The gaming PC days are NUMBERED!

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
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Comments • 24 787

  • Bib Bicus
    Bib Bicus 3 hours ago

    What about VR?

  • Bib Bicus
    Bib Bicus 3 hours ago

    I believe your super during the latency test should have read "Linus's laptop" rather than "Linus' laptop." Not trying to be a dick, but the way it reads denotes multiple Linuses and their laptops.

  • pan pan
    pan pan 20 hours ago +1

    I cant login or reset password :(

  • Sterling M
    Sterling M Day ago

    Latency is the problem.

  • TheAwesomeChickens
    TheAwesomeChickens 2 days ago

    What game is he playing at 8:30 lol

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 2 days ago

    Google stadia

  • Derrick
    Derrick 3 days ago

    Oh god...he sounds like a desperate salesman trying to sell you this service like his life depends on it...

  • Derrick
    Derrick 3 days ago

    In a real world ops, the connection is inconsistent and you are going to need at least 50 mbps to play with min latency...

    • B
      B 2 days ago

      you vsing a cave? Stadias numbers are public.

  • arcadeportal32
    arcadeportal32 4 days ago

    This is great!!!.... If you live in a City here in the USA. Just about anyware else like at my friends house the internet speed is dog$#!% and it makes this kinda tech almost useless lol

  • Minecrafter 3929
    Minecrafter 3929 4 days ago

    Haha nice jar jar throw hahaha

    MITTS 6 days ago

    Google Stadia?

  • kazarius
    kazarius 6 days ago

    But 91ms is not good to begin with.

  • Ahmad Sarwar
    Ahmad Sarwar 8 days ago

    Parsec > Shadow

  • MrGrownman455
    MrGrownman455 9 days ago

    I was against this idea at first BUT the first time I was able to play Star Citizen on my Smartphone although it was a little buggy I WAS SOLD!!. This is the future. You don't have use cloud gaming services for your day to day activities just gaming or any resource heavy activity. Then you can just carry your smartphone or tablet on trips with you while you smile at the guy or girl carrying that heavy gaming laptop around in the airport.

  • SportbikerNZ
    SportbikerNZ 10 days ago

    what I don't understand is - even old hdmi 1 outputs theoretical 3.96gbps to your monitor, the same as the old single link dvi interface. Ceiling for both interfaces being 1920x1200 @ 60hz.
    On this Shadow cloud system, If you're internet is fast enough, your monitor will receive maybe 50mbps of data. Obviously the 50mbps is compressed, but how could it hope to achieve close to the visual fidelity of even hdmi 1, let alone feeding higher res through something like display port?

    • SportbikerNZ
      SportbikerNZ 9 days ago

      @DasLetsPlaySchaf - Let's Määäh! What's the point of developing tremendously fast video interfaces when you can just use compression. Must be a significant tradeoff.

    • DasLetsPlaySchaf - Let's Määäh!
      DasLetsPlaySchaf - Let's Määäh! 9 days ago

      By using h.264 or h.265

  • Rhone Archer
    Rhone Archer 10 days ago

    So it’s basically Google Stadia in Alpha

    • Rhone Archer
      Rhone Archer 9 days ago

      @DasLetsPlaySchaf - Let's Määäh!
      Stadia isn't a console, it's a game streaming service.

    • DasLetsPlaySchaf - Let's Määäh!
      DasLetsPlaySchaf - Let's Määäh! 9 days ago

      no. Stadia is a console. Shadow is a PC. You can install all windows games and run work programms.

  • John Stones
    John Stones 10 days ago +1

    Thee biggest problem with this video is your choice of shoe wear

  • Mizer
    Mizer 11 days ago

    That's killer!

  • TheGyro666
    TheGyro666 11 days ago

    "256GB Dedicated Storage" ??? "Just download your current game library (Steam, Origin, Epic Games Store,, etc" ??? NO WAY Try 4TB as a minimum, then U got me.

  • Vixeneye1
    Vixeneye1 11 days ago +2

    Stadia. It was this video I immediately thought of when Stadia was announced. I'm glad I found this video.

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt 12 days ago

    Stream gaming is key for VR and vice versa if they can get it without latency. Think of the Quest with this app playing full PC VR games or better, no need for PC VR.

