'It's just like a feeling': Ariana Grande on how she knew Pete Davidson was the one

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
  • The pop music superstar spoke to ABC News' Michael Strahan about her new album, her upcoming wedding plans with Davidson and finding healing after Manchester.

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  • Mariyam Nasira
    Mariyam Nasira Day ago +1

    Then why did you break up with him?

  • Usha Khanal
    Usha Khanal 5 days ago +1

    “ even tho almost got married and for Peter I’m so thankful”

  • hunkgod
    hunkgod 6 days ago

    I could love her, fuck her, console her and worship her better than anyone she has had but she will never know me because I am nobody. The are many more lime me. Fuck being a celebrity.

  • Angie Hoti
    Angie Hoti 9 days ago

    Who is here after the break up

  • oniondip
    oniondip 11 days ago

    She sounds like a pregnant lady in this interview 😂

    • Doris E
      Doris E 11 days ago

      stoicfaerie why pregnant?

  • ziggityfriggity
    ziggityfriggity 12 days ago

    Just seeing this now and ... AHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAAaaaaa

  • fakenuggets
    fakenuggets 12 days ago

    I hate her fake voice

  • Kookies And Kream
    Kookies And Kream 12 days ago +1

    whos watching this after they broke up

  • Erefor Soundtrack Finder
    Erefor Soundtrack Finder 14 days ago +1

    She seems like a lovely gal...but boy did this interview age badly. :/

  • Khadija ViceVersa
    Khadija ViceVersa 15 days ago +3

    This gotta be embarrassing to look back on

  • Dana Zevetchin
    Dana Zevetchin 15 days ago +1

    Im sorry but she makes me sick. Shes involved in witchcraft and all kinds of occult rituals. I do not feel sorry for her.

    • CupcakeNation
      CupcakeNation 15 days ago

      I can understand her involvement in the Kabbalah and her music as being occultic, but what do you mean witchcraft?

  • jtspiky
    jtspiky 15 days ago

    yeh, good job on killing mac miller. might as well add him onto your list

    • jtspiky
      jtspiky 10 days ago

      +Doris E you're not sorry at all

    • Doris E
      Doris E 11 days ago

      jtspiky sorry but if you kill your self because your boyfriend dumped you, that’s your own fault. It’s the same case here. It ain’t Ariana’s fault. She’s not responsible for a grown man’s actions 😂

    • elise x
      elise x 11 days ago +1

      drugs killed mac miller. addiction killed mac miller. ariana didn’t kill him. and there is no list because if you’re implying manchester was her fault, you’re wrong. a terrorist killed people, again not ariana grande.

    ALOT TO DEAL Deal 16 days ago +1


  • Love PrettyMoney
    Love PrettyMoney 16 days ago +1

    I love ari but I feel all of that was to just get back at mac and it backfired horribly 😢

  • Kmm10
    Kmm10 17 days ago +5

    I'm just here to laugh at her so called feeling 😭

  • skinny legend
    skinny legend 17 days ago


  • Anonyme User
    Anonyme User 21 day ago +1

    *too girly it hurts my eyes. I prefer women with stong voices and who don't give a fuck about their looks. who kick ass for god's sakes.*

    • Anonyme User
      Anonyme User 10 days ago

      Doris E *how about digging out the sand of your cavenous salty ass triggered cunt. Fucking bitch.*

    • Doris E
      Doris E 11 days ago

      Anonyme User just because you’re some
      Dominatrix hardcore feminist freak doesn’t mean Ariana should act like a classless butch for you to like her

  • Mickey DeNicola
    Mickey DeNicola 22 days ago +1

    This didnt age too well.

  • André Weller
    André Weller 24 days ago +1

    Why the fuck is she doing that annoying ass baby voice?

  • André Weller
    André Weller 24 days ago +1

    Living her best life, happy and sounds like a baby!!!

  • André Weller
    André Weller 24 days ago +1


  • TJ F
    TJ F 24 days ago +1

    This didn’t age well

    ARIANA 4LIFE 25 days ago

    I'm very happy that her and Pete are trying best to move on. I'll always love both of them so much and am so grateful for her.

