91 lb THOR HAMMER V OOBLECK - Unstoppable force V Immovable object EPISODE 4

  • Published on Apr 7, 2017
  • In this video we unleash the power of our 91lb Thor's hammer build onto oobleck, concrete, ice and a gas canister. This is the last in the series for a while, but you can see the whole collection here :
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  • Ben96921
    Ben96921 2 years ago +3350

    turn on subtitles at 6:00

  • Soplesz
    Soplesz 2 hours ago +1

    It really refreshes me seeing that fucking annoying ncs shit getting destroyed

  • Kevin Bellingham

    Oobleck eh, pretty cool! How about a smaller projectile, like a bullet?

  • kaio meliodas
    kaio meliodas 3 days ago

    So tem eu em português??????

  • JS_Productions
    JS_Productions 4 days ago


  • jagmeet singh
    jagmeet singh 6 days ago

    Thor hammer and stormbreaker is best

  • Curious Tamil Guy
    Curious Tamil Guy 6 days ago +2

    First of all, this Thor's hammer doesn't cause unstoppable force

  • rajesh dishtv
    rajesh dishtv 8 days ago

    wow sir you are amazing

  • Fernando
    Fernando 8 days ago

    Slow mo guys?

  • Im Batman
    Im Batman 11 days ago

    The better question is not what the hammer can break.... but what can break the hammer

  • Sublimująca Drożdżówka

    Me:*hears faded*
    Me:*wants to leave video*
    Me:*sees thors hammers above the radio*
    Me*goes back*

  • sizan is live
    sizan is live 18 days ago

    Can he survive with gun ?

  • Yeah yeah Oh
    Yeah yeah Oh 18 days ago

    I know this is late but where did you but that hammer?

  • Reichelle Torricer
    Reichelle Torricer 18 days ago


  • Reichelle Torricer
    Reichelle Torricer 18 days ago

    You are thor odinson

  • Ивет Илиева
    Ивет Илиева 19 days ago

    Xd 0:18

  • marawigamer
    marawigamer 24 days ago

    Lol alan walker vs marshmello

  • Blizzbee R.
    Blizzbee R. 26 days ago

    Only if the hammer hit the ooblek with the position it hit the concrete...

  • Alfie Carey
    Alfie Carey 29 days ago

    Anyone else constantly thinking hammer to fall by queen whenever it drops 😂

  • Flash Play
    Flash Play Month ago


  • fghit & songs
    fghit & songs Month ago +1


  • Puspraj Singh
    Puspraj Singh Month ago


  • Conjuras 21
    Conjuras 21 Month ago

    4:15 isn't Thor's power Thunder?

  • Patryk Stachniak
    Patryk Stachniak Month ago

    Thor hammer win

  • Lucas Hulk
    Lucas Hulk Month ago +1

    How get ten hamer🔨?

  • Bad Donkey
    Bad Donkey 2 months ago


  • John Marston
    John Marston 2 months ago

    Finally, he shut that trash music off, oh he broke it. Even better

  • Llama G
    Llama G 2 months ago

    Making oobleck back in the day feeling like a genius

  • hungarikum
    hungarikum 2 months ago

    R.I.P itongtégla

  • Samreen Yousaf
    Samreen Yousaf 2 months ago

    Why did you do that for that is your microwave oven

  • cntruir np
    cntruir np 3 months ago


    FROZEN STAR 3 months ago


  • plush master3.0
    plush master3.0 3 months ago

    You are worthy

  • manisha baria
    manisha baria 3 months ago

    Who is winner tell me

  • Jacob Friett
    Jacob Friett 3 months ago

    You use slow mo guys music??

  • Dashawn Carter
    Dashawn Carter 3 months ago

    Imagine dropping that on a pool of obleck from the empire state building

  • fanny fachrucha
    fanny fachrucha 3 months ago

    There are 3 questions for you guys
    1.what hapeend if thor hammer got get fire 🔥?
    2. What happend if thor hammer trow from outer space ?

  • Sabrina Nichole
    Sabrina Nichole 3 months ago

    Thor’s Hammer is real?No Way!

  • Abhinav Editz
    Abhinav Editz 3 months ago +1

    Are you are real thor

  • Keaton David Banta
    Keaton David Banta 4 months ago

    4:16 with the eternal flame you are reborn

  • Iris uwu
    Iris uwu 4 months ago

    *he’s worthy*

  • Anonymous Boy
    Anonymous Boy 4 months ago

    You forgot the radio...

  • Jim Sung
    Jim Sung 4 months ago

    U just watered ur lawn

  • Cyborg The Gamer Phone Version

    Thor : hahaha your not worthy
    *Thor sees ytber lift it*
    Thor : Bruh

  • Jayden Franciose
    Jayden Franciose 4 months ago

    Thor v thor

  • Kilo Da don
    Kilo Da don 4 months ago

    That hammer drop on the ice was legit tho

  • Earth
    Earth 4 months ago

    Who wins if thor's hammer was made by a neutron star will a Black hole win or will thor's hammer we know black hole there mass is great

  • biboy 724
    biboy 724 4 months ago

    where did they get that hammer

  • Gracelyn Nguyen
    Gracelyn Nguyen 4 months ago


  • Pamela Muliipu
    Pamela Muliipu 5 months ago

    That is dumb shit science 😂😂

  • Clutz Winstead
    Clutz Winstead 5 months ago

    You must be fun to live next to!😼😎♰

    TWEETER BOX 5 months ago

    RIP rip

  • Okenfret
    Okenfret 5 months ago

    Imagine dropping that thing on your toe.....