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo 12 days ago

    Waht a joke !!!! This is gona be the death of pc gaming ?AHHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! How much money they paid you Linus to say that stupid thing ??? 35 dollares and you only have 12gb ram and a 1070 ????35 each month during 3 years ( the number of years a top of the line pc manages to play at ultra settings all games or even 4 or 5 years ) thats 1190 dollars !!!! I think i prefer to mount my pc ,thanks but no thanks !!!

  • Wombit
    Wombit 12 days ago +1

    I'd rather not be spied on and connected to a corporation, Sorry Linus.

  • NooBy skeleton Gamer :3

    So, if I have the ghost and Subscription i wouldn’t need to have an expensive desktop. Just the ghost?

    FILIP HEDMAN 13 days ago

    Cloud based gaming is the last thing I want in my life. I would like to have all my games stored and running on my own machine so that I have control over them. Also, if your internet connection goes down for just one second your game will crash. If the server your game is running on goes down. There is no way to play the game. There are so many failing points it's insane. "Always online" games and "games as a service" is bad enough but this is just outrageous.

  • vixi
    vixi 16 days ago

    The time has truly come for Gamers to rise up!


  • Ibrahim Rafi
    Ibrahim Rafi 17 days ago +9

    I low key feel kinda upset knowing that soon consoles and PCs will no longer be needed.

    • Ibrahim Rafi
      Ibrahim Rafi 4 days ago +1

      True, I guess console players will be affected the most whereas PC players won't be as affected.

    • arcadeportal32
      arcadeportal32 4 days ago

      Untill you look at the 2.4mbs internet connection alot of people in the usa have and notice pc's are still good.

  • John Gaines
    John Gaines 18 days ago

    I see a lot of comments comparing this to Google Stadia. You are comparing apples and oranges as the saying goes. Shadow service allows you to install any software or game on your account. Google is currently only going to let you choose from their software library.

    I have been a dedicated PC gamer for 35 .... A lot of years. I have spent more than $250,000 dollars over the years on my personal systems and gaming rigs. $300 dollars a year for a service that will give me a consistent high quality gaming experience on multiple devices, even when I'm traveling with my company laptop, yeah, I'm in. I enjoy my personal computer but I do not like spending $1500 to $2000 every three years to keep current. At Shadows price of $300 per year (annual fee), that is 5 years on a high end system and they will continue to upgrade as the technology changes. Yes, there will be challenges as will be with Google and Microsoft. There will be other companies to enter into this market.

    Shadow is a first to market with this service and if they grow their business model correctly, they will have a loyal customer base. Just don't down it without trying it. And don't make odd comparisons to other services. Shadow is for the PC user. XBox/Sony is for the console user (never again for me) and Google will be doing their own proprietary service which seems you will only be limited to their library of games that they are creating. XBox and Sony are now in talks with Nintendo and none of them will not be giving up licensing to Google on any titles or software companies they can keep under exclusive contract. They are smart to team up. Should have been doing cross-platform years ago.

    $300 a year is a steal for me. That is my two cents.

    • John Gaines
      John Gaines 12 days ago +1

      @Ibrahim Rafi Are you in a state or area that has Shadow gaming available? If so, they were offering 10 bucks for 10 days and you can try them and see if this works for your needs. If not, you will probably make the decision to upgrade until something better comes along. I like the idea that Shadow is putting out here but it has to work for you too. I will be testing their services first when they reach my area before paying for a year of service. I have friends in other states that are using them and swear they will not go back unless this service is no longer available. I trust these friends. As for waiting if there is no cloud gaming in your area? I would search the web a bit and see if there is anyone planned to come to your area. If not, you decide to upgrade and how much. If someone is coming soon and you can hold out, give them a try and make your decision.

    • Ibrahim Rafi
      Ibrahim Rafi 16 days ago

      Would you recommend me upgrading my crappy gpu to a much higher end and expensive one or should I just wait for cloud gaming to take off?

  • Saud Saleem
    Saud Saleem 19 days ago

    Hopefully competition from services like these would encourage Nvidia to reconsider their prices, since I have pretty much given up on any real competition from AMD. Oh hey, that means Nvidia can never really have a monopoly! Guys, guys, we can now tell AMD to finally put the RTG out of its misery, we don't need it anymore!

