Recreating Face Paintings

  • Published on Jul 20, 2017
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • FeaturedLoli05 0
    FeaturedLoli05 0 16 hours ago

    Can you cover your face in googly eyes please

  • Victoria S
    Victoria S 19 hours ago

    "You're my career, you know how Hila takes care of Ethan?" Killed me!

  • Zaia Barbuto
    Zaia Barbuto 19 hours ago

    and made ur dogs happy meals or thing 1 and 2 for cermet and weach

  • Zaia Barbuto
    Zaia Barbuto 20 hours ago

    make yourself ronald mcdonald or cat in the hat

  • Salamander Salesman Susan

    8:29 when you draw a really good eye and try to draw the rest of the face

  • Sofa
    Sofa 14 days ago +1

    "Babe that's not gonna work!"
    "Babe it's gonna work!"
    *Vaccum noises in background*

  • texaschick74
    texaschick74 14 days ago

    Warning Do NOT attempt to eat and watch this video!!! HAZARD choking possible lolol

  • Cara V
    Cara V 16 days ago

    1:59 the happiness :D

  • Gui Santos
    Gui Santos 16 days ago

    I just got an ad for Itzy's "Icy" MV and I watched all the way to the end so that Jenna can get nice things and to give Itzy one more view because I love them and I ADORE this song. Best ad 2019

  • Sahara Smith
    Sahara Smith 19 days ago +1

    Turn yourself into marble

  • Unknown Girl
    Unknown Girl 20 days ago

    I really love this Jenna look.

  • Daisy Jenkins
    Daisy Jenkins Month ago +2

    Julien: Turn to your right
    Jenna: *turns left*

    Julien: ..???

  • Li se
    Li se Month ago

    "do you know what right is" man that hurt MY feelings

  • Sadie Roberts
    Sadie Roberts Month ago

    As a face painter, I’ll tell you those paints really are god awful. If you ever want to do this again, I suggest ordering a couple colors from Tag online. They’re eye and mouth safe, and rarely stain. Good paints and brushes make such a big difference

  • Bailey Cash
    Bailey Cash Month ago

    Hee beebee

  • Ella Scherber
    Ella Scherber Month ago

    5:35-5:41 crack me uP

  • the 3 nuts taggyboy

    Like a fucking adult 2:17

  • Cadi Culture
    Cadi Culture Month ago +25

    why is no one talking about julien trying to vacuum up the cockroach
    "it's not gonna work"
    "it's gonna work"
    *vacuum turns on*

  • Lilith Johnson
    Lilith Johnson Month ago

    2:22 she looks like a clown that just got fired

  • Hope Blake
    Hope Blake Month ago

    “Win some... look like that some.”

  • Kaci Freytag
    Kaci Freytag Month ago

    the fish are too real man i cant stop staring

  • Jack-Jack Gevin
    Jack-Jack Gevin Month ago

    I can only see the fish talking.not Jenna

  • Cat :P
    Cat :P Month ago +1

    Julien: turn to your right
    Jenna: *confidently turns to the left*
    ...bIG MOOD

  • nicole s
    nicole s Month ago

    Give the fish pupils 2019

  • Jemma Tosh
    Jemma Tosh 2 months ago +2

    Was this the birth of “thirty[-one/two] year old lady”?

  • Hallie M
    Hallie M 2 months ago

    Jenna is the best because she just makes videos to have fun. No drama or dumb petty stuff, never cocky or rude. Love you queen

  • Amp
    Amp 2 months ago

    Wait, didn’t you shave Julien so you could have your fish faces kiss?? Where’s that!

  • Sammy Woolley
    Sammy Woolley 2 months ago

    Literally and figuratively my side piece 😂

  • Destiny Guinn
    Destiny Guinn 2 months ago +1

    this video is so funny but when you saw a cockroach in your place it made me feel less shitty for occasionally seeing them in my apartment

  • Caroline H
    Caroline H 2 months ago +5

    Jenna 2017: Did I just call myself a lady?
    Jenna 2019: *I'm a thirty-two year old lady*

  • Cable Wolvesbane
    Cable Wolvesbane 2 months ago

    Penny wise getting ready for it chapter 2

  • Air Pods
    Air Pods 2 months ago +1

    TheXvid Algorithm:
    2017: hmmm nah
    2018: Why not, wait.. no

  • eloise
    eloise 2 months ago

    u said u know every move to the industrial dance. teach a goth girl how to dance pls. Need To Impress The Ladies At The Goth Clubs.

