JYP 2.0

  • Published on Jul 26, 2018
  • JYP 2.0
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  • What is Twice?
    What is Twice? 7 hours ago


  • 달보드레
    달보드레 2 days ago

    이 구원파 매국노야

  • YA Maria
    YA Maria 3 days ago

    yhh interested in foreign talent my ass. Everyone is asian D: why can't entretainment companies in western countries be similar to kpop entretainment companies.

  • 아름다운호수
    아름다운호수 4 days ago +1

    Nigi projects Japanese girl group

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 6 days ago

    the Big 2 JYP and Bighit 🙌 coz SM and YG are kinda distroying themselves 😪

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 6 days ago +1

    the Big 2 JYP and Bighit 🙌 coz SM and YG are kinda distroying themselves 😪

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 6 days ago +1

    by the way jyp your cup caffè is amazing 😄 your building is so big .. i hope the best for you and your idols ...and please stay away from your friend yg because he is a bad person 😟 and stop ignoring Got7 😦

  • YoongiCuliao
    YoongiCuliao 6 days ago +1

    in the future there is not big 3 but big 2, jyp and bighit

  • N. Sengthong
    N. Sengthong 6 days ago +1

    I’m beyond impressed with JYP! Very inspirational!

  • Shysphere40 40
    Shysphere40 40 8 days ago +1

    Wow I just realized that JYP is smart AF 🤯

  • DII DEAR]]
    DII DEAR]] 11 days ago +1

    I'm really shocked that English Subtitle becomes all korean

  • dibs12
    dibs12 11 days ago +1

    I think I want to invest my money to JYP 2.0... he is looking for stability, that is the important thing that I look before I invest to a certain company

  • Marlon Villapando
    Marlon Villapando 12 days ago +1

    His english grammar is crystal clear. 👌

  • 2.0팬더
    2.0팬더 12 days ago

    He sounds like someone from kung fo panda

  • Kongaii
    Kongaii 13 days ago +1

    JYP center looks like something straight out of an Kdrama

  • banana
    banana 15 days ago +1

    This is why jyp is my favorite ent company of all. Rather than working their artists as$ off all the time, it focuses more on the artists health and allows for growth within the artists. JYP Fighting!! ❤

  • Nita Jierapipatanakul
    Nita Jierapipatanakul 21 day ago +1

    Wow um side note: The English subtitles are apparently Korean. Great job 👍🏻

  • Dash Cam Music Videos by Keima Kami Sama

    Who still buys albums though... spotify gets you every artist you want 🤷‍♂️

  • Jiru Hattori
    Jiru Hattori 21 day ago +1

    I love how he isn't afraid to explain how he handles his company. JYP knows that other companies can try and copy him but they can't produce the same result as well as he does.

  • 1988nat
    1988nat 21 day ago +1

    He is so fluent in english and i just knew it 😂

  • mango jango
    mango jango 25 days ago +1

    Facts. When JYP was in his first marriage late 90s, he visited LA ktown clubs - Vels. Always booked the largest room and had only the prettiest girls booked to his room and openly danced with girls explicitly on the dance floor. Days of no social media allowed this creep to behave like a dog thinking since its in LA he's in the clear. He probably will never be exposed because of his power and Korean culture.

  • NoJam
    NoJam 26 days ago +1

    I’m shoook I didn’t know jyp was fluent

  • Matthew Tenorio_3200654
    Matthew Tenorio_3200654 28 days ago +1

    Though I am an SM stan, I really admire JYP for handling his company well. Yes, his company has a past scandals before, but that doesn’t compare to what YG was been through right now. SM has scandals, but it is more of about contracts and lawsuits. YG entertainment’s scandals are worst. I feel sad about it.

  • mochii chimmy
    mochii chimmy 28 days ago +1

    this will forever be the most captivating and interesting presentation I've watched

  • ᴘrιᴅє / zαρρнox

    JYP is a respectable alpha male.

