Is the Crosley Cruiser really THAT bad?


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  • Techmoan
    Techmoan 4 years ago +5496

    Spot on - excellent job.

  • royalninja
    royalninja Year ago +1355

    So, to conclude:
    - Yeah they're pretty bad for a record player, if you're looking to buy one you should probably avoid it
    - That said, they're affordable and good for beginners who don't want to make a huge investment
    - They aren't going to ruin your records. Audiophiles are exaggerating.

    • Michael Bell
      Michael Bell 2 months ago

      @Bella Francis Youre right, its more than twice the price. The Cruiser is $50, the LP60 is $140 and not built much better at all.

    • Bella Francis
      Bella Francis 2 months ago

      @Michael Bell its not twice the price lol, also would you really rather pay $50 for a shitty record player that scratches your record and will end up breaking in a few months? I rather get a record play that's more and be able to have it for a long time.

    • Michael Bell
      Michael Bell 2 months ago

      @Bella Francis Why? The LP60 doesnt have a counterweight either and has a basic stylus. Its also twice the price. Cheap record player is a cheap record player.

    • Byakuya Togami
      Byakuya Togami 3 months ago

      @jburgos961 amazing especially it being on a pawn shop because they’re older and better

    • Zulian
      Zulian 3 months ago +1

      @PHeMoX I hear your argument, I do, it just falls apart when we point out these things don’t even last long term tho 🥲 all I’m saying it’s when someone starts with the point of “they’re ruining records”, instead of sound quality, it just further pushes this narrative of audiophiles reputations being unrealistic, that’s all

  • kenbtheman
    kenbtheman 2 years ago +840

    I know it's not a great turntable, but in my opinion if it's all a kid can afford and gets them interested in vinyl there's nothing wrong with it. Everyone has to start somewhere. Then you advance. In the beginning you saw Kremer bashing the crosley. He has a 90 thousand dollar turntable with a 30 thousand dollar tone arm. I'd like to ask him what his first f'n turntable was. He's probably embarrassed to say.

    • Alex Sauce
      Alex Sauce 10 hours ago

      @Paul Brower 10 years? Goddamn that's better than CDs, cassettes, and digital!

    • Sam Wittsell
      Sam Wittsell Month ago

      @Paul Brower That is still a long time but of course I'd prefer they last a lifetime rather than part of one.

    • Paul Brower
      Paul Brower Month ago

      If I were listening to LP records I would be playing them back on a turntable that costs at least ten times as much. Unless you want to replace your LP's every ten years or so you do not play them on that fecal record player.

    • Sam Wittsell
      Sam Wittsell 2 months ago +1

      I met him in 2016 and even he will admit there are some good things in the $100-$300 price range.

  • StringStorm
    StringStorm Year ago +2011

    Audiophiles: Don't buy this. Its crap.
    Also audiophiles: You need to buy this $1000 rock and put it on top of your speaker amplifier to get rid of interference.

    • Max Knows
      Max Knows Month ago

      @Kimg Komg brilliant 🥲😂🤣🤣

    • Alpzepta
      Alpzepta 3 months ago

      @Mike Chivy well $1000 is not the highest you can go for audio equipment but for $1000 it’s still a lot better than All in one stereo system or All in one turntable system of the 80s.

    • Mike Chivy
      Mike Chivy 3 months ago

      @Alpzepta for $1000 it will sounds pretty good, but wouldn't call it AUDIOPHILE.

    • Tortellini
      Tortellini 4 months ago

      @PHeMoX Sounds like "Im not racist but..."kind of comment, and honestly, what you said is elitist. 2K should be more than enough to get very very decent hi fi system, before spending thousands more for extremely low gains on quality. "Thats the reality" lol.

    • yorkemar
      yorkemar 5 months ago +1

      @Tech Howden Yeh..maybe starter 1500 at least,

  • Natalie Cellini
    Natalie Cellini 3 years ago +458

    Thanks for doing an honest review on this turntable and not just trashing it like everyone else does. 2 years ago I only had like 5 records because I had just started buying them and my aunt got me this Crosley record player as a gift. I was so excited to have a record player and I thought it was so cool. Then I realized how much hate this thing gets. People act like your records are going to get completely destroyed from using it. I used it for 2 years and never had a problem. It works fine, and if you're a beginner it's a great affordable option. I just got an upgrade but I'm keeping this record player as a backup.

    • End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wildlife
      End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wildlife 3 months ago

      The haters are motivated by the audio woo industry, which sells the line that the more you pay, the better the sound quality

    • Harry Boode
      Harry Boode Year ago

      Cool. What was the upgrade?

    • Harry Boode
      Harry Boode Year ago

      Cool. What was the upgrade?

    • Harry Boode
      Harry Boode Year ago

      Cool. What was the upgrade

    • T E
      T E Year ago +12

      @Gary GlennIt seems that you did not watch this entire video review. Click on this 16:05 to see exactly where in the video that it proves you wrong. The beginning of the Tracking Force section of the video starts here 13:46 . The facts contradict your opinionated statement.

  • shay davey
    shay davey 3 years ago +3196

    you literally eased my anxiety so much. i received one for christmas and after watching videos on it i had a break down. after watching this i feel so much better. thank you!

    • Sam Hyde
      Sam Hyde 2 days ago

      Spin the records , and get yourself a ultrasonic cleaner ASAP, and do your research on best pressings

    • Skeleton Word
      Skeleton Word 4 months ago

      @Cruz cruise being an emotional r-slur is not a disease

    • Matt Lowe
      Matt Lowe 4 months ago


    • Savelia Villegas
      Savelia Villegas 5 months ago

      me rn LOL

    • stormiezxo
      stormiezxo 5 months ago

      @k3ny4 thank u so much for answering i’m literally so worried rn after seeing all the hate online :( i just got my crosley today and i was so excited until i saw all the bad comments i got

  • hm.
    hm. 2 years ago +175

    thank you for this actually honest review, people who are just getting into vinyl should not have to spend $200 for a hobby they may not enjoy.

  • Abby Mosley-Fortier
    Abby Mosley-Fortier 2 years ago +332

    Thank you so much for this video. My family has always been poor and when I got married 3 years ago, my parents got me a Crosley “Musican Entertainment Center.” I cried because I knew what they paid for it and was so grateful for them getting me such a sweet gift, when they were already helping so much with my (cheap-as-possible but still-expensive-for-us) wedding to begin with.
    About 6 months after me using my record player, I kept seeing so much negativity about it and people telling me that what I had was crap and was ruining my records (which was very upsetting because many of them were my grandfathers and I want to take care of them). I was heartbroken and felt guilty.
    I still feel a little bad because I had no idea I was supposed to change my stylus until seeing this, so I hope I haven’t caused any insane damage to my records.
    But thanks for putting my mind at ease even at all. I really appreciate it. Hopefully one day I can afford to upgrade.

