I guess I'll talk about Ready Player One

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
  • Ready Player Two is about Parzival's successor winning the contest by having to recite from memory every line of Ready Player One.
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  • hewwo? anywun dere?? owo
    hewwo? anywun dere?? owo 5 months ago +1119

    hey cool egg snake and ET hoodie boy

    • Charlie Punter
      Charlie Punter 14 days ago

      And the huge porg plush behind her

    • cocoachuu
      cocoachuu 2 months ago

      hi, this is a really late reply but does your name refer to the opening of porter robinson's "sad machine" : *hello, anyone there? oh, hi :)*
      also ayyy, army! ♥

    • trenvert123
      trenvert123 2 months ago

      +Shaun Cheah
      I'm guessing it's a reference that she got, and thought was funny. And having a nostalgic reference on a video, which is itself talking about a book that is about 80% nostalgic references... It was probably something she couldn't ignore. I know I couldn't. That's why I upvoted OP's comment.

    • Redpool :p
      Redpool :p 4 months ago

      hewwo? anywun dere?? owo hh

    • oyex phantom
      oyex phantom 5 months ago +2

      I’ve saw it

  • Felipe ST
    Felipe ST Hour ago

    "this isnt cinemasins" and thank god for that

  • Charles Rigmaiden
    Charles Rigmaiden 7 hours ago

    I just saw this shit yesterday. Not feeling it. I did enjoy the Shining references though.

  • Scotty Schlueter
    Scotty Schlueter 9 hours ago

    Like I know this was months ago but I'm just coming to it and now I want all of Jenny's videos to end with a chill Yoshi's Island bop.

  • Ayelis
    Ayelis 3 days ago

    I love that 'speedrun' description at the end. It reminds me of Slumdog Millionaire.

  • Daniel Magger
    Daniel Magger 5 days ago

    H- why wouldn't she use a distortion of her real voice but keep it female? True way to deceive:" dude, you think I'm a girl because of use this new voice app. Man, we're on the internet, I could be 40 year old african man named Chuck, look I really use it because I must hold up the honour of my favorite waifu _____." and that makes sense on the internet.

  • Pseudo_Nymph
    Pseudo_Nymph 5 days ago

    Did anyone read the Pendragon book series as kids? Because RPO seems like the premise of Pendragon book 4 (Reality Bug, I believe?) and Big Bang Theory had a terrible, shitty lovechild that was just crammed with as many "nerd" references and mary sue characters as possible.

  • MythicalPhoenix19
    MythicalPhoenix19 6 days ago

    nice cosplay lmao

  • Ruthlessnoodle
    Ruthlessnoodle 7 days ago

    I am in love with Jenny. If she voted for Trump she would be the perfect woman 😍

  • Bad Dragonite
    Bad Dragonite 8 days ago

    I love the Gundam

  • Bad Dragonite
    Bad Dragonite 8 days ago

    The furries are all busy yiffing

    • Daniel Magger
      Daniel Magger 5 days ago

      Omg yesss😂 it's only logical abandon society (oasis) when you mature and realize your fox's fifth gender/orientation.

  • silveravnt
    silveravnt 9 days ago

    This video is better at 1.5x speed.

  • mato cajsa
    mato cajsa 11 days ago

    ''Never go full Furry. Never go full Furry.'' by Tropical Lightning jk hahaha

  • Ixhilkalas Kiiver
    Ixhilkalas Kiiver 12 days ago

    "Look. Look, with your scary eyes..."

  • inyoudeep1
    inyoudeep1 13 days ago

    BTW, bitcoin and eth... Ummmm it is a real world thing now...

  • inyoudeep1
    inyoudeep1 13 days ago

    Um are you like 14 - 16 or something? This is how books to movies have always gone. I do not have a problem with someone pointing out the differences and all, but you acted like this is the first time that you have ever seen this.

  • poisonhemlock
    poisonhemlock 13 days ago

    I tried to Shazam the obscure nerd song, and I got this instead:
    No regrets.

