Two brothers inherit a lifetime collection, see what they have! | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 69

  • Hunting for old Cars is all about connections, finding people who know people who can give you any lead they can think of. In this case, Tom heads to a familiar part of North Carolina where he has hunted before, he reached out to a former guest of "Barn Find Hunter" and he tells Tom about two brothers who have an eclectic collection of cars that were left to them by their Father. It turned out to be a great lead!
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Comments • 80

  • mike hogi
    mike hogi 2 days ago

    Please Stop telling people th value on cars. This practice ruins anychance of getting great or even good deals. Thanx.

  • stAllen09
    stAllen09 3 days ago

    You passed right by the Jeepster.

  • william young jr
    william young jr 4 days ago

    Luv I it as always.

  • 100% Texan
    100% Texan 4 days ago

    Wants to much money for those cars.

  • David Bartley
    David Bartley 5 days ago

    Barn finds = junk

  • Joanne Thom
    Joanne Thom 5 days ago


  • dylan scronce
    dylan scronce 7 days ago

    i thought the "or 8 1975" was October 8th 1975.....???

  • Wild One
    Wild One 17 days ago

    I'll have the FORD Twin Spinner, PREFFERABLY BLACK,
    I Wanna see a
    PINK an WHITE....

  • Leon Dupe
    Leon Dupe 20 days ago

    Wow...That '62 T-bird is beautiful especially that interior just beautiful classic lines 😎

  • tlt40s&w 70
    tlt40s&w 70 22 days ago

    The Grand National is worth 8k on a good day. None of those cars are worth anything over 2 grand. He talks more bullshit than anything and watched to much TheXvid.

  • Humble Wisdom
    Humble Wisdom 23 days ago

    If the prices were right they would already be gone.
    "Never mind that whirring sound she uses a little bit oil but outside of that, shes cherry."

  • xxMaster Planxx
    xxMaster Planxx 24 days ago

    If you ever make it to Oregon, I know a couple people with a few hundred car in the wood on their property's. I bought a 27 GMC Passenger Bus had a Ford Model front end.

  • Ronan Rogers
    Ronan Rogers 25 days ago

    Americans generally don’t realise how many really shitty cars they made through the tears...most of these are garbage in terms of automotive history

  • Mighty Stonehaven
    Mighty Stonehaven 25 days ago


  • Colonel Angus
    Colonel Angus 28 days ago

    They should give these cars away to a good home

  • MAsonTRIX
    MAsonTRIX 29 days ago

    Thanks guys!!!

  • miamimo70
    miamimo70 Month ago

    Man I want that 62 Thunderbird!

  • Arthur Schnapka
    Arthur Schnapka Month ago

    Oh yeah.

  • Southpaw Planter
    Southpaw Planter Month ago

    Okay.... What's the... "I'll chance my arm price"?

  • Brian M. Armstrong
    Brian M. Armstrong Month ago

    20k for the Grand National???? SOLD! I would have taken that home with me on a trailer!

  • T Nolan
    T Nolan Month ago

    20k for a 10k GN, interesting

  • Patrica omas
    Patrica omas Month ago

    that's not a barn find it's a lost car park find

    ROY GBIV Month ago

    You know, if there wasn’t an embargo, those cars would sell well in Havana!

  • Mr Paul Grimm
    Mr Paul Grimm Month ago

    Bunch of junk

  • carls apartments
    carls apartments Month ago

    The C cab pickup "too old, no value, no one is interested anymore" ! wow is that really the collector sentiment on this old stuff because i love that old stuff, the older the better!!

  • Dale Slover
    Dale Slover Month ago +1

    Driving by on the back roads of Oregon, Came across a 1960 Ford F100 4x4 sweet 292, Ask the lady if she wanted to sell it. She said I gave it away 12 years ago. But it had four flat tires. Apparently the guy couldn't afford 4 tires. She said you can have it.... If you can get off my property in 30 minutes. I asked her do you drink beer? She said she sure does. Well give me 45 minutes. I'll go get a six pack. It will give enough time for my buddy to bring the car trailer over. 30 minutes later put a new battery in it. Pulled the spark plugs, Put it in granny low, first gear. Turn the key. And walked it right up on the trailer using the starter. She asked me when she's drinking her second beer. Where you from boy? I said right here from Oregon. She said I've never seen that done before. Sweetest taste of Henry weinhardt beer i ever drank. And how I love those Granny low gears & Henry weinhardt.& little old ladies😊

  • Mike G.
    Mike G. Month ago

    My opinion is they are junk and should be recycled. A waste of time and money. A D10 could do if in one run. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ken Beech
    Ken Beech Month ago

    Was $20,000 for the Grand National a good price? That seemed really high to me.

