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  • Published on Jan 27, 2019
  • Establish civilization.
    And watch it fall apart in a sea of magma.
    1. Download Dwarf Fortress: www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=126076
    2. Learn Dwarf Fortress: df-walkthrough.readthedocs.io/en/latest/chapters/chap01-setup-starting.html

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    I couldn't record everything, so some of the background footage is sourced from several prolific DF youtubers. Check them out. They're very informative.
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  • Mike Bison
    Mike Bison 13 hours ago

    Titty goblin? Yes.

  • Natalia Kruschev
    Natalia Kruschev Day ago +1

    If we look at 3:56, in a few seconds after that, we will see a goblin girl with purple lips. That's by the artist InCase. InCase draws traps getting fucked by chicks with dicks. I see Sseth is a man of culture.

  • Tii-ii12 Joeblow

    Subbed just for this

  • Brandon Lokison
    Brandon Lokison Day ago

    I haven't legit cried from laughter in a long time, oh my god, thank you

  • Rodrigo DM
    Rodrigo DM 2 days ago

    I'm so happy and honoured to hear the soundtrack of Battle For Middle Earth 2 I have no words

  • Imperiom
    Imperiom 2 days ago +2

    holyfuck !
    that LAST, LEGENDARY AXE DWARF ... survived ...

  • Kakeyio
    Kakeyio 2 days ago

    1:47 dead mouse in fan. fair enough found a dead mouse inside a old 1990s pioneers audio deck.

  • Nepeta Leijon
    Nepeta Leijon 3 days ago +2

    Did you just lump papa Joel in with katana neckbeards

  • Ben McCaulley
    Ben McCaulley 5 days ago

    One of my favorite autism games. Nothing rustles my jimmies more than spreadsheets and clunky interfaces

  • Kiritsugu Emiya
    Kiritsugu Emiya 6 days ago

    Feels like an exciting world

  • runicMechanist
    runicMechanist 7 days ago

    This review absolutely murdered me. I couldn't stop laughing. Vegeta killed me.

  • Vulkan
    Vulkan 7 days ago

    Skipped DansGame

  • Dejan Djordjevic
    Dejan Djordjevic 8 days ago

    02:35 I will set forth my 14 cousins on a quest to find 2Pac

  • Jake Richardson
    Jake Richardson 8 days ago

    WeirdChamp SKIP

  • Zaya
    Zaya 8 days ago

    8:39 does anyone know what game this is from?

  • Jack Bean Sock
    Jack Bean Sock 8 days ago +1

    Vegeta uses destrocto disk to cut off Gohan's tail in the Saiyan saga

  • Astro Tortoise
    Astro Tortoise 9 days ago +3

    Never played before but your stories made me die with laughter.
    Downloading it right now.

  • Kendrick Gomez
    Kendrick Gomez 10 days ago

    ive always wanted to play this fucking game but it’s so idk

  • Dawson H
    Dawson H 10 days ago

    Hey hey people. Sethf here.

  • Jairo
    Jairo 14 days ago

    This video getting over 1 M views and the game getting a Steam version seem like it is no coincidence.

  • Bane
    Bane 14 days ago

    Where can I get the swole horseshoe crab image

  • XZellTheBest
    XZellTheBest 15 days ago

    :( I use LNP just to set some parameters. ASCII only, no DFHack :(

  • miynt chipp
    miynt chipp 16 days ago +1

    Oh boy, was that some ODIN WOLF?

  • Vaint
    Vaint 16 days ago

    That score gained my sub

  • VaciliNikoMavich
    VaciliNikoMavich 16 days ago +1

    How do you kill someone indirectly with push ups? xD

  • Linkz
    Linkz 17 days ago

    lots of incase in this one. i support this.

