Everything Wrong With Creed In 12 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
  • Creed is a really good movie. It's great, even. Still has sins, so we went looking. That's how we do.
    Thursday: Medieval sins!
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Comments • 2 433

    EVERYTHING ANIME 2 minutes ago

    please do everything wrong with rocky balboa

  • Ramboghini Balboni
    Ramboghini Balboni 12 hours ago

    12:21 did she really say what I thunk she said?

  • Tim456 rabbid
    Tim456 rabbid Day ago

    When you can do Creed 2 your going to have a fucking feild day never cringed so much.

  • Spiral Matt
    Spiral Matt 2 days ago

    OUCH on 8:30 with the NAH! I thought he was going to remove a sin but NAH!! OH come on lol! I wish that I can close my eye and see how many fingers a person is holding up. That's a cool ability.

  • Vonder Gong
    Vonder Gong 2 days ago

    Southpaw movie (You missed)

  • Krishna Arjun
    Krishna Arjun 3 days ago

    "I'll knock you out myself" clearly Apollo Creed's wife.😎

  • SeanDaNerd
    SeanDaNerd 3 days ago

    You don’t know boxing

  • James Lawman
    James Lawman 3 days ago

    He’s saying that Adonis could never provide the same kind of challenge than the man who shares his last name (who just so happens to his father,) Apollo Creed ever could, which makes sense since he’s one of the Rocky universe ‘s most famous boxers

  • Hasan Bahaa
    Hasan Bahaa 3 days ago

    You go into detail honestly stfu

    • Rich Patootie
      Rich Patootie 2 days ago

      +Hasan Bahaa Oh. Lol. This whole channel is satire btw so it's not really meant to be taken seriously

    • Hasan Bahaa
      Hasan Bahaa 2 days ago

      Rich Patootie i got this on my recommended I thought he would actually find something wrong about the movie, not bitch details.

    • Rich Patootie
      Rich Patootie 2 days ago

      +Hasan Bahaa No, I'm telling you to get out because you don't like his content. He does this every video so why bother watching them.

    • Hasan Bahaa
      Hasan Bahaa 2 days ago

      Rich Patootie you need to get out, i have my Own opinion

    • Rich Patootie
      Rich Patootie 2 days ago

      Get out

  • TheInfamousLizard
    TheInfamousLizard 4 days ago

    Lets all agree we put up a sin since it wasnt about assassins

  • FoxyEFC
    FoxyEFC 4 days ago

    Fun fact. I was at the Everton game when they filmed the fans for the boxing match scene

  • ScothMcBeast
    ScothMcBeast 4 days ago

    Wasn't that chicken chasing scene in Rocky 2, not the original?

  • halleck3
    halleck3 6 days ago

    What about the sin for that prosthetic swollen eye being significantly below where his actual eye would've been?

  • T J
    T J 6 days ago

    Yeah LP was in it

  • Shadow Uchiha
    Shadow Uchiha 6 days ago

    5:56 Lebron james on the left

  • GearCat115
    GearCat115 6 days ago

    Time is 1746336633567425788-1 who beat time REQUIS DID

  • Emanresu
    Emanresu 8 days ago

    *sigh* fine, since you asked, I believe there should be an "Everything Wrong With Grease" video.

  • rexhep aruqi
    rexhep aruqi 10 days ago

    My Favorit movie destroyed 😔

  • Kevin Cooper
    Kevin Cooper 10 days ago

    Love how they show the "stats" of Mary -aka "Mamma" lol

  • Noah Joye
    Noah Joye 11 days ago

    The Mary Anne creed stats is the best thing ever

  • NotZetsy - Fortnite
    NotZetsy - Fortnite 12 days ago

    it’s a fucking movie and it was entertaining wtf is wrong with you

  • Purple Cosell
    Purple Cosell 12 days ago

    I can describe all the wrongs it two words, IT SUCKED.

