I guess I'll talk about Ready Player One

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
  • Ready Player Two is about Parzival's successor winning the contest by having to recite from memory every line of Ready Player One.
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  • hewwo? anywun dere?? owo
    hewwo? anywun dere?? owo 11 days ago +581

    hey cool egg snake and ET hoodie boy

  • Purpleslash 2
    Purpleslash 2 2 hours ago

    You have a lot of patrons

  • Pidpie
    Pidpie 4 hours ago

    You look like Lily the Mechanic.

  • Eoin O'Connor
    Eoin O'Connor 7 hours ago

    The movie was one of those weird cases of fixing several problems with the original book, but then creating new problems of its own.
    Wade and Halliday aren't as high on the douchebag scale as they were in the novel, but Artemis/Samantha is in turn robbed of a lot of her agency in adaptation: at one point even becoming a damsel in distress. Plus her relationship with Wade now comes across as forced as all hell, due to the timespan of the story being condensed down to a few days.
    I did have more fun watching the film than reading the book, and it is a good popcorn movie. But you can't watch it and have a good time if you're going to apply even a modicum of critical analysis to it - because then the whole thing is straight-away exposed as shallow and contrived.

  • Steve Stampbach
    Steve Stampbach 7 hours ago

    Great vid.
    9:20, sorry, you are wrong there.
    I'll do many movies ALLLLLMOST word for word from a major character's perspective. i suspect you aren't obsessed with some movies like some people are. There are probably 20 movies I can sit with and do seriously every line. It is certainly indicative of obsessed movie junkies.
    Princess Bride... every line.
    5th element, almost every line

  • daniloalmeida
    daniloalmeida 8 hours ago

    that's all well and good, but I really want to know when did you split from your sisters from HAIM and started youtubing

  • IIxIxIv
    IIxIxIv 8 hours ago

    I just found out about your channel today and you're amazing! I love the sarcastic tone and also the deeper analysis you provide at the same time. Also porg.

  • John Hogan
    John Hogan 13 hours ago

    Interesting listen Jenny but I just watched the movie and enjoyed it for what it was. It would have been made into a TV series if they were going to properly cover it. I reckon someone still could. OK, if they mess with things like Asimov's Foundation, I'll want answers. But it was just a fun movie.

  • Lazerjo3000
    Lazerjo3000 14 hours ago

    They drop confetti at the end, why did they have confetti? When did they make it?

  • Alucard Smith A.K.A. 悪名高い悪魔の定規

    Furries in diapers???

  • John Heinze
    John Heinze 14 hours ago

    There was a furry that shows that skull dude that The ready player one guy is there.

  • Ricco
    Ricco 20 hours ago

    It was a furry that actually told IOI that the two were at that dance club, typical furry if you ask me

  • MrJRoberts0113
    MrJRoberts0113 20 hours ago

    Why doesn't coding & fabrication make "god-level gear" whenever you make something? That's called cheating. Cheaters get banned. & there's other code in the source code to catch & prevent content like that from being made in games right now (Like a server Admin can ban a user for cheating). They already have monitors in regular games for that now. Why wouldn't there be in The Oasis? Especially in the quest thing---In most games, enabling cheats (like invincibility, no clip, infinite ammo, etc.) disables certain aspects of the game, like earning achievements. It's reasonable to assume that the creator of The Oasis, the one who made the quest, has similar safeguards to prevent players from using loopholes, glitches, cheats, etc. from accomplishing the tasks for the quest.
    Also, if there's forms of currency based on fabricating your own gear and selling it, I'm sure there are limitations based on skill levels.

  • Ender Shard
    Ender Shard 21 hour ago

    In the film Artemis leads a rebellion. But they also state how she does live streams and is an internet star that does tutorials and stuff? Which is she? You can't do both

  • Ender Shard
    Ender Shard 21 hour ago

    You're complaining about both the book and the movie at the same time and when you compare them both of course you're gonna see problems. Also, it does mention a lotnof stuff in the book like his autism, and from a young age. I feel like doing all this whilst not being informed on the book is unfair.

  • Ender Shard
    Ender Shard 21 hour ago

    When complaining about hallidays choices, consider this: he had some sort of mental disabilities as was mentioned. He obsessed over lira and put her in there because he needed to do that, plus he always expected people to get his references so he thinks anyone that can recite wargames like that is worthy to rule his kingdom

  • Ender Shard
    Ender Shard 21 hour ago

    I feel like they missed a lot. With arch, the spirit of the competition and loads more that wasn't properly explained

  • warwolf54
    warwolf54 Day ago

    Wow. I think we have someone with an Adult baby furry fetish on our hands.