  • John Chrysostom Rev 3:9

    Nice guys great collection, funny boomer comment about selling off their children's inheritance but they are selling instead of letting stuff rot and that's a good thing :)

    BLACK GSD54 Month ago +1

    Come on man..You don't know the difference between a 62 and 64 bird ? Good grief.

  • thomas anteau
    thomas anteau Month ago

    Valve guides are shot

  • ima piledriver
    ima piledriver Month ago

    dude barns aren't that hardto find.

  • the dude
    the dude Month ago

    Cars well be there in next century. People always want 10 grand for a car .what they dont realize is it takes 25 k to get it perfect and then you can sell for 30 k. So it is never worth the time or effort unless you can make 15-20 k i didnt see a care here worth more than 3500 to 400o k.

  • Eric Vandermolen
    Eric Vandermolen Month ago

    Some people think just because it's old it's worth a lot. And some people are just attached and they don't care about the money

    LOVE GOD'SPLAN Month ago

    Greenwood SC

  • brian ennis
    brian ennis Month ago

    Any vws, if so let me know

  • whylordwhy yeptheysuck

    I remember driving to school in 1996 and there was a black Z28 camaro underneath and barn with the front facing the road I believe the old lady's son died but the camaro only had 2,300 actual miles on it one day riding by there were about 25 people standing out there one morning and they were all trying to buy this car from this lady the next morning the car was gone it had been there for as long as I can remember.

  • DC03FAN
    DC03FAN Month ago +1

    "So this hood is not the hood!!" ..... quote for this video.

  • austin teutsch
    austin teutsch Month ago

    That guy has a fucking junk yard, not a restoration shop. Leave them to the weather and one day, none of those cars will be worth the two truck fee to take them to the recycling bin.

  • Josh Snyder
    Josh Snyder Month ago

    i aplogize there both duuches

  • Josh Snyder
    Josh Snyder Month ago

    what can i say im true blue ford but this guy is a duuche

  • Vanilla Face
    Vanilla Face Month ago

    The whole thing is shot.. He says it needs brake job

  • joe ward
    joe ward Month ago

    That thunderbird looks so good.

  • Sidney Hogue
    Sidney Hogue Month ago


  • Sidney Hogue
    Sidney Hogue Month ago


  • Gene D
    Gene D Month ago

    The buick grand national with 93,000 miles, the old guy want's $20,000. He's about $12000 dollar's to high. I would say in the ball park of 8000 to 9000 thousand dollar's. Where do these people come up with some of those price's????

  • 50zcarsman
    50zcarsman Month ago

    When the first thing they show you is a discombobulated Willys Jeepster that looks like it was customized with a Sawzall and some tape, and they act like it's a shiny Cadillac, your expectations for the rest of the encounter are set.

  • 50zcarsman
    50zcarsman Month ago

    Met a guy like this back in the depressed times of 2009 who had a 1938 Chrysler Royal coupe. It was in decent orig. shape and he'd started resto on it, but had lost storage and had to sell. He wanted, IIRC, $17K per the window sign, but the books said it wasn't worth more than $6K in that condition. I pointed this out to him and he replied, "Yeah, I just have it 'way up there to see if somebody comes along who'll pay it" (the so-called Greater Fool strategy). Nobody would pay; it was still there a month later until he was kicked out of his temporary parking space at the storage company. I spotted it soon after at an apt. complex a mile away -- prob. his own -- under a shredded blue tarp. This idiot had driven away buyers -- incld. me -- by not pricing realistically from the start. He just did not know how to sell things, and/or was desperate for a big score for other reasons and "couldn't" take a penny less. I'll bet he ended up giving it away for $3300 when his landlord came around for the rent the final time.

  • Dean Tait
    Dean Tait Month ago

    Hello Tom Cotter....hope you're well.

  • Michael Naisbitt
    Michael Naisbitt Month ago

    In their own way these clips are self defeating as the give these owners of these pieces of junk the idea that they are worth two- three times what they are actually worth. Most of those “running car s” will never move again with prices of 6500 12000 bucks being asked. If it was 2000 you may sell some

  • alan smlth
    alan smlth Month ago

    Wow ,most of the collection is pure JUNK.

  • Joy&BRUCE bruce
    Joy&BRUCE bruce Month ago +3

    "We completely restored that car" and its sitting out in the dirt and air. I wouldn't trust a restorer who allowed his complete restoration to be stored like that.

  • Chris Everette
    Chris Everette 2 months ago

    These high end car auctions like Barrett Jackson and Mechums have everyone thinking they have 100k cars.
    Well they do if you spend 120k on Restoration. They have no idea what it costs to restore a car correctly, shame stuff just rots till they die and kids sell it off. Then it cost twice as much to restore. You see this all the time unfortunately.

  • sphincter
    sphincter 2 months ago

    Nothing is going to move with the prices they’re asking.

