CamelPhat, Jem Cooke - Rabbit Hole (Audio)

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • CamelPhat, Jem Cooke- Rabbit Hole (Official Audio)
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Comments • 335

  • tyrone boboo
    tyrone boboo Day ago

    how did they come up with this its brilliant

  • welsh logic
    welsh logic Day ago

    for those of you listening on a computer. buy a D.A.C. A digital to analogue convertor. brand: dragonfly, oppo or , chord, and decent headphones. it's a different experience I promise.

  • Kenia Vlogs
    Kenia Vlogs Day ago

    CamelPhat please come to Spain😱😍

  • Rascal W.
    Rascal W. 2 days ago

    Fuckin love this tune

  • Cibelle Marques
    Cibelle Marques 3 days ago


  • Mark Johnston
    Mark Johnston 3 days ago

    Never knew one of the camelphat members used to be apart of ultrabeat they had some absoulte bangers😎

  • Dawn Cromar
    Dawn Cromar 3 days ago +2

    Just can’t stop listening to this tune, soo catchy 👌👌

  • manic panic
    manic panic 3 days ago

    vocals ruin it for me

  • Craig Geraghty
    Craig Geraghty 4 days ago

    See that little change at 2.59 the du dut 😍 amazing 👌🙌🙌🙌

  • Bev Jarvis
    Bev Jarvis 4 days ago

    Again AND again your smashing it!!!!! Congrats once more! You rock.
    Been on loop 2 hrs

  • A.K WooD
    A.K WooD 4 days ago

    Круто просто нема слів.

  • PepeCoyotl
    PepeCoyotl 4 days ago

    Tonight!!!! 😆😆😆

  • Daniel miller
    Daniel miller 5 days ago


  • Dimitris Dimitris
    Dimitris Dimitris 6 days ago


  • Will Bedggood
    Will Bedggood 6 days ago

    Fuck me

    EDDIE WINTZ 7 days ago

    very compelling

  • :/
    :/ 7 days ago +5

    When this comes on the vibes are unreal

  • [white slate]
    [white slate] 7 days ago +3

    Just realized the drums are the same as the ones from Cola...

    • ansaksa
      ansaksa 4 days ago

      Maybe that`s why I love that the same much!

  • Checkerz 1990
    Checkerz 1990 9 days ago

    Please please keep these tracks coming!

  • Gjergji Malaj
    Gjergji Malaj 9 days ago

    Very similar to the song Tides (B feat.Bajka)

  • WonderWorld Fanatic
    WonderWorld Fanatic 10 days ago

    This song is Creepy but I love it

  • Robert Alley
    Robert Alley 11 days ago

    Deep 🤘

  • levman98
    levman98 11 days ago

    Ollie Smith last night at WHP!

  • Leon Carberry
    Leon Carberry 11 days ago +10

    " there's toilets in this coke room"

  • karim kk
    karim kk 11 days ago

    this is amazing i wanna listen to all of it multiple times a minute

  • Blake Davies
    Blake Davies 11 days ago

    Alice in wonderland

  • Chanice Marks
    Chanice Marks 11 days ago

    She sounds like Adele

  • Krzysztof Janota
    Krzysztof Janota 11 days ago

    What a bomb 🔥🔥

  • Irene Assandri
    Irene Assandri 12 days ago

    They got my phat to giggle

  • Martin Wainaina
    Martin Wainaina 12 days ago

    Such a sick tune

  • deem ay
    deem ay 12 days ago

    I dont know but this song makes me wanna fuck the hell out .

  • gazza5times1
    gazza5times1 13 days ago

    complete banger again

  • Ced Rolyes
    Ced Rolyes 13 days ago

    ♥♥♥🌸🌸🌸💗😄😄😄😄💸💸💸💗💗 😄😄😄😄💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸 Jėzus Kristus yra vienintelis tikras Dievas!
    Tas Dievas, kuris prisikėlė iš numirusių ir amžinai gyvena.
    Jėzus Kristus yra vienintelis kvalifikuotas suteikti mums amžinąjį gyvenimą.
    taip pat gydo jų kūnus.
    (pažiūrėk ir paklausk jo)

  • Nibaka Anoy
    Nibaka Anoy 14 days ago

    I Love your music Camelphat! CHANGING THE GAME

  • Vassilis
    Vassilis 14 days ago


  • MAYK
    MAYK 14 days ago

    "Breathe" es irremplazable

  • Carter H
    Carter H 14 days ago +1

    Sick song Camelphat! Keep it going!

  • Hard Candy
    Hard Candy 15 days ago


  • IPRO910 X
    IPRO910 X 15 days ago

    Ket hole tune this

  • Stephen Bush
    Stephen Bush 15 days ago

    Axell remix of faithless music sounds better. But i always hear audio bullys in there tracks with thin white duke

  • luciano luciano
    luciano luciano 15 days ago +2

    GOOD for IBIZA SUMMER 2020 !!!!! See you there GUYS !!! i Will play it Lolas Club and Bora bora ... #DjMattiaPascal (Suite Room 432Hz)

  • Francesco Zanghì
    Francesco Zanghì 16 days ago +2

    Beanfield - Tides😏

  • Entrenador Hispano
    Entrenador Hispano 16 days ago +11

    There are some good thinks in life.
    Just like this song.

  • Adventurous Eddie
    Adventurous Eddie 17 days ago +14

    I have the most trippiest dreams after listening to this tune before bed

  • esperanza ayelen
    esperanza ayelen 17 days ago

    A barrrbaroo que zarpado chavoonnn 💃💃🛀

  • Bob Ulika
    Bob Ulika 17 days ago +1

    That's proper that is. Thankyou.

  • Game Changer
    Game Changer 17 days ago

    I thought it was a 90s track

  • Ryan Biggs
    Ryan Biggs 17 days ago +3

    This song brings out the demon in us

  • andy randall
    andy randall 17 days ago +2

    Couple of joints and this puys you in an amazing high state of euphoria 😍🙏👌

  • AkufenX
    AkufenX 17 days ago

    Totally addictive and totally awesome ... ( slight memories of beanfield Tides cc Movement # 1, at the beginning ) Magnifik work Thanx !

  • DeepChilled music
    DeepChilled music 18 days ago


  • storm delight
    storm delight 18 days ago

    Primal. In the best way.

  • bradston
    bradston 18 days ago +1

    What a fucking banger

  • __
    __ 18 days ago

    je suis hypnotisé

  • Stev
    Stev 18 days ago +1

    Camelphat has been growing so fast

  • simon hutchinson
    simon hutchinson 18 days ago

    What a belter

  • CheezhOfficial
    CheezhOfficial 18 days ago

    This track really sucks you in #Hypnotized

  • Graham Poole
    Graham Poole 18 days ago

    Camelphat with Jem Cooke on vocals, need I say anymore!! :D

  • Gisle Johnsen
    Gisle Johnsen 18 days ago +4

    OMG !! What ever, who ever, dont care. What a Awsomme tune!!!

  • maurizio nuage
    maurizio nuage 19 days ago

    wtf can't stop dance