Cara Delevingne and Emilia Clarke Have An Eyebrow-Off - The Graham Norton Show

  • Published on Jun 19, 2015
  • Cara Delevingne, Emilia Clarke and Jake Gyllenhaal compare eyebrow skills, judged by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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  • King Red
    King Red 10 minutes ago

    arnie giving straight old person energy

  • ronelo nilo
    ronelo nilo 16 minutes ago

    edward norton show has the most bizzare topic ever.

  • Escape
    Escape Hour ago

    arnold is like "is it amusing for them to talk about eye brows? GET DOWN THERE'S A BOMB!"

  • Glenn Ruel Maujon

    I didnt know I needed this until now

  • Es B
    Es B 2 hours ago


  • Oleg Kutuzoff
    Oleg Kutuzoff 4 hours ago +1

    Emilia is the Best!

  • Olivia Sam
    Olivia Sam 4 hours ago +1

    Does anybody else think that Emilia Clarke looks like Meghan markle at 0:34

  • Thanos MARVEL
    Thanos MARVEL 4 hours ago

    Who's better?
    Cara or Emilia?

  • שחר מרגלית
    שחר מרגלית 7 hours ago

    Emilia won but jake made me laugh the hardest

    HOTSHOT GAMING 9 hours ago


  • Aheed Aamer
    Aheed Aamer 10 hours ago +2

    My boy arnie sitting there thinkin wtf did I get myself into lol

  • Samuel McCallister
    Samuel McCallister 12 hours ago

    Emilia's eyebrow game is the strongest of all time.

  • Amr Al Wardany
    Amr Al Wardany 16 hours ago

    Couldn't win the Iron throne.. Still won the eyebrow competition😎

  • Emilio Salas
    Emilio Salas 22 hours ago +1

    Why does Cara always look like she's holding in a sneeze

  • T OM
    T OM Day ago

    This is society now

  • Ella Asuncion
    Ella Asuncion Day ago

    Lily Collins should be there

  • Nir vana20
    Nir vana20 Day ago

    Emilia's legs are stunning :O

  • Dhanika Amarasekera

    why is Emilia so cute???

  • Cup Cake
    Cup Cake Day ago

    Emilia won
    Her eyebrow has a life wtf

  • vigilantezack
    vigilantezack Day ago

    Jake is the next wolverine, yes?

  • Matheus Fernandes

    Emilia is the best person in the world ! i love her !

    • Daniel Budik
      Daniel Budik 3 hours ago

      Best? You don't even know her personally, You sir are very stupid

  • MyPointOfView
    MyPointOfView Day ago

    If only Lily Collins was there

  • Fran
    Fran Day ago

    Emilia's eyebrows: "Get us the f out of here!"

  • hotman718
    hotman718 Day ago

    Jake Gyllenhaal should be the next Batman

  • Mlleツ
    Mlleツ Day ago +2

    Emilia's eyebrows are also actresses

  • Specialist in Failure

    The terminator is just like erase these memory files

  • magnum opus
    magnum opus Day ago

    Emilia is the eye brow champion of the world

  • kishan gautam
    kishan gautam Day ago +1

    I love emilia Clark after my girlfriends

  • PoeticSonic
    PoeticSonic Day ago

    Fun fact Arnold can speak in a perfect American accent and he had to get a voice coach to teach him how to keep his trademark accent...

  • Black Raspberry
    Black Raspberry Day ago

    Matt Shea - Papa Eyebrow
    Emilia Clarke - Mama Eyebrow :)

  • BENS19777
    BENS19777 2 days ago

    The size of Schwarzenegger compared to all of them.

  • ana montefalco-mercadejas

    Emilia's eyebrows are very expressive😂

  • Jehe No
    Jehe No 2 days ago

    Can I ask what's the relation between his guests? Because every time I see his videos his guests are very random.

  • Rakshith Shetty
    Rakshith Shetty 2 days ago

    Cara Delevingne is hot! and Emilia Clarke's eye brow game is strong!. End of discussion!

  • hagler10033
    hagler10033 2 days ago

    Delvigne is so full of herself

  • cm1996 cgcc6152jsl
    cm1996 cgcc6152jsl 2 days ago

    Cara totally made a play for Emilia after the show. Probably like, "You want to exchange eyebrow tips in private?"

  • jitendra varma
    jitendra varma 2 days ago +1

    Arnie be like, Lets talk biceps

  • xadrach
    xadrach 2 days ago

    I want both of them

  • Stanley Vaganov
    Stanley Vaganov 2 days ago

    poor arnie lol he is like wtf am i doing here

  • Damn Man
    Damn Man 2 days ago

    One legend 3 clowns

  • M J
    M J 2 days ago

    She should use her facial moving talents to close up those disgustingly huge nostril holes

  • sultaa86
    sultaa86 2 days ago

    Emilia Clarke looks so much better with that haircolor instead of that weird blonde got haircolor

  • Jakob Topholm
    Jakob Topholm 2 days ago

    Calling Arnold "Arnie" is the best thing i have ever heard.

  • Kenan Sheka
    Kenan Sheka 2 days ago

    arnold be like
    whats am doing with those dumbs😂

  • Marcelo Mestre
    Marcelo Mestre 2 days ago

    sex? cara and emilia

  • Godfrey Stark
    Godfrey Stark 2 days ago

    Какая же это хуйня.

  • charles Mendoza
    charles Mendoza 2 days ago

    I feel bad for Arnie.

  • Tom H
    Tom H 2 days ago

    4 guests that are lovable in so many ways.

  • Jim Howson
    Jim Howson 2 days ago

    Jake sandwiched between Emilia Clarke and Cara Delevingne.... lucky boy

  • Marijke Heutink
    Marijke Heutink 3 days ago

    I swear Emilia's eyebrows have a life of their own

  • virtue first
    virtue first 3 days ago

    Arnold is so awesome! Such a sweet person!