  • Michael J. Cassizzi Jr.

    Regarding your issue with item creation: I'm guessing to create items within the Oasis you need reagents or materials that require actual time and effort to acquire, much the same way items are crafted in MMOs, and that factors into their value, the same way it does in MMOs. People or companies that sell items within the Oasis are probably farming those materials or paying others to farm them for them.
    Listen, this movie was shit but the intersection of the real world with the Oasis economically is not one of the things that most bothers me about it.

  • Michael J. Cassizzi Jr.

    I wouldn't make a statement in which it's implied that CinemaSins is all about exposing plot holes when that channel is really all about being snarky for views.

  • Keep It Zen
    Keep It Zen Day ago

    Are you channeling your inner Zuko?
    If so, your scar's on the wrong side.
    While we're on the topic, what do you think of Avatar: TLA

  • Bacon Press
    Bacon Press Day ago

    What's with the scuba goggles?

  • velvet! tae
    velvet! tae Day ago

    “in the interest of realism at least 30% of them should be furries. and some of them should be in diapers.”

  • Ryder Spearmann
    Ryder Spearmann Day ago

    Ahhh... re: your shirt example. They've been doing that in Second Life (google it) for about a ***decade***. And yes, exactly as you have described. The pricing of an item is exactly like it is in the real world, minus "materials" costs. All you have in Second Life is creation cost, which is your time... beautiful, well coded objects are harder to make, and are therefore worth more, and people pay more. And it takes SKILL... so no, you can't just waltz in and make a motorcycle from Akira. You have to know your shit. But basically, you got it exactly right.

  • Daniel Nield
    Daniel Nield Day ago

    Maybe I'm overthinking this, but I think the egg was supposed to be found by Morrow, but Morrow was like "...nah. I could figure this out, but I don't want to ruin it for anyone else."

  • Dogizmaster
    Dogizmaster Day ago

    Member berries: The Movie

  • Calamity Cake
    Calamity Cake Day ago

    This is the first episode I’m watching of you and, well, I already love you

  • Axolotlmom17
    Axolotlmom17 Day ago

    Spy kids did it first

  • Joe Nesvick
    Joe Nesvick Day ago +2

    Had to hold off watching this until I saw the movie. Beware of spoilers right, even if you read the book. Book and movie aren’t identical, I kinda expected that going in unlike Tolkien fanatics. It’s like Willy Wonka*
    Is that suppose to be the birth mark, or does Jenny have pink eye 🤣. I half expected more people in the comment section saying: “It’s okay Jenny, I don’t mind your face.”
    With Ben Mendelsohn playing the main villain, I’m a little surprised a Darth Vader avatar didn’t place his hand on Sorrento’s shoulder asking: “Do you feel in charge?”
    * Poor kid competes for rich man’s inheritance, only Wade didn’t need to listen to: “There's no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going. There's no knowing where we're rowing or which way the river's flowing”

    • Chronoguy
      Chronoguy Day ago +1

      Come with me
      And you'll be
      In a world of
      Pure imagination

  • TheClimbTo1
    TheClimbTo1 Day ago

    Wait wait wait... you're telling me there are people, in 2018, that DO NOT know every word to "War Games"?
    They should be eliminated.

  • TheClimbTo1
    TheClimbTo1 Day ago

    Have you played WoW? You need Resources to Craft, and the more 'powerful' an Item the more High Level Resources needed. At the End Game, most 'Non-Elite' Gear is useless... but you have to Craft to raise your Crafting, so you have to grind through all the crap gear that Low-Players can use.
    That's why everything isn't Elite Tier, and why only Elite Tier isn't made.
    And if you put all those points in Crafting, then you didn't put all those Points in Combat... so you aren't Farming the Resources, you are stuck Buying them which requires Money.

  • TheClimbTo1
    TheClimbTo1 Day ago

    Only took 2 Minutes in for the eye-make up to make sense.
    Err... I mean... Birthmark.
    It's okay though, I don't mind your face. :D

  • John Arkady
    John Arkady Day ago

    If they'd remade the book scene for scene, it would've been about twelve hours long....which would've been fine, but can't be done for obvious reasons. Still, I thought they did a good job in keeping the spirit of the movie while condensing it down!

