I guess I'll talk about Ready Player One

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
  • Ready Player Two is about Parzival's successor winning the contest by having to recite from memory every line of Ready Player One.
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  • hewwo? anywun dere?? owo
    hewwo? anywun dere?? owo Year ago +1938

    hey cool egg snake and ET hoodie boy

    • Maëlys
      Maëlys 7 months ago

      And the huge porg plush behind her

    • cocoachuu
      cocoachuu 9 months ago

      hi, this is a really late reply but does your name refer to the opening of porter robinson's "sad machine" : *hello, anyone there? oh, hi :)*
      also ayyy, army! ♥

    • Dislexual
      Dislexual 10 months ago

      +Shaun Cheah
      I'm guessing it's a reference that she got, and thought was funny. And having a nostalgic reference on a video, which is itself talking about a book that is about 80% nostalgic references... It was probably something she couldn't ignore. I know I couldn't. That's why I upvoted OP's comment.

    • Hi My name is
      Hi My name is 11 months ago

      hewwo? anywun dere?? owo hh

    • Ggdgfgddsasx phantom
      Ggdgfgddsasx phantom Year ago +4

      I’ve saw it

  • Bailing from the cart
    Bailing from the cart 11 hours ago

    B I G M E A T Y G L O V E S

  • Lost Johnny
    Lost Johnny 18 hours ago

    Rifftrax did this film. Good on them!

  • Maggie Jenson
    Maggie Jenson 19 hours ago

    I need that shirt. This isnt a joke i actually nedd it to live

  • M S
    M S Day ago

    I like your Zuko costume, but the scar's on the wrong side!

  • R S
    R S 2 days ago

    I didnt mind the change from the book, it included some original things and well, didn't spoil the story of the Ready Player One book besides the expected ending

  • Razkatohv Veron
    Razkatohv Veron 3 days ago

    Big. MeatY. GLOVES.

  • Bri
    Bri 4 days ago +1

    I've been binging all of your videos again for like the third or fourth time and you consistently make me laugh soooo hard in every video even though i've heard it all before. That's talent, Jennifer!

  • Skydrathik
    Skydrathik 4 days ago

    completely disliked the movie and the acting. The CGI and VFX was fantastic but the story... the story was so damn flat in that film...

    • Skydrathik
      Skydrathik 4 days ago

      And the soul of the creator living in the game - that was another good scene. The rest was very obvious or so 80s-90s that people of today really didn't get it.

    • Skydrathik
      Skydrathik 4 days ago

      l of this... this story was so bad. The best thing was the "Shining" reference

  • Gabrielle - Eidith Owl

    Agreed. We need more cute furries.
    And diaper furries? Lol I guess the ABDL and babyfur community does exist xD that is pretty realistic

  • Unfortunately AJ
    Unfortunately AJ 6 days ago

    Me, listening to Jenny talk about anything she wants for as long as she wants even if i don’t know anything about said things: :)

  • Molly Simpson
    Molly Simpson 8 days ago

    I honestly thought the red mark was from the goggles, like I thought they suction cupped to her face and caused the red mark on her eye cause I'm kinda dumb 😂

  • horror vacui
    horror vacui 10 days ago

    You know why I hate such "attractive" miscasts for "unattractive" characters?
    The message changes completely.
    When it's supposed to be: "You're beautiful, even with your obvious superficial flaws, you are worthy of being loved by yourself and others!"
    It becomes: "When you look like this drop-dead gorgeous actress it doesn't matter if you have small, barely noticeable flaws. (But god forbid you're obese or something! Then there's no redemption for you, buddy.)"
    That's just wrong.
    Edit: Sorry, I just had to rant about this somewhere.

  • Hysterical Fangirl
    Hysterical Fangirl 10 days ago

    The thing is as bad as the book is I actually enjoyed it,,, but the film... oh boy the film is So Terrible

  • FlownXp
    FlownXp 14 days ago

    U look hot with gloves.

  • vazak11
    vazak11 15 days ago

    Huh, neat stuff, thanks for sharing!

  • Payton Malstrom
    Payton Malstrom 19 days ago

    This whole concept is kinda stupid anyways... some guy who spent his life memorizing a bunch of useless 80's trivia wrote a self-validating book where knowing useless 80's trivia is the most important thing in the world. It's like if I wrote a book where your social status was determinate by how much TheXvid you watch and Rocket Raccoon Pop Vinyls were the only form of currancy. Maybe I'd sell a million books too...