  • Rachael
    Rachael Month ago

    22:08 that was very insightful and thanks to the Investor who asked a very detailed question :)

  • korean lover
    korean lover Month ago +1

    me click fast to get eng sub than the sub is in korean WHAT i want end sub wait no need for that duh he speaks eng better than me

  • Van dances to Kpop
    Van dances to Kpop Month ago +2

    how bout making a Filipino girl group? cuz i voulunteer

    • Matthew Tenorio_3200654
      Matthew Tenorio_3200654 27 days ago

      Van dances to Kpop I don’t know if it would work. TBH, many Filipinos don’t support artist when it comes to pop music because they tend to like more of ballad and rnb songs. Girl groups would most likely be girl crush concept or electric ldn pop to this one. And many Filipinos don’t like kpop, especially male straight Filipinos, so that would be a hindrance to their popularity.

  • Melannie Garcia
    Melannie Garcia Month ago +2

    My role model ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Melannie Garcia
    Melannie Garcia Month ago +2


  • Melannie Garcia
    Melannie Garcia Month ago +2


  • Dranciuc Andreea
    Dranciuc Andreea Month ago +1

    Would ever jyp debut foreigners(not asians. and not korean-american or something like this,actual foreigners) ?

    • Dranciuc Andreea
      Dranciuc Andreea 27 days ago

      @Matthew Tenorio_3200654 but what do u think it would happened ? I mean in the future

    • Matthew Tenorio_3200654
      Matthew Tenorio_3200654 27 days ago

      Dranciuc Andreea That would be cool.

    • Dranciuc Andreea
      Dranciuc Andreea 27 days ago

      @Matthew Tenorio_3200654 but what if the the non asian person fit the standards .. i mean they kinda look asian?

    • Matthew Tenorio_3200654
      Matthew Tenorio_3200654 27 days ago

      Dranciuc Andreea Honestly, they made their companies (kpop companies) for their people only. Koreans. And now, many asians join kpop groups because their faces suit the “korean” looks. I don’t hate that they will ever debut a non asian idols and artist but, it just doesn’t fit. Look at the exp group, tbh, they’re cringeworthy.

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom Month ago +2

    It would be nice to see a group that would debut in JYP with a foreigner in it , I mean not asian ,...like a European person or smt. So many people audition online! It would be sweet don't u think?

  • Arife Rexhepi
    Arife Rexhepi Month ago +1

    Jyp didn't even mention got7 that's really mean he talks only for twice did he forgot that got7 existet before twice they were even in the billboard 2014 when they debuted and have internationally fambase got7 is making money for jyp! #jyptreatgot7better

  • I am igot7
    I am igot7 Month ago +1

    PD nim please don't ignore GOT7 😭

  • JustanormalBTSfan
    JustanormalBTSfan Month ago +3

    JYP is really smart. Creating kpop groups that are specific to one country (e.g. Boy Story = China). He also knows the common causes and effect towards promotions and downfalls. For example when he mentioned that “more content can cause poor quality”. He created many dance studios, vocal rooms, etc... To think that he knows how to expand with more artists without getting poorer content.
    He also cares about the idols, unlike some companies who overwork their artists. It shows that he truly cares about the health of his artists. Mental health and physical health is considered and taken care of. *finally happy :))*
    And for people who said twice were overworked, I agree but disagree at the same time. They did have a lot of comebacks, but after watching this speech, my thought changed. Now that he said that he was changing the system to promote idols better, I appreciate that. It’s not like YG and how he keeps some of his artists on the dungeon, and he doesn’t even promote them properly.
    BIGHIT is sort of similar, however I don’t rlly know as there is rlly a “speech” yet. But the care for their artists is very very similar. Both jyp and BIGHIT care for their artists (mental and physical health), which is a important thing since health can be easily damaged throughout idol’s careers

  • Randomly Alone
    Randomly Alone Month ago


  • megan guedel
    megan guedel Month ago +1


  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong Month ago +1

    Jyp saranheyo 😃😘☺

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong Month ago +1

    Jyp 😃

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +4

    12:13 oh boi... he was about to give some names like YG and SM 😭😭

  • Liezl Libusada
    Liezl Libusada Month ago +1

    JYP is the best CEO..

