Personal Writing: Journals, Diaries, Letters, and Blogs

  • Published on May 21, 2019
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Comments • 23

  • Saheli Das
    Saheli Das Year ago +1

    I was thinking about to start my own journal but i was not sure about the difference, and this video made that very clear for me... Great content.❤

  • Anirudh
    Anirudh Year ago

    This definitely needs more viewers . Seriously such amazing quality.👍

  • Vanett77
    Vanett77 Year ago +2

    I've been journaling for many years and I love it and am very interested in starting a blog. This video was very helpful, thank you!

    • Donna Bey
      Donna Bey Year ago

      Same here and good luck👍🏾

  • Tezcatli Apoka
    Tezcatli Apoka 8 months ago

    This is how i have learned to sort my thoughts to speak like the “journal “
    Most people think,speak “diary”
    Im not trying to make my self bigger by comparing
    Im joust pointing out my idea 👍🏾
    Tough it’s hard to write what Im thinking / stuck.... help!

  • Star Scholar
    Star Scholar Year ago

    Very nicely explained... Helpful video

  • Half-ID
    Half-ID 10 months ago

    And yes one more important question to ask
    Do personal blogging requires lengthy paragraphs/content to rank in google?

  • Ar Row
    Ar Row Year ago +2

    I write like wherever like, tissue paper when i don't have a proper notebook, receipt, anything i could write on whenever inspiration hits me but of course i keep a journal but i couldn't help but buy new one when i'm at a bookstore.. i started blogging years ago but i was never consistent..i'm just often lazy though i have a lot of know what i mean 😋

  • E7T39E
    E7T39E 10 months ago

    I'm planning to blog and do an E-journal, but I want to reference/quote/paraphrase books and link links to music or photos. How do I go about copyrighting them correctly?

  • morta
    morta 2 years ago +1

    Nice vid and beautiful editing

    • Mometrix Academy
      Mometrix Academy  2 years ago

      Thanks! We also have great study materials on our website at

  • Half-ID
    Half-ID 10 months ago

    Hello Mam, I recently started a blog.
    It's a personal blog, I want to ask that do personal blogs have competition? And do personal blog get traffic?

    And please suggest me from where I should introduce myself to reader's?

    • Half-ID
      Half-ID 10 months ago

      @E7T39E and yes I have written 2 articles not personal blog. You can read it and if there is any mistake, don't hesitate to tell me.
      I'll be glad

    • E7T39E
      E7T39E 10 months ago

      Hi, I'd be interested in reading about your personal blog. Have you set it up yet?

  • ni25cm
    ni25cm 10 months ago

    Okay I am motivated 😂

  • TheCWshows
    TheCWshows 6 months ago

    I want to start a blog, but I don’t know where. Can you tell me a website or something?

  • Irshad Bhat
    Irshad Bhat Year ago

    Nice guideline

    • Irshad Bhat
      Irshad Bhat Year ago

      @Mometrix Academy sure dear ,but im from India,

    • Mometrix Academy
      Mometrix Academy  Year ago

      Thanks! Be sure to check out our website at if you ever need study materials for a specific standardized exam.

  • acajudi100
    acajudi100 Year ago

    I write, because my writing is faster, than my typing. I love speaking better on a recorder app.

    I have written, audio, and video journals since age 15 to my present 78. I use the recorder voice app, and my laptop recorder, so no need for a mic. It is a wonderful brain and heart dump.

    I use yellow legal pads and tear out an write on both sides, Please date month, day, year, and the day of the week.

    I like to write what I ate that day, and the good and ugly of the news.

    I use photo albums for pictures,postcard, and travel remembrances.

    Look at others around the world and locally and help non beggars with both hands

    Hands are for helping and not hurting.

    All Lives matter. ALM. God is speaking folks, so behave and listen. The world is one.

    I do mix up days and years in one journal, for I like to use all my space and paper.

  • Mike Hess
    Mike Hess 2 years ago +5

    Write in a journal as if someone will find it...then they will go on top of a roof with a megaphone and read your entries out loud...if you really want to keep something private dont write it in a journal...

    • Vanett77
      Vanett77 Year ago +1

      I love this!

    • Ar Row
      Ar Row Year ago +1

      In my mind my journals have always been a private thing to me but when i write, on my mind it's always like someone would eventually read it. So i started to have a habit of whenever i write something so personal and secret, i would eventually collect it and burn it. 😋