    • End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wildlife
      End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wildlife 3 months ago

      @wk4max they are also known as the Audio Woo Cult, and their dad paid for heir $2,000 player

    • Alex Attis
      Alex Attis 8 months ago +1

      Instead of that, they could have gotten you an Audio-Technica AT-LP60 and a cheap set of powered speakers

    • D Dub
      D Dub 9 months ago +5

      Records are fine they're meant to be them.enjoy.thats the end of it

    • Warren F
      Warren F Year ago +7

      For what it's worth, I played special records on a suitcase record player when I was younger, and no damage was done. I would probably not encourage anyone to go out and buy a Crosley Cruiser, but it won't hurt anything. If I would have listened to the audiophile community, they would have made my then teenager self go out and buy a turntable worth hundreds of dollars. Don't let elitists ruin an extremely fun hobby for you. If you enjoy your record player, great. If you want more out of it, you can always upgrade. And no, you don't need to purchase an audiophile grade turntable either.

    • wk4max
      wk4max Year ago

      HI FI*

  • Roark Gill
    Roark Gill 2 years ago +725

    " It sounds drunken. That's probably more Don Ho's fault than Crosley's fault."
    You have no idea how much I laughed.
    Love you videos.

    • Craig Latta
      Craig Latta Year ago +3

      That's where the pitch knob comes in to change the speed. If it works right otherwise.

  • Brent Scott
    Brent Scott 2 years ago +90

    At the end of the day, a turntable must spin at a consistent speed, be free from rumble and hum and have a respectable tracking weight. Everything else is bells and whistles but adds to the experience. Not everyone can afford a Bentley on a Toyota budget. Easy enough to upgrade the cartridge. I don't believe this was ever intended to be a high end or even mid level turntable but a fun way to play records. It's still a quantum leap ahead of my first unit some 60 years ago.

  • dear rafa
    dear rafa 3 years ago +987

    I love how you gave the facts and didn’t just tell people not to buy it. It’s great for beginners, no one needs to be shamed for owning one

    • Michael Brooks
      Michael Brooks 8 months ago

      Beginner? I pity any record played on this. Once damaged that's it. Also a sapphire stylus which only lasts 30 hours

    • Ronan M.
      Ronan M. Year ago

      @Kanekiii 5 grams is not nearly fast enough to trash your records. It’s not gonna help compared to a magnetic but you will get at least 50-100 plays.

    • Ronan M.
      Ronan M. Year ago +1

      @Cassie you absolutely could tell the difference.

    • Kanekiii
      Kanekiii Year ago +1

      Yea but it you wanna trash your records fast go with it

      RAY THE SHRED GOD Year ago

      I’ve been using it for a year I think it’s time for me to get a upgrade what should I get?

  • Bri. C.
    Bri. C. 2 years ago +127

    I love my Crosley! It's cheep, and the sound quality isn't great, but its a good fit for me! Thanks for standing up for folks like me!

  • Captain America 1776
    Captain America 1776 2 years ago +182

    Music is supposed to be fun, and I'm doing the best I can on a limited budget and, if this is all I can afford them this will do for now.And no one should judge anybody for what they can or can't afford. Thank you sir for not making fun of it giving a fair shot.

  • The Starclipse
    The Starclipse 2 years ago +2373

    Do you wanna know which is the best turntable you can get? THE ONE YOU CAN AFFORD

    • Kira Slith
      Kira Slith 5 months ago +2

      @Mitchell Gillett I know I'm a year late, but you do relize the major reason most people who aren't hardcore audio nerds want a record player is to play OLD records, right? The kind you can sweep up at donation and used record stores for $1-5, containing music that's hard to find digital copies of online for various reasons. It exists for the same reason people still buy nugget players (or Apple products, eugh), it's not about having the greatest setup of all time, they just want something that does the job and won't destroy itself or other things, and this passes that mark just fine.

    • Ricki-Sue King
      Ricki-Sue King 6 months ago

      And my all in one home entertainment system makes sense for my small flat. I'm sorry I don't have the income or space to have a dedicated room to fill with separate devices.

    • ᛋᛒᛖ‍ᚱᚫᛞᚻᛏ
      ᛋᛒᛖ‍ᚱᚫᛞᚻᛏ 9 months ago

      @Ricky Earp what is your deal? It's just a record player.

    • Kango Marbles
      Kango Marbles Year ago

      Second hand DJ turntables can be found pretty cheap as long as you're not expecting a Technics. With a bit of research you should find something a lot better than the tat on sale currently.

    • Pineapple road
      Pineapple road Year ago

      I'm pretty certain the record player my dad has is one of these inexpensive devices
      I have no idea what it's tracking force is, and I'm afraid to check, as it's probably on the heavy side
      When I get my own record player I will most likely go with an audio technica at-lp120x USB

  • static_at_home_
    static_at_home_ Year ago +4

    I think the reason a lot of audiophiles trip out over entry level TTs is because most of the time you can find a nice vintage table in the used market for a similar price. To each their own, but there’s definitely a learning curve to using vintage TTs for someone who’s barely spinning their first record

  • Mike S
    Mike S 4 years ago +1259

    I love your message of not belittling people who have these. That snobbish behaviour only drives people away. Thanks for the in-depth review

    • Josh Williams
      Josh Williams 4 months ago

      I used to have a Crosley. I have nothing against people using affordable players, but my experience was that the Crosley was just junk. I had a different model that had a cassette player. That’s the reason I bought it. The cassette player stopped working after less than half an hour. The tone arm returned before it reached the end of the record. It played at the wrong speed. Maybe those things can be fixed, but out of to he box, it just didn’t work. It was awful because at that time, I had no money. I used my bonus from McDonald’s to buy it, and it just didn’t work. I had bought a much nicer turntable at a thrift store for a lot less than I paid for the Crosley. So my advice is to just look for a good deal on a used turntable. Your experience may be different, but mine was very bad. (This was over 10 years ago.)

    • ブブタン
      ブブタン Year ago

      @Alexandro Collings I present to you exhibit A. That is why I have no respect for people who are into vinyl and it has nothing to do with the starbucks girl listening to taylor swift. YOU destroyed the reputation of vinyl, not them.

    • Mr Mysterion
      Mr Mysterion Year ago

      @Villager Troll detected

    • yes? yes??
      yes? yes?? Year ago +2

      @Alexandro Collings I just bought a limited edition Harry Styles vinyl box set. Came with little posters and everything. Also, I'm getting a Crosley soon so I can play it.

    • Villager
      Villager Year ago

      @M O L L I E A E S T H E T I C S Taylor Swift > queef and the beaters.

  • Daniel T. Gaming
    Daniel T. Gaming Year ago +218

    I had an old Victrola a while back that was on the same level as a Crosley, and while I'm sad I sold it, I still think I'd like to upgrade to a better record player. Both Victrola & Crosley have recently released record players (both stationary & portable) that use Audio Technica cartridges, which is pretty good. I also like pitch control & speed adjustments being on top of the player with everything else so I can adjust it on the fly. But yeah, this video is great. Gave me a lot of info I didn't know about.

  • Im Weird
    Im Weird 2 years ago +28

    2 years ago I researched record players because I really wanted one for Christmas and knew well that suitcase record players were bad, but for Christmas I got a suitcase record player (not crosley) and I was happy with it. It wasn’t until now, 2 years later, that I decided to start looking at this stuff again and all I’ve been hearing was bad stuff again. Due to the lack of knowledge for suitcase record players, I didn’t use the needle protector and I’m assuming that absolutely was the reason that my needle recently broke but I find this to be a positive thing because I can now replace it with a better needle. Thank you so much for this video because it has informed me and made me feel so much better than the approximately 40 other videos I have watched.