  • LionVenom
    LionVenom 20 days ago

    This right here bois, this is gonna be the next OUYA, a complete piece of shit and utter failure.

  • Hampton Designs
    Hampton Designs 20 days ago +1

    God damn, just wear shoes for fuck sake...

  • HiZ RedShift
    HiZ RedShift 24 days ago +1

    hate to break it to the people making this product but PC gamers are the last people who would use this

  • Bruce Leroy
    Bruce Leroy 26 days ago +1

    I just busted a nut.

  • David Jenkins
    David Jenkins 26 days ago +1

    I can just imagine having to watch a commercial every ten minutes

  • Xavier Teow
    Xavier Teow 28 days ago +1

    Does it work in India?

  • Kyameron Gaming
    Kyameron Gaming 29 days ago +1

    they are aiming there target audience to people who are cheapskates yet they don't offer a trial, it's very expensive for the students or people who don't have much disposable income and is hard to test if you can run this service or not, its kind of like a nose dive into a black hole with just a promise that there is gold at the bottom

  • TimiK
    TimiK Month ago +3

    Except for the fact that you'll never own any of your games, hardware or anything ever again.

  • Yezpahr
    Yezpahr Month ago

    who saw the dabbing spiderman? :o

  • TDplay
    TDplay Month ago +1

    £30 per month here. That's £360 per year. Could get a nice graphics card with at least a 5 year lifespan for that, then the next year get a CPU and maybe motherboard if the socket needs upgrading. Combine the awful value for money with the fact that some people still have awful internet and have to watch videos at 144p, yeah gaming PCs are not going away any time soon.

  • Mihail Constantinescu
    Mihail Constantinescu Month ago +2

    God bless romania we are in the top 5 at internet speed

    • Bib Bicus
      Bib Bicus 3 hours ago

      Too bad Romanians only use it to buy knock off goods and show their wretched pussies to nerds.

  • smash man
    smash man Month ago

    The prices are shit my dude. My dad got a 12 year free trial to prison. This company cannot compete.

  • The Bookkeeper
    The Bookkeeper Month ago +1

    It will also get harder for Indie Game Developers as they will have to go straight to big corporations or make less than powerful games for people to be able to run it on their trash computers. People are being "lovingly" guided into submission, turned into helpless sheep. I would rather be apart of an "evil" organization than apart of a lazy one.

  • The Bookkeeper
    The Bookkeeper Month ago

    The only true problem I have about Cloud Gaming is subscription gaming. How is nobody seeing that this is a marketing move? You think they are doing this so you can pay less for your game? Nope, it's a way to get more money, faster and easier. And that's fine, companies are looking to make money for less work. Content goes out the window and is replaced with Fortnite and Fallout 76 look alikes.

  • Justin Land
    Justin Land Month ago

    I DO THINK THIS IS SUPER COOL however I think this is illegal. I could see MS just shutting this down! Seems like there breaking MS end user license agreement to me.

  • sam turpin
    sam turpin Month ago +1

    linus you're a popular youtuber. you have enough money to buy new computers for every video. PLEASE buy pants that fit you.

  • Billy TK
    Billy TK Month ago

    ISP goes down and your dead in the water!

  • Billy TK
    Billy TK Month ago

    For me Gaming PCs have been dead for over 6 months now. I got tired of GPUs dying (GTX 960, and GTX 1050) and having to update my PC hardware in some way every year at least to keep up... Dumped PC and got an Xbox One S 2TB Launch Day system. Boom should be good for 3-4 year based on the games that I like.

  • Pete Hendry
    Pete Hendry Month ago +1

    Did you at least to basic confirmation tests about the latency. It makes no sense it is 5ms. It makes no sense that anything on your local machine has 91ms latency - what does that even mean? Gaming would be awful if that was a real thing. Did you even do a ping to their servers to see if the 5ms you claimed was added matched the round-trip time from you to them? If not then what you claim as the latency difference isn't even possible unless their hardware is vastly faster than yours - but since the input is local you basically have

    • Pete Hendry
      Pete Hendry Month ago +1

      @Se7eN Thanks for the response. I am not saying it won't work - I'm pointing out that the numbers Linus is throwing around make no sense and he is using Shadow tools to test Shadow performance without question. It is a shame he does these advertorials - it diminishes the value of the channel.