  • Datbish Boo
    Datbish Boo 2 months ago

    Jenna: oh ma gawd there's a cockroach
    julien: should I vacuum it
    jenna strongly disagreeing
    julien : NO iTS GonNA WoRK
    *jenna disagreeing*
    ....*vacuum noises* then there is my donk ass laugh

  • Datbish Boo
    Datbish Boo 2 months ago

    at 6:30 when jenna askes where julien wiuld take her on a date i yelled "AN INSANE ASYLUM"

  • MCR 2019
    MCR 2019 2 months ago

    When she put the white paint on her mouth she looked like the grandma that ate a can of paint

  • Bella’s Corner
    Bella’s Corner 2 months ago

    Jenna at 3:37 looks like a rejected penny wise actress

  • Laneyisaloser Shuffty
    Laneyisaloser Shuffty 2 months ago

    I wish someone looked at me the way Jenna looked at the glass of wine being poured

  • Felicia Mckale
    Felicia Mckale 3 months ago +2

    2017 " lol called myself a lady"
    2019 "im a 32 year old ladyyyyy"

  • Zachary Hensley
    Zachary Hensley 3 months ago

    The first one looks like something someone would wear to Coachella

  • Lauren Deck
    Lauren Deck 3 months ago

    Sub to Jules and saud almost at 10 million

  • Halie N
    Halie N 3 months ago


  • Diana Bates
    Diana Bates 3 months ago

    Hello girl hello

  • Lorax 140
    Lorax 140 3 months ago

    Is this when the “3_ year old ladyyyy~” started!?!?

  • Harry The Ripper
    Harry The Ripper 3 months ago

    Am I valid yet mom

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 4 months ago

    4:01- 4:02 Juliens sneeze put me into a laughing fit 😂😂

  • Grace Hill
    Grace Hill 4 months ago

    The cockroach lives because we CAN’T FIIIND IIIIT

  • Doll Face
    Doll Face 4 months ago +1

    It is 1:33 a.m. and already been Wednesday so we’re in the slash Thursday of “every Wednesday/Thursday” and I am ready for content so hard that I’m watching old videos being a patient boi

  • Emma C
    Emma C 4 months ago

    4:45 What makes this hilarious is that her lips actually look like the fish's lips

  • Depression Isabish
    Depression Isabish 4 months ago

    Get fx diamond paint, it's really nice n water based so it dries nice

  • sophietheadventurer
    sophietheadventurer 4 months ago

    that parks and rec reference thooooo

  • Marlena Rozner
    Marlena Rozner 4 months ago

    8:16 "babe its gonna work" *drills in aries*

  • Amy Eliza
    Amy Eliza 4 months ago

    I wish I had Jenna’s life.

  • BingBing BongBong
    BingBing BongBong 4 months ago

    02:24 I love it when julien says that hahaha
    03:15 😂😂😂

  • Celine Löhr
    Celine Löhr 4 months ago

    Come give twerple a kiss 😂

  • LetMePukeInYourMouth
    LetMePukeInYourMouth 4 months ago

    Dont worry Kermit will eat the cockroach.

  • Maggie Elizabeth
    Maggie Elizabeth 4 months ago

    You look like that old man that ate paint and thought it was yogurt

  • Blake Unrein
    Blake Unrein 4 months ago

    Jenna ur 32 time for you and Julian to have kids

  • Chad Wilcox
    Chad Wilcox 4 months ago

    I’ve been watching a bunch of these, just realized how much her eyebrows move up and down while she’s describing what’s happening, interesting

  • Li se
    Li se 4 months ago

    jenna looks like that old man that ate paint

  • Anne Black
    Anne Black 4 months ago

    This red hair, is the best hair colour she has ever had! I love all the rest as well, she is thát bitch that can literally pull off every hairstyle, but oh this one is by far is the most beautiful in my opinion!

  • mystiicaldraggo n
    mystiicaldraggo n 5 months ago


  • mystiicaldraggo n
    mystiicaldraggo n 5 months ago


  • nadia
    nadia 5 months ago

    2:23 boo boo the fool

  • 524sbth
    524sbth 5 months ago

    Reminds me of when I did the upside chin face.... the fish were awesome!

  • adrianna n
    adrianna n 5 months ago

    i feel like when jenna really concentrates, she does some bootiful work

  • Autumn Hodge
    Autumn Hodge 5 months ago

    "Babe thats not gonna work" "babe its gonna work stop" **vhuUUUUM** "fuc k"

  • samantha k
    samantha k 5 months ago

    i want tworple to stay forever

  • Legendary Flee
    Legendary Flee 5 months ago

    9:22 you’re welcome 😂

  • Elizabeth Ullrich
    Elizabeth Ullrich 5 months ago

    When she put all the white paint on we mount she looked like she just ate too many powdered donuts

  • Michael Carter
    Michael Carter 5 months ago

    Who here in 2019

  • kaysey jane
    kaysey jane 5 months ago +2

    you win some, you look like that some.

  • Enveh
    Enveh 5 months ago +1

    I relate to Jenna more than ever when it comes to cockroaches.

  • Apo Puggy
    Apo Puggy 5 months ago

    *Eeee bb*

  • Daring Dominoes
    Daring Dominoes 5 months ago

    2:37 clown