  • Wyhiob Carlile
    Wyhiob Carlile 18 days ago +1

    If you review this game and gun just use footage from that one game that's like dwarf fortress button space rimworld

  • Retales
    Retales 18 days ago +1

    Galena, 251
    A wereass invades my fledgling fortress. My underdwarfed and novice militia, mostly unarmored and unarmed still, meet the foe outside. With a heavy price the heroes of Dipboulder manage to defeat the creature of the night. The wounded are carried into the hospital, the dead are laid to rest in rock salt coffins and the few lucky soldiers who managed to stay unharmed promptly go to the meeting hall for a drink.
    A few dead dwarves would've been relatively easy to recover from. Unfortunately though, the dwarves wounded by the frenzied Ass of Night now carry his were-curse. They transform into monsters within my fortress. In the hospital, in their bedrooms, in the meeting hall. The fortress is filled with carnage and screams of terror as the beasts tear the population into pieces. Even if a dwarf manages to survive the savage mauling from one of these monsters, they will then also be inflicted with the curse.
    Even with just a handful of dwarves left, Dipboulder will not be abandoned and given up to the forces of darkness. The survivors, those who have not succumbed to madness, wall themselves inside the medical ward. The doctor, the carpenter and the fisherdwarf who has several deep cuts and bite marks on his body...
    Months later, after the mentally ravaged dwarves have starved to death and the total population of the fortress has been reduced to just one fisherdwarf, migrants arrive to discover a scene worse than their most horrid nightmares. A fortress seemingly devoid of life, filled with torn apart corpses, hallways painted with blood, the miasma of rotting flesh permeating the air within and the vengeful dead haunting the living world having not been laid to rest properly. The newcomers are deeply and permanently traumatised, many beyond their breaking points. Some fall into depression, some are taken by melancholy, a few taken over by a berserk rage. Each bit of unhappiness further contributes to the overall atmosphere of misery.
    Word gets out of the misfortune the fortress has faced, but those courageous pioneers who brave the danger are met by a deeply scarred and devastated population. Arguments, abuse and even outright violence are everyday events among the population of Dipboulder. The wereass curse might be contained within the old, sealed-off hospital, but the inhabitants now carry a curse of misery of their own. All newcomers are eventually worn down by the negative atmosphere of the place and become angry, depressed and bitter, just waiting for more unfortunate souls to arrive and perpetuate the misery even further.
    9/10, could've gone worse

  • nicole joule deleon
    nicole joule deleon 20 days ago


  • Nathan Resendez
    Nathan Resendez 22 days ago +1

    I downloaded Dwarven Fortress and ummm.... how the fuck do I play this game!? Its been loading the "history" of my world for over an hour! The Dwarf drunkenly running my game passed out from pregaming mushroom wine too hard
    Edit: After loading the history of my world the game gave me an error and crashed

  • Garen Dillon
    Garen Dillon 22 days ago +1

    How do you kill a child with push ups

  • _ boi
    _ boi 22 days ago

    Sseth what's the tile sets you've used?

  • Bence Weszelovszky-Balogh

    1:02 HoMM3 Necro

  • Itsdangeroustosayyourrealnamegoogle

    Is it really that taxing on pc resources?

  • J F
    J F 24 days ago +2

    Traps aren't gay
    And the goblin artwork is by Incase. You're welcome

  • David Yeakle
    David Yeakle 25 days ago +5

    The Dwarf Fortress patch notes are literally more entertaining than most AAA games.

    • Meris
      Meris 2 days ago

      How so?

  • Subscribe To Barry
    Subscribe To Barry 25 days ago +1

    Holy shit you probably single handedly increased the number of people who tried DF by an irder if magnitude. If as many of them succeed as I expect, you've probably added one new person ti the fanbase.

  • Subscribe To Barry
    Subscribe To Barry 25 days ago

    I love you

  • Alain Eusebio
    Alain Eusebio 26 days ago

    The Samus hentai you hid behind the Intel logo at 1:29 tho

  • лабы физика lad

    Billy ;_;

  • Dabin Buh
    Dabin Buh 27 days ago

    Download dwarf fortress, start new kingdom, have absolutely no context for how game mechanics or hotkeys work, create demi God dwarven peasant woman, somehow dropped most of items before attacking my own family, from what I could gather I was punching people when I was attempting get more information on them, I continued this until our family home was full of bodies and I promptly destroyed the world to never be seen again

  • ObsidianKnight90
    ObsidianKnight90 27 days ago

    Hey Sseth, I love your videos but at 6:12 you implied certain fictional characters were 'traps'. The term trap is a slur. Transgender, non-binary, or otherwise gender nonconforming characters aren't deceiving others, they're presenting themselves the way they want to. Trap implies that they're trying to trick people (presumably men) into sex under false pretences. This is not true and joking about it only perpetuates a stereotype that does real, tangible harm to human beings. I know that your reviews aren't totally serious and are meant to be entertaining above all else but I would really appreciate it if you didn't use 'trap' in that manner in the future. Thank you.