    • Se7eN
      Se7eN Month ago

      I don't understand a lot about technical server maintenance and so on but I've tried Shadow in France a few months ago, with a crappy network connection and without all the improvement they have done recently, and it works just perfectly. I'm a FPS player ( cs:go ) and I haven't found much of a difference.

  • Eric Flores
    Eric Flores Month ago

    They are running BGP in their routers! No way, only 99% of companies with multiple ISPs do that! #satire

  • Zer0 Mortal1ty
    Zer0 Mortal1ty Month ago

    Is this out and if it is can someone send me a link

  • Mohammed Aariff
    Mohammed Aariff Month ago +1

    So how does Google Stadia deals with this? any comparion videos in the future? @linustechtips

  • Chkouk TI
    Chkouk TI Month ago

    10 dollars discount on your subscription !!! + suprise of the moment;)
    code: CHAWXLYO
    for my part everything works well thank you shadow
    it's really weird to have a remote PC
    for those who are interested here is a promo code

  • Brian
    Brian Month ago

    Linus Sellout Tips

  • AssassinsCreeper94
    AssassinsCreeper94 Month ago

    Stadia is that you?

  • praxis22
    praxis22 Month ago

    so it'll work with Google's Stadia?

  • auxripper
    auxripper Month ago

    @Linustechtips, pleeeeeeeaaase tell me that I can use a shadow machine for the index vr machine

  • PleaseHelpEddie
    PleaseHelpEddie Month ago

    Keep it tight

  • Bryan Johnson
    Bryan Johnson Month ago +1

    I have been a Shadow user for about 4 months now. There is really nothing negative i can say about it. Being about to play my games on anything is the best part. I have a weak gaming PC that comes to life like no other when i'm running Shadow. I had a small problem with USB devices being supported in the beginning, but Shadow Tech Support got me going in less than 2 hours after my original email request.

  • Benx Gaming
    Benx Gaming Month ago +1

    Oh subscription thanks.

  • potorrero
    potorrero Month ago

    Onlive was awesome.. Until Sony came and killed it. Bastards.

  • Alex McGrath
    Alex McGrath Month ago

    Question... Would this work for music production. Say I had an external USB audio interface plugged into my pc but installed it and the drivers to the cloud windows 10, installed FL Studio for instance to the cloud and a usb midi keyboard to the cloud. Could this work? The processor and the memory from the cloud along with 1080 graphics would be highly benificial. If this could work, it's a no brainer for me.... Also, if I subscribed to shadow, made music on the Windows 10 system but then say 3 months down the line, came into financial hardship and couldn't afford the subscription for a month or two. Would I then have to install all my music software and hardware drivers again when I re-instated my subscription or would it save to my login profile?

  • Diebels Alt
    Diebels Alt Month ago +3

    PC gaming is leading, in graphics, performance, and development.
    PC gaming will never die

    • Anarcho Toast
      Anarcho Toast Month ago

      Windows might die, but Linux would take its place, due to greater security and new APIs such as Vulkan

  • JoNNyCLOUD171
    JoNNyCLOUD171 Month ago

    Wait Wait Wait........ So it's entirely possible to have a mega pc / server in a remote location and have the visuals streamed over the internet and played on the absolute worst pile of crap?
    I don't understand how the top end visuals don't have any sort of heavy load on the bad pc before it hits the monitor. Can someone explain this.
    From my understanding the data of what to process still surely forces the bad pc that's at home to "process" the visuals to your monitor no?

    • Whomsky
      Whomsky Month ago

      @JoNNyCLOUD171 Your system only needs to render a stream (and send inputs), the server does all the workload

    • Jason Blahautist
      Jason Blahautist Month ago

      @JoNNyCLOUD171 yeah, your guess is as good as mine😉

    • JoNNyCLOUD171
      JoNNyCLOUD171 Month ago

      @Jason Blahautist but to process the image to the screen doesn't the bad pc still have to do the work to the screen as the "middle man".
      It's interesting trying to figure out the general mechanics of it.