  • Nathan Martinez
    Nathan Martinez 13 days ago

    Shut up faget

  • x rated
    x rated 14 days ago

    You bring a lot of shit to life. Now ppl need to ask themselves the same questions when it comes to real pro sports

  • Noman Habibi
    Noman Habibi 14 days ago

    Ur actually annoying

  • Chris C
    Chris C 14 days ago +2

    Lets get one thing straight, theres nothing wrong with creed...😂

    • CREED 16
      CREED 16 13 days ago

      Chris C no it’s definitely a great movie but it has its flaws😂

    • Chris C
      Chris C 13 days ago

      +CREED 16 there was nothing wrong with it, I actually paid and went to the cinemas to watch Creed and for once I didnt regret it.. im hard to please when it comes to films Ive walked out on movies moretimes than the average person im sure...

    • CREED 16
      CREED 16 13 days ago +1

      Chris C I literally just said what’s wrong with it😂

    • Chris C
      Chris C 13 days ago +1

      BREEZT 16, well theres definitely nothing wrong with creed 2...🙈

    • CREED 16
      CREED 16 13 days ago +1

      Chris C that first fight between Leo was trash af😂 I know it’s a movie but they make it seem like boxing is so easy to get great at and they did that in the movie🤦🏽‍♂️ other than that it was very good.

  • Drey Galon
    Drey Galon 15 days ago

    Danny Wheeler and the rest of the baddies in Creed 1 are all listed as Light Heavyweight with Ricky Conlan being the champion at that category. Conlan and Wheeler didn't get to fight and the movie happens. In Creed 2, all of a sudden, Wheeler is a heavyweight champion despite that AND young creed is apparently alsooo fighting in that category. A bit contrived there don't you think?

  • TamptheChamp2
    TamptheChamp2 16 days ago

    Creed 2 anyone?

  • James Ramone
    James Ramone 16 days ago

    Cinema sins is not fun at parties

  • neiljuice
    neiljuice 16 days ago

    when the doc was tapping the number of fingers on his neck, i heard five taps when there’s four

  • A literal fucking Cat
    A literal fucking Cat 16 days ago

    Rocky no blocky

  • Matt Lewis
    Matt Lewis 19 days ago

    Fuck you. Don't touch this movie.

  • Izey Chan
    Izey Chan 19 days ago

    creeds 2 is out

  • buddhamonkey
    buddhamonkey 19 days ago

    In my head I thought "I wanna dance!" before the sound clip even played.

  • Hanan Khalid
    Hanan Khalid 20 days ago +1

    Not Everything Is Bad Mf. it Was a Good Movie

  • William Harvison
    William Harvison 21 day ago

    Missed the part where someone held up a Liverpool scarf AT Goodson park

  • Diego Cornejo
    Diego Cornejo 22 days ago

    Its jaunt not jawn

  • ItsMeHelen
    ItsMeHelen 22 days ago

    He said that the photo was already in the Cloud but in the next scene you can clearly see that he has a Samsung lmao

  • Thomas Bradder
    Thomas Bradder 25 days ago

    Definitely one of the worst movies to ever exist, along with the sequel.

  • Isaiah Perez
    Isaiah Perez 25 days ago

    Fuck this channel tbh what he be sayin not even valid enough to criticize on shit don’t be making no sense like do everything really gotta be a sin..like c’mon bruh

  • Cringeguy 77
    Cringeguy 77 26 days ago

    Everything went wrong with this TheXvid channel 12 minutes or less

  • Brandon Salamon
    Brandon Salamon 26 days ago

    Do you know anything about boxing. Why is this even on youtube

  • Alex Dufelmeier
    Alex Dufelmeier 26 days ago

    Where’s the cinema wins for this😤

  • Kendall White
    Kendall White 27 days ago

    ‘cinemasins sins all good events in the movie creed’ cliché

  • Vincent and Xavier
    Vincent and Xavier 27 days ago

    Do creed 2

  • FroakieTrainer54
    FroakieTrainer54 27 days ago

    I like this move like 10 times more then the original Rocky

  • SunnyDayzLia
    SunnyDayzLia 28 days ago

    Years later, he became *Killmonger!*

  • Mike Killagreen
    Mike Killagreen 28 days ago

    Time is not a sin. He means by the time Rocky fought Apollo, Apollo was past his prime.

