'It's just like a feeling': Ariana Grande on how she knew Pete Davidson was the one

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
  • The pop music superstar spoke to ABC News' Michael Strahan about her new album, her upcoming wedding plans with Davidson and finding healing after Manchester.

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  • pixie bitxh
    pixie bitxh Day ago

    “pete davidson was the one” my ass

  • Sofea Darwisyah
    Sofea Darwisyah 10 days ago

    Mostly some of you guys can't judge her voice. Maybe she was nervous because i see her playing with the seat a lot. Or she just can't get rid of her Cat voice

  • Vegan Hea
    Vegan Hea 11 days ago

    She has weird eye contact

  • DesignzRUs1
    DesignzRUs1 14 days ago

    And NOWWWWW the engagement is called off😂

  • hell0
    hell0 14 days ago


  • BlindWatchMakers
    BlindWatchMakers 14 days ago +1

    Hairyneck Ponytail is a silly stupid little girl.

  • Stranger Things 011
    Stranger Things 011 14 days ago

    *”Even almost got married, and for Pete I’m so thankful”*

  • Theo Cxx
    Theo Cxx 15 days ago +1

    for everyone who complains about her voice:
    she does that voice before tour to put less pressure on her voice.
    she is an angel so stop hating 🖤 ty

  • Teazlin
    Teazlin 15 days ago

    He's not the one anymore

  • Kali
    Kali 15 days ago +1

    why is this in my recommended tea

  • Owls are everything
    Owls are everything 16 days ago


  • Nik
    Nik 16 days ago

    Holy vocal fry

  • Shanika Stephenson 2
    Shanika Stephenson 2 16 days ago

    The one that broke her heart jk

  • Mandy Zhu
    Mandy Zhu 16 days ago

    not anymore

  • Julie Lopez
    Julie Lopez 16 days ago

    clearly not

  • MyLifeCrumbling2Peices 276


  • Rai Dore
    Rai Dore 16 days ago


  • princess jackie x
    princess jackie x 16 days ago +1

    dude it's actually annoying how obsessed she is with only showing one side of her face. love her but she looks like the bent neck lady doing it

  • Loren Ickes
    Loren Ickes 16 days ago


  • Virginsuicde
    Virginsuicde 17 days ago

    shes so pretty i didnt notice omg

  • darwin santos
    darwin santos 17 days ago +5

    So much hate in this comment section lol

  • Alexa Davidson
    Alexa Davidson 17 days ago


  • Rei Ly
    Rei Ly 17 days ago


  • abby
    abby 18 days ago

    dumbass lmao

  • zenub iqbal
    zenub iqbal 18 days ago

    Well that worked out lol

  • Kennedy fan
    Kennedy fan 18 days ago +3

    Ewww when she said "it's just like a feeling you know" talk about being an airhead

  • just a girl
    just a girl 18 days ago

    yeah sure

  • Sia Fan
    Sia Fan 19 days ago +1

    Have a better year baby gurl. take care of yourself ❤😇😍🎶

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 19 days ago +1

    It’s just like a feeling

  • Dimension 7
    Dimension 7 20 days ago +2

    the "it's just like a feeling" part is so cringey because it's like a little girl baby voice ::shudders::

  • 1 Park
    1 Park 20 days ago +2

    This chick is so fake and annoying, Jesus Christ

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea 21 day ago +2

    Is she okay ? 😂

  • Anna Does Things
    Anna Does Things 21 day ago +2

    I am still so sad about Manchester :(

  • citrus meat
    citrus meat 21 day ago

    oh this interview DID NOT age well

  • Thomas Munson
    Thomas Munson 22 days ago +1

    Lmao not happenin no more

  • Poopy
    Poopy 23 days ago +1

    wait she said "im gonna marry that man and 3 years later were getting married" wasn't she with Mac back then. god fuck this bitch.

    • blooop
      blooop 14 days ago

      +Poopy She was joking. She even said so in the interview. And I'm sure that during this interview she was exaggerating the 2016 interaction with Pete to make their relationship seem like a fairytale or whatever. I'm not saying she wasn't wrong in a lot of aspects of this situation (she was) but you can't take everything that literally.

    • Poopy
      Poopy 14 days ago

      +blooop um but still she was with someone while thinking "I'm gonna marry this other guy"

    • blooop
      blooop 14 days ago

      Poopy No...she was with her backup dancer, Ricky. At least get your facts straight before you jump the gun, buddy

  • Poopy
    Poopy 23 days ago +2

    I don't even know her and I can tell she's so fake just by her mannerisms.

  • Poopy
    Poopy 23 days ago +1

    she's such a basic hoe.

  • Trevor P
    Trevor P 23 days ago +1

    Dumb bitch

  • Night Waves
    Night Waves 24 days ago

    I’m looking down. AT YOUR FINGER OF COURSE

  • Amer Gamer
    Amer Gamer 26 days ago +1

    curb your engagement

  • quaking sister
    quaking sister Month ago

    Well this 8s awkward...

  • Milton Bautista
    Milton Bautista Month ago


  • Taya
    Taya Month ago

    Sweetner is my calling

  • Robin Ryan
    Robin Ryan Month ago +1

    Annoying is all she is ...

  • Yaamin Mohmmed
    Yaamin Mohmmed Month ago

    Don’t trust people who date for weeks and get engaged

  • Doh Joe Gringo
    Doh Joe Gringo Month ago

    Who cares? This is what is wrong w the world..
    Get YOUR life.

  • xX_Purplegirl_xX :/

    Well, was Pete Davidson *Really* the one???

