Don't Plummet to the Ground! | Rope Cut Challenge!


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  • T. Metz
    T. Metz 12 hours ago

    I know this video came out quite sometime ago, but I still find it funny that when Bobby said to name a western movie, the first one Jfred thought if was Brokeback Mountain XD

  • Lim Boon Chong
    Lim Boon Chong 13 hours ago

    Can you do part 2??? Bryan:slime Kyle:coloured water Joey:baby food PLS READ DIS AND PIN ME! And LOVE ME!!! Pls do it for the fans!!!

  • Hailey & Lillie
    Hailey & Lillie 23 hours ago

    I wish he would have fell in syrup

  • roblox whit blanca

    Wow my favorite color is white and my name is white lol

  • Kawaii Potato Bean XD

    I died at 8:56

  • Kawaii Potato Bean XD

    7:32 when I see a hot guy

  • Kawaii Potato Bean XD

    I love pickles so that would be my dream

  • Kawaii Potato Bean XD

    4:58 Me when I fight with my sister lol

  • Kawaii Potato Bean XD

    0:56 so deep

  • Evan Saucedo
    Evan Saucedo Day ago


  • Devil Darling
    Devil Darling Day ago

    I think Kyle is the best! He is so funny. ;3;

  • braverywalker69
    braverywalker69 Day ago

    I wanted to see joey splash in that syrup

  • Xin Geng
    Xin Geng 2 days ago


  • Hector Mejia
    Hector Mejia 2 days ago

    Ok πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘πŸ½

  • Lelarose 03
    Lelarose 03 2 days ago

    I would want pickles tbh because when I’m close to the bottom just start eating some lol πŸ˜‚

  • Juan Concepcion
    Juan Concepcion 2 days ago

    jfred is awesome

  • Juan Concepcion
    Juan Concepcion 2 days ago

    bryan and bobby are ugly

  • Gavin Plays
    Gavin Plays 2 days ago

    Bobby is my favorite

  • daily content123
    daily content123 2 days ago

    My name is actually bryan

  • Omeilia johnson
    Omeilia johnson 2 days ago

    U got this from ellen

  • Ready For Films/Googolplex Plaza Animation

    This is a perfect example of a bunch of middle aged men trying not to let go. This is a disgrace to the world

  • BasicSnooze
    BasicSnooze 3 days ago

    Pickles are nasty? Tf, I would gladly fall in.

  • Hbomb 2020
    Hbomb 2020 3 days ago

    I support the devils

  • Edurdo Soto
    Edurdo Soto 3 days ago

    i Lave ir

  • Aubrey Dowless
    Aubrey Dowless 3 days ago

    These types of videos are my favorite

  • Dude I'm a dog
    Dude I'm a dog 3 days ago

    I wouldn't mind the syrup one I would want to be dropped into that

  • King Doge
    King Doge 3 days ago

    Bald person thats famous steve harvy

  • Xx Malplays xX
    Xx Malplays xX 3 days ago


  • minecraft player minecraft

    That is crazy what you doing what you doing you crazy

  • Jadyn Dew
    Jadyn Dew 3 days ago

    "dude your a tool" *screaming*

  • Vloggie The Queen
    Vloggie The Queen 4 days ago

    I want to be there too! Actually no. Wait hey sure! Love it!

  • Hello Kearns
    Hello Kearns 4 days ago

    When brian fell hehe i kept replaying it

  • Unicornsarereal Woo
    Unicornsarereal Woo 4 days ago

    What kind of laugh is that 10:05

  • Amy Martin
    Amy Martin 4 days ago +1

    The baby and the adult I ne is incorrect babies have more lines than an adult

    I child that knows more than an adult

  • MWbeast 9
    MWbeast 9 4 days ago

    You should do a bounngiejump

  • Emistry
    Emistry 4 days ago

    9:21 Hey, woo.

  • Paige Clark
    Paige Clark 4 days ago

    This is my favorite vidio so far

  • Blake Connell
    Blake Connell 4 days ago

    I now dat when I was 7

  • Wave
    Wave 4 days ago

    I didn’t think joey would win

  • jon rob
    jon rob 5 days ago

    love your vids

  • Wolfie Twirly
    Wolfie Twirly 5 days ago

    Id be happy to fall in pickels they taste good

  • chris brannon
    chris brannon 5 days ago +1

    You shoud leav the 5 ropes and if they get it wrong cut all five ropes

    • Dra Lettu
      Dra Lettu 4 days ago

      Thats the same than putting one rope

  • Nathaniel Holt
    Nathaniel Holt 5 days ago


  • Angel Potatoes
    Angel Potatoes 5 days ago

    The pickle one is not that bad ...XD

  • justgreg -_-
    justgreg -_- 5 days ago +1

    9:00 that laugh tho

  • Arturogachaboy Of gachagods

    What that smell πŸŒͺπŸŒͺ

  • Dyno mite
    Dyno mite 5 days ago

    Please do this agagin

  • #catto army
    #catto army 5 days ago

    The maple syrup would be the worst

  • wolf 77
    wolf 77 5 days ago


  • Vqlox x
    Vqlox x 5 days ago


  • Gacha _lover Yay
    Gacha _lover Yay 5 days ago


  • Jennifer Ng
    Jennifer Ng 5 days ago

    Actually Mable syrup not that bad

  • Candy Wolf
    Candy Wolf 6 days ago

    Breathe my hair? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Jimmy  Perez
    Jimmy Perez 6 days ago