  • Konrad860104
    Konrad860104 29 days ago

    One sin for Everton FC cliche on Conlan robe, cause Stallone is a Everton supporter

  • Zoie Dumlao
    Zoie Dumlao 29 days ago

    Make your own movie. this is a great movie.

  • John Cena
    John Cena 29 days ago

    Why do you say 13 mins or less but the title is 12 minutes

  • L Rocky Fan
    L Rocky Fan 29 days ago

    Dude I thought this would talk about actual mistakes, not your opinions.

  • Dee Brown
    Dee Brown 29 days ago

    The "baby Creed" thing was a stupid reason to fight. I was kind of hoping they'd beat Creed's ass for acting like such a lil bitch over that comment. His dad was a respected fighter in their world, so obviously calling him baby Creed was kind of a show of respect, since Apollo was his dad. Even if he wanna make a name for himself.

  • Benyamin Niknam
    Benyamin Niknam 29 days ago

    U don't know anything this is the best movie

  • JC Art & Animation
    JC Art & Animation Month ago

    I love this movie

  • Uday Thambimuthu
    Uday Thambimuthu Month ago

    After the movie, Michael B Jordan wanted to fight Mike Tyson.
    Luckily everybody told him he was crazy. Dude wouldn't have lasted two rounds in the ring, even as old as Mike is.

  • Anuradha Singh
    Anuradha Singh Month ago

    Did this movie fell even a bit like Real Steel to anyone?

  • Richard Nelson
    Richard Nelson Month ago

    Some movies just shouldn’t be Cinemasined.

  • YouTube-tied
    YouTube-tied Month ago

    Adonis wants to keep fighting because he hopes that the more headshots he takes, the less he will be able to hear his wife's God-awful "music". For fuck's sake, she's lucky that she's going deaf so she doesnt have to hear that shit.

  • YouTube-tied
    YouTube-tied Month ago

    So, wtf? Are the Creed movies set in present time? If this one takes place in 2018 and Creed is 28 years old, that would mean he was born in 1990. His dad died in 1985. Some sperm-bank action we weren't told about?

  • Quavo
    Quavo Month ago

    Funny how they brought Jawns bought in the second movie

  • Anthony Montoya
    Anthony Montoya Month ago

    I lost it at I oughhta knock u out myself lol

  • Rima
    Rima Month ago

    Do creed 2 next

  • 尾張ダSSJ_Rosé
    尾張ダSSJ_Rosé Month ago

    1:19 had me dying 😂🥊

    SSJ GOD VEGETA Month ago

    This movie was too much predictable. 5.5/10

    • Anthony Padilla
      Anthony Padilla Month ago

      Wym everyone probably thought he was gonna make a comeback and win

  • Master Trainer
    Master Trainer Month ago

    I'm a big fan of the Rocky movies but this movie sucked so bad that I didn't bother watching Creed 2. It should've been another sin for the Apollo shorts which were used in Rocky III, IV, and V. And maybe another one for Jordan lacking the personality and charisma that Carl Weathers brought to the Apollo character.

  • classicstorm
    classicstorm Month ago

    The only thing that I didn't like about the movie is that Adonis was Apollo illegitimate child...

  • Jared Day
    Jared Day Month ago

    does this guy just hate every movie

  • Daniel Ståhl
    Daniel Ståhl Month ago

    Please do "Over The Top". But don't you dare sin Kenny Loggins! :D

  • M1K3YC
    M1K3YC Month ago

    Another sin - “100,000 on their feet” Goodison Park holds 40,000 , doubt you’d get another 60,000 on one pitch plus the ring

  • Varma Maharaj
    Varma Maharaj Month ago

    Please shut the fuck up

  • Nick  Sketch
    Nick Sketch Month ago

    CinemaSins - Do the original Rocky film!

  • xXMintgamingXx
    xXMintgamingXx Month ago

    Smh when rocky is talking about time takes everyone out he is referring to that creed was no longer in his prime years witch is why rocky won

  • Jooj Henrike
    Jooj Henrike Month ago

    11:59 also Movie Rips off Real Steel

  • Gaming Goof
    Gaming Goof Month ago

    I would've removed every single sin in the movie myself if the robot chick from 4 just showed up out of nowhere and become part of the plot. Including fighting in the ring or something

  • Squirrel Attackspidy

    All that was wrong with Creed was that it was made. God that movie was trash compared to the Rocky franchise.