  • P wie Pepe
    P wie Pepe 3 days ago

    So much potential, so shallow over all.

  • Pimp Lotion
    Pimp Lotion 3 days ago

    last action hero!

  • heliopyre
    heliopyre 3 days ago

    their eyebrows are more expressive than any of their acting

  • anushan yoganathan
    anushan yoganathan 3 days ago +2

    Emelia: mother of eyebrows
    Alter ego:
    Daenerys: mother of dragons

  • ykihtdite
    ykihtdite 3 days ago

    It’s a crime that Maisie wasn’t here for this as well.

  • Gootch 007
    Gootch 007 3 days ago

    Arnold he is like a babysitter.

  • Scarlet Ragneel
    Scarlet Ragneel 3 days ago +6

    "Do you want to win?"
    "Okay yeah she's the best then".
    Awwww 😂

  • marko mandic
    marko mandic 3 days ago +1

    cara is damn ugly

  • Tommy He
    Tommy He 3 days ago

    LoL this subject is hilarious..

    SATAN 3 days ago

    Arnold is a dottering old man

    SATAN 3 days ago

    Who has nicer breasts?

  • Drake Kay
    Drake Kay 3 days ago

    1:27 He can't judge he is to busy thinking "This damn couch is two sizes too small"!

  • nezofy
    nezofy 3 days ago

    كريييييهه كارا .. ايميلا افضل

  • jaxta86
    jaxta86 3 days ago

    Her facial/eyebrows are hilarious

  • Faheem kh
    Faheem kh 3 days ago

    Emilia is millions time better than this junk cara !!!

  • Bastian's Artpop
    Bastian's Artpop 3 days ago +1

    should've called lily collins in too... THAT would've been something ^^

  • Friedhelm
    Friedhelm 3 days ago

    Poor Arni sitting with kids ...

  • Marco Cristoni
    Marco Cristoni 3 days ago

    she look like my next mistake

  • Chgrand Klim
    Chgrand Klim 3 days ago

    elle n est vraiment pas belle cara

  • kundaline9064
    kundaline9064 3 days ago

    arnaldao (pego as duas)

  • mintico snout
    mintico snout 3 days ago

    Arnie will be in a better mood if jason statham, bruce willis and rambo is there

  • thomasc785
    thomasc785 3 days ago

    Emilia Clarke looks cute but Cara Delevingn zoomie scary grr

  • Lexie Wilson
    Lexie Wilson 3 days ago

    This was HILARIOUS! But also Emilia WAS truly the best! I literally REWINDED it like twice cause I couldn't believe her skills! Hahahaha i can't do that! Haha

  • Man Of Beard
    Man Of Beard 4 days ago

    Don’t know why people are so pumped on cara. Just don’t think she’s all that.

  • kings Letter
    kings Letter 4 days ago +1

    Arnie is like...Why am I here...

  • Adam Kretzmann
    Adam Kretzmann 4 days ago

    The Rock: Hold my beer

  • Go On Seb
    Go On Seb 4 days ago

    Adults acting like 5 year olds

  • Rachid El Bakkali
    Rachid El Bakkali 4 days ago

    Mother of Dragon and Eyebrows Queen

  • Always Clean
    Always Clean 4 days ago +1

    First of her name, the mother of eyebrows.

  • Jacob Mead
    Jacob Mead 4 days ago

    Emilias eyes/eyebrows literally go ^.^

  • Rex Abruzzi
    Rex Abruzzi 4 days ago

    Arnold’s like “when we discussing Biceps” 🙄

  • N8one _
    N8one _ 4 days ago

    the best show on TV

  • saciperere47
    saciperere47 4 days ago

    More like EyeBrawl

  • Eruult Chuluunbaatar

    Lily Collins missing here. :))

  • Soumy Land
    Soumy Land 4 days ago +10

    Arnold is sitting there contemplating life like is this really were my life has gone from 350 on the incline.

  • Jim
    Jim 4 days ago

    I mean, Emilia has the most acting eyebrows ever known to man.

  • Blitz Of The Reich
    Blitz Of The Reich 4 days ago +1

    Jake sorta looks like a piece of toast

  • MC_Pablo
    MC_Pablo 4 days ago

    If Arnold Swarnigaah in Game of Thrones

  • Lewis Weir
    Lewis Weir 4 days ago +1

    Wow 4 years ago

  • Glen Crackmire
    Glen Crackmire 4 days ago

    This cara animal is so disgusting and ugly it is almost undescribable

  • Mr10b
    Mr10b 5 days ago

    They are really ugly when they make all those faces. Brrr...

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
    Leonardo Da Vinci 5 days ago +1

    Surely this is too low brow for Arnie?

  • Alfonso Calderon
    Alfonso Calderon 5 days ago

    whos the ugly one?

  • Sandy Panchpal
    Sandy Panchpal 5 days ago +1

    Arnie be like, when it starts to hurt thats when the game starts. ✌🏿

  • NoobMaster 69
    NoobMaster 69 5 days ago +1

    Arnold is just sitting there like *"did I leave the stove on?"*

  • Sir Hyperion
    Sir Hyperion 5 days ago +1

    Daenaerys Queen of eyebrows.

  • billz co
    billz co 5 days ago

    Then The Rock comes in does the peoples eyebrow and then does the peoples elbow on Jake

  • Corbin Wesler
    Corbin Wesler 5 days ago

    They should have had Sarah Huckabee Sanders on. She would have been a natural at this.

  • Lewis Castles-Hyson
    Lewis Castles-Hyson 5 days ago

    Does any one else think cara looks like a greasy little boy with long hair?