How to Use Manchester United on FIFA 20

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Manchester United's form has been mixed in real life, but in FIFA 20, they can be lethal if you follow our top tips.
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  • JournaIiste
    JournaIiste 3 days ago

    Someone please show this video to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

  • Nitesh Kumar
    Nitesh Kumar 5 days ago

    I think the best to use as central defenders in FIFA20 are bailly and Lindelof because I tried mcguire and he is good at tackling but honestly if there's a striker of the opponent who got a good speed then its very difficult to make him run after the player and mostly he's tackle in the penalty area is rily bad... I don't know maybe am wrong but personally thats what i have experienced so far.

  • vatsalya singh
    vatsalya singh 6 days ago

    I cracked so hard when he said "Jesse Lingard is the key to this setup" I wish it was true in real life lol

  • Alvin The Savage
    Alvin The Savage 7 days ago

    Nbs Ole should use them in real life these work!!!

    ILLNESS TROLLZ 8 days ago

    man u is the best team to use in fifa 20 if u know how to use them right period

  • Veshaylennn. x
    Veshaylennn. x 8 days ago +1

    The only time lingard is actually useful.

  • Friendly neighborhood Spidey

    no that hard ....u jus lose every single game then you are man utd

  • Useless
    Useless 9 days ago

    As he often does in real life lingard does bollocks all and should really leave

  • Pieter S
    Pieter S 17 days ago

    How to Use Manchester United on FIFA 20? Don't.

  • Derrick Ansong
    Derrick Ansong 19 days ago

    Can someone send this video to ole

    BOMBA GAMER 26 days ago

    I only came here because I’m starting a United career mode 😆

  • Matthew Gale
    Matthew Gale 26 days ago

    I'm using these tactics i have just started a united career mode. First Match United 4 - 1 Chelsea , United 3 - Wolves 3 , United 3 - Palace 2 . in January to Fit these Tactics i am signing Ruben Dias Cb 82 Rated , Jadon Sancho 84 winger , and Heung Min Son 87 Lw striker . Getting Eriksen on free aswell

  • Alpha Evo
    Alpha Evo 28 days ago

    Please do this for Liverpool

  • Ghost Necoks
    Ghost Necoks 28 days ago

    How to use Spurs please

  • Jay Cartwright
    Jay Cartwright Month ago

    5-2-3 Pogba mcsauce then James martial and rashford

  • MrCarline
    MrCarline Month ago

    Quick answer: Don’t
    From a united fan

  • Amy Zheng
    Amy Zheng Month ago

    Hit home, exit the game and go to sleep, thats how we use United

  • Alex Monteiro
    Alex Monteiro Month ago

    Can't use Man Utd in this years game because the goalkeeper kit is so fucking dreadful and shite that it genuinely unsettles me

  • Uhunga Kalla
    Uhunga Kalla Month ago

    Am I the only one who never starts all heir fastest players?
    I choose a 4-3-3 with Utd, using Rashford and Lingard on the wings, and Fred, Pogba and McTominay in the middle. James comes on from 65th-75th min as a super sub, depending on whether I'm losing or level.

  • perfectdiver1
    perfectdiver1 Month ago

    Lingard can fuck right off. Even in FIFA.

  • Lukas Schalcher
    Lukas Schalcher Month ago

    What happens if I want to switch lingard and buy someone else

    • Joel Sletten
      Joel Sletten Month ago

      switch lingard with a comparable player. not a dybala but a fast energetic attacking midfielder

  • Ralph Kanye
    Ralph Kanye Month ago

    Try 4-4-2 with Martial and Sanchez/Lingard/Greenwood up front... Defending (Balance) Attacking (Balance/Counterattack)... James and Rashford got mad speed at the wings and Spiderman is fantastic. I ❤️ united

  • christopher millar
    christopher millar Month ago

    Play me and I'll debunk your diamond with an 4-4-2 :)

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    Why would ever in the first place?

  • peek
    peek Month ago

    do one for spurs please 👍

  • Farid BELLO
    Farid BELLO Month ago


  • thebencosta
    thebencosta Month ago

    Please show this video to Ole and the team..! We need to see that in real time.. !! United should fearable and rise again!! 📛⚫🔴

  • Michał Felc
    Michał Felc Month ago

    Barcelona please tactics

  • Carl Njeke
    Carl Njeke Month ago

    Use the team on Legendary difficulty then see if you'll get the same results

  • Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector

    To use United in FIFA, you cannot use Maguire. His lack of pace is evident and he gets mugged off by most strikers with any sort of pace.

    • Makhdoom Shabir
      Makhdoom Shabir Month ago

      Bailly-Lindelof works much better

    • Farid BELLO
      Farid BELLO Month ago

      Like Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, Quick Aubameyang

    • mirciap
      mirciap Month ago +1

      I like Maguire for his physicality

    • Thankgilo Ekeolisa
      Thankgilo Ekeolisa Month ago

      Yea I pair up baily and lindelof...both have strength a little bit pace

  • Nana Danso
    Nana Danso Month ago

    We just lost to Watford fam

    ILLUMINATHAN79 Month ago

    You don’t have to be good on a football pitch these days. You just need alot of likes on Twitter.