  • Artistic Owlette
    Artistic Owlette 15 days ago

    There are so many things that don't make sense in the movie. There's one thing I kinda suspect about the programming is that Hallidy made it so damn confusing and the more recent stuff was made with recent stuff and programming, so I imagine people would eventually go through and do that crash bandicoot t shirt thing.

  • Derrick McClure
    Derrick McClure 17 days ago

    really like the goggles and gloves look

  • MattyDove
    MattyDove 18 days ago

    It sucks. That's all you had to say.

  • Megan Z
    Megan Z 18 days ago

    I just gotta say that your comment sections are one of the BEST everrrrrrr!😄😂💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • HorrorGeek9
    HorrorGeek9 19 days ago

    "It's like watching a speed run... of a book." Is an amazing quote and I 100% agree with you that the Ready Player One book is unsatisfying.

  • Sei brav
    Sei brav 22 days ago

    You left me for an obese porg. I'll never forgive you.

  • Landon Longhurst
    Landon Longhurst 22 days ago


  • Jerry C
    Jerry C 22 days ago

    And the answer is, because the company that owns and controls the Oasis does not allow people to make ARTIFACTS! Only they can do that.

  • Ethan Latinum
    Ethan Latinum 24 days ago

    “I flew into the party in the Ghostbusters firehouse with the jet pack of the Rocketeer and a phaser - set to stun. I was in my full 80’s attire, with Han Solo’s jacket, an ET hoodie, and my customized Breakfast Club gloves. Plus I had my Link to the Past-era Master Sword, just in case there was trouble.”
    Can you honestly guess if this line is in the book or not?

  • rabid
    rabid 26 days ago

    The was a huge big twitted fox lady at the start. That was more than enough furfaggotry for the movie

  • Peanut Butter Pikachu
    Peanut Butter Pikachu 26 days ago

    Fortnite is basically becoming oasis. People are offering vbucks like it's real life currency. Why can't we do this with world locks from growtopia?

  • Leilah Nicki
    Leilah Nicki 27 days ago

    Furries are like 5% of the internet if that.... I mean considering how close they are getting to bestiality... A lot of them literally partaking in it.
    I mean MLP is kinda like an off shoot, very popular because larger animals have larger... You know...
    Human's are hilarious, the fact we could consider anything more gross than we are... That's ego for you.

    • Leilah Nicki
      Leilah Nicki 27 days ago

      30% would be anime characters though, that's a lot more popular.

  • Sean Moonshine
    Sean Moonshine 28 days ago

    i never noticed the giant birthmark before

  • WHRobert
    WHRobert 28 days ago

    I thought this was Shoeonhead's alter ego when I clicked on the thumbnail.

  • MadMadChad
    MadMadChad 28 days ago

    Don't think too much of the overrated idiotic movie.

  • Georgi Hadzhiev
    Georgi Hadzhiev 29 days ago +1

    Why is your right eye red?

    • Georgi Hadzhiev
      Georgi Hadzhiev 26 days ago

      "openly abusive lesbian relationship with a furry" Yeah I figured :D

    • ElyssaAnderson
      ElyssaAnderson 26 days ago

      Georgi Hadzhiev: I'm just kidding about all of that. It's makeup.

    • Georgi Hadzhiev
      Georgi Hadzhiev 26 days ago +1

      D: Dear god.

    • ElyssaAnderson
      ElyssaAnderson 26 days ago +2

      Georgi Hadzhiev: She's in an openly abusive lesbian relationship with a "furry" cosplayer. It was all over the news in the Oasis.

  • kye langrehr
    kye langrehr 29 days ago

    Don't know why but this made me think that in the movie IOI wins. Because they decide to shut down the oasis on a fix schedule for a day at a time and that makes a huge gap in the market that would surely give IOI a chance to compete with the oasis and the only major selling point they would need is to not shutdown for bullshit reasons. IOI wins because wade is a terrible business man. but that's just a theory a film theory. but seriously what would happen it the only provider of the internet decided to just turn it off for a full 24 hours once a week.

  • Opaque Heart
    Opaque Heart Month ago

    The whole voice changer thing actually tricked me, as much as I hate to admit it.

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith Month ago

    wow you look hot x

  • Amy Leighley
    Amy Leighley Month ago

    OMG you are so funny. Great stream!

