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  • Published on Jan 27, 2019
  • Establish civilization.
    And watch it fall apart in a sea of magma.
    1. Download Dwarf Fortress: www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=126076
    2. Learn Dwarf Fortress: df-walkthrough.readthedocs.io/en/latest/chapters/chap01-setup-starting.html

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    I couldn't record everything, so some of the background footage is sourced from several prolific DF youtubers. Check them out. They're very informative.
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  • C. Contrafactum
    C. Contrafactum Day ago +1

    way to rip off Kruggsmash video lmao

  • save file corrupted
    save file corrupted 2 days ago

    How can we be sure this guy wasn't just playing a game of mad libs for the entire video?

  • Savor The Robot
    Savor The Robot 6 days ago

    I tried to play but my people couldn’t find water. Turns out it was all frozen...
    I was just gonna drink booze instead but sick people really need water.

  • Will B.
    Will B. 7 days ago

    ow my shoulda

  • Vex
    Vex 7 days ago +1

    10:21 e621 tabs, nice

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan 8 days ago

    Good too see funny jew man now about fast raper Tupac make best rap song for great Serbia

  • F0r3m4n
    F0r3m4n 8 days ago

    this game is better than rimworld.

  • Darth Sauron
    Darth Sauron 8 days ago

    Vegeta is able to use the destructo disk. He used it to sever the tail of Gohan, when he awakened to a giant ape.
    ...I think.

  • Johnathon Floto
    Johnathon Floto 8 days ago

    I want more stories

  • KoivuTheHab
    KoivuTheHab 9 days ago +1

    Impossible to follow, terrible video.

  • 1MantisPhoenix
    1MantisPhoenix 10 days ago

    You are actually hilarious. Comedy is your undertone.

  • Captin Jackass
    Captin Jackass 10 days ago


  • HArp De DArp Dooweee
    HArp De DArp Dooweee 10 days ago

    I wish I was in a constant power struggle against a horde of InCase goblins, if ya know wut I mean

  • Dylan Anderson
    Dylan Anderson 11 days ago

    I would play with the lazy newb pack, but it just doesn't work on my computer.

  • Low Quality Memes 4 A Reasonable Price

    Will I finally be able to get this game, because of better graphics? I HOPE SO!!

  • Bass-D C
    Bass-D C 12 days ago +1

    Wait ... you killed the king, became the new king and spread rumors that you killed the previous king, but the people did not believe it?
    Not gonna lie: that sounds HILLARIOUS.

  • snakezulu7
    snakezulu7 13 days ago

    5:16 BEAUTIFUL

  • Shinjutsu
    Shinjutsu 14 days ago

    None of the download links seem to work. I can get to the page you linked but from there on no links would work to download it. A little help but be much appreciated as google seem to not want to help me here.

  • DeltaDrag00n
    DeltaDrag00n 15 days ago

    i liked the fallout mod they have in it was fun scraping things and making junk bots to do my dirty work

  • Sputnik
    Sputnik 15 days ago +3

    Every Dwarf Fortress game ends like a Metalocalypse episode ends. An insane domino effect of gore and death

    MR.MANTEQUILLA 98 16 days ago

    Now i really wanna play dwarf fortress

  • Desert Dweller Longplays

    i thought the horseshoe crab man joke was a joke but it wasn't a joke, anything but a joke in fact.

  • chavzone
    chavzone 16 days ago

    What is the music at the end?

  • Cruye
    Cruye 18 days ago +2

    > InCase
    A see you are a man of culture aswell

    • Zero Omega2100
      Zero Omega2100 14 days ago

      That bastards art has single handedly made me wanna breed some goblin girls and vera

  • saba tsitlauri
    saba tsitlauri 18 days ago

    Was that Warcraft dwarf?

  • Moist Tony
    Moist Tony 19 days ago

    Shortly before watching this I tried to ride my girlfriends dildo with no lube. Bad time.

  • Animciak
    Animciak 20 days ago

    this like poor version of Rimworld xd

  • Nanien
    Nanien 21 day ago +1

    Loved the Junji Ito comic panels, nice reference to good horror. :D

  • Belltower Subductions

    I would use a tileset, but after years of playing with the default Ascii, I find it easier to play with a bunch of letters, numbers, and lines than with actual sprites. This is what Dwarf Fortress does to people.

  • brad potts
    brad potts 22 days ago

    what happened to the kobold king?

  • Masterzoroark 666
    Masterzoroark 666 22 days ago

    What is that music you used in the intro?