  • DaftPunkStan
    DaftPunkStan 2 years ago +83

    you eased my anxiety of ruining my records fully, thank you so much for being dead honest

  • TYTD Reviews
    TYTD Reviews Year ago +26

    It's so refreshing to see how honest you are about those players. I spent at least 6-8 months trying to find a good midrange turntable because it seemed like such a binary arguement in the vinyl community. If you bought one of these you were the devil and anything less than a $500 setup was hot garbage.
    So to hear you largely debunk a lot of the Hyperbole around these has definitely opened up the conversation a bit thank you :)
    I would say that what you say here also applies to steepletone players too...the only thing Inhavent been able to check is the tone arm calibration but the rest more or less matches your assessments of this :)

    • Seán Fitzgerald
      Seán Fitzgerald 3 months ago

      I bought a Fenton and it's certainly better than Crosley . It's quite good for it's price a bargain I'd say I bought it in from Germany and it's sound quality is good. In total it cost me over €160 but 23% of that was VAT so it's gonna cost an American close to 200 Dollars but it's with it.

      ELLA HORNBY Year ago +1

      Hot garbage? Is there anything as hot as a crackin' Croz?

  • Allison H
    Allison H 8 months ago +15

    Thank you so much for this! I'm only a very casual enjoyer of vinyl, with all of my vinyls costing below $5 (most around the 50 cent mark) I had an old turntable that stopped working and finally just decided to get a Crosley Cruiser to replace it. Reading all of the horror stories from audiophiles online really terrified me (and of course I didn't come across them until two days after throwing out the box) but I feel much better about it now. When I have more space I'll likely upgrade to a bigger and nicer table, but the cruiser works well in my tiny apartment for now.

    • 6100_royal_scot
      6100_royal_scot 3 months ago +1

      @Gavyn presumably used ones from charity shops. I have a few that only cost about 25p each

    • Gavyn
      Gavyn 3 months ago

      Mine range from $20 to $100+, are you finding good deals on used records where you live or something

  • Strawberry_ Raine
    Strawberry_ Raine 2 years ago +22

    Thank you for this review! I get anxious watching reviews for these turntables for obvious reasons haha.
    I bought a used Crosley Cruiser and was very excited for it! It was a blue little suitcase and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever haha. But after looking up information about records and record players, I saw what a terrible reputation these players had and it worried me quite a bit. I have my favorite records and I've listened to them dozens of times with no problems (I did go out and buy better speakers though), but I constantly worry in the back of my mind that one day they're gonna wear out because this player is known for "ruining records". I've had my player for a month now but I'm still just as happy with it as I was when I bought it.
    I plan on upgrading someday when I get the money, but for now, I'm happy with it! I get to listen to old and new records and discover music I've never heard before because of it! This review made me feel a lot better about owning it and putting my records on it, so thank you very much!

    • djamondz 543
      djamondz 543 5 months ago

      Hey there! It’s been about a year since you made this comment. How is the crosley cruiser doing now?

    • Strawberry_ Raine
      Strawberry_ Raine Year ago +1

      @addy qt Yup! I haven't used it in a couple weeks as I need a new needle, but no issues have come up since owning it.

    • addy qt
      addy qt Year ago +2

      Does is still do good today?

    • Strawberry_ Raine
      Strawberry_ Raine 2 years ago +3

      @Jasmin Kellner I've only had the player for about three months, but I'm fairly happy with it and haven't noticed any deterioration in my records. I have a couple newer records that weren't exactly cheap, so I understand your concern, but I've listened to them countless times, and they still sound and look just as good as when I bought them. The only thing I'd recommend doing right away is to buy some better speakers if you don't already have some of your own. The speakers on the crosley are absolutely the worst thing about the player.
      Just buy a good needle, clean the records before you play then, and have some nice speakers connected and if will sound pretty good and it wont ruin your records.

    • Jasmin Kellner
      Jasmin Kellner 2 years ago

      Are you sure you can't see or better hear any damage on your records. I WAS about to buy a crosley cruiser, then looked up a few reviews just for my final conclusion on whether buying it or not and was shocked... I really really don't want my records to get ruined... Idk how y'all feel about this but I just can't afford rebuying 40$ records all the time just because my player is trash... but I also cannot really afford more than the cruiser... so please be honest with me, do you really hear no difference? (And what needle do you have?)

  • Wølf Shadowhill
    Wølf Shadowhill 2 years ago +29

    I’ve had one fo a few years and it’s served me well the only damages it has done to my records was just user error, by no means a great one but not that bad either. Also I used external speakers so it sounds better than the garbage built in speakers.

  • devikwolf
    devikwolf 8 months ago +7

    Fun note: If you ever lose one of those clips which was holding down the platter, you can get a replacement easily at a car parts store. I couldn't find one at any hardware store, but Autozone had 'em!

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell 2 years ago +53

    I’ve had mine for 5 years and I’ve never had a problem with it! I really like mine

    • Justin Desrosiers
      Justin Desrosiers 3 months ago +4

      @stormiezxo Just follow what this video says and you should be fine

    • stormiezxo
      stormiezxo  4 months ago +1

      for real? i have one and i hear so many terrible h things from people saying it will ruin my records that i’m so scared :( your comment kinda gave me hope

  • Autumn Sky
    Autumn Sky 11 months ago +6

    Thank you so much for this. I hadn’t heard much about how bad crosley was until I ended up with one. People started telling me how it’s going to eat my records but I can’t afford one from the record store right now and I already have albums I’ve been waiting to play for weeks. I didn’t realize the stylus that comes with it was the equivalent to a plastic toothpick😅 and I WAS going to return it even though I was so happy just to have something to play my records. I’m going to get some new styluses and a speaker to hold off while I save for an upgrade. Thank you so much for actually doing an in depth review that wasn’t just belittling owners of the cruiser and giving honest feedback.

  • R D
    R D 2 years ago +4

    I love this video. Exactly as in-depth as anyone could hope for, refreshingly sourced and personally confirmed information instead of just another Crosley rant. After watching, I felt confident buying a more expensive AT, knowing I would get legitimately better quality, not just paying for empty audiophile snobbery. And good on ya for defending all the little babies getting a cheap first record player!

  • Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia
    Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia 4 months ago +2

    Love this review! A fair analysis. I love the portability aspect. I'm old, I need it to play 78s and fancy shmancy audio isn't my thing.

  • HotWax93
    HotWax93 4 years ago +793

    Here's why Crosley turntables are so popular: they're cheap, almost entirely set up out of the box, and thus are seen as a good setup for beginners. I don't get why so many audiophiles hate them, because IMO, it's better for people to listen to vinyl on a cheap setup than not have one at all.

    • Michael Bell
      Michael Bell 2 months ago

      @Tiffany the Flower Princess ...and no one with rare and collectable records is buying a Crossley...