    • Jason Blahautist
      Jason Blahautist Month ago

      The crappy pc is just for the connection. All the processing is done on the screen and the server.

  • Business mann
    Business mann Month ago


  • samuel klos
    samuel klos Month ago

    its a virtual desktop

    • Whomsky
      Whomsky Month ago

      Technically but with better performance on any device, including phones

  • Just How?
    Just How? Month ago

    So what's the point of google stadia?

  • Jorge Velez
    Jorge Velez Month ago

    I'm sorry but it wasn't worth it for me. It's just not ready yet maybe in 5 years🤷‍♂️ it was frustrating moving my mouse around and it looked blocky on an Alienware laptop

    • Jorge Velez
      Jorge Velez Month ago

      AndreSlayz I'm from Lancaster, PA idk what server it was from

    • AndreSlayz
      AndreSlayz Month ago

      Where do you live? And what server where you connected to?

  • Schpankme Verimuch
    Schpankme Verimuch Month ago +1

    Thou shalt not play with thy ping.

  • Toxic Wraith
    Toxic Wraith Month ago +1

    I'm never buying a gaming PC again. I'd rather have a streaming service for everything including video editing service granted having extremely low latency.

    • Diebels Alt
      Diebels Alt Month ago +1

      I am going to buy a gaming PC.

  • James Stubbs
    James Stubbs Month ago

    No thanks, I'll stick with owning my own games and gear.

  • john Ajax
    john Ajax Month ago

    Just another version of the pay tv rip off 35 a month till they have enough marks then price skyrockets. They can pry my gaming PC from my
    cold dead hands, fan boys may like this crap real gamer's never will.

  • Christ Opher
    Christ Opher Month ago

    I don't like giving up control. This is like trading in your personal motorcycle for a lifetime of uber, albeit a fast and convenient uber. I'll keep my motorcycle.

    • Christ Opher
      Christ Opher Month ago

      @icegrx Either way it's not yours, not your control, can be spied on, taken away at any moment etc. Would just rather have and maintain my own rig, but I can see how it's a great option for many people in different circumstances.

    • icegrx
      icegrx Month ago

      Christ Opher not really. It’s more like leasing a motorcycle. You’re still driving the motorcycle. You just don’t own it.

  • Childish Wang
    Childish Wang Month ago

    Does that mean that pc’s will get cheaper?

  • Bas
    Bas Month ago

    but people like the feeling of having their own custom built gaming machine

  • Antoine Jameson
    Antoine Jameson Month ago

    So cool

  • Antoine Jameson
    Antoine Jameson Month ago

    Must be killing it on the ad money lol

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    BGP was created in 1995 and used pretty much universally since it's pretty much the only usable exterior dynamic routing protocol. No competitive advantage there. I'm literally leveraging BGP right now to write this, and you're leveraging BGP to read it. L33T!

  • DarkStigmata
    DarkStigmata Month ago

    Never again linus tech tips crap

  • geocine
    geocine Month ago

    hope there would be availability zones in asia soon.

  • Solid Farrell
    Solid Farrell Month ago

    Their service was a waste of time.
    Helped a buddy set up an account and long behold we spent weeks sitting around waiting for the service to activate.
    Tech support was no help when they could be reached.
    Ended up refunding and buying a Shield instead.

  • Vlad Sivrejuldefasole

    Like hell this is going to ever work... Funny how it's going to be: "Get your monthly subscription now for packages that include: 200 MS at 30 FPS - ONLY 300 DOLLA, or you could have your whole monthly income directly debited to us and get 100 FPS and 30 MS"
    Piss off 3=====D

  • Nick Kartha
    Nick Kartha Month ago +1

    Forget gaming, I need a compiler for my c program!

    MRNOFILTER Month ago

    lmao Another Subscription service. AMAZING!!