  • Cheezmonka
    Cheezmonka Day ago

    Having now watched like four of your videos total, I am of the opinion that you're smart as hell and maybe you're too good for TheXvid, but don't leave us please

  • RLE Linney4
    RLE Linney4 Day ago

    the movie adaptation is very good in my opinion, i wont go into details, but the only problem i could find was , there was not much of a mystery for the clue's on the first race... love the race, just felt like it should have been harder to figure out the drive backwards part.

  • MCG Production
    MCG Production Day ago

    You’re beautiful

  • TheJediChuck
    TheJediChuck Day ago

    Nice video 🙂

  • JFlowVideos
    JFlowVideos Day ago


  • The Guy James
    The Guy James Day ago

    oh god, i haven't seen the movie but my name is James and i am known to quote bill and ted from time to time so it was weird to suddenly be directly chastised for it

  • ruben menjares
    ruben menjares Day ago +1

    The car scene was basically spy kids 3

  • BlackLotus432
    BlackLotus432 Day ago

    is she single?

  • BlackLotus432
    BlackLotus432 Day ago

    wow i felt the same way when i watched the movie.

  • Vevelombez Xxlands

    The Force is strong with you, join me in the annihilation of the universe...

  • Alex Wing
    Alex Wing Day ago

    I actually saw a furry, it was a fox lady at the beginning of that space night club scene. =3

  • Soggy Broccoli
    Soggy Broccoli Day ago

    Esther Povitsky!!!! That’s who you remind me of

  • Benjamin Hernandez
    Benjamin Hernandez 2 days ago

    Jenny: "The movie has these plot holes..."
    Writers:"Sure... blockchain and bitcoins. Thats why."

  • Benjamin Hernandez
    Benjamin Hernandez 2 days ago

    Big Porg is somehow bigger.
    I guess that's where all the snakes went.

  • CONVERSE1991
    CONVERSE1991 2 days ago

    The way Aech is fixing things is she buys in game/digital tools, and then pays to have them upgraded, making them better, faster, stronger, ect. and at the same time she develops her own mechanical skills.

  • Steven Sampson
    Steven Sampson 2 days ago

    well done. Lots of good laughs in there.

  • Panc Nicky
    Panc Nicky 2 days ago

    Slow Jenny's videos to 0.5. xD
    That's strange expirience.

  • Tia Bishop
    Tia Bishop 2 days ago

    In regards to what you were saying about someone’s ability to recall dialog from a film; It depends on how many times you have seen it. These ‘Gunters’ have been studying this stuff for years. I can, without too much trouble, quote the majority of both ‘Back to the future’ and ‘Robocop’. This is because I have been watching them over and over since they came out and now I’m nearly 40. I find this plausible. This movie/ book is aimed at Full on geeks. Just saying...

  • outinwonderland
    outinwonderland 2 days ago

    Not to be that dick but you’re not totally correct about the Kiera thing. Og (when he’s being the librarian guy) says that it’s impossible for Kiera to only be in that one memory because the three of them were close and spent a lot of time together. Thats why he gets the extra life, because he won that bet. So even though the film aggressively pushed the Kiera theme throughout the story line it’s not as if Halliday only knew her through that one date.

  • s0bedrag0n
    s0bedrag0n 2 days ago

    One simple thing I despised was they changed about book to movie was the challenges.
    Spoiler alert:
    I mean changing the first challenge from a D&D dungeon that nobody can find on a school planet in and area than nobody goes to to a race that everyone knows about that you can’t win. Oh unless you go backwards. Which in 5 years, NOBODY has done? Seriously? Look at today’s video game players. The way players nowadays looking for bugs and glitches and hidden stuff, I guarantee that someone at some point would have drove backwards once (by accident or intentional) in 5 FREAKING YEARS!

  • Maerahn
    Maerahn 2 days ago

    THANK YOU FOR THIS! This is a lot of what was bothering me too... along with how did the real-world economy and social structure continue to function, as well as the virtual Oasis one? If everyone's existing and mostly having virtual 'careers' in the Oasis, who's running the real-world emergency services, power companies, communication services (LIKE keeping the internet running and delivering the real-world packages ordered within Oasis) and all the day-to-day administrative services we all take for granted? I mean, they must REALLY feel like they drew the short straw in life! Plus... if huge proportions of the city are so poor they live in stacked-up trailers and are starving, how did they get to that point where they thought "Okay, with this money I've got left I could buy food for my family or... a virtual reality headset! Nyah, who needs food anyway - and let's face it, no-one wants chubby kids!"