  • Champis theBunny
    Champis theBunny 19 days ago

    I finally got around to seeing this on TV. Yes, it takes that long for stuff to get to cable these days. Anyhow. It was bad and as silly as Jenny says, worse really. A terrible movie by, any standard, boring, and not all interesting or thought provoking. It wasn't even good as mindless bubble-gum entertainment really. Maybe I too old to enjoy poorly written crap like this anymore (Solo and Star Trek Beyond have left a terrible taste in my mouth-thanks!). I had trouble sitting through the whole 2.5 hours in one sitting, so I spit it up into 3 somewhat tolerable sessions. Dumb villians, dumb heros, dumb story, dumb ending. It had it all. The only thing I am likely to remember about this movie, is regretting the 2.5 hours I wasted watching it.

  • Zone Doll
    Zone Doll 20 days ago

    Jenny brought up literally my first thought after watching this movie: where the fuck were the furries??? Where were the weebs? The bronies??? Like have you seen VR nowadays? You're telling me that the movie could shell out money to get actual Tracer and Iron Giant but you couldn't get one obnoxiously saturated horse or anime character? Lies.

  • Alexandre Laforest
    Alexandre Laforest 21 day ago

    I found it much better than the book for the most part.
    At least the characters, while still bland and not very memorable, were still less insulting than in the book.

  • RoN
    RoN 21 day ago

    cool vid, whats the song at the end? I want to listen to it moreee

    • RoN
      RoN 21 day ago

      itsss Yoshi's Island (OST) - 18. Overworld

  • Kean Rein
    Kean Rein 25 days ago

    I like how Parzival did the first key

  • Lacey G
    Lacey G 26 days ago

    "Its like watching a speed run of a book" That's a nice way of putting it.

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith 26 days ago

    so beautiful x

  • Renim
    Renim 28 days ago

    I didn't see the movie because I read the book and hated it. It's one of the only books I've ever disliked because of the overall theme; the theme of the whole book is destroyed by the ending. If the author at least hinted towards this being the case, then I would have understood it as being intentional, but it's almost like the writer realized what the theme was and then decided to axe it at the last second and change it up.

  • wherethetatosat
    wherethetatosat 29 days ago

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who found the movie awkward. Saw it once with a friend, but he feel asleep halfway through (from a long work week, not out of boredom). But apparently, he liked the first half of the movie so much he wanted to go back and see it a second time to know how it ended. I think that's the first time I declined seeing a movie, even with somebody else offering to pay.

  • lovespaniel35
    lovespaniel35 29 days ago


  • Honk Andursun
    Honk Andursun 29 days ago

    G L O V E S

  • Salty Pumpkin
    Salty Pumpkin Month ago

    Thank you. These were certainly things that made me go hmm

  • tits mcgee
    tits mcgee Month ago

    i want to be her wife

  • Bloodgaze
    Bloodgaze Month ago

    You know what I find truly sad. I've watched some of your vids and thought they were decent and subscribed and when it showed me the recommendations based on that action, TheXvid basically compared you to that marbles chick... That's kind of like comparing "every frame a painting" to "cinema sins" .

  • Commander Proton
    Commander Proton Month ago

    i was not prepared for the Yoshi's Island music at the end

  • SomethingScanning
    SomethingScanning Month ago

    "... and you're quoting Bill & Ted at me right now. That was the last freaking straw, man. I mean, really I expected a quote anyway, but this? This is definitively going _way_ too far. Not cool, bro. Not. Cool."

  • Alien Alien
    Alien Alien Month ago

    If they keep on censoring every thing vr wont matter any ways by that time 2045 all of our right will be gone like the wind

  • Nugget Doja
    Nugget Doja Month ago

    I suddenly wanna play Yoshi's Island

  • BensRandomness
    BensRandomness Month ago

    Okay but who fights with Iron Giant in his normal passive mode. This is war. Use that nuclear cannon and the laser tentacles.

  • TBestIG
    TBestIG Month ago

    It’s really weird because the movie fixes some of the things the book did really horribly.... but then creates new holes that the book actually didn’t have.

  • Comrade Sheev
    Comrade Sheev Month ago

    Really this book is about the Capitalist struggle, but the author got distracted by nerd culture.