  • Proffeser HD
    Proffeser HD Month ago

    I don’t feel latency at all I love it I get to play any game half my games on steam I can’t even run

  • Trevor D
    Trevor D Month ago

    So the latency added is 5ms when sending a black to white image??? That's much, MUCH easier to handle than full 4k video output. I can eyeball latency from his mouse movements to his screen and his controller to the TV. Linus I get this is a sponsored video but it's so "snake oil salesman" it hurt to watch.
    The tech is very cool, yes. This is great for SOME gamers. This will never replace dedicated hardware for the low, mid, and high end PC gaming enthusiast crowd, though. I'm still excited for the tech because it does have some interesting use cases. However, until every bit of copper is replaced with fiber running from the data center to the rear of my monitor then I just won't feel a need to switch my gaming setup to this service... ever. Thanks for the video.

  • LittleMiss Deep
    LittleMiss Deep Month ago

    Works well £10 off:

  • matty b
    matty b Month ago

    I've been using it for a while in the UK on a now older acer aspire v nitro laptop which has a 960m chip ( not enough juice for current games), itS working really well over wireless connection, not experienced any lag, currently playing AC:odyssey and battlefield v on max settings and it is beautiful. If you fancy trying it for a month at a cheaper rate use my referral code to get £10 off MATPSB2V

  • yodarulez
    yodarulez Month ago +1

    Lol, Shadow is NOT available in most of the known world

  • Screw B
    Screw B Month ago

    lol no. What kind of PC gamer is going to enjoy 100+ MS input lag? Its a good alternative to casual console gamers who already have similar levels of input lag due to there games running @ like 30fps or lower but for me? Absolutely not.

    • Whomsky
      Whomsky Month ago

      I only notice slight delay when I *really* focus on it, but its so minimal that I dont mind at all. That being said, I'm not really competetive by any means

  • corthew
    corthew Month ago

    Hmm...Power of the cloud huh?
    Ooops...Black out...Power line down...No cloud for hours or sometimes days...Only the very stupid or the very rich will make this their primary.

  • N0mAd basically yeah my nans a creature

    Get out. Gamers should be proud of their monsterous gaming rigs.
    Then heres you shitting all over it.

  • Dean
    Dean Month ago

    At this rate every publisher of every platform will have their own distribution service which competes with other services and forces us to subscribe for too many services. Not to mention withdrawing content as they will. We're already seeing it with TV, Film and Music.
    Fuck that shit. If I can't hold on to the copy, I don't buy it. Australia might have shit Internet infrastructure, but our consumer laws are very well defined.
    On the bright side, PCs WILL be personal computing. Whilst the rest of the world is renting their terminals, PC users will be the original hobbyist building and maintaining their own machines. Looking forward to it!

  • Vytautas Sapranavicius

    Just subscribed to shadow with LTT code with 10 quid off. Thanks LinusTechTips!

  • BiggerthanGod
    BiggerthanGod Month ago

    I’m a subscriber, it’s amazing!
    I’m working away right now and I don’t want to carry my desktop around, I sideloaded Shadow to my Oculus Go, I’m playing PC games on a huge virtual screen, quite honestly, I don’t know if I’ll go back to traditional PC gaming, it’s that good

  • John Yu
    John Yu Month ago

    Shadow's service is great. However, there may be additional costs with wanting to run a cloud gaming service like this. Streaming a cloud computer eats up a lot of data usage. Comcast, for instance, caps customers' monthly data usage at 1 TB. That equates to about 1 week's worth of gaming for me. Going over the 1 TB results in overage charges or you have to pay for unlimited data usage which is an extra $50 per month.

  • Nenouri Studios
    Nenouri Studios Month ago

    Damn good seller you are sir

  • Paul Enriquez-Goehring

    Was that really Spider-Man dabbing on that desk?

  • Spoony Rogdrumps
    Spoony Rogdrumps Month ago

    I'm using shadow and I love it.

  • Master Chief 00117
    Master Chief 00117 Month ago +2

    Right... Lawrence Joseph Ellison said the same shit 30 years ago.. As he said people would not even buy a PC. All they would need is a terminal. You would rent the OS of your choice and all the software you wanted to use... Problem is. When the power goes out. Nobody is doing shit...
    So Subscription based models are not going anywhere. As people want local access to their stuff!

    • Billy TK
      Billy TK Month ago

      Forget the power... simple as your ISP going down and your doing nothing!

  • Tommy Two Tones
    Tommy Two Tones Month ago +1