  • Gordon Davis
    Gordon Davis 2 days ago

    I see you stopped talking about what a great film was the last Jedi. Jenny, you have lost all credibility with your viewers. You were snarky about so many other films, and then you gushed over the last Jedi. You are just trying to get some kind of Disney career started, and your previous viewers now know you are a shill.

  • Daniel Quast
    Daniel Quast 2 days ago

    Thought provoking content as always Jenny, keep up the good work.

  • Ahnsael X
    Ahnsael X 2 days ago

    Your face around your right eye seems really red. Nobody hit you, did they (I'm guessing no, because when I had a black eye, it was more purple)? Because if so, I will literally travel to wherever you are to kick their butt (or die trying). If it's a makeup thing that I just am not aware of, then I'm cool. And if it's something else, I'm cool. I just think you are a groovy person and I want to ask if you're okay (I also haven't seen the past few Star Wars movies so if this is a Star Wars thing, again, I'm cool). You are a groovy person, and, geographically-restricted, I've got your back.

    • Ahnsael X
      Ahnsael X 2 days ago

      Also, I once worked at Universal Studios Hollywood and sold ET dolls in sweatshirts. And I was happy to see one in your background.

  • Ashley Palmisano
    Ashley Palmisano 2 days ago

    there was one one actual furry but it was kinda a realistic looking furry rather than a deviantArt OC-style furry

  • Jose D
    Jose D 2 days ago

    keep talking sexy

  • Joe Bob
    Joe Bob 2 days ago

    Neat vid, one minor qualm. You sooort of imply that Clien directed RPO (or at least was responsible for its storyline), but Steven Speilberg did. Sure Clien was part of the process but the movie's story differed drastically from that of the book, to the point that (I feel) the movie is a different story with different characters that mostly go by the same names (but even some characters were renamed/inserted). The book was amazing (nowhere near perfect, but pretty freakin good), the film, and all of its problems can be attributed to its respective creators, not Clien.

  • Issano Rogers
    Issano Rogers 3 days ago

    Worst part of the movie: Sorento trying to offer Wade 50 million dollars to fork over the key, when the entire game was at the BEGINNING of the contest worth half a TRILLION.
    Best part of the movie: B055man69

  • Jason Hall
    Jason Hall 3 days ago

    "Wade tells Artemis he loves her an hour into their first date, like what kind of a socially awkward...no wait that one actually checks out"
    I died! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ivanperez 128
    Ivanperez 128 3 days ago

    Turns out the book ripped off a episode of Danny Phantom,Thanks RLM.

  • Patrick Bentley
    Patrick Bentley 3 days ago

    Oasis communism

  • pkunkbwok
    pkunkbwok 3 days ago

    As a furry, I wanted to be offended, but then I'm like, "yeaaah... that's not wrong."

    • Lil Novi
      Lil Novi Day ago

      Yeah...no hate or anything but you guys are weird. At least you are not like adult babies.

  • pkunkbwok
    pkunkbwok 3 days ago

    I'm sure you've been on Second Life; everyone's avatar is embarrassingly revealing on some level.

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 3 days ago

    I liked the movie enough, but one thing that absolutely sucked to me was the whole relationship thing. It felt like they tried to shoehorn a rectangle into a threading needle. It was out of place for how much time was supposed to have passed in it.

  • Ewok Hunt Mode
    Ewok Hunt Mode 3 days ago

    I stopped at porg on bed. Cant be on board with a channel that does this.

  • TheRrevn57
    TheRrevn57 3 days ago

    Jenny, where can I buy a brain like yours?...I need one.

  • Richard Hirviniemi
    Richard Hirviniemi 3 days ago

    no it's not.

  • samdiego
    samdiego 3 days ago

    I know how you feel about being disappointed about them not recreating the movie scene from the book. However I was hoping they would’ve done the Monty python and the holy grail seen. That would’ve been awesome!

  • Cody Choules
    Cody Choules 3 days ago

    I would have partied it up with Anerak...

  • MrJim
    MrJim 3 days ago

    I noticed that one of your sponsors is none other than "James Halladey"! Did I find the easter egg? Do I win a half a trillion dollars?

  • Nate Weaver
    Nate Weaver 3 days ago

    I’m only here for the yoshi’s island music at the end

  • TheEasyKG
    TheEasyKG 3 days ago

    I agree with you with the idea of why dont people just build everything and make it super strong instead of buying it, but it was noted that Aech was a popular modder so i think that real currency allows you to buy these things within the oasis, which is stupid cause your right whoes controlling this market, whats stopping people from coding themselves instead of using real life currency.