  • Just Jyn
    Just Jyn Month ago +1

    i have nothing but respect for jyp

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +1

    What the heck is he wearing?

  • 미영Miyung
    미영Miyung Month ago +1

    How much is this man's IQ Please I wanna know. His godam smart.

  • Trieze Lazarra
    Trieze Lazarra Month ago +1

    JYP is such an amazing person. I love how he is so open-minded about business.

  • Trieze Lazarra
    Trieze Lazarra Month ago +1

    I also like the idea about how they ‘hand-picked’ psychiatrists for the artists and the workers. I also love the idea they made many dance practice rooms. I also love Jinyoung trusting the workers and idols to run the company without him.

  • Trieze Lazarra
    Trieze Lazarra Month ago

    I am so happy JYP is thinking about not only his artists but also the workers.

  • Chelsey Thompson
    Chelsey Thompson Month ago +1

    JYP talks about when he's gone right? Then who will the company go to? Hehe, JYP! (I am talking about Jinyoung from Got7) Get it?
    I am so sorry and so weird. :")

  • Park Eunjoo
    Park Eunjoo Month ago

    Oh god JYP I love your accent wtf

  • Asma Nia
    Asma Nia Month ago +1

    hey everyone...jyp and music are my everything ... im not korean but i have everything that jyp wants... i guess ill be accepted

  • Monica Quiboloy
    Monica Quiboloy 2 months ago +4

    "basically its twice with all japanese girls"
    sana, momo, and mina probably was shaking when they first heard this

  • Charlene Once
    Charlene Once 2 months ago +1

    Best Entertainment is JYP Entertainment

  • Asif MOHAMED
    Asif MOHAMED 2 months ago

    3:18 Twice didn’t debuted in 2015?😂🤔

  • Kpop is Life
    Kpop is Life 2 months ago +2

    JYP, you're good at english so, put english sub at twice ep

  • raine__dear 0812
    raine__dear 0812 2 months ago +1

    i can't stop myself from getting goosebumps! JYP is a great piece soon to slay the world!

  • moomin
    moomin 2 months ago +1

    Has anyone else noticed that he didn't feature Bernard Park, Jimin, and Baek Ah Yeon in his little video in the beginning?

  • najeongmosajimidachaetzu fromis 9

    20:06 is she mina?

  • najeongmosajimidachaetzu fromis 9

    I'm literally crying appa jyp ♥
    He's truly a legend

  • Monbestay
    Monbestay 2 months ago +1

    JYP: speaks english
    me: wait what- *confused in korean*

  • Melodine G7
    Melodine G7 2 months ago

    GOT7 to JYP: *Our main english speaker.*

  • Melodine G7
    Melodine G7 2 months ago

    J.Y.P's english is *DAEBAK*

  • Roadkill's Nightcore
    Roadkill's Nightcore 2 months ago

    *Meh English Subs are Korean hahaha*

  • Mary BbiBbi
    Mary BbiBbi 2 months ago +1

    "I'm JYP from JYP entertainment" no me digas :v

  • Xiun Ren
    Xiun Ren 2 months ago

    Thank you JYP for gave us Itzy

  • 재형 김
    재형 김 2 months ago +1

    I'm auditioning for JYP and the dance and vocal rooms were so pretty I'm shaking.

  • Rhynl and Rhycl Resoles

    I just hope that JYP give GOT7 the promotion and marketing they deserve.

  • angelyn genisan
    angelyn genisan 2 months ago

    He is really a great speaker. Thank you JYP!!!!!

  • angelyn genisan
    angelyn genisan 2 months ago

    No wonder! He's really great managing his people especially the artist. I love TWICE, thank you for taking care of the girls!!!!!! JYP is No.1!!!

  • Uland Octharee
    Uland Octharee 2 months ago

    I need JYP pd-nim collab with JAESIX 😂