  • Deive Santos
    Deive Santos 2 months ago

    Só Brasileiro gosto muito de carros antigos que são poucos carros no estado Unido tem muito carro antigo

  • Deive Santos
    Deive Santos 2 months ago

    Gosto de carros antigos

  • Kevin Allen
    Kevin Allen 2 months ago

    I know someone who has 5 classic
    Car he's got sitting outside getting rained on. Has fishhook disease, can't bear to part with a penny. Thinks they're worth a mint. Will end up sold for pennies later.

  • ron kistner
    ron kistner 2 months ago

    this "barn finder" must get comm. every time he finds and sells cars, other wise he wouldn't do it

  • Koladge
    Koladge 2 months ago

    This guy is out of his mind with his prices.....

    JONATHAN NICODEM 2 months ago

    episode 69 hehe

  • Richard Conner
    Richard Conner 2 months ago


  • Mike G
    Mike G 2 months ago

    That 62' at 6:42 though....

  • Rich A
    Rich A 2 months ago

    20k for that Buick grand national LOL!

  • April Butler
    April Butler 2 months ago


  • Rudy Ruelas
    Rudy Ruelas 2 months ago

    What were they asking for the 62 thunderbird?

  • mark beals
    mark beals 2 months ago

    Would have been super cool to meet the father that built that business, he must have had quite a passion and love for cars

  • eugene strawberry
    eugene strawberry 2 months ago

    dude prices too high

  • Thomas Beaver
    Thomas Beaver 2 months ago

    Back in high school my buddy's father had a mint original 67 mercury cougar GT that he got from his grandfather. It sat in the driveway because his garage was full of stuff. People would come up and offer him money for it all the time. Last I heard its still sitting in his driveway but now its completely trashed. Its been rotting for about 15 years.

  • Bill Denton
    Bill Denton 2 months ago +2

    It's horrible these old guys just let the cars rot. God knows what vermin have done to the wiring and other soft materials. The owner is more of an automotive crypt keeper than any any kind of collector. The guys who hoard vehicles like this are keeping automotive concentration camps...contentedly watching them waste away. Creepy and Disgusting. Like those cat ladies who have 60 cats in their home and many are starving or diseased. I love it when he says he "restored" a car, yeah right. The host of the show sure has embarrassing gaps in auto knowledge. ID-ing the T-Bird as a '64??? Really? And then thinks it's a 410 ci engine???? That was a Mercury 66-67 engine...the bullet Bird he was looking at was produced from '61-'63 and all that was offered in them during that period was the 390. Anyone who knows Fords at all would know that.

  • deatra locklear
    deatra locklear 2 months ago

    Nothing worth stopping to look at.

  • Francisco Crisantos
    Francisco Crisantos 2 months ago

    It's a definitive beauty of cars

  • Harold Briggs
    Harold Briggs 2 months ago

    Man amazing cars I could spend days here lol

    • 50zcarsman
      50zcarsman Month ago

      They'd charge you for the oxygen you consumed on-site.

  • JMH
    JMH 2 months ago

    It's doubtful that he sells ANYTHING before he dies.. (at which point, the entire lot will be liquidated for 5 cents on the $ )

  • Rich McIntyre
    Rich McIntyre 2 months ago

    Does anyone know if all of the Packard/Merlin engines were built in Detroit or somewhere else as well? I know that Continental made some as well. That Merlin engine made the P51 what it was, much to Allison's dismay. I've heard that they were going to put the Merlin in the P38 but Allison lobbied against that and won. Too bad because it seems that the Merlin was the better engine. The Allison with Lindberg's method of running the engine lean in the P38 did very well though. Lindberg's changes increased the P38s range dramatically.

  • Rich McIntyre
    Rich McIntyre 2 months ago

    Notice the hood is rusted through where it was covered and not where it wasn't, that is why you should never lay a cover directly on anything you want to preserve. A cover traps moisture and accelerates decay. Just my opinion I'm sure others may disagree.

  • Bad Xerge
    Bad Xerge 2 months ago

    If you want your cars to sell at those prices you need to keep them original and in good condition

  • William Campbell
    William Campbell 2 months ago +1

    The Crestliner price was about right.

  • Jim Ellinger
    Jim Ellinger 2 months ago

    not much for a LIFETIME of collecting ?

  • Rusty Shakleford
    Rusty Shakleford 2 months ago

    Looks like they just took down a bunch of big old advertising signs off that barn in back of them on the closing shot. Selling off our kids inheritance, lol!!! These guys are funny and I bet they've got plenty of local racing history tales to boot!!! Be a nice segment to do, old bench racing stories,cuz unless they're documented,we lose that history with every passing elder,sadly. Much like these old beautys to rot,rust and the crusher. Thanks again Tom and crew!!!!

  • Erik Salter
    Erik Salter 2 months ago +2

    These are all just hoarders.....he died not having done anything with the cars and these two will repeat the pattern....