Quality Control, Lil Baby, & DaBaby - "Baby" (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Aug 13, 2019
  • The official music video for Lil Baby & DaBaby - "Baby"
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    Music video by Quality Control, Lil Baby, DaBaby performing Baby. © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Wilson Hunt
    Wilson Hunt 4 hours ago

    Scarface the best movie of all time

  • Ben Pruitt
    Ben Pruitt 4 hours ago

    Smart ass taking out the trash 😂😂 to his boss😂😂

  • BlxcKing
    BlxcKing 5 hours ago

    Future or take off should make a remix to this

  • invade king
    invade king 5 hours ago +2

    Why does dababy look like Franklin in this

  • invade king
    invade king 5 hours ago +1

    Da baby ran circles around this dude lol

  • Brett Mitchell
    Brett Mitchell 6 hours ago

    You nasty

  • vXenca.1
    vXenca.1 7 hours ago

    " i got these bitches showing titties , I ain't throwing B's i pull these bitches weave "

  • Misha Vihristenko
    Misha Vihristenko 7 hours ago

    why this sound of the “cash register” 0:18 is not in the original version?

    ThATBoyKTK GANG 7 hours ago

    I'm happy the lyrics where here

  • ParZivaL
    ParZivaL 7 hours ago

    Just realised they tryed to make a scarface remake

  • XxFortniteYTxX4
    XxFortniteYTxX4 7 hours ago +1

    Sorry spelled it wrong

  • XxFortniteYTxX4
    XxFortniteYTxX4 7 hours ago +1

    Da baby look at your instergram

  • TeviS
    TeviS 8 hours ago

    the scarface reference is dope

  • Anthony Garza
    Anthony Garza 8 hours ago

    Two types of babies in this world,
    mumble and clear

    SON KANSHI 9 hours ago

    This is scarface lol I seen that movie 100 times I can see that they where there idea came from

  • WHO_AM_I
    WHO_AM_I 9 hours ago +1

    wow! babies made baby....maybe they should make a song called diapers

    anyone else agree?🙋‍♂️

  • 2018 580-2 Huracan
    2018 580-2 Huracan 9 hours ago

    Ayyy Miami Beach, I’ve been in the road prob like 1 million times

  • Legion LegacyDMK
    Legion LegacyDMK 12 hours ago +1

    Lil Baby got one of the best hooks of 2019

  • Mehmet Çiçek
    Mehmet Çiçek 12 hours ago

    2:43 😍😍😍

  • Vieanie Cinzah
    Vieanie Cinzah 15 hours ago


  • DJShawtySwagVEVO
    DJShawtySwagVEVO 16 hours ago

    About Time

  • BigBoi
    BigBoi 17 hours ago

    Really enjoyed the Scarface Reenactment in this video. Baby out here putting in work

  • K S
    K S 21 hour ago

    Beat is hella good

  • Andrew Desantos
    Andrew Desantos 21 hour ago

    I like how subtitles came out 😂

  • dijon the digger
    dijon the digger 22 hours ago

    Let's trick them this is based on the new GTA MISSION

  • Jocelyn Shields
    Jocelyn Shields 23 hours ago

    This song is lit

  • Jonathan Bush
    Jonathan Bush 23 hours ago


  • J Niko
    J Niko Day ago


  • KoalaZZ
    KoalaZZ Day ago

    Might be me but I like lil baby's voice form going bad more than this one.

  • surya laxmi
    surya laxmi Day ago

    Put the flag which country your from
    Am from suriname

  • Lord Mejia 400
    Lord Mejia 400 Day ago

    babies would've been better

  • King chayvionne Godsent

    Boss baby carried Lil baby on this one

  • King chayvionne Godsent

    Yea ight on da huggies

  • Good Vibes
    Good Vibes Day ago +1

    "I tell that Bitch to shut up, ya bout fo fuck ma nut up"

    Damn, thats deep

  • Genny McBride
    Genny McBride Day ago

    I love this. Song love Lil baby and dababy

  • Jasia Smith
    Jasia Smith Day ago

    cant front dababy can rap and his voice fire besides that wack ass name lol

  • HamiltonOW
    HamiltonOW Day ago

    did anyone get dexter vibes when they killed the dude with all the plastic on da walls

  • Aiden Matthews
    Aiden Matthews Day ago

    "Shout out my label that's me
    I'm in this birch with tb
    I'm in this bitch 4trey
    I just poured up me a 8
    Real nigga all in my face"
    Only real lil baby fans will know what I'm talking about.

    GAME TRICKS Day ago +2

    This how many times lil baby and da baby sead baby

  • K Young
    K Young Day ago

    love it!! matabella tootie fruity in my chris tucker voice.lol

  • RealestGuyInTheRoom

    This song sucks tbh. Lil Baby was wack thru the whole song

  • De yolked egg S
    De yolked egg S Day ago +1

    Producer: how much melody do you want

    Lil baby: no

  • ray lyons
    ray lyons Day ago

    Baby seems very drowsy, not sure I'd hire him to drive me about

  • Davis Gekala
    Davis Gekala Day ago


  • Aaron McBee
    Aaron McBee Day ago

    Ain’t da baby name his whole album baby on baby and diss the fuck out this guy? No reply and a feature?

  • Yacht
    Yacht Day ago

    кто нахуй

  • Iramis Glez
    Iramis Glez Day ago +1

    This is the same location the scar face movie was located same thing happened

  • Chris T
    Chris T Day ago +3

    I actually thought lil baby just snitched on DaBaby when he just got out the car with the money

  • بيبي 66 Baby
    بيبي 66 Baby Day ago +1


  • Donovan Artieta
    Donovan Artieta Day ago +1

    fire ass song

  • Jack Chellemi
    Jack Chellemi Day ago +1

    the best thing is this re-enactment of the scarface scene ain't even close to being as hard as the movie. That shit hard AF! "Chi Chi! Get the yayo!"

  • BlaaQ Hippie
    BlaaQ Hippie Day ago +1

    2:20 .. omgoshhhh somebody tell this to my manager!!!!! 😆😆😆😆 Facts!!!

  • Monarae Memoirs The Mood

    I deadass was ready to start popping popcorn...

  • marie goins
    marie goins Day ago +8

    R.i.p Bankroll fresh show em how to do it 🤑🤮👣👁💪🏿

  • Erick Davis
    Erick Davis Day ago

    Da baby if im a dog then she a flee my nigga💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

    IAM RAYA Day ago


  • Jude Taylor
    Jude Taylor Day ago

    Damn that nigga baby ain’t think twice about the fuckin job was🤣

  • Seth Robinson
    Seth Robinson Day ago +2

    Only people under 30 are going

  • Mekhi constantine


  • Terrence John
    Terrence John Day ago

    Scar face♨