  • Embla Onfroi
    Embla Onfroi Month ago

    4:56 Jenny is a communist confirmed. Welcome to the party comrade. Na zdrowie..

  • Brayden Aitkenhead
    Brayden Aitkenhead Month ago

    oh hey your cosplaying that inventor chick from My Hero Academia

  • the best of the best

    Weirdest comment but am I the only one who thinks Jenny is cute?

  • HomieBIGsauce
    HomieBIGsauce Month ago

    Would mlady be interested in courtship?

  • Gedeon Nunes
    Gedeon Nunes Month ago


  • Alex Olea
    Alex Olea Month ago

    I think that the job system and economy would be more like an sao type of thing. Where let’s say, aech could fix the bike within 10 minutes but he had to grind in certain worlds for the right materials and parts to fix it. And depending on how hard those things are to grind would affect how much he would charge. Idk for sure if they said it in the movie, but in the book I remember it said that if your avatar died, you respawned completely new. All your items were deleted (possibly excluding magic relics) so you’d have to start completely new. So if you wanna wanted to craft an extremely rare powerful weapon, then to get the materials you’d have to go to a world where all the monsters basically one shot you and take a lot to kill (within reason of course) so you’d basically be risking your entire life’s earnings for this item. Or if someone managed to craft the item/get the item from the extremely dangerous world, it would cost much more than regular equipment.

  • Samantha Jordan
    Samantha Jordan Month ago

    I'll give Spielberg this, he got the atmosphere down a little bit for the shining scene...yup, thats it.

  • Rewire STRIKE
    Rewire STRIKE Month ago

    Kid who plays a video game so good and better than everyone else that he gets a girlfriend, saves the gaming community and wins a crazy insane amount of money. Ready Player Dumb

  • The Hawk
    The Hawk Month ago +1

    The movie Gamer from 2009 was a better movie with a stronger message than Ready Player One.

  • The Hawk
    The Hawk Month ago

    Why did it take me watching this movie to realise that Shrek has probably one of the most wholesome romance plots in all of film?

  • CLP
    CLP Month ago

    The portmanteau for "egg hunters" in the movie is "Gunters". What? Is that from the book or did some idiot writer on the movie come up with that?

  • Kian
    Kian Month ago

    There was a furry. That grey wolf thing in the club

  • jimondo mungrus
    jimondo mungrus Month ago

    wgia... iron gi....kick man....whoa cooo

  • KokoroKaisen
    KokoroKaisen Month ago

    Could we also talk about how there’s apparently NO DATA MINERS in the future?!

  • Vincent Bullock
    Vincent Bullock Month ago

    The fact that there are flesh and blood people who think Ready Player One is good and think Twilight is the worst thing in history unsettles me.
    In fairness to the movie, even though a large part of the challenges were glossed over I think it's a compelling plotpoint that Halliday wanted people to undestand who he was beneath all the layers of popculture factoids. It reads like a desperate lonely person trying to reach out without knowing how.

    • Daniel Magger
      Daniel Magger 5 days ago

      But he is all of those things. He isn't a put together man, he's a Gamer and dungeon master. Whatever his problem he recognizes that he's going to kick the buck but want to pass on his life's work to handd he can trust. If he were sane and boring he would have had the girl and the life he plays in the fantasys that are the oasis. The man owns the internet rich, stupid dumb, crazy rich.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Month ago

    Are you mocking Artemis for having a birth mark? Ew.

  • warheadrecordsaus
    warheadrecordsaus Month ago

    I'd tap that

  • M D
    M D Month ago

    Cline is/was a hack writer!

  • Brandon C Maximum
    Brandon C Maximum Month ago

    I think the movie has a better plot than the book, whoops.

  • Miles Mangajag
    Miles Mangajag Month ago +1

    I miss the school part from the book.
    And the avatars they used in the book just seemed better.

