will beat joshua

  • Vicious Khan
    Vicious Khan 15 days ago

    Eddie Hearn is shittin it from wilder

  • Ben Baxter
    Ben Baxter 15 days ago

    Some salesman 🔒