NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018 (This Week's Best Trailers #3)

  • Published on Oct 6, 2018
  • "NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018 (This Week's Best Trailers #3)
    00:00 The Upside
    02:36 Vice
    04:29 Rocketman
    05:32 Tiger
    08:02 Don't Go
    12:41 Instant Family
    15:12 The Protector
    15:41 Malevolent
    17:53 Better Start Running
    20:00 The Curious Creations of Christine McConnel"
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  • Lamont Hall
    Lamont Hall Month ago

    Our history was taken,that's coping😉

  • Aparna Krishna
    Aparna Krishna 2 months ago

    The"copy "of the indian thamiz film "THOZA"

  • CovaiArts Azeez
    CovaiArts Azeez 2 months ago

    first movie is a remake of tamil movie :thozha

  • Chey Mįlíoņ
    Chey Mįlíoņ 4 months ago

    Everyone complaining about the upside, we'll maybe Europeans should market so we could see such good movies. Gracias.

    GLITCH 5 months ago

    This was a day after my birthday

  • vijay chandra varma
    vijay chandra varma 5 months ago

    First movie copied from Telugu

  • Krishna Ganesh
    Krishna Ganesh 5 months ago

    1st trailer is copied from Indian movie

  • Tori
    Tori 6 months ago

    Wow!! Looking forward to Rocketman and Instant Family!!

  • Jerin Stephen
    Jerin Stephen 7 months ago

    Thola copy ya

  • Dxchef Crew
    Dxchef Crew 7 months ago

    The original was so awesome why make a rerun

  • B uppy
    B uppy 7 months ago

    Several movies are inserted in the middle of this that aren't listed...

  • Rogue
    Rogue 7 months ago

    The upside ~ Based on a real movie.

  • Geeno dente
    Geeno dente 7 months ago

    cant wait to see hollywood play politics. oh wait...... they're doing that already.

  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast 7 months ago +1

    Why did this get recommended to me in 2019

  • VSY306 cable
    VSY306 cable 7 months ago

    All the Netflix trailers suck

  • JD Christo
    JD Christo 7 months ago


  • benjovi55
    benjovi55 7 months ago

    17:53 Backcountry Bonnie and Clyde.

  • Coconut& Cactus
    Coconut& Cactus 7 months ago


  • Jesus Vazquez
    Jesus Vazquez 7 months ago

    Why are they already rebooting the intouchables It's still a great movie and only from 2011

  • Mohamed Ismail
    Mohamed Ismail 7 months ago

    Is is Tamil movie copy tamil movie name frindi

  • Charlotte Burnside
    Charlotte Burnside 8 months ago

    Sam Rockwell as W is maybe the best thing I’ve ever seen

  • Zoaz
    Zoaz 8 months ago

    'Tiger' reminds the recent case where a boy was forced to have his long hair cut for a similar fight. He had it tied up, but the referee waited until the final fight was on the line before holding it over his head. He could ever have it all cut off, or forfeit. It's a really shitty thing to do, and very sexist.

  • EvilGamer123415
    EvilGamer123415 8 months ago

    Taken from a Indian movie 1:00

  • Oliver Kevin
    Oliver Kevin 8 months ago

    The upside copy south indian movie "Thozha"

  • Lexi Day
    Lexi Day 8 months ago

    The first trailer, I remember watching the original movie, it was really good so it’ll be hard to beat

  • Fayaz Ahamed
    Fayaz Ahamed 8 months ago

    the first movie name is "thozha" in tamil movie

  • Eternal DarkWolf
    Eternal DarkWolf 8 months ago

    one of em isnt even a movie

  • Yoshi more
    Yoshi more 8 months ago

    He is freaking hot!!

  • Penny Pincher-Coins
    Penny Pincher-Coins 8 months ago

    when it said Christian Bale was him i fell to da floor, wouldn't have EVER guessed that was him,,,,wow

  • scarlet overkill
    scarlet overkill 8 months ago


  • bob jones
    bob jones 8 months ago

    In the chilling adventure of sabrina.

  • bob jones
    bob jones 8 months ago

    The guy in the middle with the stylish coat looked like justin bieber.

  • paisleybabee
    paisleybabee 8 months ago

    That guy doesn't sound like Elton

  • Martin Pennington
    Martin Pennington 8 months ago

    Huh I thought it was based on the English one

  • Ruby
    Ruby 8 months ago

    Why remake Intouchables? That is an epic movie and not even that old! The fact that its in French made it even better. Sorry Hollywood but this won't work.

  • Paul Cowsill
    Paul Cowsill 8 months ago

    Hollywood remakes are impossible to underestimate.

  • keirabryson
    keirabryson 8 months ago

    I adore Bryan Cranston but FUCK. Can America leave nothing alone? The Intouchables was such a good movie and this feels cheap in comparison.

  • It's me
    It's me 8 months ago

    why does Nicole Kidman look 12 in this

  • Arno
    Arno 8 months ago

    Wtf is this fake intouchables

  • Maciej Mielczarek
    Maciej Mielczarek 8 months ago

    this is a shit ... they trying to copy one of the best european movie of all times . I will not watch this . Orginal movie with Omar Sy is the best and no copy can change that .

  • sniff28
    sniff28 8 months ago

    wtf how does Christian Bale get his body changed for these roles. From the Machinist to Batman and Psycho and this. It takes me months just to lose bodyfat. Wtf

    • J J
      J J 8 months ago

      sniff28 cigs, Adderall, caffeine and hundreds of renowned Hollywood physical trainers at their disposal.