    • HotWax93
      HotWax93 Year ago +1

      @VAL13C Well said. Audiohpiles need to stop hating on Crosley turntables because they aren't made for audiophiles in the first place; they're made for beginners and casual vinyl collectors/listeners like your granddaughter.

    • Shaun Trillo
      Shaun Trillo Year ago

      uh yeah no, i've sat on vinyl for 10 years to buy a decent turntable, my ex bought my a crosley and i said no to putting my records on it.

    • hype88
      hype88 Year ago

      @11th Cat This is news to me? I am still seeing releases sell out in minutes almost daily over 100 years after it's first release. Not sure how that's dying.....

  • RSpudieD
    RSpudieD 4 months ago +1

    Interesting! Great job explaining exactly why it's good or bad in each area and excellent choice in Vinyl! I'm partial to Daft Punk's RAM so that was a surprise to see (and hear) featured!

  • NCIron Horse
    NCIron Horse 9 months ago +2

    Thoughtful review on this record player. I had something similar to this as a child and really it helped introduce me to audio and it opened the door to explore better gear. It would have been interesting to see this wired through a nice phono stage on a better amp/receiver then the Crosley radio thing. Personally, I'd avoid any of these types of brands like Crosley or Victrola jn favor of an AT-LP120.

  • Andrew Gregg
    Andrew Gregg 9 months ago +4

    I recently bought a similar Crosley record player. I had come across my old records from the ,70’s and ‘80’s and wanted to listen to them again. I wanted something that would sit on my night table, that could plug over the ear head phones into, and relax on my bed listening to music. My Crosley is perfect for this, and the sound through my $50 headphones is great! I like it so much I started buying records again. Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, BB King, Eric Clapton and many more now help me relax at home. I enjoy my Crosley and I’m not bothered by the negative Nancy’s.

  • BigDuke6ixx
    BigDuke6ixx 3 years ago +1

    Awesome review. When I was a kid, all we had with this sort of low spec record player. I've still got records that I played 100s of times on vintage, cheap, turntables and they are still fine. And REMEMBER this is a PORTABLE turntable. Records, themselves, aren't idiot proof and that's the main problem when they fall into, or indeed out off, the hands of the careless.

  • Aries
    Aries 2 years ago +3

    Thank you sir for the entlightment, many people reviewing this poorly without proof. But you sir you state the fact purely and show the proof and solution immediately! Love it!

  • Michael Connelly
    Michael Connelly 3 months ago +3

    I didn't buy one for the best mp3 sound ever! I bought for the 1975 first record player sound. I have a few records that I enjoy on this 1975 format. I did upgrade the needle to a diamond needle. Mine at Walmar. 50 smacks! Very fun

  • Z-Zack
    Z-Zack 2 years ago +2

    This is my first record player, and there was a problem with mine that the records weren't playing at the right speed, but just slightly off. I opened it up and found a screw underneath the turntable that you can fine tune the speed with. It's the one labeled "L".

  • Just Adi Things
    Just Adi Things Year ago +1

    I started with a crosley discovery (similar to the cruiser) before upgrading to an ATLP60x. I think crosley really does market the lo-fi aspect of it as a selling point, especially for younger people like me who think vinyl is supposed to be a lo-fi medium. This being said I was constantly worried that my records were “ruined” and after replaying them on my new one there’s no harm done at all, they sound truer to form.
    Crosleys are not faithful players for true accuracy of sound and a strong bass line will send the needle skipping and it takes constant pitch adjustments to get the sound you’d like. But they didn’t destroy my records, and I’m not upset I gifted my old crosley to someone.

  • Arthur's Hallicrafters Kitchen & Audio Lab

    Based on your review, I asked Crosley why I didn’t have extra diamond styli in my box. You must have been lucky, as they told me they do not include extra styli with the Cruiser Deluxe. However, Crosley was nice enough to send me one via Priority Mail. Their customer service is top notch.

  • Instert Name Here
    Instert Name Here 8 months ago +2

    I don't know if I can voice my opinion on this, considering that I have a Victrola version of this for only 9 months before I just upgraded to an AT-LP3 on my birthday. But I can safely say that my records are still fine after using that. I'm sure that some of my records are played for over 10 times on both sides using that thing and they still sound good. They sound even better when I played them on my new turntable. I just dust my records every so often whenever I choose to play them and also changed the old stylus to a diamond one that you recommended at one point during the usage of my old Victrola turntable. The only problems that I have with it are occasional skipping with some of my records, as well as the crap audio quality with its built-in speakers, I did used some external speakers to compensate that a bit. But other than that, I really enjoyed the time that I had using it as a beginner to vinyl myself. I guess it goes to show that with the proper care and usage for your records and turntable, you can pretty much use whatever you can get your hands on to play them.

  • Sterlin Silver
    Sterlin Silver Year ago

    This was my first record player- introduced me to records and really wasnt that terrible. A great first buy if you intend on moving up to a better one later.

  • Scarlett Adkins
    Scarlett Adkins 2 years ago +512

    I’ve played one record like 20 time on my Crosley, it’s fine,

    • pilapila
      pilapila 7 months ago +2

      I've seen someone test it 100 times. People really exaggerate

    • Amiga A1200
      Amiga A1200 9 months ago

      78 rpm records are fine.

    • 𝙽. 𝙼.
      𝙽. 𝙼. 10 months ago

      I got Denver which looks identical to a Crosley, I didn't skip once and some old records sound better than their remastered version.

    • madtonesbr
      madtonesbr 10 months ago

      @Nikoleleta It can sound as good on a decent system. It's not supposed to sound like crap. Which a Crosley with 20-cent Chinese-made speakers sounds like.

    • Demonetized
      Demonetized Year ago +6

      @𝙽. 𝙼. there is elitism in every hobby but there is merit to the fact that people dislike crosleys so much

  • Steve S
    Steve S 3 years ago +2

    I just watched your video. Finally, an unbiased, and fair review. Thank you for actually testing the Crosley Cruiser. I wouldn’t buy one either, but the Cruiser can be a fun toy that will not destroy your records.

  • yikes!
    yikes! 4 years ago +568

    Thank you so much for this. I bought a Crosley last year after getting a few boxes of old records from my grandparents who had planned on just donating them all. I knew nothing at all about turntables, but the Crosley was affordable and visually appealing so I rolled with it. It's kind of disheartening to see so many holier-than-thou people on TheXvid who act like they'd rather smash their entire collection to pieces than play them on a Crosley. I plan on upgrading once my wallet permits (I'm a broke college student, so it might be a while), but this turntable introduced me to a whole new hobby world that I can't wait to embrace more seriously. Thanks for assuring me I'm not a horrible person.

    • TheProG4merPlayz
      TheProG4merPlayz 2 years ago +1

      @Taylor Dinsmore Now days, you can get these for half that, and during Black Friday at Walmart, you could get these for $30.

