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  • donovan malcolm
    donovan malcolm 25 days ago

    Eddie Hearn is boring...... his lies are just so boring.....

  • Barry
    Barry 26 days ago

    This guy is protecting A.J from that right hand bomb squad .

  • Rameka Peita
    Rameka Peita Month ago

    This is why Joshua is a paper champ

  • Christopher Wayne
    Christopher Wayne Month ago

    Eddie hearn ur full of shit. But ur still funny

  • Howard Simmons
    Howard Simmons Month ago


  • Howard Simmons
    Howard Simmons Month ago


  • leder Francis
    leder Francis Month ago

    I fell asleep watching this and Eddie became a DJ in a house party in my dream🤔😂💨

  • pure sido
    pure sido Month ago

    AJ and Hearn need to stop talking start fighting they are getting left out of the spotlight , fury and wilder both fighting each other are more experienced and better than AJ, klitz almost kod Joshua and fury easily outboxed klitz , they acting scared let’s goo Hearn cmon the ball is rolling get in the mix!

  • Jason Toward
    Jason Toward Month ago

    Pay wilder a fair purse

  • make money the easy way

    Fury has hurt him so he's in recovery 🤔🙄

  • F Fu
    F Fu Month ago

    Eddie hearn a stereotypical promoter...full of lies and BS. They only want Wilder now cos he and Fury are bigger than AJ in USA now.

  • Dmoney Liverpool L7

    6mnths later with Wilders ducking A.J accusations coming through and to be true!????? Bigggg up the white boy E.Hearn,lm a believer in his forsight now!!!!

  • bode abass
    bode abass Month ago

    Good talks, but remember, it takes both Big names to make it the biggest pay day, joshua fights him in the u.k, Thats a plus to AJ, ,,why not then make it 50/50 share between them both and see if wilder wont sign it,,, you're trying to cheat wilder , & you're also disrespecting him by sending him such offer, indirectly, Mr hearn, you're stopping this from happening, bcos you're scared of joshua loosing his title.....boxing is not just about money, the heritage, the pride, the Inspiration, & the joy it gives is priceless,,Change the contract, send him a fair deal and Stop beeing scared, let it happen,,,,i'm one your fan ...pls make it happen.

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    the only thing that's a bit fishy about this is... at 23 minutes, hearn talks about owning the broadcasting rights to the fight because deontay took a purse... so hearn could have put the fight on anywhere because thats what happens when the opposition take a flat purse.
    but then deontay offers a purse to AJ, they apparently "are interested".... but then kick off when Deontay and his team going round different broadcasters to broadcast the fight because they own the rights.
    hearn clearly knows when you take a flat fee you sell all broadcasting rights. so why was he so surprised when deontay did the same as he did an enquired with other broadcasters.
    if the fight NEEDS tone on sky, then you simply cant take a flat fee purse under any circumstances
    he even says at 42 minutes you'd never accept a fee and give away rights to the fight if you had a deal elsewhere. so why did he pretend he'd ever accept the 50 million from deontay

  • make money the easy way

    I don't understand is it about boxing or the reddies these days ? Cause all I hear is money money money 😂😂 get the old 🥊🥊out and fight fuck the money 🥊🥊🥊🥊

  • The Lyrical Genius Tv
    The Lyrical Genius Tv 2 months ago

    Wilder Vs Fury 2 Wilder by KO again.

  • Alex David
    Alex David 2 months ago


  • Peace Maker
    Peace Maker 2 months ago

    The problem with people in 2018 is we like to be misled by conmen. This one isn't even good at his deceit but somehow if I look in the comment section I bet I see a lot of support for this guy

  • Paul Gallacher
    Paul Gallacher 2 months ago

    Hearn is a shithouse

  • Mish mash
    Mish mash 2 months ago

    This guy is so full of shit. How is it that Wilder has never given people any trouble with contracts. Fury said he had no bullshit, that it was made incredibly easy for him. Somehow joshua is the only fighter Wilder plays games with? Highly doubtful. The dude should be in politics, not boxing.