  • ZeroDefault
    ZeroDefault 22 days ago

    2:18 in the video the site dynasty reader is a doujin site and the book Sseth is looking at is about girls talking about dicks just dick no guys. In one chapter the girl took the guys dick while he is peing and showed to her friends.

    So its good

  • Whatever4690
    Whatever4690 23 days ago

    Shame it runs and looks like shit.

  • dodgeworld l
    dodgeworld l 23 days ago

    "You killed the king? all hail the new king!"
    5 mins later
    "You didn't kill the king you lying bastard, you are the king!"

  • Placed In Bronze
    Placed In Bronze 23 days ago

    thats My favourite video on TheXvid

  • qw3rtypounc3s
    qw3rtypounc3s 23 days ago

    3:54 bitch is that fuckin Incase art?

  • Everything Gaming
    Everything Gaming 25 days ago

    2 in game years and I’m suddenly in charge of 120 mentally depressed and psychotic dwarves who only stop killing each other when there are annoying bird things flying around or the occasional elf gets pissed at me for my never ending logging

  • PurrrmishunToDiez
    PurrrmishunToDiez 25 days ago +1

    one does not simply, go back when one experienced these 'traps'

    • MR AD
      MR AD 13 days ago

      @PurrrmishunToDiez yes they are very deadly....

    • PurrrmishunToDiez
      PurrrmishunToDiez 13 days ago

      @MR AD those traps could change any man

    • MR AD
      MR AD 14 days ago

      Indeed that is a dangerous very dangerous trap.

  • SpeedHacked
    SpeedHacked 25 days ago

    Uses random tilesets.
    Absolute madlad

  • Crazeenerd
    Crazeenerd 26 days ago +20

    7:19 Dwarf carves a sculpture of himself committing murder.
    7:22 Dwarf then proceeds to commit murder...
    Well that escalated quickly.

  • Rachel the Seeker
    Rachel the Seeker 27 days ago +1

    Oh fuck, that rating score took me a couple moments but was awesome. XD

  • Mazur12
    Mazur12 27 days ago

    Kto tłumaczy to złoto?

  • Shit Kicker
    Shit Kicker 28 days ago

    InCase i fap.

  • Radyachman Radyan
    Radyachman Radyan 28 days ago

    Wowee, did i saw autism cat?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 28 days ago

    what is the name of that song in the outro?

  • Reid Wallace
    Reid Wallace 28 days ago

    You know you are talking about dwarves when everything starts to get tame when you instal the DBZ mod.

  • Kalizschnite
    Kalizschnite 29 days ago +2

    The gachimuchi is beautiful.

  • Several Fighters
    Several Fighters Month ago +3

    Vegeta is totally lore friendly: Gray langur man werebeast.

  • Several Fighters
    Several Fighters Month ago +2

    9:07 While I'm not saying you stole that necromancer story from Kruggsmash, that footage sure a shit is.

  • Hobgob43
    Hobgob43 Month ago

    Oblivion review?

  • Mel Gibsokarton
    Mel Gibsokarton Month ago +1

    What's the zebra raptor manga page from?

  • Jackstalkerfear
    Jackstalkerfear Month ago

    To anyone who just landed upon this guys videos and has no idea what warhammer is, you best buckle up anyone who has anything in their name even closely resembling Tzeentch is a bastard that will have you doing loopdy loops around your loopdy loops. In the end you will be confused, amused, betrayed, bamboozled and feel outright violated. And then you will click on the next video because some part of you JUST NEEDS TO KNOW HOW DEEP THE RABBIT HOLE GOES!!!

  • Sam Vimes
    Sam Vimes Month ago

    6:12 a room full of traps, you say? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Artur Biskup
    Artur Biskup Month ago

    Were-zebra ;D

  • Viktor kölher
    Viktor kölher Month ago

    So I need to steal a nasa computer to play this game?

  • LichboysAreIn yeehaw
    LichboysAreIn yeehaw Month ago +1

    What tileset was that that made the game look like a pixel RPG? The one with the unique camera angle.

  • IOnceAteAPinecone
    IOnceAteAPinecone Month ago +3

    I wonder how many comments are about how Vegeta can't do instant transmission and can absolutely throw the kienzan

  • Peasant
    Peasant Month ago

    Please put me in the astolfo and felix trap room

  • Connor Tyler
    Connor Tyler Month ago

    I recognize the artist of those goblin pictures... I need to go rethink my life.

  • Jagielski Gaming
    Jagielski Gaming Month ago

    I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole.