SHEARER vs OWEN: True Geordie Reacts

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
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    True Geordie gives his thoughts on the row between Alan Shearer and Michael Owen, after the two exchanged words on Twitter over Owen's admission in his new book that he regrets his time at Newcastle United.
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  • Lee Ord
    Lee Ord 2 days ago

    Shearer miles better. Had the all round game and scored over 20 goals a season consistently. Owen never did it once. Says it all.

  • Kev Caratacus
    Kev Caratacus 6 days ago

    Does ANYONE like Owen ?

  • Dec G
    Dec G 10 days ago

    I’m s pool fan and I’d take shearer in a heartbeat , Owen not even in top 10 strikers of premier league history imo
    Van persie
    All of these better the that wet blanket

    • swag lad
      swag lad 10 days ago

      Lol Rooney and Kane? Lmao

  • VDfewds 11
    VDfewds 11 10 days ago

    Not even a debate, biggest thing Owen ever did was rob the ballon d’or one year. Shearer was world world class for season after season

  • klowns suck
    klowns suck 12 days ago

    ok watched some shearer best goals videos and I think I need to mention that he was bloody good ;) better than I remember .. overall Shearer was better, lasted longer and superbly accurateOwens peak might have been a touch higher than Shearers but its really close who you would want. One of each, but they tried that and it wasn't that amazing ;)

  • klowns suck
    klowns suck 12 days ago

    Owen was class, he got bitter when he got injured. You are too close to this you cant be expected to see it from any other side.
    That's fair enough, Owens side of the last game of the season is similar to yours but not quite the same. perspective is everything.
    Shearer was class also but more of an old school finisher. Owen at his peak was too good to take almost anyone over, Shearer was dependable, but he never managed to catch that bus did he :p

  • jie pin lim
    jie pin lim 13 days ago +1

    Shearer all day long

  • Damien CALLAGHAN
    Damien CALLAGHAN 13 days ago

    Owen is a little CUNT
    He scored that Goal in the World Cup and he lived off it after that
    No honest Liverpool fan will say otherwise
    From a Liverpool fan

  • Me myself and i
    Me myself and i 13 days ago

    Sherer over Owen anytime. LFC fan

  • mehdi11
    mehdi11 13 days ago

    Owen for Madrid is completely underrated, he had the best goals per game for Madrid in his 1 season, bear in mind they had Ronaldo up front at that time as well. Just English people haven't got the foggiest idea of anything that goes on outside the premier league.

  • sj11791
    sj11791 14 days ago +1

    "Being a knob and then going "at least I'm being honest". You're still a knob. You're just an honest knob." 🤣

  • Trishen Naidoo
    Trishen Naidoo 14 days ago

    Owen dose have a player of the year

  • Trishen Naidoo
    Trishen Naidoo 14 days ago

    Well Owen did win the league with utd its the levels of the team

  • Jonathan Chatziliadis
    Jonathan Chatziliadis 14 days ago

    Top Scorer in Premier League history, says it all ..!

  • Jason Phillip
    Jason Phillip 17 days ago

    Three Liverpool fan and none from Liverpool! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alan Persaud
    Alan Persaud 17 days ago

    I once saw Michael Owen in Dubai (I was about 10 I think). It was one of those 4x4 sand dune rides with a middle of the desert party. I had my West Ham top on and approached him (only about 50 people there). I asked for his autograph and he blanked me.

  • James Grogan
    James Grogan 19 days ago

    Never agreed with a closing statement more

  • Mark Woods
    Mark Woods 19 days ago

    Shearer was just probably skirting with Liverpool to get at Manchester United

  • kevin lowbridge
    kevin lowbridge 19 days ago

    Was that a serious ? Shearer or Owen not a fan of either club but shearer was far better Had everything sure if you was going into battle and you had to choose one there would only ever be one winner

  • M A Balta
    M A Balta 22 days ago

    I love yer videos. I've never liked Michael Owen.i think u pulled at a strand of truth- the Argie game set him as a "peak player " I'm a Rangers fan and Man Utd are my English team- I love, Chris Woods, Andy Goram,, Richard Gough, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, Ally Mccoist, Mark Hatley, Ronald de Bowr, Arthur Numan, and the FAMOUS FERNANDO RICKSEN. Get Barry Ferguson and Rino Gattuso and Gio Van Bronkherst in there. Dado Purso. These men are legendary and Legends. Michael owen is a prick.