  • O O
    O O 2 months ago

    stop crying its jst greedy cunts bitching

  • Mere Eraso
    Mere Eraso 2 months ago

    Eddie hearn owns t-shirts????????????

  • Jezus xj
    Jezus xj 2 months ago

    Wilder is surrounded by idiots those old American pricks.. Finkles boxing promotion squad is all about them and not Deontay. They have grabbed onto him for the gravy

  • Dion Fowlkes
    Dion Fowlkes 2 months ago

    Right after he accepted it it was a 24-hour deadline and that took 2 weeks😂😂

  • Douglas Dallaway
    Douglas Dallaway 2 months ago

    The first 10mins *applause* ..... LOVE IT.
    That 24th minute needs to go viral!!!
    40mins in .... WHAT AM I DEALING WITH HERE!?? >_< I'M SO DEAD HAHAHA

  • NaSei Bonsu
    NaSei Bonsu 2 months ago

    Calling him Shirley winkel says everything about you! This guy managed Mike Tyson and plenty other great heavyweights and you want to distrsrextvbevause u have Anthony Joshua who btw is a robot of s boxer! They ain’t signing shit! U want to undercut them and they ain’t stupid!

  • gypsychavie
    gypsychavie 3 months ago

    bull shit eddie conpulsive lyier.

  • ratty 68
    ratty 68 3 months ago

    wilder wants 50-50

  • jason day
    jason day 3 months ago

    60/40 For AJ, This is a good deal..

  • thomas hampson
    thomas hampson 3 months ago

    lmfao "oh the views you are going to get for this".... so far i only see 500k+

  • S P
    S P 3 months ago

    WILDER BELIEVES IN NUMEROLOGY.. 6+ 6.. 12 DAYS TO REPLY 1+2 =3, Eddie hasn't clocked it yet 😴

  • Josh Colegate
    Josh Colegate 3 months ago

    Wilder fought Gavern in his 32nd fight lol. His next fight was vs Stiverne for the WBC belt. 32nd fight only just made it to Jason Gavern . AJ fought Gavern in his 11th fight. Levels !

  • Carlos Hernandez Jr.
    Carlos Hernandez Jr. 3 months ago

    Look how many titles and fuckin known opponents Aj has fought already with the record of only 22-0.. Come on now Hearn is making all the damn fights n the money is there . #wildersideweak

  • aanwaruk
    aanwaruk 3 months ago

    Protecting your milking cow, gypsy king is back to clean the division. Eddie is playing the game and lying (body language). Fury never had issues with making the fight with wilder team. Joshua needs to look out from new donn king. You don’t need him. Let the best man win. 15 million is a joke offer to wilder. Peace

  • Stephen Forrester
    Stephen Forrester 3 months ago

    Mad Eddie has got the patter & da money. So but full off shite!

  • AL1one-OKP
    AL1one-OKP 3 months ago

    A Fit tyson Fury would kick both of their ass*s(Wilder and Joshua)

  • AL1one-OKP
    AL1one-OKP 3 months ago

    Shame,shame,shame...from Joshua's side! So many lies from every sides but for sure Hearn/AJ are not telling the truth. Wilder offers so much more money to Joshua when Hearn/joshua are just giving few dollars on the table to make Wilder refuse....Monkey buisness! I'm not a wilder fan but i cant get enough of this hearn/joshua circus! Shame on you guys,it's boxing....Well it was Boxing,now it's a joke...these two are thinking that if they avoid Wilder/Fury they still are number one regarding on how many (stolen)belts they have...because these belts were to Wladimir klitschko who was beaten by Tyson Fury,not Anthony "pretty girl with no balls"Joshua. IF and only IF Joshua want to be one of the historical boxing champion he had to fight Fury/Wilder,that's it,that's all. Now he talks sh!t(hearn) just because the biggest fight of the year is coming on 1st dec between Fury and Wilder and they are the puss!es in all of this circus. have a good night home Joshua when two boxers are trying to be the best on the boxing planet. So stay quiet until you find your ba!!s mr Hearn and Joshua.