    • Taylor Dinsmore
      Taylor Dinsmore 2 years ago +1

      For $90, you can buy an Audio-Technica LP60X, which is a far FAR better turntable from an actual brand

    • Darth Mauldin
      Darth Mauldin 3 years ago +2

      Yes! I ordered mine yesterday, then saw all the videos about it and felt like an idiot

    • closedonmonday6
      closedonmonday6 3 years ago +1

      I got my record player from my cousin cause he didn't use it anymore. I got some records from relatives too. Ask around your family and you'll probably find one

    • Amanda Denning
      Amanda Denning 3 years ago +1

      @bad dog Be pateint, there's still going to be people who don't know what they are looking at and just want to get rid of the things.

  • willywonka3050
    willywonka3050 Year ago +2

    I'll admit I felt sick when I heard Random Access Memories on this thing. But even if it sounds bad, there is no way it'll actually damage records. A lot of vinyl enthusiasts seem to care more about collecting and displaying music than blindly chasing audio quality, and I don't think this is a bad product for that market. I find myself falling into both the "music lover" and "audiophile" camps, but at the end of the day good music is good, no matter how "bad" it sounds.

  • Diego Oliv
    Diego Oliv Year ago +2

    I recently got a Victrola Parker about a week ago and so far I’m loving it! Of course it’s not the best sound quality when connected to a bluetooth speaker device, but again it’s for my use. And since I want to start getting into vinyl collecting, I think victrola or crosleys are very good and convenient for young teens, and beginners. Also if you take care of turntable and keep your vinyls clean there shouldn’t be a problem. You can slowly start investing into high quality turntables such as the audio technicas (range from $80-$400), if you take it seriously. Eventually, there can be a chance I can upgrade to a affordable audio technica after some time. But using a Victrola or crosley is definitely not a bad purchase for your first turntable.

  • Nathan Wietrzykowski
    Nathan Wietrzykowski 2 years ago +28

    I can't thank you enough for actually testing the rumors that flood internet forums related to these things!

  • JuanCarlos Montes
    JuanCarlos Montes Year ago +1

    What a WONDERFUL, thorough review! I learned so much. I'll sacrifice and spend $100 at Guitar Center instead of $45 at Walmart, but it's not because I'm afraid to have the cheap one. It's about being serious that at least in my life and in my home, vinyl is coming back and will be here to stay. I regret throwing all my records away 25 or 30 years ago when turntables were scarce and expensive. Also, I remember we used to always have a penny on the back of the needle arm back in the 70s and today I learned why.

  • Littlehaven
    Littlehaven 2 years ago +1

    I have got a Victrola Bluetooth Turntable I got a month ago and I really love it. It's kind of like the Crosley Cruiser whether it's any better is up for debate. But, it has pretty much the same functions as the Crosley cruiser except for the pitch control.

  • liv morris
    liv morris 2 years ago +2

    ive had my crosley cruiser for over a year now and I love it! none of my records show any sign of damage, don't get why people hate on it so much.

  • ResidentSleeper
    ResidentSleeper 2 years ago

    Thanks for the in depth review. You were able to explain things in a way that a novice could easily understand. I don't have a Crosley Cruiser, but I have a copycat of sorts made by Electrohome. I found your video while searching for reasons why my new records skip like crazy. Turns out mine can barely play any record that spins lower than 45 RPM, any 33 LPs I have hardly work at all, skipping constantly. Hell, even some of the 45 LP's I have don't work well. The only records I can play on mine with minimal issues are my 7" 45s. But even then the thing has an auto stop feature that cannot be turned off, so half my 45s cut off too early. Somehow I ended up with something worse than a Cruiser. But anyways I'm rambling. Thanks again for the video, definitely going to be upgrading my record player soon.

  • JoeBiden_Games
    JoeBiden_Games 2 years ago +11

    I bought one of these 5 months ago and with it I bought the black album by mettallica and I've listened to it a thousand time and I've had no problems what so ever. These people are just upset that this company is doing so great with this product. If you want to get into records don't hesitate to buy this product

    • autumn brooke
      autumn brooke Year ago

      did you replace the needle with a diamond stylus or leave the record player the way it came?

    • southpaw
      southpaw 2 years ago

      Saige Forrest exactly!

  • Paol Vrobel
    Paol Vrobel 2 months ago +1

    I inherited a lot of audioplates, 78 rpm included, shelack included. This player makes it just perfect, all of them from 78 thru 33 rpm. Not audiophile but decent anyway.

  • Natkitu
    Natkitu Year ago +2

    Thank you for this vid! I was hesitant to play my favorite records on it because they say they would destroy the records very quickly, I hope that wouldn't be the case in the future

  • PatitoFeo47
    PatitoFeo47 Year ago +3

    1. Great review! 2. Anything that'll get younger generations to appreciate records, quality and content, is good.

  • Dabombinable Mi
    Dabombinable Mi Year ago +1

    My Mum bought one of their units that can digitise records and tapes. I told her not to bother with it, and just use her old player plugged into the stereo, and record from the headphone out. Some of her records are difficult to find and avoiding excess wear is a must. Plus the resulting digital output was horendous - tapes and records shouldn't go from clear to sounding as if they were under water.
    Her Crosley player does sound ok (I have heard worse from some newer and expensive ones), but still not as good as her Sony.

  • bobskie321
    bobskie321 4 years ago +445

    They said Crosley is responsible for vinyl comeback because in 1990s while most people starts throwing away their record player Crosley starts making portable record players which are meant to attract teenagers.

    • irtbmtind89
      irtbmtind89 Year ago

      @Jay Fuller You could get 70s and 80s hifi gear almost for free. It was the age of 5.1 and home theatre and nobody wanted 2 channel stuff.

    • Earl Yetman
      Earl Yetman 2 years ago +17

      Yep! I grew up during the transition from Vinyl to CD, we wanted perfect us old people want killer vinyl sound and can afford it. I love what Crosley has done! Vinyl sound and the FUN of buying records!

    • gravedigr12
      gravedigr12 2 years ago +20

      finally someone who remembers just how disposable record players were at one point. I remember people would go buy a nice used unit use it until the stylus wore out then toss it away and get another one that was always a heart breaker for me and the records the mountains of good music you could aquire for as cheap as 15 cents an album and most people were giving away their vinyl and shellac records.

    • Jay Fuller
      Jay Fuller 3 years ago +34

      The 90s were a great time to collect vinyl. No one was into it.

  • Sangeeta
    Sangeeta 2 years ago +1

    I appreciate this. I love how you gave the facts. Vinyl snobs drive me crazy. I personally don't have a Crosley, but they're fine for beginners or kids or casual collectors. Who cares that much?? The vinyl snobs are more off putting to people new to collecting vinyl than the Crosley Cruiser lol some people can't afford more than a Crosley anyways

  • Savannah Hartje
    Savannah Hartje Year ago

    Thanks for the video! We have a vintage Zenith record and radio console that we typically use, but my friend gave me her crosley cruiser second hand and it's really nice to have it on the other side of the house when I'm not near the console. I got super worried about ruining my vinyls before I saw this.

  • Is It A Windorabug?

    Thank you so much for this video. I got a victrola navigator this last Christmas which has similar components to the cruiser. I couldn't find anywhere about what the tracking force range was supposed to be for these cartridges. I got a scale, and mine was tracking at 7.23 grams. I taped a few pennies on the other end of the tonearm, now it tracks at about 5.16 grams. This video eased a lot of my fears about it. Thank you :)

    ELLA HORNBY 2 years ago +32

    Are Crosleys or any of these types of players really that bad? The answer is NO! They're totally competent in what they're meant to be, and many of them have other features like bluetooth, USB playback and recording and radio stations.