  • R69NiX
    R69NiX 23 days ago

    Fucking hell I shat my kecks when that music kicked in at the end!

  • The Sports Bar
    The Sports Bar 24 days ago

    Asking between Prime Shearer and Prime Owen is like asking Harry Kane or Mbappe if you compare in this current climate, Mbappe.

  • The Sports Bar
    The Sports Bar 24 days ago

    The thing with Owen was that he wanted Trophies to his name, big trophies. He won the Ballon d'Or, rightfully so, in 2001 where he also won FA Cup, UEFA Cup (Europa League) and Super Cup in the same year that Real Madrid won the UCL. He thought if he goes to Madrid he'll have a UCL and maybe a league title there but unfortunately that didn't work out for him. He DID want to return to Liverpool but that also didn't work out for him. At Newcastle he was this "BIG" player playing for a mid table team so I can see why he was frustrated and angry. When he finally joined United he actually looked happy and was enjoying his time there. Owen went to chase trophies but ended up only winning ONE major trophy since he left Liverpool and that was the Prem with United. Was it worth it? To him, probably yes.

  • vanpablo79
    vanpablo79 25 days ago +1

    Come on.... Owen over shearer any day

  • Celtic Barry
    Celtic Barry 25 days ago +1

    Shearer was a better player than Owen, Shearer was like a Van Nistelrooy, Cavani, Vieri etc Michael Owen was a better version of Defoe but not close to a Suarez or Aguero, Owen you'd put him in company with guys like Anelka, Lacazette, Inzaghi, Klose.
    It's severely underrating Shearer even to compare him to Owen. Shearer underestimated as he played for Newcastle but had he played for Man Utd he'd probably have won the CL and 5 League titles and be looked at like Henry, Drogba or Aguero.

  • Mini Grande
    Mini Grande 25 days ago

    The Owen kid was astounding his mojo went into horse racing.your right he did not act professional like a player on huge wages offensive to the hard working man paying for his ticket week in week out

  • Jon Fairrie
    Jon Fairrie 25 days ago

    Wait wait wait, is that even a serious question?! Owen or Shearer in their prime? It's shearer all the fucking way, anyone who says otherwise knows fuck all about football.

  • TheGooners11
    TheGooners11 26 days ago

    Owen ain't a bellend at all. He's a decent geezer. Owen was an incredible player in his day. Even when his pace went he still was a great goals scorer and his touch was still fantastic. The Geordie doesn't know what he is talking about

  • Karl Borley
    Karl Borley 26 days ago

    Liverpool fan says he wouldn’t of wanted Shearer ? What a complete bell end!!!

  • Khemt291223
    Khemt291223 26 days ago

    Shearer and Owen were two Great goalscorers,that's All!
    unfortunately,Shearer was unhappy that Owen leaves Newcastle for Liverpool,but Owen is a Scouse too.
    30 goals in 79 Appearances in Newcastle is ok and he stayed 4 years there!

    • Lee Ord
      Lee Ord 2 days ago

      What you on about he didnt leave Newcastle for Liverpool you idiot

  • Uno Thisship
    Uno Thisship 27 days ago

    Is that fake tan?

  • George Walsh
    George Walsh 27 days ago

    That posh talking twat on the podcast is well annoying

  • Steveos
    Steveos 27 days ago

    king Kenny was a Legend for Liverpool and a Good Manager For Newcastle

  • Logical Thinker
    Logical Thinker 27 days ago

    Owen was top class, Shearer is still to this day the best striker to have played in the premier league. If you were watching football throughout the 90's you know what it was like just thinking it's only a matter of time until Shearer scores.

    • Prashanth Ashok
      Prashanth Ashok 26 days ago +1

      He was amazing indeed but I would still put him second to Henry. Still both would make it in any All time EPL squads for the years to come.

  • ni da
    ni da 28 days ago +2

    Hi I'm Michael Owen
    I score lots of gowels
    Buy my book

  • John Battalgazi
    John Battalgazi 28 days ago

    Peak Shearer doesn’t come close to Peak Owen. Too many kids on here don’t remember including True Geordie. Peak Shearer was never better than third best striker in the world behind Batistuta and Ronaldo. Owen came along and supplanted him as the star striker for England straight away. Injuries took away his biggest weapon but for a few years his star shone a lot lot brighter than big Al.