  • Todd Collett
    Todd Collett 3 months ago

    This fight will happen if wilder beats Fury however if Fury wins wilder will be waiting for a long time ...I personally think Tyson will be the last King standing

  • jamie gregory
    jamie gregory 3 months ago

    this was in June.... how tired of wilder must they be now?

  • paul stewart
    paul stewart 3 months ago

    eddie the boss pure gold wilder wont sign wont fight running scared

  • Min
    Min 3 months ago

    olol it sounds like wilder is destined to be fecked up as AJ's offer is still there alive now its put out to tender.
    I reckon wilder had actually just tried to milk AJ for the sake of his next bout publicity stunts but it now turns up to be a huge mistake. he did just put his foot into his mouth. for now WD has no way to ran away, no more bollocks, no more shite and no more rubbish

    RIGTHEMORT 4 months ago

    Getting really tired of your same old jibba jibba Hearn...

    LOLTHETROLL0 4 months ago

    Chin sneddy Hearn me

  • dan taylor
    dan taylor 4 months ago

    Wilder has about 4 years tops left in his career so how do you pump the maximum amount of money out of boxing before you drop? Leach off AJ and Hearn for as long as possible perhaps?

  • Sapphire imagination
    Sapphire imagination 4 months ago

    Fury vs wilder is the biggest fight hearn. Joshua is another mcgreggor. Lets go tyson id love 2 see him do Aj in after

  • Lions Realm Productions

    50/50 bitch boi

  • Ibrahim Bangura
    Ibrahim Bangura 4 months ago

    Everyone knows that all Eddie Hearn interviews are fun

  • Ali Bongo
    Ali Bongo 4 months ago


  • Ali Bongo
    Ali Bongo 4 months ago

    you are super blahblahblahblahhhhhhhlove youdelboy

  • Ali Bongo
    Ali Bongo 4 months ago

    edddddieeeee... you are thr best promoter in the world...... but.... anton is the worst out of the 3

  • Fader 1
    Fader 1 4 months ago +1

    You let us boxing fans down Eddie AJ vs Wilder would of been huge. What if Tyson beats Wilder then what

  • Dontavious Payne
    Dontavious Payne 4 months ago

    wilder will eat that nigga alive joshua is a great fighter but he have nothing on wilder and dats a fact

  • James Hill
    James Hill 4 months ago

    15 million!!?? For a hundred million dollar fight! You smoking crack!!!

  • anony mous
    anony mous 4 months ago +4

    You're a liar Hearn. Big Fury is the people's champ, not Joshua

  • Jimmy Mack
    Jimmy Mack 4 months ago

    Eddie Hearn is a greedy cu*t who was brought up with his daddies money and a spoiled asshole.

  • adam thorpe
    adam thorpe 4 months ago

    Fast car

  • keith p
    keith p 4 months ago +1

    Started off with promoters cheating then the boxer's throwing the fights. It seems no it's got to the judges??? Last couple of fights has been sooooo far apart it's been an inbarrisment

  • Teri-Leigh Turvey
    Teri-Leigh Turvey 4 months ago

    How can anyone say Joshua’s ducking wilder or hearn doesn’t want the fight for him, wilders team (winkle) making it hard work , if wilders so confident win the fight & get the fight done again and be the A side in the rematch

  • lauralishes1
    lauralishes1 4 months ago

    There must be never ending tea in that little cup

  • Hamti Damti
    Hamti Damti 4 months ago

    fell sorry for joshua this guy is total crab ...

    THE STÄNKERER 4 months ago


  • Cracc 216
    Cracc 216 4 months ago

    This man is a liar lol he tried screwing wilder over and over

  • Major Music
    Major Music 4 months ago

    Hahaha u know he's worried about fury lol fury will destroy Whyte and Parker lol AJ won't ever fight fury coz he will be exposed, fury will jab his face in all night. Hearn ur a dosser

  • bruceleee2009
    bruceleee2009 4 months ago

    I like Eddy Hearns, However, he is spinning some biased bullshit here, criticising Wilder by calling"Luis Ortiz is an old man"? but what about Anthony fighting Alexander Povetkin? Luis and Alexader are the same age, 39 years old...