  • RandomCommenter
    RandomCommenter 26 days ago

    Is it just me or does Ariana sound totally different every time she talks?

  • melixarii xx
    melixarii xx 27 days ago +1

    Y’all rude she gets nervous sometimes and struggle with anxiety so do I and sometimes when I have to talk serious my voice can get a little squeaky and high pitched and then it goes back to normal

  • go bucks
    go bucks 28 days ago

    I wanna fuck her so bad

  • hi omg
    hi omg 28 days ago


  • Sp00ky Natty
    Sp00ky Natty 28 days ago

    Are u sure abt that ? :))

  • EZ eZ
    EZ eZ 29 days ago

    She's jojo siwa with that stupid ponytail

  • Jess J
    Jess J 29 days ago

    Pete seems like he didn't fully know who he was yet. And she knows herself.

  • Cynthia Rose
    Cynthia Rose 29 days ago


  • DIY 4 Dummies
    DIY 4 Dummies Month ago

    Or not

  • Monica M
    Monica M Month ago


  • Monica M
    Monica M Month ago

    lmao clicked this to see her face now that ik “the one” thing was a whole lie lmfaooo 🐸☕️

  • CAM
    CAM Month ago +1


  • Oreo Lover
    Oreo Lover Month ago

    Wow I’m shocked by the many hate comments I mean shouldn’t there’s hate everywhere although it’s funny how many there are ppl make drama out everything. I listen to Ariana and I have noticed how her voice gets higher but I’ve never questioned bcuz u can’t question someone u don,t know truly. Anyways have a lovely day ppl.

  • Emma 56775
    Emma 56775 Month ago


  • tea time
    tea time Month ago +1

    Well, That "feeling" didnt last very long

  • Moriah Mikhail
    Moriah Mikhail Month ago +1

    ha awkward

  • Simone Grant
    Simone Grant Month ago

    Now they broke up and I can’t stand that voice she makes no hate

  • Elizabeth C W
    Elizabeth C W Month ago +1

    What feeling lol

  • The Djinn
    The Djinn Month ago

    She can't sing for shit!

  • BigTago
    BigTago Month ago +2

    Little did she know......

  • hannah f
    hannah f Month ago +1

    that ain't right sis

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner Month ago +2

    Well... That escalated quickly.

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight Month ago


  • Rach
    Rach Month ago


  • tea
    tea Month ago

    Well that's awkward

  • Trinity L
    Trinity L Month ago +2

    Well this is awkward

  • Ana Isabel
    Ana Isabel Month ago +2

    yeaaah don't trust on that feeling guys

  • Sweetener Butera
    Sweetener Butera Month ago


  • Christene Chambers
    Christene Chambers Month ago

    LMAO. Now what??????

  • Kass Kouï
    Kass Kouï Month ago

    *Unstable and insecure bitch.. I used to like you and your old songs..*

  • galetaf
    galetaf Month ago


  • butterfinger 00
    butterfinger 00 Month ago

    Aaaand of course they are only taking her right side

  • mbg140897
    mbg140897 Month ago +1

    Well this is just awkward now 😂

  • Jeehan
    Jeehan Month ago


  • Basiil
    Basiil Month ago +3

    Welp this didn’t age well

  • every thing u need
    every thing u need Month ago +1

    And just like that they broke up LOL who cares don't jump into relationships people just don't rush

  • SolidSnakeLRRP
    SolidSnakeLRRP Month ago

    Meh... Gay.

  • Feat AH Feat AH
    Feat AH Feat AH Month ago

    Yeha well they broke up

  • iloveyou T
    iloveyou T Month ago

    and now they are broken up.