    9:00 that laugh tho

  • BlueDaddy
    BlueDaddy 6 days ago

    I'd eat the pickles lmfao

  • James Dodman
    James Dodman 6 days ago

    I want to do this with it around my neck

  • James Dodman
    James Dodman 6 days ago

    It looks like poo

  • Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson 6 days ago

    (Talks to goldfish)
    yyyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh I think he’s finally gone insane

  • Dom's Animations
    Dom's Animations 6 days ago

    Pickles are fine

  • Alyanna and Troy Fordham

    Maybe someone didn't put deodorant

  • Silke GachaPotato
    Silke GachaPotato 6 days ago

    I want to fall into maple syrup tbh

  • david phillips
    david phillips 6 days ago

    A sower went out to sow his seed: and as he sowed, some fell by the way side; and it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it.And some fell upon a rock; and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture.And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it.And other fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bare fruit an hundredfold. And when he had said these things, he cried, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

  • Yungz
    Yungz 6 days ago

    Jump in vegimite

  • Vloggrl Nii
    Vloggrl Nii 6 days ago +1

    Pickles aren’t bad I might fall in it and eat some pickles

  • A Geek and A Crohnie

    I could of worse things to be dropped into. I guess you gotta keep it PG πŸ˜‚

  • DullBaby
    DullBaby 6 days ago +4

    He shouldnt have been dropped because it also said cinnamon πŸ™„

  • Jayden CLARK
    Jayden CLARK 6 days ago

    703 someone farts

  • Lyndsie Burnett
    Lyndsie Burnett 6 days ago

    And also he could have said Django for the western movie I know it’s a slave movie but it’s still western also like if you’ve seen Django

  • Lyndsie Burnett
    Lyndsie Burnett 6 days ago

    Does anybody else like his smooth an deeep voice? Only me? Ok... :(

  • Dragon adge 78987
    Dragon adge 78987 6 days ago

    I love you guys

  • CJ Zap
    CJ Zap 6 days ago

    Every like I will add a πŸ¦„
    I will start when you like

  • add cool
    add cool 6 days ago

    I d o n ' t d o t h i s k i n d a s t u f f

  • Aquarius Opica
    Aquarius Opica 7 days ago

    the thumbnail is making me anxious ;-;

  • LunaTheWolf
    LunaTheWolf 7 days ago

    I’m selling timestamps to β€œPickle Feet” each costs one like

  • Robert Conner
    Robert Conner 7 days ago

    Who else wants to fall in each one, one by one, mouth open...

  • Zack Cox
    Zack Cox 7 days ago +2

    Right before it said Sponsored by What's that smell, I farted

  • Deadjives
    Deadjives 7 days ago

    What happens if you wear the upsidown goggles upsidown

  • Cute Llama Rama
    Cute Llama Rama 7 days ago

    Dude your a tool. OOOOOOOH

  • Sandra Tadros
    Sandra Tadros 7 days ago

    I love team edge, they make me laugh no matter what!πŸ₯°

  • mr. mittens is cool
    mr. mittens is cool 7 days ago

    Have a good time dying

  • Tarynletsplay24
    Tarynletsplay24 7 days ago +1

    Oh my thins seems crazy i would never want to do this

  • ShadowFurryOfficial
    ShadowFurryOfficial 7 days ago

    aww i cant even plummet to my death anymore thanks for ruining my plans

  • Leia Carey
    Leia Carey 7 days ago +2

    I would have been eating that stuff while waiting

  • Huckleberry Gainer
    Huckleberry Gainer 7 days ago

    Nice video

  • Cat luver Mary
    Cat luver Mary 7 days ago

    I like live in Florida (Florida means the flowers in blooming) : pppp

  • Nevaeh Lockington
    Nevaeh Lockington 7 days ago

    Kyle though🀣🀣🀣🀣

    SALAH SHARIF 7 days ago

    Scroll Quickly

    SALAH SHARIF 7 days ago


  • Galaxy Cat
    Galaxy Cat 7 days ago

    I think I like Kyle more than Bobby

  • Myah phillips
    Myah phillips 7 days ago

    7;20! hwo does he even know that??????????????!???!?!?!?!??!?!????!!!!?!?!?!?!?

  • Memuna Mansaray
    Memuna Mansaray 7 days ago

    i’m rlly surprised no one pushed joey in the syrup

  • Myah phillips
    Myah phillips 7 days ago

    1;25 me when i try to dab

  • Nora TheYoutubefanatic

    Honestly if u fell in pickles I wouldn’t be mad πŸ˜‚I love pickles

  • Ryan Van Langen
    Ryan Van Langen 7 days ago

    I had the best day
    1. Woke up
    2. Got a hedgehog
    3. Got a new I phone x
    But sadly it went 3 2 1

  • Ian Henson
    Ian Henson 7 days ago

    is ryan graffin your camera man

  • Kassandra Ramirez
    Kassandra Ramirez 7 days ago

    If you like your fans pin this comment.

  • MosesGamingLBTM
    MosesGamingLBTM 7 days ago

    I thought the black stuff was ink

  • Adriel Centeno
    Adriel Centeno 7 days ago

    Hi team edge I just broke my arm it would make me feel better if you gave me a shoutout

  • Jenny Mao - Castle Oaks PS (1496)

    Rip Brian