  • Arne Kristian Lindmo

    I got the sense from the book that people retreated into the virtual reality world more and more because real life was becoming shitty, and then it of course became shittier, but I am quite sure that the virtual reality world only augmented the real life problems, not cause them. Also in the book it made perfect sense that gunthers would memorise the dialouge of War Games as it was one of Hallidays favourite movies and everyone knew that the clues to the easter egg was hidden in Hallidays pop culture obsessions. Also, the protagonist and Artemis are clearly among the worlds most dedicated and nerdy intelligent so memorizing dialogue would not be out of the question.
    Of course the movie conveys none of this (especially not the dedication and nerdy intelligence) so it makes no sense, but the book makes perfect sense.

  • Adrián Gámez Maldonado

    There's was a furry in the movie, the cat lion girl or whatever.

  • Renaissance Nerd
    Renaissance Nerd Month ago

    Art3mis in the book is described as kind of short, curvy and with the birthmark, making her the "average" gamer girl who is very self conscious. her in the movie is almost none of those things... except the birthmark.

  • Jon From The Tower
    Jon From The Tower Month ago

    ...You make alot of great points but there are some points i dont agree with. You are reading into too much and blending both movie and book when Ernest said himself said is its own stand alone thing. You really rabbit hole some of the points but im glad people obsess on a book if they like it or not.

  • Mike Young
    Mike Young Month ago

    Loved the book and was really looking forward to the movie. This can often be the path to failure when you expectations are too high you tend to see things with a slanted perception. This was not the case with the movie. They practically rewrote the story. If you hadn't read the book you might think the movie was ok if you didn't think too hard about the plot but the heart and soul of the book is almost completely missing in the movie. Movies have a hard time telling a book's story but in this case, they didn't really try.

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger Month ago

    No its not coding its codeine silly. ET is the one holding!

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger Month ago

    LOL! Its okay Jenny I don't mind your nose no no don't get a nose job wait I didn't mean.....

  • Steve Martinez
    Steve Martinez Month ago

    I'm watching this video, passively agreeing with everything that is said and then I noticed the GIANT PORG! It was so sudden and so large that I almost fell out of my seat.

  • Anthony Eric Network

    I also thought Art3mis was going to have a darker secret, I was like thats it? She hot and has a slight birth mark. LOL so much build up to be like..... oh....ok....

  • videogamenostalgia
    videogamenostalgia Month ago +1

    The 11 year old kid uses an adult voice in the Oasis, so there was no reason why H couldn't.

  • Doomhardt
    Doomhardt Month ago

    I can't remember if the book or movie mentioned it exactly but I'm pretty sure he asked Ogden to watch over the competitors and essentially make sure that whoever is on the top of the scoreboard is actually worthy of the position.
    Also that line in wargames would have fit into the movie since Halliday in the movie wants people to actually do shit in the real world (not playing at all).

  • rod sims
    rod sims Month ago

    I think that critique was longer then the movie , I read the book and the movie was a very waterdown down ( cut ) version , but I watched a few time , because IT was fun .. and that's what Holliday really wanted .. For people to have fun and enjoy themselves .

  • Josh_sty 704
    Josh_sty 704 Month ago

    She’s... just not chubby in the film

  • Christopher Brent Clay

    There was a furry in the movie.. She took a pic of parzival and sent it to Irok.

  • HoBrosGaming
    HoBrosGaming Month ago

    I've watched enough of the show Catfish to know that if this movie played out irl Artemis would be 300 pounds, not a model with a face birthmark.

  • ssvua
    ssvua Month ago

    I found the whole moment where he stops telling me all this exposition and 80s references he's been telling me for the past SIX chapters and finally guessed where the key was ecstatic.
    On a number of your points - I feel like you're reading way too much into things. I thought that Adventure was the final challenge simply because it was the first game to contain an Easter egg.

  • ssvua
    ssvua Month ago

    "What he tries to do with Halliday?" Remembers how in the beginning Wade says that organised religions suck and God doesn't exist. And then he spends the next 5 chapters telling us about his religion where Halliday is basically God, he did create the world they live in, and how they worship him.
    I just hope the irony was intentional.

  • Alexs321432
    Alexs321432 Month ago

    12:00 When you talk about Halliday, all I can think is all of the Linux Users vs like Apple. "WE MUST HAVE REGULATIONS!" vs Linux "Open it up, let it be free, whatever anybody wants."