  • Maxbox 360 no
    Maxbox 360 no 5 months ago


  • Adil Moffett
    Adil Moffett 5 months ago

    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please do a bulletproof black panther suit

  • Brandon McManamy
    Brandon McManamy 5 months ago

    Aww man I wanted to listen to faded :(

  • Chewy YT
    Chewy YT 6 months ago

    0:18 oof radio!

  • louishthegamer yt
    louishthegamer yt 6 months ago


  • Тимофей Радюк
    Тимофей Радюк 6 months ago +1

    Who wins

  • Death trooper
    Death trooper 6 months ago


  • Riky Velkei
    Riky Velkei 6 months ago

    Wat a fak

  • Asuka Langley
    Asuka Langley 7 months ago

    What's with the fucking music though, it's in every fucking generic video

  • [VEXX] KillerJXGaming
    [VEXX] KillerJXGaming 7 months ago

    Disliked for the song at the start and instantly liked once the hammer fucked it up lmao

  • Given Tehran Games
    Given Tehran Games 7 months ago

    Nokia 3310 vs Mjolnir. The one with the letter O will win.

  • Aye Cayubit
    Aye Cayubit 7 months ago

    You have the heaviest Thor's hammer right?

  • sasuke uchiha
    sasuke uchiha 7 months ago

    Thor hammer vs diamond

  • Vinodkumar Npc
    Vinodkumar Npc 7 months ago

    Please see our channel. Name is marvel kids studio or type first video of marvel kids

  • MrNacho814
    MrNacho814 8 months ago

    0:24 when family members turn on classical music

  • May Talavera Trillana
    May Talavera Trillana 8 months ago

    the mjolnir of Thor is the powerful weapon in the universe

  • Devil on 2 Wheels
    Devil on 2 Wheels 8 months ago

    You killed Alan Walker! 🤣

  • Turk3YbAstEr
    Turk3YbAstEr 8 months ago

    You've got that kind of winch thing, but didn't bring a fire extinguisher?

  • TheYelloBear Justin
    TheYelloBear Justin 8 months ago

    why is this so satisfying

  • 불짭
    불짭 8 months ago


  • HolitonXD
    HolitonXD 8 months ago

    Was about to click out when i heard faded oml

  • Jazzy George
    Jazzy George 8 months ago

    Oobleck is like people. When you are mean to them, or hit it with a lot of force, it fight back. But when you are nice to them, or handle it gently/slowly, it is like a liquid.

  • victor liu
    victor liu 8 months ago

    No no no ye is metal

  • victor liu
    victor liu 8 months ago

    The hammer is wood :v

  • HI BYE
    HI BYE 8 months ago

    lovr video love youre channel

  • Lemon _Child
    Lemon _Child 8 months ago

    4:29 everything changed when the fire nation came

  • who's man?
    who's man? 8 months ago

    Is it just me or is "oobleck" the most awful word ever?

    CYBER VOLT 8 months ago

    I loved Alan walker faded intro

  • Shubham ki Paathshala
    Shubham ki Paathshala 8 months ago

    Thor is searching his hammmer 😂😂😂

  • wcresponder
    wcresponder 8 months ago

    All done with out lab coat, safety vest, boots, gloves or glasses.

  • Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell 9 months ago

    Bro you cant just copy the slow mo guys soundtrack.

  • ALANWALKER49012 - Roblox

    Brain why did you put faded on ;-;

  • Redfox1love
    Redfox1love 9 months ago

    How does a lead hammet way more than me

  • O'Jeezy Fades
    O'Jeezy Fades 9 months ago +1

    3:28, lit

  • Doin It Big
    Doin It Big 9 months ago

    you're using @theslowmoguys sounds

  • Dimitar Dimitrov
    Dimitar Dimitrov 9 months ago

    Why not throw the hammer or smash objects by holding the hammer?

    SHOCKWAVE 9 months ago

    the problem with ur hammer is that thors hammer is only 42.3 lbs as stated in the marvel universe

  • Gamer Programer hacker
    Gamer Programer hacker 9 months ago

    Which app u use for making video

  • ThE_JaGgEd_ EdGe
    ThE_JaGgEd_ EdGe 9 months ago

    What happens if you drop Thor's hammer on Thor's hammer?

  • Loanduong Loan
    Loanduong Loan 9 months ago

    3:19 awesome shoot of a ice dust shockwave

  • tom lewis
    tom lewis 9 months ago

    Thor’s hammer has a name you fucking dumbass, it’s mjolnir

  • Atomic Gaming
    Atomic Gaming 9 months ago

    NOoOoOoO NOt ThE spEaker

  • Underworldking666 BBKF420

    two perfect landings man, the fire show makes it a ten. although a fire extinguisher would have been a good addition.

  • Techo Hidi
    Techo Hidi 9 months ago +1

    Thor fans like here

  • FrostByte
    FrostByte 10 months ago

    3:30 thors hammer vs the tessaract

  • Da boys productions
    Da boys productions 10 months ago

    3:12 was awesome