      ELLA HORNBY Month ago +1

      @John B Of course. I eventually upgraded from a suitcase player to an Audio Technica LP60XBT. Difference is night and day.

    • John B
      John B Month ago

      Maybe, but the bass frequencies are missing, causing it to sound very harsh. Certainly not hi-fi. The quality styli are on white holders. The red holders' styli don't produce good sound.

      ELLA HORNBY 8 months ago +1

      @Michael Brooks Point well taken there.

    • Michael Brooks
      Michael Brooks 8 months ago

      Yep Bluetooth, USB and other things but a sapphire stylus that goes blunt by 30 hours (record groove damage if not replaced) not to mention the heavier downward pressure and cheap mechanism.

  • Leslie Eckhardt
    Leslie Eckhardt 3 years ago +124

    Very good review. I never thought the Crosley Cruiser was an audiophile's dream, but I thought the fear-mongering reviews were a bit much. Certainly no worse than the Sears Silvertone portable stereo phonograph I had from the '60s. That lasted many years and did not chew up my records, either.

  • G6JPG
    G6JPG 29 days ago +1

    The "turntable" looks to be hard plastic, so I'd say the rubber mat is well worth using: it shoud reduce any pickup of motor rumble, reduce the chance of the (othr side of the) record getting scratched, and as you spotted reduce the chance of rubbing on the cover that won't lie down. Might also reduce the chance of microphony if you're using the built-in speakers, although sounds like the built-in amplifier isn't that powerful.
    You compared it with what looks like a uch higher-quality turntable for I think you said a similar price (the squarish silver one) - but that _needs_ external speakers (and amplifier I suspect): OK, the built-in ones are grotty, but they _are_ built-in: the unit can thus be taken anywhere (that has an electricity supply of course!), and be pluggd in and playing in a matter of seconds: different market I think. (Also I don't think the built-in speakers _are_ that bad: they're definitely lacking in base and a little tinny, but I'd say not _distorted_.)
    Finally, the construction looks _robust_; I suspect that's the main reason people think it'll damage records, they think the mechanics are clunky. But I think that's again part of the target market: though not DJ standard, I suspect it could stand moderately rough handling, especially if the user uses the tonearm clamp. (Admittedly that _does_ look flimsy, but I don't think the _average_ user is going to slam it down hard enough to break that clamp.
    And it is at least belt drive, which should take out _most_ of the motor noise. Do you remember rim-drive motors?
    I was a little surprised the spindle doesn't rotate and is undersize; that _could_ cause wow on music that has long notes on the innermost grooves.

  • jesse munroe
    jesse munroe Year ago +2

    I've never owned a record player and I was so excited to find one of these in a Goodwill for 18 dollars the other day - i'm not a hobbyist so I wasn't aware of the quality issues. I appreciate the video, thanks man.

    • poly cube
      poly cube Year ago +1

      But for $18? That's a great price!

  • Odin Klebs
    Odin Klebs Year ago

    when I first got one of these, I already had a good stereo with line in-Inputs, so I used the headphone jack to connect it to my stereo and It's worked great for years! Its given me way better quality than these people make it out to be.

  • Just Dale
    Just Dale 6 months ago +1

    I just started to get into vinyl collecting and I got a Victrola Journey suitcase record player as my first record player since is all I could afford atm. It's been pretty good for me and am planning on upgrading to a better turntable in the near future.

  • themaritimegirl
    themaritimegirl 4 years ago +963

    I learned a lot watching this. This video ought to be the first one vinyl newbies watch.

    • Saint Kylie
      Saint Kylie 3 years ago +2

      haha, it just so happens to be my first!

    • Eduardo Squidwardo
      Eduardo Squidwardo 3 years ago +1

      It was for me 😂

    • Clueless Kanna
      Clueless Kanna 3 years ago +4

      I live out of the us where buying stuff online is impossible in my house and usually doesn’t ship to where I live
      This is the only one I was able to find in a range of what I can afford and the only which I can find in a store so I’m trying to see if it’s worth the money
      In the currency where I live it’s 630dhs
      (1 dollar is 3.67 dhs)

    • BelieverDaydreamin'
      BelieverDaydreamin' 3 years ago +6

      Im a vinyl newbie and the 1st vid i watched was Amoeba's how to care for your vinly vid. Now i will learn from this one

    • Paul Bucknall
      Paul Bucknall 3 years ago +7

      Why?! Just buy a second hand 70's or 80's TT for a fraction of the price, a cheap second hand amp with a phono stage and it will be light years ahead of this Crosley junk.

  • Nick Carrier
    Nick Carrier Year ago

    Dont know why but I've rewatched this probably 4-5 times now, nice to see an unbiased and informative review of a cheap turntable. Would I use one? No, but not everything has to be Hi-Fi. Who cares if a young kid wants to beat around on a cheap turntable. Nicely done as usual!

  • KTheGhoul
    KTheGhoul 4 months ago +1

    I just got this for Christmas and am very appreciative. It's a nice little start into the hobby and I'm now no longer worried about putting my Ghost records on it and having them ruined. One day I'll upgrade :)

  • themirrorsofmymind

    21:03 I just had a crazy thought. In addition to the rubber platter mat, if you had a 45 rpm record with one of those yellow pop-out adaptors you could place one on the platter or maybe two if the LP you want to play is a bit more warped than optimal and that would give it more height to clear the cover, maybe to the point, with a record that's more flat, that the cover could be propped up just a bit to keep it from just laying all of its weight against the hinges.
    What do you think?

  • chickabuu1
    chickabuu1 Year ago +1

    What a well researched and well done review. Thank you

  • Alliah Garcia
    Alliah Garcia 3 years ago +47

    I've been interested in getting into vinyl and such, but I didn't exactly know where to start. My first thought was to buy a Crosley as it was the first turntable that came to mind due to its popularity, but after some digging around on the internet, it seemed to be considered the butt of the joke everywhere around. This is the first review I've come across that actually went in depth about the record player and it was super helpful and informative! I loved your message at the end of the video, it was really kind. This comment is getting longer and longer, oops. By the way, the title intermissions with the music were my favourite parts! I'm definitely going to check out the alternatives you suggested, thank you so much for this video!

  • Guy Manley
    Guy Manley 7 months ago +2

    I love this. Detailed, we researched, funny, entertaining.

  • Sonic Titan
    Sonic Titan 2 years ago +1

    My biggest problem with these portable turntables is that they skip records if the record is slightly warped which will damage your records over time.

  • JN / The Passenger
    JN / The Passenger 3 years ago

    These are a good entry into vinyl, however I wouldn’t use these on any records that are really sentimental.
    Personally, I wouldn’t buy one and would try to go for something else (Audio-Technica LP60 or even a low end Technics from the 70’s), but if I got it as a gift or something I wouldn’t stress.