  • Jeff Wingham
    Jeff Wingham Month ago +1

    Hahaha this whore is laughable.

  • my chemical hamiltrash

    Guess feelings aren’t always right 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • εѕρσιя
    εѕρσιя Month ago

    He really isnt...

  • Galore Globe315
    Galore Globe315 Month ago

    welp fuck pete davidson season ITS THANK YOU NEXT SEASON BITCHES

  • Jane Tatum
    Jane Tatum Month ago

    Rather a *homicidal bomber

  • Humming Bee
    Humming Bee Month ago

    Lip fillers

  • Christina C
    Christina C Month ago

    I can’t wait till she stops using the baby voice

  • Amin Biglary
    Amin Biglary Month ago


  • Idonthaveanameidea
    Idonthaveanameidea Month ago +1

    How she knew he was the “one” they aren’t together anymore lol

  • C S
    C S Month ago

    Shes talented but not very likeable.

  • Amazing Agucci
    Amazing Agucci Month ago

    Sigh, shit happens way too much in this world.

  • Music Fan
    Music Fan Month ago +3

    I feel sorry for her exes for having to deal with such a shallow person .
    She needs psychological counseling, ASAP.

  • Really 69
    Really 69 Month ago +4

    So she gives Madonna credit for laying the ground for female pop artist, but no mention about Janet Jackson...Ok...really?

    • Really 69
      Really 69 Month ago +1

      +Calista Catkiss
      Very well stated!

    • Calista Catkiss
      Calista Catkiss Month ago +4

      Really 69 People love to whitewash the history of pop and act like Madonna was the be-all and end-all, and she believes it too. Her "eulogy" for Aretha was nothing but a self-indulgent rant on her own success, with Aretha's name sprinkled in a few times for good measure

  • Really 69
    Really 69 Month ago +1

    And now they're over...boo hoo hoo...celebrities.

  • Really 69
    Really 69 Month ago +1

    She looks 12 years old and tries too hard to look sexy and it's a joke!

    • GαяGαяღ
      GαяGαяღ 23 days ago

      +iisbts I wish everyone else had something better to do then hate jealousy is a funny thing it makes u hate someone for no apparent reason Ppl idolize her that much they would take time out of their day To say something negative

    • iisbts
      iisbts Month ago +1

      You suck honestly don't you have anything better to do then hate?

  • Clive Chiam
    Clive Chiam Month ago


    SON OF GOD EDY Month ago

    Ariana = LGBTQ = 666=0

  • Raphaël
    Raphaël Month ago

    Never trust what a woman says 😂

  • Gavin C
    Gavin C Month ago

    She has the mind of a slutty teenage girl

  • Lillianna Duff
    Lillianna Duff Month ago +1

    To be fair when she did the baby voice she was asked a question that made her blush a little, I know my voice can do that when I'm asked about my bf

  • WeirdozChannel
    WeirdozChannel Month ago


  • Sam E.
    Sam E. Month ago


  • Jesus Solis
    Jesus Solis Month ago

    He was totally the one lol

  • Kate D
    Kate D Month ago +1

    Lol awkward

  • pixel
    pixel Month ago


  • Chetan Singh
    Chetan Singh Month ago

    Are ya feelin it now mr.krabs

  • Taylor Bright
    Taylor Bright Month ago


    SALMA AHMED Month ago

    The way this comes on my feed now LMAO TheXvid SHADY

  • Midnight Winter
    Midnight Winter Month ago

    Major oof

  • Michael Sears
    Michael Sears Month ago

    I just can’t take Michael seriously with that voice and that tooth gap 😂

  • Chloé Sorci
    Chloé Sorci Month ago

    *well this is awkward*

  • Clivenchy
    Clivenchy Month ago

    never listen to your feelings guys

  • Sameena Sankey
    Sameena Sankey Month ago

    and look at them now...

  • 黒人
    黒人 Month ago

    She knew he was the one because he accepted the fact SHE WAS A HE !
    And had a PENIS.

  • Lizzlein Productions
    Lizzlein Productions Month ago +1


  • Mouamad Constantin
    Mouamad Constantin Month ago +2

    0:22 akward to hear this now... 😂😂😂

  • Im Shook
    Im Shook Month ago +2

    Well this is awkward...

  • aimee
    aimee Month ago

    yall are really out here complaining about her voice, shut the fuck up imagine complaining about the way someone speaks LMFAOO YALL really so bored huh

  • Daniella Spektor
    Daniella Spektor Month ago


  • Alena Brown
    Alena Brown Month ago +2

    But it wasn't a match.

  • Lizzy Rose :3
    Lizzy Rose :3 Month ago +1

    Damnnn. Knew it wouldn’t last when she said, “ Love is lit,” but I still wish her the best 💖

    DJ DA VINCI Month ago

    She's bad luck.

  • Morgan Wilson
    Morgan Wilson Month ago

    am i the only one who likes the voice she makes? she makes it when shes happy, and i love that

  • Galore Globe315
    Galore Globe315 Month ago

    It didn’t last long

  • Labiba Rahman
    Labiba Rahman Month ago

    thank u, next

  • Tori Antoinette
    Tori Antoinette Month ago


  • sister astrid
    sister astrid Month ago

    dot dot

  • Spoiledbabe1011
    Spoiledbabe1011 Month ago

    I love her so much

  • Jose Daniel
    Jose Daniel Month ago

    This was so obviously a publicity stunt.

  • Sarah T
    Sarah T Month ago +1

    I’m laughing

  • Dominique Edwards
    Dominique Edwards Month ago +1

    And now she singing Thank you Next smh lmao

    NAOMI Month ago

    Little did she know...