  • Tyler Gunn
    Tyler Gunn 4 months ago

    There is a lot of fuckory going on. Who else agrees?

    JAKRED TV 4 months ago

    Joshua neither Hearn wants this fight

  • Karl lowry
    Karl lowry 5 months ago

    Povetkin wasted wilders time twice failing usada tests eddie uses plays on words all the time he needs someone else to make deals eddie wants his money before AJ hes a leach.

  • SouthPaw
    SouthPaw 5 months ago

    Kugan has found his niche in life.....getting T bagged by "Fast" Eddie on PPV.

    DUKEOFSOUNDS 5 months ago

    R.I.P Sir Enzo

  • zorro Sp
    zorro Sp 5 months ago

    Your dealing with yanks ! U need to expect this shit !

  • zorro Sp
    zorro Sp 5 months ago

    I honestly believe every word Hearn is saying! He tried his best to get that fight

  • rigest bici
    rigest bici 5 months ago

    Eddie AJ is so lucky to have you as promoter

  • rigest bici
    rigest bici 5 months ago

    well say. that chicken shit Wilder. can't hide any more, Joshua will cach you up one day and slay's you chicken shit.

  • Boxing knowledge
    Boxing knowledge 5 months ago

    iFL you asked the right questions but Eiddie, is such a fuckin liar he turns my stomach!!!
    💣 Squad 😎🥊💥

  • Yazmin Khan
    Yazmin Khan 5 months ago

    Aj is a legend

  • Rob S
    Rob S 5 months ago

    lol give it a rest eddie...

  • Ma Da
    Ma Da 5 months ago

    I mean what the fuuuck is this geezer talking about? Klitscko = 40, Povetkin 40...Can Joshua at least fight someone over 50?? I mean it would be great for his legacy
    cocksuckers... fuck off

  • James Lee
    James Lee 5 months ago

    Hes lying looking up and to the left. Total bull

  • rad
    rad 5 months ago

    They will fight one day I think, but not for quite a while. They BOTH want air of invisibility that comes with being an undefeated champion. Once they are close to the end of their career with nothing to loose, the contract will get signed.

  • Andrew Radford
    Andrew Radford 5 months ago

    In my hole life I have never listen to so much rubbish and Bull shit everything seems so cockeyed he sounds like a used car sales man it's like he selling old shoes to a bum can someone please be fair about the amount of the fight net worth both Fighters are champions and have no losses how would you feel if did all the work and got nothing for it🔥🔥🤾🏼‍♂️🤾🏼‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️🥊🥊🥊🤾🏼‍♂️🤾🏼‍♂️

  • lee mack
    lee mack 5 months ago

    wtf tyson got stripped cause they did not know what they were doing hehehehe wtf you chat shit mate

  • Ivan Rivera
    Ivan Rivera 5 months ago

    This guy is the modern day DON KING lol, LIAR.

  • EDOGZ818
    EDOGZ818 5 months ago

    So Wilder gets a flat fee, then 50% on rematch if he wins, in US?
    So Wilder, undefeated, with all the belts, on home turf, gets 50%?
    Wouldn't that at least be 60/40?
    GTFOH & give Wilder a fair deal & stop ducking, AJ's bottom is already falling out, check Pedvetkin #'s.

  • Stewart
    Stewart 5 months ago

    Good guy hearn, his success attracts a lot of hate.

  • Buzz Slayer
    Buzz Slayer 5 months ago

    what a idiot! - fury had a secret meeting with bellow and they both agreed and guess what! he picked haye instead, not to mention fury & Joshua fight pays alot better so why not put him in easier fights to get him ready, harder fights will make it very unlikly Joshua and fury fight! why couldnt hearn say, you pick 4 fights no matter who it is and on the 5th fight you have aj, eddie you meant to be a good promoter im sure your promoting skills could of give fury a way to be popular with the puplic, to me you have tried making it difficult for fury so joshua doesnt need to face him.
    bellow, whyte fighting fury you wouldnt need a promoter, that would sell out any aren.

    hearn you ducked wilder and you tried to duck fury, are you silly to think the public doesnt see it...