  • Foxymew
    Foxymew Month ago

    Haven't watched the movie, but I read the book ages ago, when it was included in a lootbox. It was a fun book, but it kinda read like a fanfiction, which was funny to me.

  • dracocrusher
    dracocrusher Month ago

    "Are you trying to tell me that Anorak the Wizard was just partying it up at night clubs?"

    That... actually sounds about right, actually. I know if I had the option to party as a goofy old-man wizard, I'd potentially try to do it. Wizard on the turntables, boooiiiiiizzzzz!!!!!

  • dracocrusher
    dracocrusher Month ago

    There's something to be said about how Jenny's fake cosplay birthmark that she just did in like a minute looks way more notable than the one in a professional film that's put there as an actual plot-point with professional teams of makeup and effect people.

  • Leftmont Rimose
    Leftmont Rimose Month ago

    I don't know if I can see the book as "pandering," because I do think it's written so Ernest Cline can geek out/reference every pop culture item he's ever known and loved. He believes in what he writes, man.

  • Armada
    Armada Month ago

    Honestly I largely did not see this movie because the plot is functionally identical to the B plot of a Danny Phantom episode from like 2005.

  • David Vogel
    David Vogel Month ago

    WHO HIT YOU!?!!!?

  • Actually Giratina
    Actually Giratina Month ago

    god, the Yoshi's Island music at the end fucking got me. Well played.

  • Alex 13044
    Alex 13044 Month ago

    The book explains why the main character and Artemis know the dialogue or Wargames. Gunters obsessively study Halidays entire life to try and glean clues that they can use to find the Easter Egg. Wargames is one of Halidays favorite movies, so naturally its something that Gunters would know a lot about.

  • Alien Alien
    Alien Alien Month ago

    You dont under stand the 1980s i was in my only teen in 86 it was a hard time in earily 80s they still hadmantery pe in schooland spanking if you got in troble for any if you jad adhd you get spank every day at schoolif any one here wrnt to school in the 2980s khnow what im talking

  • Alien Alien
    Alien Alien Month ago

    I was 13 in june7 1986

  • Kira Carver
    Kira Carver Month ago +1

    Jenny - listen to me: you MUST write a novel.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Month ago +1

    I love your banter :) Genuinely funny bad-movie analysis. Kinda conversation I love to have over a beer after seeing an absolute shitfest.

  • Kayley Gray
    Kayley Gray Month ago

    Dope easter egg.

  • woooudo
    woooudo Month ago

    Look, Lady - Halliday saw how ugly the world was and tried to give it something that would last forever. It was an enormous task but he managed to do it through his love of better things from better times than the time he lived in. You know whats really awful and quite sinister that no one needs? - islam the religion, blm, Huge natural disasters and people living under the thumb of senseless cruel evil individuals to name a few. Now without someone trying to spread something that makes peoples lives easier like the oasis, Wretched regressive scenarios in lieu of peoples suffering is exactly what would have been pervasive instead of hallidays dream had he not done everything he did in the exact way he did it. And at least in the depiction of the movie - He made that largely happen through putting one of the worlds most important economic resources in the hands of someone who cared more than others about the state of the world. He did it without socialism, Weird third-world bullshit psuedo religions or doing it by trying to stiff everyone if huge sums of money for #1 ie himself.
    There are far worse things that could have been done than halliday's plan. Much worse under worse people than the movies main antagonist.

  • DrOctapu
    DrOctapu Month ago

    13:19 halliday is a standin for jack from twitter

  • Megan Caffey
    Megan Caffey Month ago

    Girls in movies and shows that are obviously beautiful but say they're ugly to be ~relateable~ make me want to bash my head against a wall

  • Gunhedd
    Gunhedd Month ago

    Holy shit!! What happened to your face!?! (Look away! My god! I can never un-see that!! It burns! It burns!! God help us all!!)

  • Phillip J
    Phillip J Month ago

    00:00 I donno know, jenny the internet is vast.

  • Guilherme Tecianelli
    Guilherme Tecianelli Month ago +2

    where's the crash bandicoot t-shirt merch???

