• Published on Sep 7, 2019
    Stormzy Management: Tobe Onwuka / Ayesha Dunn-Lorde
    Stormzy Styling & Costume: Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe
    Stormzy Grooming: Maria Comparetto / Laura Barrow
    Stormzy Hair: Slider Cuts
    Thanks to Allyas, Omari, Sir Spyro, MIST, Flippz, Rimes, Merms, Jermaine, Ellz, Vinny, Leon, Worm, Mark, Skaps, Smiler, Rhys, Jordan, Benny and Guv
    Video Commissioners: Dan Curwin / Jacqueline Eyewe
    Production Company: Caviar
    Director Henry Scholfield
    EP Daniella Manca
    EP (On Set) Polly Du Plessis
    2nd Unit EP Benedict Turnball
    Producer Nick Hayes
    PM Laura Thomas-Smith
    PC Natalie Steiner
    PA Chirolles Khalil/ Bwalya Newton
    DOP Kaname Onoyama
    Stedicam Matt Allsop
    1st AD Daniel Smith
    2nd AD Gabriel O’Donohoe
    3rd AD Oliver Falcon
    1st AC Michael Hobdel
    2nd AC Jomar O’Meally / Joshua Dadson
    2nd UNIT 1ST AC Pete Wade
    Drone OP Andrew Gillman
    Gaffer: Carolina Schmidtholstein
    2nd Unit Gaffer: Leo Naessens
    Location Scout/Manager: Andrew Gillman
    Offline Producer: Tatyana Alexandra
    Post Producer: Duncan Buxton
    Casting Director: Louise Collins
    Choreographer Shay Latukolan
    Art Director Liz El-Kahdi Brown
    2nd Unit Art Director Elena Isolini
    Casting Stylist Terri Higgins
    Cast Hair & Make-Up Karla Q Leon
    Editor Thomas Grove Carter @ TRIM Editing
    Colour Jonny Thorpe

    FACEBOOK: stormzyoffic...
    INSTAGRAM: stormzy
    TWITTER: Stormzy
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  • DìoXìdê
    DìoXìdê Day ago

    How have you not got more subscribers you are literally a god of rap

  • Jarrel Walcott
    Jarrel Walcott 2 days ago

    I have to say hey I've taken admiration of stormzy. Initially I wasn't too bothered as I'm from The Generation previous. But this guy why is the Beast of grime and music beyond the culture. .

  • fizz113
    fizz113 2 days ago

    Wasn't there a David Moyes version, featuring Moise Kean?

  • RockKnight 82443
    RockKnight 82443 4 days ago

    Great song my g

    SULLY NPT 4 days ago +2

    If it weren’t for BBK then there wouldn’t be this so BBK 🙏

  • Aion Clarke
    Aion Clarke 5 days ago


  • KultClassic Records Ltd

    Video is sick 👏🏼

  • InfiniteSafe
    InfiniteSafe 5 days ago


  • Uknown
    Uknown 5 days ago +2

    I feel bad for the camera man god damn he is good

  • chuckme0607
    chuckme0607 5 days ago +1

    whys it so slow???

  • Spoon Gee
    Spoon Gee 6 days ago


  • Sahota Beats
    Sahota Beats 6 days ago

    Heavy my bro

  • 111 222
    111 222 6 days ago

    Why only 9 mill?😥so sad

  • Pablo
    Pablo 6 days ago

    This guy is living in 2020 and we should be grateful for that

  • malikai Williams
    malikai Williams 7 days ago

    You. do. the. Maths 📓🖊

  • Mr. Night Sky
    Mr. Night Sky 8 days ago

    can someone recocgnise the quality of the music video, like the flow is moving with the song so perfectly

  • Asoki Minorato[Street Artist]

    Stormzy is at the top of my playlist, I'm American and he is the best rapper out there now

  • Mario Sansone
    Mario Sansone 9 days ago +1

    Niiiiice bro9!

  • Kasper From Denmark
    Kasper From Denmark 9 days ago +2

    The editing of this video is mad af man

  • Kasper From Denmark
    Kasper From Denmark 9 days ago +2

    Who's here after the wiley thing

  • Game Tech
    Game Tech 10 days ago +1

    Lukaku what are you doing here you should be in the INTER

    TECHADDICT 10 days ago

    No fancy cars
    No big houses
    No girls
    No money
    No job
    This is my current situation please help me and sub !

    EMMANUEL LEVEY 10 days ago +3

    this is actually so underrated

  • Angel Bowman
    Angel Bowman 10 days ago +11

    The bible: Train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it.

