Best of the Worst: Plinketto #6

  • Published on May 7, 2018
  • A special Guest joins the gang as they drop the Plinketto ball for the 6th time! What horrors await them?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!
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  • Carl Wagoner
    Carl Wagoner 3 days ago


  • Romancing the Impulse

    That awkward slide whistle 😂

  • not sure
    not sure 13 days ago

    THANK GOD you got rid of that asshole. Do me a favor and refuse to watch/discuss his movies.

  • Kodie Kulp
    Kodie Kulp 18 days ago

    I love the pit ! Had it on a double feature .

  • J.R. Trevino
    J.R. Trevino 18 days ago

    You've never heard of Ferd Vollmar?

  • Stigma Custom Collectibles

    Jays Scared for life by the Freddy got fingerd review.

  • Michael Fiordimondo
    Michael Fiordimondo 26 days ago

    I remember seeing the pit in about 1992 or so on a saturday afternoon on the philly area of what later became upn. They always showed those obscure 80s horror movies on saturday afternoons of all times for some strange reason. Deadly friend was another one i remember them showing. For some reason, those 2 always stuck with me. Who knows why.

  • Jacob Ketcham
    Jacob Ketcham Month ago

    1:04:57 But we already watched angry troglodytes tear Mankillers apart.

  • Sam Guy
    Sam Guy Month ago +3

    Me: oh have you seen that weird obscure art house film?
    Jay: Oh I love that movie

  • Jack Ransom
    Jack Ransom Month ago

    PIN! I thought I was the only one who knew about that movie.. ; )

  • WonderWaageRadio
    WonderWaageRadio Month ago

    Did Rich Evans design the Plinketto(TM) board? The design is faulty, and it cannot land on the movies on the far right/left

  • TheLegend1800
    TheLegend1800 Month ago

    I was hoping that, at the end, they would find the Pit, and throw Mankillers into it, and Rich Evans would pop out of the Pit and get mad at them for throwing a shitty movie at his head. Either Rich Evans, or Mr. Plinkett.

  • Gringo Fett
    Gringo Fett Month ago

    Maneaters: An action filled 80s tit romp through a Paintball field with fireworks and stock footage that will be used in a themed workout video shown late at night on basic cable.

  • super1337spy
    super1337spy Month ago

    Oh wow, I didn't know psychedsubstance was a director

  • APOS Entertainment
    APOS Entertainment Month ago

    No star trek reference? Pfft 0/10

  • Becca Sertic
    Becca Sertic Month ago

    Hooooo boy, that score for The Pit. That’s exactly what every college music professor will tell you to NEVER do when you’re writing a score.

  • Doctor Adventure
    Doctor Adventure Month ago

    I love how Rich and Mike look at each other and shrug when Simon and Jay start talking about some obscure horror movie they’ve never heard about

  • Horzuhammer
    Horzuhammer 2 months ago

    Fucking love Reflecting Skin!

  • AlucardaLaCarte
    AlucardaLaCarte 2 months ago

    Is "comma 2 Jesus" a fucking pun?!

  • EscapeRouteBritish
    EscapeRouteBritish 2 months ago

    49:02 - using this from now on

  • Aaron McCarty
    Aaron McCarty 2 months ago +1

    The special guest is like a cross of Paul Rudd and Kevin Spacey.

  • Alan Motter
    Alan Motter 2 months ago

    Is Simon the IRL version of Charlie Brown? 31:46

  • KorporalNoobs
    KorporalNoobs 2 months ago

    They have a warning sign for "Slow Children"? 1:06:10 . Not children running or playing on the street or something. Just slow. Probably have to take it into account when leading you car.

  • Robert K S
    Robert K S 2 months ago

    9:00 Who says "Guy in a wig"? Sounds like Mike but his mouth isn't moving

  • Nicholas Spinicelli
    Nicholas Spinicelli 2 months ago

    VERY cool ending to this guys!

  • Haze
    Haze 2 months ago

    Well if it isn't Clumsy-Stupid

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks 2 months ago +1

    Rich: "he going to fall into a pit"
    Everyone else: some acknowledgement of Rich's comment as a joke, but otherwise glossed over and ignored. With comments like "I don't know where this is going?"
    Rich: "he going to fall into a pit"
    Everyone else: Reactions like, we heard the joke the first time Rich, shh now.
    Rich: "he going to fall into a pit"
    Everyone else: It's getting awkward now Rich.
    He falls into a pit....

  • macro deth
    macro deth 2 months ago +1

    Mike, you were never going to find "The Pit" in Beaver Dam. It was located near a field just outside of Horicon. Another weird little town in Wisconsin like- Waupan. Oshkosh. Oconomowoc. Wakaknikkapsquan. Stevens point.