  • Donal
    Donal 29 days ago

    2:33 fuck off ya balloon LOOOOOOL

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell 29 days ago

    You cant blame the guy for getting injured. But if he was for fit for the final game of the season then that's unprofessional.

  • l a
    l a 29 days ago +1

    Bruv with or without Owen you weren't going to beat us.... relegation was a certainty

    • TheGooners11
      TheGooners11 26 days ago

      Yeah that's the thing they were always going to get relegated

  • george jones
    george jones Month ago +1

    Owen is a 🔔🔚

  • The Truth
    The Truth Month ago

    Owen could have gave the other 8m to Liverpool to go back... But he is a bit shifty.

  • The Truth
    The Truth Month ago

    That fat geordie with tattoos is just an arse licker. I remember when he was sucking off McGregor and then Connor got annihilated lol

  • Sean O C
    Sean O C Month ago

    I saw Micheal owen playing in a local charity match with kids in 2001.. He scored 25 goals and got a red card for a two footed tackle on a 9 year old girl

  • Tony M
    Tony M Month ago

    Does true geordie actually have any knowledge of football?

  • georg
    georg Month ago

    In the prime, Shearer is still better than Owen.

  • CA VG
    CA VG Month ago +6

    Zidane, Rivaldo, Figo, Totti, Raul, Nedved, Shevchanko, Henry and so on were all at or close to their peak when Owen won the Ballon d'Or in 2001, and he completely deserved it. Not only was Owen in that conversation, but he was the best of that conversation at one point. Shearer has never been considered in the same breath as the aforementioned. Shearer was better over a longer period of time, no doubt, but Owen was so much better at his peak. Obviously had pace, but incredible movement off the ball, exceptional first touch, unbelievable finisher, and had so many memorable moments at such important times. And in his one season with Real Madrid, he had the best goals to minutes ratio in the whole of La Liga. I thought Shearer was a fantastic player and a true legend, but his peak was nowhere near Owen's peak. I think people forget just how a player he was before his injury issues.

  • A C
    A C Month ago

    Shearer compared to owen not comparison really...once Owen's pace had gone that's was it he never adapted to losing his pace. After Shearer had his knee trouble he came back a better striker because he adapted for losing some pace but Owen's game was all pace.. Owen's book is good but not a true reflection on his time at Newcastle

  • ClintWestmetal88
    ClintWestmetal88 Month ago

    It's incredible how many people seem to forget just how consistently good Shearer was for years and years.

  • William Davies
    William Davies Month ago

    Michael Owen is a complete cunt , case closed .

  • Martin L
    Martin L Month ago

    I bought his book and 100 pages in it’s just look at me and how strong mentally

  • imronaldo1985
    imronaldo1985 Month ago

    If I was Shearer, Owen would not be alive today!!

  • Bill Warby
    Bill Warby Month ago

    I like BG passion but his swearing is not even warranted. Is he biased?? Too right he is

  • simon lambert
    simon lambert Month ago

    Typical jawdee up shearers arse. Apparently thats a thing jawdees like

  • Adam Sniff
    Adam Sniff Month ago

    Fuckin fat get

  • Scott Thompson
    Scott Thompson Month ago +2

    Michael Owen was finished at EPL even before he arrived Newcastle?
    Didn't he won EPL with Man United after Newcastle? Explain that.

    • Scott Thompson
      Scott Thompson 25 days ago

      @eoin foster Scored an important goal against Man City.

    • eoin foster
      eoin foster 27 days ago

      He barely played when United won the league😂

  • paul newton
    paul newton Month ago

    Shearer all the time, Owen's a cunt

  • Michael Parkinson
    Michael Parkinson Month ago

    Close call between on their best day who was the best, but not at all a close call to say over the course of a season, shearer in his best years was consistent game after game, home and away, never failed to show and his timing into to six yard box better. In addition to goal scoring could lead the line and hold the ball up, shearer has been the best England striker since the 70’s. He won Blackburn the title, and gained European qualification for Newcastle on a number of occasions.

  • Cap't Toffee
    Cap't Toffee Month ago

    Owen is just a cunt.

  • Ashtral
    Ashtral Month ago

    You sound butthurt

  • James Spence
    James Spence Month ago

    Where'd ya get ya T shirt the white one with the Toon tops on?