This Chinese Space Station Is Crashing To Earth!

  • Published on Mar 31, 2018
  • an 8.5-tonne spaceship is falling to the ground. Should you be worried? Well, probably not.
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Comments • 12

  • xAboveYou x
    xAboveYou x Year ago

    This page is so underrated

  • JakesChronicles
    JakesChronicles Year ago

    Wow even their Space Stations are crappy

  • lakshya LG
    lakshya LG Year ago +1

    Original footage of chinese space station which fell on earth on 2 april -

  • Antifoul Awl
    Antifoul Awl Year ago

    it'll be Tiangone

  • Parkski
    Parkski Year ago +3

    So Chinas pulling the world's biggest April fools then

  • soldav
    soldav Year ago

    I am Commenter #5 👽

  • purermindentity
    purermindentity Year ago


  • Warhead_732
    Warhead_732 Year ago +2

    Finally you talk about this! I was going to say how do you miss a falling giant satellite lol.

    • FactFile
      FactFile  Year ago +1

      A giant space station? Plummeting to the Earth? For us that's Christmas ;)

  • Happy-shadow
    Happy-shadow Year ago

    another intresting vid from this file stuffed with facts keep it up

    • Happy-shadow
      Happy-shadow Year ago

      haha love you dude no homo

    • FactFile
      FactFile  Year ago

      The files are infinite in their volume of wisdom