  • Queen Flea
    Queen Flea Month ago

    couldn't even finish the book bc it bad so im glad u watched the movie to make fun of it because i sure wasn't gonna

  • Robin Bot
    Robin Bot Month ago +1

    I WILL HAVE YOU KNOW, as a user of VR CHAT,

    That Furries make up only about 15% of the population and only 3-5% have diapers.
    It's mostly grown men with anime loli avatars. Thank you for your time.

  • Sam Nummela
    Sam Nummela Month ago

    I would describe Samantha as fit and extraordinarily attractive, not chubby at all. Rubenesque would be far more fat than she had (does anyone actually look at Paul's painting anymore). That was during a time when calories and nutrition were difficult to obtain. Now it is just nutrition (calories are trivial). And no one cares about a facial birthmark. 'Oh, now I'm conventionally attractive and distinctive, woe is me.' The movie had some good production values, and over all, sucked. I preferred Paddleton and can only imagine their budgets were polar opposites.

  • Steve Zirngible
    Steve Zirngible Month ago

    Re: "I didn't see any furries."

    There is a corset'ed cat-furry informant in the nightclub, who takes a picture with the protagonist and then sells that to the bounty hunter dude.

  • WolfCat-Hybrid
    WolfCat-Hybrid 2 months ago

    I couldn't even get through the book, it was so bad. Didn't even bother watching the movie

  • Space ace
    Space ace 2 months ago

    AR Chat and Second Life is the truest representation of how a worldwide used game-world would look like

  • Legion Of Followers
    Legion Of Followers 2 months ago

    God this book was hot garbage.

  • lotsoftreble
    lotsoftreble 2 months ago

    her birthmark is so unnoticeable I didn't even realize it was there in that scene

  • John Jessop
    John Jessop 2 months ago +1

    I will never stop calling Ready Player One "Shitty Otherland". Because it's Tad William's Otherland with all of the good stuff stripped out.

  • Andy See
    Andy See 2 months ago

    I get the feeling that at some point, there's gonna be a Black Mirror episode that takes all the subtext you mentioned and put it in the foreground.

  • Sxip Shirey
    Sxip Shirey 2 months ago

    This is hilarious and spot on,

  • BossALKENO
    BossALKENO 2 months ago

    This review makes me want to see Jenny trash Sword Art Online

  • Zach Dixon
    Zach Dixon 2 months ago


  • 53prime
    53prime 2 months ago

    Not sure if Naruto goggles or makeshift VR goggles.

  • singuine
    singuine 2 months ago

    You didn't validate my nostalgifeels. Ugh.

  • Rose Juliette
    Rose Juliette 2 months ago


  • AF
    AF 2 months ago

    Happy Halliday’s!

  • Min Lungelow
    Min Lungelow 2 months ago

    There was one furry Avatar that I remember. It was a big boob fox or cat in the night club.

  • Mars Argo Is My Mom
    Mars Argo Is My Mom 2 months ago +1

    The movie was just bad. :,l

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 2 months ago

    I guess I'm officially a top gunter, yay!

  • Mud Crab
    Mud Crab 2 months ago

    Oddly enough even though I regard the book as utter rubbish I didn't hate reading it.
    Don't get me wrong, it is a really badly written novel. Wade (our hero) is a dick and this is either the greatest trick Cline managed to pull off by making his POV completely unaware of just how much of an unlikable prick he really was, or... Cline actually wrote him that way because he thought that he was cool.
    The entire book is almost a case study on how 'If you need to explain something then you have done it wrong'.
    The world building is all over the shop. Example - Wade needs to take an armoured bus from one city to another and basically lived in the laundry area of his Aunt's slum. However his best friend owns her own van and is forced to live in that because (shock/gasp) her parent's kicked her out the house when they discovered she was nothing like her avatar. HELLO?! Wade lived on top of a washing machine with people who didn't even like him and regularly stole and beat him and YOU want sympathy for owning your own van? (Which you can drive from city to city because armoured buses with armed guard only... ummm... something)
    Example - We are told no one flies because this world is post peak fuel and no one makes or can afford jet fuel. Yet where does incredibly ugly mutant face girl end up after being forced to go on the run to hide from the evil people? To the public longue at the AIR PORT. If no one flies then why are airports still a thing you can have public longues at?
    Example - Wade and friends are desperately trying to prevent the evil people from taking over the internet or the evil people will make it full of ads. Wade then gets famous and starts cashes in on the fame because having a capitalist based internet is only evil when other people do it.
    Example - Wade and the author can't seem to work out if Wade is super cashed up from his fame, or living off noodles. Either he can afford to fully pimp out his gear and never leave his fortified apartment, or he can't. Make up your mind. (remember he was so poor at the start of the book he had to live on top a washing machine in his Aunt's slum. If people live in slum stacks renting a proper apartment can NOT BE CHEAP and cost much more than his tech support job is going to pay)
    Example - (okay, more bad writing) - Wade fully fortifies his apartment... FROM THE HALLWAY. The outside windows are just covered in paint. His front door is basically MilSpec and proof against light weapons. His windows are glass and can - probably - stop an angry pigeon.
    There is another bit which is even proof Wade is inventing everything to suit his own version of events, but is probably just bad writing. We have one of the 'Brother' characters apparently killed by the evil people. Wade asks the surviving Brother if the dead guy could have possibly have killed themself. The reply (after a moment of thought) "He did not commit Seppuku".
    That was not actually the question. Seppuku is a specific name for ritual suicide by disembowelment. It is not a name for diving out of a window. The character who used this term was the sort who should have been well aware of what the term meant and so either Cline is a rubbish author who didn't do the research, or the dead character DID throw himself out of the window and his 'Brother' is hiding the fact from Wade for... reasons.
    Still, while I think the novel is utter rubbish, I didn't hate reading it. Go figure. :)