  • Lord Boros
    Lord Boros 27 days ago

    I just wanna know where got them pics from

  • Epic Paul
    Epic Paul 27 days ago

    At 2:35 There's Some Interesting Imagery In The Background

  • Lord Touch Me
    Lord Touch Me 27 days ago +2

    I killed the king
    But you're... the king...
    *memory overflow*

  • Gruzuk
    Gruzuk 28 days ago +1

    The Danger Room full of "traps" made me laugh way more than expected. xD

  • Balin Fundin
    Balin Fundin 28 days ago

    What music was in the moment with cobold-king(8:50)?

  • Stop Watching-Me
    Stop Watching-Me 28 days ago

    Goblin sauce pls

  • Askeladd
    Askeladd 28 days ago

    this got me into the game. well done bud

  • Terra The Terrible
    Terra The Terrible 28 days ago

    3:53 I know where that is from and I'm telling mom

  • Oeslian
    Oeslian Month ago

    Right as you said chokes and dies my video started buffering. I thought it was part of the video

  • DragonMagi
    DragonMagi Month ago


  • Dorumon Lives
    Dorumon Lives Month ago +1

    anyone know where the art at 6:53 comes from? Looks really well done!

  • Angelo Angelis
    Angelo Angelis Month ago

    I need the source of those goblins for... Reasons

  • Milan Gallo
    Milan Gallo Month ago

    What is the song in the outro?

  • danutzy 123mai
    danutzy 123mai Month ago +2

    I5 8400 gtx geforce 1050 ti 8 gb ram ddr4 and I still play dwarf fortress and not other third party games
    *HeY ShOw ThIs GuY SoMe ReSpEcT*
    By the way kids if you want to learn this game go to Nookium's tutorial named
    Dwarf Fortress Tutorial - (How to Play / Starting Guide for Beginners)


  • Mohreb
    Mohreb Month ago

    Scene at 9:13 seems familiar from this video of Kruggsmash:

    • NO PE
      NO PE Month ago

      Probably because it is, check description.

  • jobert caneda
    jobert caneda Month ago

    4:43 slaughtered goblins.

  • thel luck
    thel luck Month ago

    What is the graphic pack he's using at 8:35

  • HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster

    < I really do not want to play this at all.

  • Chryses
    Chryses Month ago

    3:59 *SAUCE?*

  • therealquade
    therealquade Month ago

    Dwarf fortress is truly the best game ever made

  • M. Ba
    M. Ba Month ago +6

    Goblin Art by Incase...
    your welcome, fellow researchers

    • Morec0
      Morec0 23 days ago

      Be warned: they probably have dicks.

  • Esparno
    Esparno Month ago

    More stories from dwarf fortress!

  • steve _
    steve _ Month ago

    Waaay 1 mil

  • nonameisopen
    nonameisopen Month ago

    This game made me dream in ASCII

  • Yeetimus
    Yeetimus Month ago +2

    Asmongold bois

  • Gero Nimo
    Gero Nimo Month ago

    this is fucking amazing :D

  • Alice Quinncee
    Alice Quinncee Month ago

    nice use of norse runes. for the uncultured, the runes in the title say "Armok"

  • Morrissey
    Morrissey Month ago

    Autism project is an excellent term. Autism projects are my favourite thing to exist. Terry Davis and templeos as an example

    • Robert Page
      Robert Page Month ago

      It's completely pointless, the resources could have been used for better things, and they help literally no one. But God damn a world without them would be a darker place. RIP Terry. :-(

  • Serph Black
    Serph Black Month ago +1

    To prove how civilized i was, i killed the king. My reward for Regicide was monarchy, I then spent the next ten year spreading rumors that the king was murdered... by me. The towns people said i was full of shit. XD Omg thats so great!