  • Kathy Elisca C.
    Kathy Elisca C. 8 months ago

    Are you fcking serious no the European film beautiful why remake an American veraion. Wtf is wrong with Hollywood.

  • chaskachocolove
    chaskachocolove 8 months ago

    no wonder America has descended the most depressed, ignorant, violent, neurotic, murderous, twisted general population....Hollywood has taken everybody on a dumb down wicked ride into either stupidity or hell . Those are the 2 movie genres thAT prevail. . Only one of these moviesmay be even worth consideration. Thanks Holly wood for the descent into cruelty, blood, violence murder, and hell. De sensitizing people to all this is part of some twisted grooming/programming.

  • Paul Venkat
    Paul Venkat 8 months ago

    The first movie trailer is similar to a Tamil movie thozha

  • intellectsunlimited
    intellectsunlimited 8 months ago

    "Don't Go" looks like the whitest movie ever made! Every other year they make a movie which is so whitewashed, it doesn't even represent real white folk!

  • 傅王爷
    傅王爷 8 months ago

    There’re two Sabrina, one is series and one is movie. The one you put in the video is the series one. And why you put Riverdale’s cover in the Sabrina’s part?

  • ATMurdoch97
    ATMurdoch97 8 months ago

    Are you fucking kidding me? They are remaking Untouchable? With Kevin fucking Hart? Jesus Christ, Hollywood

  • James Wiggins
    James Wiggins 8 months ago

    The Untouchables is a brilliant movie, why would they remake it American? What a joke.

    ZQMBGN 8 months ago

    And there it comes, another Hollywood year without original ideas

  • Lukaspad1
    Lukaspad1 8 months ago

    Batman is looking a bit different

  • ali khazravi
    ali khazravi 8 months ago

    First trailer, Wasn't it a French movie?

  • Jemstone24
    Jemstone24 8 months ago

    More Homo glorification sick of the Hollywood indoctrination!

  • EasyThe
    EasyThe 8 months ago

    15:25 Thumbnail, you're welcome.

  • Ludovic OLLIVIER
    Ludovic OLLIVIER 8 months ago

    Quel culot de copier un autre film en faisant passer ça pour une oeuvre originale !

  • yoram iping
    yoram iping 8 months ago

    I think it is a shame that they made a intouchables rip off. Kevin hart is very funny, but not an good actor.

  • Shannon Whittington
    Shannon Whittington 8 months ago

    Hollywood is really grasping for anything these days. Does SJW logic really have that harmful effect on there brain

  • Rob T
    Rob T 8 months ago

    Wow, when new trailers are all either leftist, SJW bullshit, all Netflix shows, or both lol

  • trewor2345
    trewor2345 8 months ago

    They are ruining Sabrina the teenage witch

  • Paul Ketrail
    Paul Ketrail 8 months ago

    18:12 fucking whore

  • rbm10101
    rbm10101 8 months ago

    Since when are series on netflix considered MOVIE TRAILIERS?

  • Taz Augustine
    Taz Augustine 8 months ago

    Thumbnail manipulation, i feel violated. The entire reason i watched this video is a 10 second transition sandwiched between two REAL trailers. Wtf bro

  • David Medford
    David Medford 8 months ago

    4:03 Holy shit that is not Christian Bale lol

  • Tim O.
    Tim O. 8 months ago

    Just from watching the trailer alone, I can already tell it won't be as good as the original "The Intouchables." I don't even think i'll spend the money to watch this at the theatres. They've changed a lot of the script, and replaced the humor in the original with cheap, American humor. They've diluted this one so much for the American audience, and lost the substance that made the original so great in the process. Will probably wait till it's at my local library, might borrow it from there. I'd still watch the original any day.

  • Michael Tudyk
    Michael Tudyk 8 months ago

    Just know that the upside is a remake of the intouchables so it's gonna suck and guy should just shave in beard movie. Now you watched the previews.

  • No Excuses
    No Excuses 8 months ago

    Mickey is living proof that botched plastic surgery want kill your career but takes its toll on ya

  • Jay Macky
    Jay Macky 8 months ago

    Plot twist: he blows up the ring

  • Jay Macky
    Jay Macky 8 months ago

    So the funniest man in comedy needs a job? Fired!!

  • Viola John
    Viola John 8 months ago

    So very American to STEAL stories and ideas from movies of other countries! The first one is a direct rip off from a French movie about the same story about a black guy helping a paralyzed white dude! US of A, the greatest thieves in the history of mankind!!

  • Tye xoxo
    Tye xoxo 8 months ago

    i know they not knocking off les intouchables.... i will not support this movie.

  • Said Kozhambetov
    Said Kozhambetov 8 months ago

    remake sucks, only watching cause of Kevin

  • tiDDies aTTic
    tiDDies aTTic 8 months ago

    Wow that "boxing" movie looks great 😒 What an interesting concept.🙄An extraterrestrial imitating 1 of those "evil" white males to train a non-white male on how to avoid becoming an evil white male.😴

  • Pietro Fiorentini
    Pietro Fiorentini 8 months ago

    French version, seems much better

  • M D Junior
    M D Junior 8 months ago


  • MrsRandomMadeMeDoIt
    MrsRandomMadeMeDoIt 8 months ago

    Really ? an American remake of Les Intouchables with Kevin Heart and Nicole Kidman... wow... thats doomed to fail..

  • john thalongcak
    john thalongcak 8 months ago +1

    All the movies look like shit