  • Human Being
    Human Being Month ago +1

    RIP Mac

    Manchester was her fault

  • maciej wrotek
    maciej wrotek Month ago

    haha i am gonna marry the man...and then break up over a joke lol... that is infatuation and immaturity

  • tangeee
    tangeee Month ago

    she lied

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  • Zodiv
    Zodiv Month ago +1

    Who’s here just before 1 mill on 999k

  • Juliette
    Juliette Month ago

    Ari, feelings are just that- feelings! Sorry they change so much, I get it! No Hate!❤️😘

  • Delaney Greer-Valle
    Delaney Greer-Valle Month ago +1

    ....well this is awkward

  • Kelsey Moore
    Kelsey Moore Month ago +1

    Here after they broke up lmao

  • qunjy
    qunjy Month ago +1

    Well....Was he? lol

  • mguest1020
    mguest1020 Month ago +4

    Who is here after the break up 😂

  • Mmmiss Miss
    Mmmiss Miss Month ago +2

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH he's the one, but are they still together now? I think they split
    she does this with every guy she's been with... talks about them as if they're true love and that she knew from the start that they were meant to be, but then they're over after a while

  • Ronaldino G
    Ronaldino G Month ago +2

    I GUESS SHE REALLY DIDNT KNOW...THEY JUST BROKE UP. Should've married Mack...would've saved his life.

    • Doris E
      Doris E 11 days ago

      Ronaldino G uhhh no. He was a drug addict. Drug addicts don’t magically get better after marriage. Same with how having a baby won’t always make your boyfriend marry you, or even stay with you. Ariana wasn’t responsible for his actions, he overdosed and it was all his own fault. Woops 💁🏻‍♀️

  • o0f
    o0f Month ago

    Welp..the title is not true anymore.

  • neilwiththedeal
    neilwiththedeal Month ago

    Very funny video

  • Pinkiepopstar Pie
    Pinkiepopstar Pie Month ago +1

    One word:

  • tania surya
    tania surya Month ago

    Gush, im watching this when they are breaking up. 😓😓

  • Denise Zaragoza
    Denise Zaragoza Month ago +1

    You're awesome Ariana Grande

  • Trinity Englutt
    Trinity Englutt Month ago

    Lol well not the one now😂😂

  • scooch a mooch
    scooch a mooch Month ago


  • Leewon Kim
    Leewon Kim Month ago

    it aint a feeling now

  • Shea Handley
    Shea Handley Month ago


  • melony dejesus
    melony dejesus Month ago

    Lol just......lol
    October 14 2018

    XXX_CODGOD_XXX COD Month ago

    Well that lasted only so long 😂😂

  • india morrow
    india morrow Month ago

    I loved get on ur knees

  • Muscle Only
    Muscle Only Month ago


  • Ashley Carlton
    Ashley Carlton Month ago +1


  • Nick G
    Nick G Month ago


  • Amber Walker
    Amber Walker Month ago +2

    Welp, that didn’t last long 😬

  • ally luna
    ally luna Month ago

    well this is awkward

  • Juliette Del Muro
    Juliette Del Muro Month ago +44

    * *engagement gets called off* *

  • Rayane Meghni
    Rayane Meghni Month ago

    they broke up 😐😑

  • Michael T
    Michael T Month ago +2

    Hopefully she’ll get better with sounding like there’s a dick in her mouth all the time. I’m not going to let people forget that she wished all her fans would die. People have legitimately ruined careers of celebrities that haven’t said something nearly as bad. She can drown in those fake ass tears and fall down a flight of stairs. Also, Madonna is and will always be trash.

  • Sidney Aguilar
    Sidney Aguilar Month ago

    Why is everyone talking about her voice? I think it's cute!❤️

  • Pryor B
    Pryor B Month ago

    well this is awkward....

  • Evie Proctor
    Evie Proctor Month ago

    ‘The one’ 😬😳 not quite

  • Antonian Adams
    Antonian Adams Month ago

    How bout dat

  • Nataly Arroyo
    Nataly Arroyo Month ago +1

    Should we tell them???....

  • Aliscia Marie
    Aliscia Marie Month ago

    “Good at overthinking with my heart, how you even think it got this far” -ag5 snippet she knew..... now the engagements off