  • Enderfire1st _
    Enderfire1st _ Month ago

    I remember trying to play this, I don't remember the whole story but here's the gist. My Dwarf fortress was going well it seemed, we had beer and some other places to build things. Then one day one one of the dwarfs bring in a dead animal I think, which stank the whole pace up with miasma. I though, "I'm pretty sure if I set up a locked area for corses and dead things, this will fix itself." But that was quite the opposite, even though I designated that area as such, no one bothered to pick it up. I was wondering what the hell is going on, many more dwarfs died because of this. I eventually learned I did something wrong; probably having to manually tell them or something else. It worked but sadly the damage was done, my fortress was mostly dead from the dank smell.

  • Mihari
    Mihari Month ago

    lol i now wanna try this game i am a fan of these kinda games but i am predicting 4 hours max 2 hours minimum played in this game

  • Luben Lambov
    Luben Lambov Month ago


  • Lego IG-88
    Lego IG-88 Month ago

    This was fucking hilarious, especially because each scene that you described perfectly rendered in my head. And the funny thing is that this is all possible in the game, it's quite amazing.

  • John
    John Month ago

    Did Samson enter your bar? lol

  • Genosse
    Genosse Month ago +1

    Sorry, what song is used in the intro to this video, at 0:29 ? I couldn't find it in dwarf fortress soundtrack listings on youtube. Thank you.

    • quint ravenhorst
      quint ravenhorst Month ago +1

      Yeah can we please know, i’ve been searching as well

  • Justforthis
    Justforthis Month ago

    Where can i join that glorious discord?

  • Matsab
    Matsab Month ago

    Wait did you ever play lord of the rings battle for middle earth 1/2?!

  • kinkajuu1
    kinkajuu1 Month ago

    tell us more dwarf fortress stories!!

  • Andrew Whiting
    Andrew Whiting Month ago +1

    I want more stories of Vegeta in Dwarf Fortress.

  • SenhorAlien
    SenhorAlien Month ago

    Special thanks to Sniffy McSniffer and Spankbait

  • TheRogue
    TheRogue Month ago

    This game looks terrible

    • go on
      go on Month ago

      Because it doesn't have my lovely graphics and simple minded gameplay. Casuals, lul.

    • Maulana Iskandar
      Maulana Iskandar Month ago

      It is
      Unless you are an autistic masochist with hobby for management you won't enjoy half of this game.
      Which i am

  • Patrick Nalty
    Patrick Nalty Month ago +1

    "I used a Trap Room to train my Dwarves into super solders."

    Me: sounds reasonable.

    *Sees Anime Traps*

    Me: Oh Dear Lo-


  • Z-Mon
    Z-Mon Month ago

    Does anybody know the name of the outro song?

  • Rain
    Rain Month ago

    SO ARE NURSING HOMES! Someone did their research.

  • lerenardo321
    lerenardo321 Month ago

    Alfie is the name of the "comic" you are searching

  • Koselig
    Koselig Month ago +1

    i love hearing peoples stories in this game. maybe someday ill try to get my ass handed to me too

  • Mrjmaxted0291
    Mrjmaxted0291 Month ago

    I don't know why the fedora dudes with the katanas made me crack up so much, but they did. Congrats dude

  • Houjuu Ira
    Houjuu Ira Month ago +2

    I see that Incase art, you absolute... man of culture.

  • darockman asdfg
    darockman asdfg Month ago

    is it bad that i recognize Incase drawings?

  • Sean VanTull
    Sean VanTull Month ago +3

    8:52 - 9:00 funniest thing I’ve heard in awhile

  • Yan B
    Yan B Month ago

    You didn't even mention how woke this game is on the elf question.

  • Dane Gibson
    Dane Gibson Month ago +1

    10:22 * notices tabs *
    I see you're a connoisseur of the arts as well.

  • Venexes8
    Venexes8 Month ago

    need the names of the traps.. for research ..purposes.

  • king dysfunc
    king dysfunc Month ago +3

    Interestingly wagons are classed as creatures in this game, thus a destroyed wagon is considered a dead creature and can be memorialized 🤣

  • TheSonicfanx1
    TheSonicfanx1 Month ago

    What image is the tencent intel logo from?

  • Thesamon
    Thesamon Month ago

    More Incase please

  • Dante HUN
    Dante HUN Month ago +1

    The gachi is the best part gachiGASM

  • Alex Kookiez
    Alex Kookiez Month ago

    כמו ולהירשם like and subscribe in hebrew