Scuba Diving Malaysia - Avillion Layang Layang Island Resort

  • Published on Aug 25, 2009
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    Shot using Gates underwater housings -
    Footage ©Scubazoo
    A jewel in the South China Sea, Avillion Layang Layang Island Dive Resort has some outstanding diving on its 2000m deep walls. Famous for its hammerhead sharks and pristine coral reefs, Pulau Layang Layang is one of Asia's top diving destinations. Produced by Scubazoo
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Comments • 32

  • SZtv
    SZtv  8 years ago +6

    I believe currently that Malaysia claim it, as they have had a dive resort there for over 15 years. The Spratleys are certainly causing a lot of tension right now. Let's hope that whoever has control of them in the future protects the abundant marine life and coral.

  • KaoruP
    KaoruP 4 years ago +5

    beside as a resort.. layang-layang reef is a small Malaysian naval base called naval station Lima, yes it inside disputed water, but still under control by Malaysia.

  • sakurasoh
    sakurasoh 5 years ago +4

    Wow.. this is just like heaven

  • Huzaifa J
    Huzaifa J 8 years ago +5


  • valdezorbust
    valdezorbust 6 years ago +1


  • Ainol Razman Ghazaly
    Ainol Razman Ghazaly 12 years ago +1

    Awesome !!!

  • MIND the GAP
    MIND the GAP Year ago


  • Naini Joitol
    Naini Joitol 21 day ago

    Should be granted to Malaysia. Because Malaysia has taken good care if the marine life. The Flora and Fauna are priceless. Layang Layang offer varieties. Apart from the marine life there are birds. There are dolphins which is not found in other Dive sites.

  • Jihong Park
    Jihong Park 8 years ago

    좋은 자료 감사합니다.

  • outsider
    outsider 8 years ago +1


  • Wee Tommy Ji
    Wee Tommy Ji 7 years ago +4

    lol u must be kidding if u think this island is in china's territory...

  • glennaldosf
    glennaldosf 7 years ago

    What is diving like here in July? I know it's not hammerhead season, but can you still see them. What else can you see at this time?

  • Tarik Isik
    Tarik Isik 6 years ago

    hey sorry to ask info but any idea how is like in september?

  • Jane Cui
    Jane Cui 7 years ago

    Malaysia is pretty neglected compared to Indonesia and the Phillippines, but the diving is still amazing!

  • Kid Kenobi0919
    Kid Kenobi0919 3 years ago

    Come to semporna and contact me. I'll bring you to the best island and I'll give you the best price 🤙

  • bimba- lola
    bimba- lola 8 years ago +1

    north west Sabah borneo,,

  • glennaldosf
    glennaldosf 7 years ago +4

    C'mon guys... if this was Chinese territory, there wouldn't be anymore sharks left... :-(

  • bimba- lola
    bimba- lola 8 years ago

    this island bordes with China ,,,

  • Good luck everyone
    Good luck everyone 5 years ago +2

    Perfect for the worlds mega rich, 95℅ of people watching could not afford it.

  • james hetfield
    james hetfield Year ago

    Is this better than Sipadan?