  • Connor J
    Connor J 3 months ago

    I never noticed before how in the Films Featured section of the credits Mike put "directed by BeBeverly Sebestian" for Rocktober Blood, which was a perfect rag lol

  • Rube's Good-Brain Coffee

    8:52 -- Paul Ryan: The Early Years

  • TheLegend1800
    TheLegend1800 3 months ago

    I was expecting them to actually find the Pit, and say it was actually filled with evil troglodytes, and toss the movie down there, and the scene cuts to Rich Evans in the Pit, who rips apart the DVD.

  • unfa
    unfa 3 months ago

    That Pit Trip Montage at the end was great!

  • Ethan Aguirre
    Ethan Aguirre 3 months ago

    When I saw The Pit, I thought there to be just a bottomless pit. I expected a Fargo-esque plot where he kills like one person and it would descend into chaos and he’d have to kill more and more people to cover his tracks and he’d go mad.
    But nope. They had to throw in sentient teddy bears, troglodytes, and perversion.

  • CrazyPangolinLady
    CrazyPangolinLady 3 months ago

    The pit is just like Heidi

  • Joshua Scholar
    Joshua Scholar 3 months ago +1

    But Rollergater :(

  • Johnny Barrett
    Johnny Barrett 3 months ago

    Simon Barrett IS Karl Pilkington

  • Arthur R
    Arthur R 3 months ago

    33:22 I think I'm going to include that in my wedding vows

  • roberthor
    roberthor 3 months ago

    1:06:12 the typo in the Rocktober Blood credits almost made me choke on coffee

  • Leftovers from the Fridge

    Rich is balding on the back of his head. My poor boy.

  • stephen hawkins
    stephen hawkins 3 months ago

    Rich I've watched these BOTW too much not ask why were you Holding your Pointer Finger 47:17 like this? That a comfort habit? or applying pressure because of pain?? I'm genuinely curious.. Thanks!

  • Jack671975
    Jack671975 3 months ago

    By the end you could blindfold Rich with dental floss.

  • Ace Spectre
    Ace Spectre 3 months ago


  • bobthewizard
    bobthewizard 3 months ago +1

    31:47 that must be painful

  • Morgan Lane Bennett
    Morgan Lane Bennett 4 months ago

    nice touch with the location scout

  • calum ryan
    calum ryan 4 months ago

    Man, I saw the Pit a few years ago, finally knew what they were talking about for an episode

  • Adiaha Alexander
    Adiaha Alexander 4 months ago

    I love how succinctly he stated that "You can't talk about it without implicating yourself in its sins"

  • Dom The Elegy
    Dom The Elegy 4 months ago

    Ferd Sebastian looks almost identical to Gary Gygax in that interview footage.

  • Uncle Flansy
    Uncle Flansy 4 months ago

    So youre telling me I can get The fucking Pit on Blu Ray, but not Idiocracy? Fuck this world.

  • David O.
    David O. 4 months ago +1

    Aw they wouldn’t let Simon talk haha

  • Nᴀɴᴏᴍᴇɴ
    Nᴀɴᴏᴍᴇɴ 4 months ago

    "i hope you catch some kind of new disease that infects your autoimmune system"

  • Dank Bungle
    Dank Bungle 4 months ago

    7:00 from right to left is T-H-E-P-I-T-DROP

  • Tanner Bruning
    Tanner Bruning 4 months ago +1

    I’m upset you didn’t do rollergator, hopefully it appears on the board next time

  • darklsn
    darklsn 5 months ago

    Simon's vernacular is legit spectacular.

  • Ziggler Norris
    Ziggler Norris 5 months ago

    A girl tricked me into falling into her pit, now I have to pay her child support.

  • Dan Sirturbodan
    Dan Sirturbodan 5 months ago

    sorry but jesus gives not 2 shits about dogs

  • Colin Addison
    Colin Addison 5 months ago

    Man I didn't know Sean Evans directed Blair Witch

  • SpiritoftheEmperor
    SpiritoftheEmperor 5 months ago

    what shirt is Jay wearing?

  • DarthAlphaTheGreat
    DarthAlphaTheGreat 5 months ago

    The team from Makillers some kind of suicide squad.

  • Alex Pohorily
    Alex Pohorily 5 months ago


  • Sterling Moffett
    Sterling Moffett 5 months ago

    Remember when Elon musk said pit a bunch of times on joe rogen

  • Scanlaid
    Scanlaid 5 months ago +10

    Simon really took the lead in the entire conversation, but I thought it was great. He's pretty funny and makes great points. Hopefully the guys have him back some time for more schlock

  • Winter Sock Productions

    I love this show!

  • James Bufferland
    James Bufferland 5 months ago

    24:51 lmao that "subtle" shade throw at Simon Barrett from Rich

  • Lon Boomer
    Lon Boomer 5 months ago

    it's RAINBOW LICE, Jay

  • Jinkin Lavislad
    Jinkin Lavislad 6 months ago

    Pit stop! Yes!

  • Cigol Zëlev
    Cigol Zëlev 6 months ago

    MANKILLER is what REPLIGATOR wanted to be.