  • Magnus Doktor
    Magnus Doktor Month ago

    legit thought this was a joke hahahah

  • Mohammad Ahmed-Ali
    Mohammad Ahmed-Ali Month ago +1

    If ur playing online seasons this the team to go with been using Man U for years now

  • mohd firdaus daus
    mohd firdaus daus Month ago


  • King T’Chala85
    King T’Chala85 Month ago +3

    Lingard will never be vital in any United side.

  • Rocky Rampersad
    Rocky Rampersad Month ago

    How to use Manchester United on Fifa 20. Leave Lingard on the bench.

  • sarbajit hazra
    sarbajit hazra Month ago +1

    Do this for madrid

  • Demon
    Demon Month ago +3

    France are the best team in the game. Mbappe upfront with coman and greizman either side with pogba as a number 10 they are too deadly

    • Hamid Osmanov
      Hamid Osmanov Month ago

      Amazonbargains yeah exactly I guess everyone has different tactics and yours is similar to mine lol

    • Hamid Osmanov
      Hamid Osmanov Month ago

      Demon grizz was good as rw when he had more pace in fifa 19, he is now more usefull in cam as his pace is not that much but hass op shooting and passing attributes, and dembele and coman are rapid af on the wings.

    • Amazonbargains
      Amazonbargains Month ago +1

      Hamid Osmanov that’s right bro, dembele may not be doing anything rn but in the game u gotta use him. He’s a beast outside and doesn’t even know what weak foot is lol

    • Demon
      Demon Month ago

      Na griezman is dangerous on the right wen he cuts in hes got a left foot on him. Pogba number 10 is unbeatable. Got every attribute

    • Hamid Osmanov
      Hamid Osmanov Month ago +1

      Demon more like mbappe up front coman on the left dembele on the right grizz as cam and pogba and kante as cdm

  • yungzor
    yungzor Month ago +17

    Send this to Ole and watch them win the league 😂😂

    • JBB MFC
      JBB MFC Month ago +1

      @Rea it was a joke you dickhead

    • Rea
      Rea Month ago

      yungzor aight lets calm it on winning the league you lot can’t even make top 4🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Gary The Snail
    Gary The Snail Month ago

    Lots of pace and pogba. That's why I use France aswell. and De Gea ofc for utd. LINGARD IS TOO GOOD IN FIFA SO UNREALISTIC

  • tchoong89
    tchoong89 Month ago

    Why is fifa 2020 gameplay still so simple?

  • Joahua
    Joahua Month ago +4

    Why you letting everyone know! I been bullying. People for a few months now there gonna do it to me 🤦‍♂️

  • Nesky Sleek
    Nesky Sleek Month ago

    This is already my best team on fifa...their counter is unbelievable and having 2dms in scotty and matic or pogba just gives you that defensive threat and all the fact that they win first balls....I just can't seem to concede with this team ....if only they were this good irl😂😂😂😂

  • stephen bolger
    stephen bolger Month ago

    Lingard is key, totally unrealistic from real life so

    • The Ultimatum
      The Ultimatum Month ago

      no, its actually very realistic. creating the most chances out of anyone on the pitch, running the most, pressuring the most, passing the most, everything.

  • Alex P
    Alex P Month ago +44

    If FIFA wants you to lose a game in career mode, ain’t any formation would help, period.

    • Farid BELLO
      Farid BELLO Month ago


    • JBB MFC
      JBB MFC Month ago

      Ultimate is too easy. Won the league with Bournemouth first season with 106 points, no losses, beat Liverpool 6:0 and city 5:1

    • RoG GameR
      RoG GameR Month ago +2

      I was playing career mode in world class difficulty and was losing games occasionally. But after a week it suddenly started to get easier to win (like winning 5-1 every game). I guess I will never understand fifa’s policy))

  • Alfarehzi Putra
    Alfarehzi Putra Month ago

    Pls do atalanta

  • Tekashi 6ix9ine
    Tekashi 6ix9ine Month ago +1

    0:57 complete lies

    • The Ultimatum
      The Ultimatum Month ago +1

      no, its not lies, its true. he creates the most chances, passes the most, maybe he doesn't score or assist but it's not everything.

  • Tekashi 6ix9ine
    Tekashi 6ix9ine Month ago

    0.57 complete lies

  • Tekashi 6ix9ine
    Tekashi 6ix9ine Month ago

    Defo playing on beginner

  • United We Stand
    United We Stand Month ago

    Not joke I love using my team sooooo much just because of how smooth fifa 20 is mixed with the pacyness of Manchester United is just 🤤

  • athhari zaki
    athhari zaki Month ago +3

    he plays the game on amateur difficulty

  • sayyam nasir
    sayyam nasir Month ago +9

    FIFA 20's grass looks soo cartoonish , the last FIFA to have the best day time graphics was FIFA 17, that one was great

  • Bradley Tomkins
    Bradley Tomkins Month ago +2

    How to use Manchester United
    Pass and play 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Jutimala Bhattacharyya

    Can I use pogba in place of lingard and have fred and Scottie as cdms?

  • Memories
    Memories Month ago

    Forget united. This Football looks so small ..looks like cricket ball than football

  • Abhinav Loomba
    Abhinav Loomba Month ago

    4 2 3 1 works on any team in FIFA tbh with full backs instructions as overlap runs during attack

  • silloweet
    silloweet Month ago

    Fifa tactics don't do anything lol

  • Miles Emad
    Miles Emad Month ago +3

    This whole video should be one word


  • Afif Firdaus Wipayana
    Afif Firdaus Wipayana Month ago +34

    How many player use this club at career