  • Magik Mia
    Magik Mia 2 months ago

    I could listen to you talk for hours

  • - LightSwitch -
    - LightSwitch - 2 months ago

    I saw that one anthro cat in the rave. But they probably didn’t do many furries because fur is insanely hard to make.

  • Jessie Bubbles
    Jessie Bubbles 2 months ago

    Jenny’s already Tracer

  • MRLmic
    MRLmic 2 months ago +1

    yoshi's islaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand

  • Nicole Arruda
    Nicole Arruda 2 months ago

    "It's like watching a speed run of a book." x)

  • Matt Duncan
    Matt Duncan 2 months ago

    I think a mystic wizard (anorak) might have a more active social life than you think. Giving people quests, advice, mystical objects. Not only would he probably talk to people frequently, but those people would listen to him and consider him wise and powerful. He went from having no voice at all, to being someone people want to seek out just to listen to. (This is all speculation from what you said I haven’t read the book or seen the movie lol)

  • june
    june 2 months ago

    that picture of ernest cline haunts my dreams

  • Random Person
    Random Person 2 months ago

    One thing I never understood was the whole "you die you lose all your stuff" thing. Like could someone not get two headsets, two accounts? Use one account for the dangerous stuff, the other for hoarding money and items. It's not like the system will recognize your face or something, we visibly see the sixers switching out headsets like they are completely interchangeable. And we see that the trade of money and items between accounts is readily available when the evil bad guy makes his deal to get the powerful artifact. So are you seriously telling me that storing your money with another avatar is not standard by now? Also can we address the VR technology real quick? Sometimes they act like you only control it with your mind, we see some characters playing while sitting. Other times it acts like every move in the real world corresponds to one in the virtual world. But then how are the characters doing awesome backflips and super fast fighting moves in the game? How do they walk up the steps in the virtual world without having steps in the real world? If you get in an elevator in the real world, will you suddenly fly straight up into the air in the game? How about if you go down, will you sink into the floor? How has this not been exploited? The technology in the game isn't even that different from our own. Just gloves instead of two controllers and a headset just like our own. So in the game, how is wade not a floating set of head and hands? How can the game know how your knees or elbows are bent, or where your arms and neck are, with only gloves and a headset? Shouldn't people want the full suit not for "full sensory input" or whatever, but for the ability to actually control your whole body in the game? The scene where tons of people are running through the streets in real life with their headsets illustrates all of this perfectly. It's just so ridiculous... like how is no one running into walls and cars? And do you really need to be running full speed forward in real life just to run in the game? If so, how do people keep playing while stationary in their small homes? And if not, then why the heck are these people running out in the street instead of playing stationary in their homes? I guess I will stop now. This is only the tip of the iceberg. It's a fun watch, but as soon as you start to actually dig into the plot everything falls apart.

  • Random Person
    Random Person 2 months ago

    lol the whole "modding" thing makes no sense, like you can't code the game while inside the game, and in an extremely popular online game where real money is on the line you'd think this stuff would be regulated.