  • Joseph Cruz
    Joseph Cruz Month ago

    A furry took a photo of the main characters in the club. . . . .
    There were furrys

  • Ryan Turner
    Ryan Turner Month ago

    Good review of the movie! Now I know that Halliday is a jerk and the big fight scene with the Iron Giant now just makes me sad. Thanks! ;)

  • Arctic Soldier Gaming

    Does this idiot really think cinemasins is real criticism

  • venusstardustkyojin

    Thing with wargames and like, every other reference - copyright :/

  • swosse
    swosse Month ago

    The movie was a thousand times better than the ridiculous cringefest book.

  • Sargent Grey
    Sargent Grey Month ago

    In the outro Jenny explains EXACTLY what made me dislike the novel. There was no tension! Not once did Wade even come close to failing a challenge. He had an absurd amount of knowledge, skill, and resources perfectly suited for the Easter egg hunt. So damn boring to read through! I also thought that the dialogue between the kids was cringeworthy and the reliance on pop culture references bordered on lazy. Ready Player One stinks of being a movie pitch, and a movie that would only ever be greenlit to make a quick buck from 80s nostalgia at that.

  • Brendon Shih
    Brendon Shih Month ago

    What’s the song you play near the end? Is that from Yoshi’s Island?

  • brocktechnology
    brocktechnology Month ago

    You have to remember that the book and consequently the movie are first and foremost a nostalgia fest for fortysomething nerds. All other plot, story, and character considerations are secondary. Also it was obvious and unavoidable that when this book became a movie all the pop-culture references were going to be shifted to properties that the studio owns, it's inevitable that this is going to break story elements in places but as previously stated, that is secondary.

  • Saku T.
    Saku T. Month ago

    How about "I tolerate your face"?

  • AllenDePriest
    AllenDePriest Month ago

    Great video!!

  • Timothy Dalbeck
    Timothy Dalbeck Month ago

    You've made this Rubenesque fellow lol, a lot!

  • Jaxon Garside
    Jaxon Garside Month ago

    Is that a rash around your eye? Is that what pink eye looks like?

  • Damon V D'Amore
    Damon V D'Amore Month ago

    "Make every item to topmost power" This is literally what happened with sims 1 custom content in the early 2000s and meant that any custom stuff basically broke the game balance.

  • Jason Jackson
    Jason Jackson Month ago

    That giant porg... 😍

  • Xzane
    Xzane Month ago


    • Xzane
      Xzane Month ago

      I went into ImDb, saw her name, they refered to her as a she and I still wasn't sure if she is a girl...

  • carcillian
    carcillian Month ago

    RP1 is arguably the worst thing that has happened to cinema since the Internet. It's just a you tube channel commenting on the video copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. Enough with nerd culture and fuck nostalgia. It's time to create not 'Member.

  • Peepo
    Peepo Month ago

    The fake birthmark makes your right eye look so much bluer than the other, and so I spent the whole vid trying to figure out if you had heterochromia lmao

  • Brigid McMahon
    Brigid McMahon Month ago

    No furries??? There’s a cat lady in the night club who takes a picture with Parzival??? How is she not a furry??

  • Jedadiah Tucker
    Jedadiah Tucker Month ago

    my take on the birth mark thing was that for the most part everyone lives in the oasis. so in a world where every one can be perfect, and thats what you see every day. to her that birth mark was enuf that she was embaressed. wich kinda makes sense in that world.

  • Luke
    Luke Month ago

    “People are dying and you are quoting bill and ted at me”

  • Eeriest Owl
    Eeriest Owl Month ago

    That big porg staring at me with its big black empty eyes. It's like legitimately terrifying.

  • Efraim Siounis
    Efraim Siounis Month ago

    Did you happen to mean a book about a speed-run?

  • Fredrick Rourk
    Fredrick Rourk Month ago

    Why Gundam and not a Elmeth?

  • Jason
    Jason Month ago

    Please make the impervious to damage shirt as merch oh my god

  • Dead Joffrey
    Dead Joffrey Month ago

    This is a good video, rule 63 Quinton Reviews.