    Stormzy: Knows what he is doing.

  • gekkeredon
    gekkeredon 11 days ago


  • Ganster man Batman123
    Ganster man Batman123 12 days ago

    Rude boii u do the maths❄❄❄

  • NSM Films
    NSM Films 12 days ago

    KSI vs STORMZY boxing match

  • supercars northeast
    supercars northeast 15 days ago +1


    • Stan Evans
      Stan Evans 14 days ago

      supercars northeast big em up

  • TakeThatPs3
    TakeThatPs3 15 days ago

    Lukaku more focused on its rap career than on its football one

  • HJ H
    HJ H 15 days ago +2

    Cambridge missed a good student.

  • Leonard
    Leonard 16 days ago +2

    But why is this song not on Heavy Is The Head?

    • SAINT42
      SAINT42 12 days ago

      Leonard it doesn’t feet the sound he was going for in the album. This was just a single for all the grime fans that wanted a grime track after two years of not releasing music!

  • Zaid Al-Hindawi
    Zaid Al-Hindawi 16 days ago

    Is Stormzy actually pretending to act like Mr Skeng? Happy new year Stormzy

  • DaltonHoward 935
    DaltonHoward 935 17 days ago

    Why couldn’t he gone this hard in the LINKIN PARK good goodbye song?

  • The CV Shop Australia
    The CV Shop Australia 17 days ago

    Worst music ever made.

    • Supa Spectre
      Supa Spectre 15 days ago +2

      You could do a lot better, couldn't you? I forgot, you're a degenerate, so you won't get what I'm doing here.

  • The CV Shop Australia
    The CV Shop Australia 17 days ago

    Too many blacks in pop culture. They are only 3.5 per cent of England's population and 3 per cent of the UK's population.

    • Theo
      Theo 13 days ago +1

      Oh shut up.

    • Supa Spectre
      Supa Spectre 15 days ago +1

      Is there a problem with that?

  • Thomas Marrujo
    Thomas Marrujo 19 days ago

    Not looking for fire, looking for upliftment of the culture melanin brother!

  • FlapjackTv
    FlapjackTv 20 days ago

    i like uk rappers cause they don't say the n word every 5 fuckin seconds in a song

  • Marsha johnston Menehan

    He’s Aw man and more 💋♥️

  • drako tv official
    drako tv official 21 day ago

    Truth hurts bro

  • Skelly
    Skelly 21 day ago +2

    Y ain’t this on the album it’s fire

  • Member's Only
    Member's Only 22 days ago +1

    I swear ta fak If see another fuckin tiktok ad I'm gonna shuv ma fuckin phone up my fuckin arse

  • Wozzatron 2711
    Wozzatron 2711 22 days ago +1

    although hes got a big following I think this guy should be taylor swift level famous e.g 20 mil + on each vid

  • Very hard Lad
    Very hard Lad 22 days ago


  • Danielle-Louise
    Danielle-Louise 22 days ago


  • kevin denovan
    kevin denovan 22 days ago +1

    Take aim,bring your A-game,stay up late,play till the a.m/cos I came to cause chaos n mayhem,

  • Juan Carlos Perez
    Juan Carlos Perez 23 days ago


  • Onijinn
    Onijinn 24 days ago

    Why does this have under 10mill views?

  • Juan Carlos Perez
    Juan Carlos Perez 24 days ago

    Respect to all my UK niggas !!! But y’all really think y’all can duck with Gangsta Gibbs😏😏😏😏

    A TOP BOSS 24 days ago


  • Brieen
    Brieen 24 days ago

    Still ain’t a backup dancer

  • friend to friends bossdarko

    This is better

  • Tshegofatso Mabuela
    Tshegofatso Mabuela 25 days ago

    my man you killed the song

  • Dry English Salim
    Dry English Salim 26 days ago

    Check out my Freestyle to this song on👇🏽👇🏽
    Own it freestyle coming soon

  • bigg smizzoke
    bigg smizzoke 26 days ago

    Why is this not on the album

  • Director of the Notification Squad

    His music videos are the true hits.

  • chescarino
    chescarino 26 days ago

    leng tings

  • Julie Bartlett
    Julie Bartlett 27 days ago

    Yeah 8 6 it was a bit but he was just a bit but I will get back to you about the 8 8 57 and 6 on 8 and hope

  • Casper's Eagles
    Casper's Eagles 28 days ago

    I liked his music before, but recently, I have become a fan.
    Love big Mike! 🇬🇧

  • mikail aslam
    mikail aslam 28 days ago

    you the best big man

  • marshmello
    marshmello 29 days ago