  • Niemstress
    Niemstress 2 months ago +3

    Giant porg is looking at E.T. like they’re lovers.

  • Alien Alien
    Alien Alien 2 months ago

    I own ready player one online i own in HD

  • Christopher Cline
    Christopher Cline 2 months ago

    Porg - "Hey E.T , got anymore of those Reese's Pieces?"

  • irwinisidro
    irwinisidro 3 months ago

    I love how some people will either defend the book or the movie saying one was better. Honestly they both suck. The book had the worst writing I've ever seen and I was kinda shocked it got published, and the film is probably Spielbergs worst film and was obviously only doing it for a cash grab. If you want to watch the film for 'fun' then I guess but honestly I immediately forgot about it. In the movie adaptaion they could at least changed he story and beef up the characters to make it "better," but then again you can only do so much.

    • Keyser94
      Keyser94 Month ago

      Well, after the last two snubs that Spielberg had with his last two movies that pat in the back of the establishment, I think that Spielberg wanted to approach to younger generation, but because he was an out of touch oligarch he didnt know how to do it, so he directed this movie, meanwhile continue to do like he always did with the corporate advertising.

  • Inharmonix
    Inharmonix 3 months ago

    "Making it all the way to the end of the movie wound up being a lot harder than I anticipated. It only took me about fifteen minutes to figure out the “rules” of the game and to sort out how the scoring system worked. I was actually required to do a lot more than simply recite dialogue. I also had to perform all the actions that Broderick’s character performed in the film, in the correct way and at the correct moment." Everyone seems to forget this line from the book.

  • Taylor Brouwer
    Taylor Brouwer 3 months ago

    Atremis is the best waify

  • Kali Ravel
    Kali Ravel 3 months ago

    My interpretation is that Halliday just wanted someone to get him - understand all his jokes and references, think in the same way - and that he had no idea how hard the puzzle would be. It's really hard to design game puzzles to be at the exact right level of difficulty, and he couldn't do any playtesting. I think he assumed that it would be done within 6 months.

  • Beemer
    Beemer 3 months ago

    So for your first point about the cosmetics being "the most powerful," well, in games there is a massive market for cosmetics alone. They have no function besides making your character look "cooler" or whatever aesthetic you're going for. In real life it's gotten to a point where games have a separate "equip-able" inventory solely for the purpose of masking the gear that you earn in the game with a purely cosmetic item that has no additional function, and some people flesh out hundreds of dollars to make it possible. Of course, this completely defeats the purpose of making any gear in a game look "cool" for the developers, as they would be encouraged to make it look as uncool as possible in order to increase sales; however, luckily, this hasn't quite fully been the case yet. Developers still make cool-looking gear for the players who don't want to pay for cosmetics, but a large portion of gamers still do. I think this example is most emphasized in the game _Maplestory_ and even _Maplestory 2_ where characters mask their gear from cosmetics bought from a "cash shop," yet the actual items in game look pretty decent, and are worth wearing on their own, at least to the opinion of majority of players.
    As with the biggest MMORPG on the market, World of Warcraft, the developers still make the "gear" in the game look really cool, but people still use a function known as "Transmogrification," which turns the item into another item they have achieved in the game. This is somewhat different from what other games do, as it requires players to have already achieved the item they are Transmogrifying in game, encouraging players to play older content. They don't have to purchase the gear from a special store, and are actually required to get it in game before they can use it for aesthetic appeal, and Blizzard generally steers away from "cosmetic" purchases in World of Warcraft. That said, it is a _pay-to-play_ game. _Maplestory_ on the other hand is not, and cosmetics are one of their biggest monetization methods.

  • Rej209
    Rej209 3 months ago

    "It's like watching a speed run...of a book"

  • Lin M
    Lin M 3 months ago

    Yo, yoshi's island though that's such a banger

  • BlueBloodstains
    BlueBloodstains 3 months ago

    If Ready Player One’s sequel isn’t named Ready Player Two I’ll be very disappointed

  • Zenny LZ
    Zenny LZ 3 months ago

    8:00 you missed the cat girl that took a pic with Perceval

  • 本DoNuts95
    本DoNuts95 3 months ago +1

    OMG I need that fluffy giant thing in the Background :O

    • KazakhToon
      KazakhToon Month ago

      It's called ET, it's from a film in the 80s.