  • Owen Robertson
    Owen Robertson 6 months ago

    Filmmaking isn't sequential... you cheating fucks wrote a trip to Beaverdam into the budget!

  • HylianDeathbat
    HylianDeathbat 6 months ago

    Holy shit, my cousin used to tell me about "The Pit" all the time but i never looked it up.

  • Cole Slaw
    Cole Slaw 6 months ago +5

    Well I've heard these guys call a teen aged boy a "pervert" just for liking attractive mature grown women in one of these movies, and complaining about an attractive woman taking a bath in another movie, and hot fit young women in scanty garb in another movie. I'm getting a very strong impression that THIS bunch are either closet religious puritans or feminist homosexuals, .. . so which one is it?

  • Aydon Look
    Aydon Look 6 months ago

    Everytime she was showering Jack looked so intrigued

  • Nicholas Gregg
    Nicholas Gregg 6 months ago

    I'm so glad they loved The Pit as much as I do!!!

  • Dreamwalker Films
    Dreamwalker Films 6 months ago

    Well, if it isn't clumsy stupid

  • BlurBerry Creative
    BlurBerry Creative 6 months ago +1

    Dang, Rocktober Blood got a sick plot twist. Too bad the movie is still terrible lol

  • Amangiechsin
    Amangiechsin 6 months ago


  • Goleog Thais
    Goleog Thais 6 months ago +3

    A team of hot women running around doing gun things - that sounds hella awesome if executed properly.

  • captainphoenix
    captainphoenix 6 months ago

    18:42 AIDS joke

  • navanater123
    navanater123 6 months ago

    You’re next is my favorite modern day horror movie

  • Alexander Taylor
    Alexander Taylor 6 months ago

    31:47 Rich pierces the eardrums of Simon and probably everyone in the room.

  • Polum47
    Polum47 6 months ago

    I remember reading The Pit way back when i was a kid. I never knew they made a movie, but based on what I remember it's pretty true to the novel

  • Dinosaur Spy
    Dinosaur Spy 6 months ago

    Should be REMADE in this age of female led movies. Just add a little bit more diversity.

  • Captain Chinson
    Captain Chinson 7 months ago +2

    Now that greyhound racing is illegal in florida there will be plenty of greyhounds to use for the BBQ restaurant.

  • 3 A-Holes
    3 A-Holes 7 months ago


  • AJ
    AJ 7 months ago

    Beaver Dam seems like a lovely little place.

  • Good Vibrations
    Good Vibrations 7 months ago

    im surprised to find out these videos have better closed captioning then half of youtube. good job.

  • tristan beaumont
    tristan beaumont 7 months ago

    rich is the true man killer

  • See Men
    See Men 7 months ago +5

    Back here after they watched Black Roses.

  • Charles Hoffman
    Charles Hoffman 7 months ago

    "She/He slipped on a bar of soap" Mankillers/Dirty Dozen.

  • Pig Daddy
    Pig Daddy 7 months ago +5

    I have seen this episode like 5 times and just realized that at 0:38 Mike is making a Max Landis joke.

  • lukekoop 612
    lukekoop 612 7 months ago +15

    The callous way they wrote out Max Landis is the best thing since the same happened to Hawkeye in Infinity War

  • grassroots2112
    grassroots2112 8 months ago

    I love Simon's dry humor. Also why his episode of The Core on Shudder is my favorite episode. Bring him back! Or do another Re-View episode with him! Do what I say because I am a fan dammit and my voice matters *rubs mayonnaise on body while chugging whiskey* free me from my nightmare RLM free me!!

  • thedabaraHPL
    thedabaraHPL 8 months ago +2

    Rich Evans thought bubble - Jell-o.

  • Ross
    Ross 8 months ago +8

    Unmasking The Idol really should be put back into rotation. Order of the Black Eagle was so good we deserve to see the sequel.

  • Tuning3434
    Tuning3434 8 months ago +1

    Mike and Rich must have such a beautiful and complicated relation, or Rich is delusional enough to think it is.

  • Systamatik1
    Systamatik1 8 months ago +2

    I like how Simon started looking around when Rich talked about the woods.

  • MertonLeGrand
    MertonLeGrand 8 months ago

    Can somebody tell me why the one man in Mankillers is top credited???

  • fantom58
    fantom58 8 months ago +1

    Edd "Kookie" Byrne's film career must have really hit rock bottom by the 1980s

  • shadowblaster124
    shadowblaster124 8 months ago +1

    Canucksploitation, ahahah

  • C B Miguel
    C B Miguel 8 months ago

    Stormy Daniels is in this? The President Donald Trump stormy Daniels?

  • jameseglavin4
    jameseglavin4 8 months ago

    Ms Oliphant straight leapt out of that wheelchair

  • DinosaurFilms
    DinosaurFilms 9 months ago

    I love watching Breath of the Wild.