  • ya boi
    ya boi 5 months ago

    Eddie Hearn a good talker delboy like bullshit

  • Nathan Hayes
    Nathan Hayes 6 months ago

    The only way we’re ever going it know what really happened, is when one side or both share the emails / proof of contract protecting the sensitive/private information. They both seem genuine but someone’s obviously lying

  • ouncy
    ouncy 6 months ago

    Such a slimey prat.

  • Farquad Shmoogle
    Farquad Shmoogle 6 months ago

    Eddie Hearn should be going for the future stars. Obviously good to get some current ones, but if you get the future ones, then you are set. I dont get why Eddie Hearn never approached Munguia? He offered the Charlo brothers, but you know when Charlo faces Munguia, its over for him. So again, why not go after Munguia? Why not go after fighters that seem to not have gotten their chances either? Like Kanat Islam? he is top 10 ranked in 2 organizations, but havent heard from him? I know Hearn is more for staying around UK and such, but to be big, he needs fighters from all over. Murata is a big draw in Japan, he could use that and get fighters to go there to fight him. Another fighter he should go get is Jesse Hart. He is looking good, KOing guys, and close loss to Ramirez. but he is a top 168 fighter that can make exciting fights and wants his title shot.

  • andyspb83
    andyspb83 6 months ago +1

    Starting to look a dick now

  • iBi AhIVIeD
    iBi AhIVIeD 6 months ago

    I wouldnt trust anything Hearns says

  • geoffrey fury
    geoffrey fury 6 months ago +1

    cockroach sure can spin em. the public are seeing right through Hearns capers now . he wont let joshua fight wilder he wont let joshua fight whyte he wont let Joshua fight TY .joshua will keep on fighting the Takems on ppv and look what a washed up chisora did to Takem and he wont let joshua fight outside the uk either . bullshit bullshit bullshit

  • King Kong
    King Kong 6 months ago

    Sheffield uks best boxing city,swfc

  • Andrew Tiffin
    Andrew Tiffin 6 months ago

    I’m offering £5mill of my DADDYS money haha

  • Josh 1
    Josh 1 6 months ago +1

    A feature-length documentary of Fast Eddie talking out his arse. Great. Just make the fight. Frank Warren can manage it, why can't you? You don't want it. Let Wilder and Fury damage each other and then pick up the scraps, billing it as a 'final'. Strategic, but completely see-through.

  • greatest4
    greatest4 6 months ago

    this dude is a arrogant ass...how does he think that people are too stupid to not see what he does...WILDER WONT SIGN IT BECAUSE ITS A LOWBALL DEAL PERIOD AND THE OFFER YOU MAKE HIM IS SHIT....stop trying to act like its the most he has ever made when the man clearly deserves a percentage...its obvious Wilder wants this fight REAL RECOGNIZE REAL....foh Hearn you are messing up Joshuas reputation with this bullshit making him look like a punk ass for real

  • nich p
    nich p 6 months ago

    u a bum eddie who you think you are everyone know wilder is the ko machine joshua got lamped out by old man hahhahahhaha since that moment eddie hearn shat himself and did a kell brook the matters sway delay lie and steal paydays.

  • AntonGasper
    AntonGasper 6 months ago +1

    45:07-45:14 jheeze even the video sensed ed trying to sell something

  • Amir Halley
    Amir Halley 6 months ago +1

    I wonder how u aj cocksuckers feel since all this new info came out see clearly who’s ducking who six months no aj vs wider but two to three weeks wilder vs fury gets made and little Eddie has nothing to do with it this man lies for a living u all follow him blindly this shit is getting sad

  • The Billy Acorn Channel

    Wilder and Fury are the best in the world. Wilder would rip Joshua's head off and shit down his neck. Followed by VI Poo so it dont smell