  • sliat1981
    sliat1981 2 months ago

    Letting that limey asshole win over an American is 50 sins

  • sliat1981
    sliat1981 2 months ago

    So he beat clubber but still lost to a lesser opponent like creed? It was the second one he chased a chicken

  • Today Released Movies
    Today Released Movies 2 months ago

    Creed 2 (2018) English full Movie Watch Online

  • Switzy
    Switzy 2 months ago

    You disrespect Jawn in Philly you get knocked down

  • FantasyOllie
    FantasyOllie 2 months ago

    Something I would remove a sin for would be the way they finally used the rocky score when Creed realises he can do it. Thought it was great timing and I think the rocky score make the movies for me

  • Austin Sumlin
    Austin Sumlin 2 months ago

    @10:36 yes, the reverb is actually removed, plus one sin for cinema sins *ding*

  • gameoholic1994
    gameoholic1994 2 months ago

    Fuck you, CinemaSins. Creed was GREAT!!! Creed was the BEST!!! It was as great back in 2015 as Bohemian Rhapsody was this past December. You guys are just nothing but a bunch of trolls/SJWs who do nothing but hate everything. BURN IN HELL!!!

  • Xis
    Xis 2 months ago

    I love cinema sins cause us assholes gotta sick together but the one about Apollo winning the fight he probably said it to make Adonis eel better

  • Russell Mathura
    Russell Mathura 2 months ago

    Had me choking on sweet potatoes 😂😂😂

  • I am human
    I am human 2 months ago

    CinemaSins do Doctor strange

  • Abomb Alexander 1
    Abomb Alexander 1 2 months ago

    I'm a little salty that the last shot of Rocky and Adonis wasn't in this movie

  • Hodey FU
    Hodey FU 2 months ago

    Your sin 30 is pretty much Creed II.

  • Mattrapids 4
    Mattrapids 4 2 months ago

    Fuck this video

  • WarriorSerk123
    WarriorSerk123 2 months ago

    All of these clips where deleted the most of them / yall watch the jailbreaked stuff

    CTP_GANG 2 months ago

    Can you do creed 2?

  • Legend no Densetsu
    Legend no Densetsu 2 months ago

    I dig the Rocky movies (except Rocky V) but I fell asleep during Creed. It's so boring and it's an unnecessary sequel.

  • Seth Clemonds
    Seth Clemonds 2 months ago

    11:16 I didn’t realize that

  • Fheels
    Fheels 2 months ago

    This is my favorite movie hands down

  • Scorch1028
    Scorch1028 2 months ago

    What happened to Apollo & Maryanne Creed’s two older children credited as “unarmed son” and “unnamed daughter” in ‘Rocky II’? By 1998, the two older Creed children would have been in their early late 20s/early 30s, and they likely would have moved out of Maryanne’s house several years earlier. So, in 1998 “empty nester” Maryanne Creed (who’s known about the existence of Adonis Johnson for umpteen years) decides to adopt Adonis Johnson. Throughout the Creed household we see no photos of the older Creed children, and there is no reference to their existence whatsoever. Immediately after Apollo was “killed in the ring” you’d think that Maryanne and her two children would be “closer than ever”, so it stands to reason that they’d still be in their widowed mother’s life long after that tragic day in 1985. Yet, they’re ostensibly “written out” of both Creed movies.

  • Serial Makeup
    Serial Makeup 2 months ago

    I feel like this just messed up the Rocky franchise

  • ImSimplyTalented
    ImSimplyTalented 2 months ago

    my grandmother has this movie but in Spanish I really want to watch it though

  • MrMcGregor206
    MrMcGregor206 2 months ago

    Anyone ever watch cinema wins? Much more positive channel that dosen't just shit on movies to get views

  • Misael Suarez
    Misael Suarez 2 months ago

    You hate every movie there was nothing wrong with Creed. Creed is a great movie it's one of my favorite movies I ever seen