  • DoroteoVilla
    DoroteoVilla 2 years ago

    Great review. I can tell you love music. I ended up actually getting the Target heyday. I'm very surprised at how well it's made for the money. Counterweight, diamond stylus, built in preamp. Very good starter player for a hundo.

  • Rafy Soto
    Rafy Soto 4 years ago +333

    Awesome review. This was my first turntable and while it was definitely super cheap, it was good enough to motivate me to become a vinyl fan. After a few months of use it started to have a few issues but nothing too serious. No need to hate those who own one.

    • chifan7
      chifan7 3 years ago

      I agree 100%. It's been Many years since I have owned a turntable. I thought I would get this one or the 1byone brand and give it a try again.

    • roadtripboy
      roadtripboy 3 years ago +1

      I got one of these used cheap and got just because I wanted to play with it. I have to say it's an ok little turntable. Better than the Soundesign I owned the 70s. Is it anywhere near as good as my vintage JVC LA11? Of course not. But it wasn't meant to be, it was meant to be an affordable entry level turntable and it does that better well.

    • David O'Banion
      David O'Banion 4 years ago +6

      I don't hate the People who buy this garbage. I hate What they buy and Why they buy it.
      They owe it to themselves to Become Informed First, Before they spend their money.
      But too many people are in a hurry and Don't Want To Think,
      so they take the fastest, easiest route... to Disaster.

    • Jonathan Gillis
      Jonathan Gillis 4 years ago +13

      I got one in 2013 when I was 12. Now I'm almost 17 and I still have and enjoy my crosley. The only problems I've ever had with it are occasional skipping (which I fixed by taping a dime and a penny on top of the needle. The speakers aren't that great but I fixed that by just plugging into the headphone jack a pair of cheap speakers and now it sounds alot better. My records aren't damaged or ruined in any way. Sure I would like to get a better turntable sometime but a crosley isn't actually that bad. I'd really like to get an Audio Technica soon tho

    • pokepress
      pokepress 4 years ago +18

      Rafael Soto yeah, sometimes folks underestimate the importance of entry-level gear in developing a market. While I wouldn’t recommend the cruiser as a first model for someone, I’m not going to insist they start with a model costing several hundred dollars either.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 2 years ago

    I have the Victrola version of this & love it. I know there are better players out there but I’m on a seriously low budget. The speakers are good & I’ve never had a record destroyed but using it.

  • Scott Brinker
    Scott Brinker Year ago

    Just a thought on tracking force. Maybe these need 5 or 6 grams to compensate for the thicker cantilever. High end carts with thinner cantilevers would bottom out at 5 grams thus the 1.0 to 1.8 tracking force on those.

  • Izabella Delfino
    Izabella Delfino 2 years ago +2

    OMG, I loved this video so much! It's so funny and down to Earth! I'm from Brazil and especially here, it's so damn hard to find honest options that would fit in my budget. I'm collecting vinyls for almost a lifetime now, like, I remember like it was yesterday the day I found Michael Jackson's Thriller and I bought it for like less than $1 dollar (R$5 reais). I was 9 or less, it was in 2007 or 2008 (before the vinyls fever comeback!)
    Since that, I've been in love for this record (that I still have it and it's perfect), my mother's vinyls from late 70's and my sister's rock collection that she literally forgot about the existence as the years came by. So, last december, I got myself one of these, (Raveo Sonetto, not the Crosley's one), and spended my Christmas at home cleaning and rediscovering the family treasure I've always wanted to take care of.
    I really knew that this was not the best option for life, by I didn't had a bluetooth music player neither, so now I enjoy more from the music player this way than actually playing my vinyls (I do it only for special ocasions, it's rare). Finally, I have to say that my vinyl player became my quarantine's best friend and it's really making me happy and strong through the days. The sound really does not have the best quality ever, but I still have an CD player and my headphones to listen music at the best quality avaliabe online.

  • Varmint Baby
    Varmint Baby 2 years ago

    I would recommend the NuMark PT01 Touring player over this. It's a great little player and sounds good when connected to some external RCA input speakers/monitors. Can't complain. I am looking to upgrade to an Audio Technica LP60 though. Waiting for responses from some people on Craigslist right now!

  • Julia G
    Julia G 2 years ago +6

    Thank you for being gentle and helpful on a cheap record player appropriate for a novice just beginning. All your info was on point.

  • The Red Spoon
    The Red Spoon 2 years ago

    I really love your content. I watched some vids of those pretentious audiophile TheXvidrs and I can not help but feeling sorry for those people. You do not try to make Music and HiFi some sort of alchemy, that only the wealthy out there are allowed to experience. That's why I trust your opinion. You are working with facts and remain end-user friendly. Congrats for your great work!

  • Brian Andrews
    Brian Andrews 9 months ago +1

    I would never claim to be an audiophile or an expert … that said …
    Yes, I don’t think that one of these cheap record players is going to immediately ruin your record. Possibly, over times and play, it could, but not after a play or two … or five (especially if the needle cartridge is upgraded). I have never owned a Crosley brand, but I have owned a few of the cheap Chinese players. The biggest negatives are the small speakers, small amps, and some of them do have cheap platers and motors that produce some speed and sound distortions. Also, they are made from cheap components that, of course, are not serviceable, rebuildable, or replaceable; so they are not going to last for decades and decades of regular use. Yes, I would much rather (and do) use my 60 plus year old restored Magnavox console record player with upgraded solid state two channel stereo amplifier … but, I certainly didn’t start out with it. I’m good with these as a “starter” record player but most people will later step up to a higher priced/quality player or antique player that were made when even common name brands were of higher quality and can still be maintained and serviced for long life. I use the same cartridges (with the upgraded stylus) found in the Crosley players in my antique record player restorations and I have no issues with them or their sound; the price is right.

  • Cameron J. Smith
    Cameron J. Smith Year ago +1

    I'll admit that this was my first record player (but it was branded as a BUSH Classic)... and I hated it, genuinely hated it. Got some old Lenco for the second record player (which was fantastic) and my third (and current) deck is an Audio Technica and its GREAT.
    But to be honest, I'd just say its down to preference. The vinyl record fandom is full of elitists.

  • rzeka
    rzeka 4 years ago +1147

    I love how in depth you went with this

    • Tuesday Evenings
      Tuesday Evenings 3 years ago

      @T W Huning thanks, i care most about durability, of course i would connect a different audio speakers to it.

    • Agamemnon2
      Agamemnon2 4 years ago +8

      I think the topic deserves it. It's all too easy to pull a VinylEyezz and just go for cheap laughs and a meme or two, but that stuff does a bad job of informing anyone about anything.

    • T W Huning
      T W Huning 4 years ago +14

      The unit reviewed is not a BAD turntable. It rotates at a constant speed, has a motor with good torque, does not have audible wow or flutter. It can be paused/stopped without lifting the tone arm. Connect the turntable to a good audio system by way of the line outputs and you will be surprised. The questions to be looked into with this model are quality control and durability, which the reviewer did not cover.

    • nightbirdds
      nightbirdds 4 years ago +39

      Someone had to. It's not a great turntable, but at least now people know the facts of why it's not a great turntable without all the bs.