  • Ted Hooper
    Ted Hooper 3 days ago

    get a clue

  • KwJGames
    KwJGames 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who saw the obvious furry? Like if you saw it to... in the scene before stayin' alive...

  • Referee Byron
    Referee Byron 3 days ago

    Oh SHIT dat Yoshi's Island doe.

  • Dylan Benedict
    Dylan Benedict 3 days ago

    Yoshi's Island. See how good of a nerd I am?
    Nah but seriously this is one of my favorite videos you've ever done. Good work!

  • saira m
    saira m 3 days ago

    I loved it

  • nejdalej
    nejdalej 3 days ago

    To be honest I was surprised and disappointed there wasnt one single Ugandan knuckles. That's my main gripe.

  • PencilCase
    PencilCase 3 days ago

    So uh, thank you TheXvid for aggressively promoting this channel to me. This is great!

  • Turbovolver
    Turbovolver 3 days ago

    By finally adding videogame credits music, Jenny's domination of the internet is now complete.

  • WatchMeSayStuff
    WatchMeSayStuff 3 days ago

    "it's like watching a speed run, of a book." Ironically I watched this on high speed because it was late when I watched it and didn't have the time to sit through 20 minutes.

  • Dennis Francis
    Dennis Francis 3 days ago

    My wife and I loved the movie. She thought that H should have been the one true love, not Artimis. Other than that, we agreed that Artimis' wasn't worth the outcome of a true love.

  • Botye Bence
    Botye Bence 3 days ago

    I already read Armada, before Ready Player One. So wasn't really suprised some stupid moments and references.

  • videokilledaradiosta

    OMG! is ok to be in love with you lmao. Your speaking all the things I have been thinking about this blasphemy of a movie. especially after how fun the book is .

  • Ghost Blossom
    Ghost Blossom 3 days ago

    There was a female furry tho

  • Raptorrex65
    Raptorrex65 3 days ago

    I kinda thought at the end they were hinting that halliday had discovered the singularity and that his body was in fact dead but he was alive in the oasis.

  • Nobuta
    Nobuta 4 days ago

    I love your headcanon about F'Nale just being fit XD

  • Kaley Hanson
    Kaley Hanson 4 days ago

    you're really funny, thanks for being a cool creator

  • Elias Switzer
    Elias Switzer 4 days ago

    I have finally found a person/reviewer who had actually read the book, and talks about the mass amount of differences the book and the movie had. I swear every single reviewer I have watched until now has never even read the book. The call it an "adaptation"....yes, taking the names of the characters of a book and nothing else would be considered an adaptation, sure.

  • Marshall Lanners
    Marshall Lanners 4 days ago

    Worst review ever. I loved the movie and book. P.S. Harry Potter sucks.

  • Patrician Cloud
    Patrician Cloud 4 days ago

    I need someone to do videos for me

  • Statik Shotz
    Statik Shotz 4 days ago

    oh god, i watched more.. and jesus christ can you pls nitpick a movie apart next time without seeming like you are legit whining and complaining about it. like you had such high hopes for this movie or something when you didnt even like half the plot points in the book... like what did you expect.. these kinds of structureless videos must be a nightmare to edit. also you look like a yung lena paul lol

  • Statik Shotz
    Statik Shotz 4 days ago

    ugh channels with this template dumbfound me at how many subs they have. like how garbage can your direction be and still get tons of subs? i guess just ramblling about the biggest thing going on at the time is the way to go.

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze 4 days ago +1

    You may be nit-picking too much, it was made to be fun, little else.

  • Kyle McKenna
    Kyle McKenna 4 days ago

    Basic knowledge of mmos or rpgs in general would alleviate like 90% of your questions.

  • Zullala
    Zullala 4 days ago

    I loved that scene when Artemis tells Wade off. It was relatable to me. I've had role play romances in-game that were clearly role play only to have the person on the other end say that were in love with the real life me... But they didn't even know the real life me! They only ever interacted with my character.
    But yeah, I was totally disappointed when they showed Artemis in RL after all that, "Aaaah I'm hideous!" spiel.
    All in all I really enjoyed the movie though. I know the book is complete different but I definitely want to give it a read now

  • e f
    e f 4 days ago

    LOL had me laughing thru out ... Ready player one is one of the worst films ever it was a shell of the book