  • Abby Romero
    Abby Romero Year ago +3

    I was planning to get a portable record player since I wanna start getting into vinyls. Its all I can afford but everyone keeps giving it a bad review and it honestly gives me anxiety to think i’ll have to get an expensive one as my starting record player. So thank you for this ahh

    • Hipix
      Hipix Year ago +2

      Just get a Crosley. The speakers aren't the best, but everything else is overexaggerated by vinyl snobs for no reason. However, if you ever want to upgrade; get an AT-LP120X. It's $250, and is a good, proper entry level player.

  • Owen Ollar
    Owen Ollar Year ago

    This video is absolutely amazing. Thank you, very well made and edited.

  • Luke Mattson
    Luke Mattson 2 years ago +94

    1:15 “This is a stupid hobby why did I get into this?” Omg that’s literally me two seconds into doing anything new

  • Darth Mauldin
    Darth Mauldin 3 years ago +530

    Is the crosley cruiser bad?
    Well yes, but actually no.

  • Prttyqueen 12345
    Prttyqueen 12345 2 years ago +616

    Dude I’m 18, I don’t have thousands of dollars for a professional one, it’s cute, portable and honestly I’m not mad about the music

    • Michael Bell
      Michael Bell 2 months ago

      @judah krutilla $10 more? The LP60 is more than twice as expensive as this.

    • Michael Brooks
      Michael Brooks 8 months ago

      You can get a decent turntable that will easily outlast the Crosley providing years of reliable service AND won't wear records out for five times the price. Happy to spend that and look after the investment of my expensive record collection.

    • Razgriz
      Razgriz Year ago +1

      You can be patient, save a bit more and buy a decent turntable. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars.

    • AndMakrid
      AndMakrid Year ago

      @SparklyPig No. The weight of the arm is not the only thing that destroys the records. When the needle does not fall perpendicularly on the record as it is designed but falls slantwise and with twofold weight, then the record gets damaged. When the record is not centered on the platter and the arm comes and goes, this is harmful for the record.Whoever has lived for years with such a machine and has upgraded afterwards, will tell you the sad truth. Actually, the diamond needle may be even more tiring than the saphire one. It won't destroy the record at once of course and if you never buy some more serious player you may never hear any difference - but then, why don't you just listen to mp3s?
      This suitcase player is a toy. It is made to sell some nostalgia to aged people who wish to remember their early youth when their older brother was listening to the Monkeys and the Beatles through small 45s. Nothing else. And in my opinion, it is expensive for what it sells.
      Spend some time to read a few pages about vintage stuff or buy a cheap new record like Pro-Ject Primary E for 150 pounds. Not this crap.

    • ΣCaspernicus
      ΣCaspernicus Year ago +3

      @Gary Glenn $500 is 2-3 months of food for a teenager.

  • (Gamer Bros) MaximuZ712
    (Gamer Bros) MaximuZ712 2 years ago +1

    After replacing my needle with a better one, and balancing, along with pairing with a speaker with good bass, now its not bad, i have listened to tons of records many times and never had an issue... Its no where near as good as my audiotechnica but still usable

  • Just a lame kid
    Just a lame kid 2 years ago

    Thanks for this video. It was really helpful. I'm no audiophile and if I want to listen to my music in high quality I just play it on Spotify connected to my kick-ass headphones with a surround sound emulator enabled. I buy vinyls from indie artists cause they look cool and I get early access to concert tickets. These record players are not good if you really want to get into the hobby sure, but if you really don't care, go ahead.

  • Exploring With Avi
    Exploring With Avi 2 years ago +40

    I just started getting in records and vinyls and was looking into getting a record player, I will most likely buy this one just bc it’s cheap and very easy to find.
    However, I have noticed the record/vinyl community is kinda toxic.

    • Ben Hillyard
      Ben Hillyard Year ago

      @The Inner Light I did watch the video, like I said, I’ve had my own poor experiences with crosley turntables. They’re absolute garbage

    • The Inner Light
      The Inner Light Year ago

      @Ben Hillyard you didn’t watch the video! What a knob.

    • Ian Byrne
      Ian Byrne Year ago +1

      Honestly. Just learn what you can about turntable and record specs, what makes them work, how they work, what to look for, and find whatever you think will work for you. Then avoid the community like the plague

    • hype88
      hype88 Year ago +1

      @Ben Hillyard I've talked to several record store owners and they all say the majority of "returns" the person says they own a Crosley. He tries to show them that the same record that "skipped" or was "ruined" played perfectly fine on a real record player. That's where the real problems happen, if there is even a slight warp that Crosley has no chance. You can see this trend quite easily on Amazon and Urban Outfitters reviews as well. Buy what you want but Crosley is still nothing more then a novelty/toy at best.

    • Ben Hillyard
      Ben Hillyard 2 years ago +1

      David Staples yeah, I did. My girlfriend used to have a crosley, she used it twice before returning it. Nothing but a cheap, glued together piece of plastic that couldn’t play half of her collection without skipping or warping the sound. Even when it plays a record correctly, it still sounds awful because of the horrid built-in speakers

  • Record Raid
    Record Raid 25 days ago

    I just saw this now. Thanks for the shout-out. When I made my video I couldn't find any similar comparisons and it's been nice to see others like you provide better information and more scientific tests. I can't say we've made much of a dent (and it's an odd situation because disproving groupthink feels like endorsing these turntables, which I don't want to do), but it's good to know that I'm not the only raving lunatic asking for everybody to listen to reason.

  • stopthedv
    stopthedv Year ago +10

    Just bought this yesterday to play my dads records. He passed last week. It is good enough for me to listen to a couple of records when I miss my dad. Thanks for the review

  • ptreerocks34
    ptreerocks34 4 months ago

    I had one similar to the Crosley, called the Udreamer. Unfortunately I had a lot of issues, including distortion and skipping on the first and last tracks, bad sound, and too boomy of bass, which led to more skips. Then I got a crosley t150 and that one works a million times better, and is $170 on amazon.

  • Daniel Torridon
    Daniel Torridon 2 years ago

    Excellent review. Lots of work gone into this, well done.

  • Sam Wittsell
    Sam Wittsell 2 months ago

    I think Audiorpheus put it best by calling it a toy and it's nice to see you came to a similar conclusion. It's not great and there is definitely better out there even for slightly more money but there's also far worse like that 7" player.

  • Ștefan Urziceanu
    Ștefan Urziceanu Month ago

    I had one of these made by Numark. I was happy with it, to a degree. After about a year, I upgraded to an AT-LP120 USB.
    I'm not an audiophile, I don't think I have very sensitive hearing, but the difference in sound was clear to me. Especially on picture discs, which sounded awful on the suitcase turntable and sound great on a slightly more high end one.
    That being said, without a cheap entry option, I would have never gotten into this hobby. Crosleys and suitcase turntables in general are a great entry point into this hobby.

  • Ash Joy
    Ash Joy 3 years ago +2

    I just got into vinyl/records and I wanted to play some so I looked online and saw the crosley, I liked it because it was cheap and looked cool, so me and my dad ordered it for my bday. I didn’t know it had such bad reviews until now, I am kinda scared by the review of “terrible sound quality” and that I don’t have a sound system