The Infamous Mini Lathe!

  • Published on Dec 16, 2018
  • Variable Speed Mini Lathe! There is a game plan here, but for now, let's have a look and kick the tires on the infamous mini lathe.
    Lathe Levelling Video:
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  • antyrrama
    antyrrama 14 hours ago


  • converdb
    converdb 2 days ago

    where's the link to the lathe?

  • David Wiley
    David Wiley 2 days ago

    Just what I wanted to know. I been eyeballing this lathe on Amazon waiting to get the money to buy it.. Thanks Tony!👍🏾

  • The Garden of Eatin
    The Garden of Eatin 4 days ago

    So with no power crossfeed, how to you cut scrolls when making a new 3-jaw?

  • william dowling
    william dowling 4 days ago

    Good god this is hilarious.. Incredible dry humor.. Such a treat.

  • Gary Chestnut
    Gary Chestnut 4 days ago

    What is that device you measured the rotation speed with?

  • Nelu Nicoara
    Nelu Nicoara 6 days ago

    No man. Any plastic components are shits on a lathe.

  • joe bama
    joe bama 6 days ago


  • Rudá Bittencourt
    Rudá Bittencourt 7 days ago

    Now you can make another great series of video with a mini milling machine!!!

  • Aaron Thompson
    Aaron Thompson 7 days ago

    Going by the smell by when I opened the box 50/50 it might work ☠️

  • clockguy2
    clockguy2 7 days ago

    First one I've seen with factory wipers on the saddle. Where did you get that style of quick change tool post and what kind is it called? I have an 0XA wedge style tool post that I like a lot. is a good place to get aftermarket tooling.
    The slop from the poorly machined gibs are the biggest problem I have with mine. Spend the extra cash on the 7 X 14". It's the smallest usable size really.

  • Nate Williams
    Nate Williams 8 days ago

    Where can I find this?

  • GibsonLesPaul2273
    GibsonLesPaul2273 8 days ago

    I have one of those RPM meters and I find they are accurate as long as you read the first number you see, when you keep it pressed it tends to give wild inaccurate readings. Great video's BTW.

  • plageran
    plageran 9 days ago


  • NY Vinchenz
    NY Vinchenz 10 days ago

    Lol so the one with metal gears for the small diy projects

  • Edward Mitchell
    Edward Mitchell 10 days ago

    I got that same lathe and find the same problems you found with it plus one, it doesn't swing out far enough to make use of it's ability to hold larger things than most lathes it's size.

  • Lord Pudge
    Lord Pudge 10 days ago

    99% came to Check what the word means

  • TheConspiracy Realist
    TheConspiracy Realist 12 days ago

    I'd be making a bunch of custom spinning tops and then sell it...soft metal, ruby tips, properly weighted with deep knurling for the meaty fingers to get a grip on.
    That is, I would if I still had my home and garage that I lived in for 42 years (1970 - 2012) that I was wrongfully evicted from. If I had a place instead of a van I'd probably start with a spike tip for a spear so I could introduce the corrupt Board of Directors President of the Co-op who forced me out to a new way of breathing thru a hole in his chest.
    But I'm too civilized for such antics these days. It's difficult being a nice guy sometimes, but it's better than being a heartless prick.
    Thanks for reading and giving me new ideas to ponder when I close my eyes..
    Have a wonderful New Year.👍🏼

  • mobstamaniac
    mobstamaniac 14 days ago

    We were recently blessed, secured a Takisawa TAL-460 for $1600 NZD. Re-painted it looks near brand new.

  • Arnis Kapenieks
    Arnis Kapenieks 14 days ago

    Gotta love the "Minilatha" mispronounciation that turned into a subscribe suggestion, well played sir.

  • Mena P
    Mena P 15 days ago

    Cual o preso ?

  • Beaste Meauxde
    Beaste Meauxde 15 days ago

    I subscribed when you poked it with a stick.

  • Daniel Rockbank
    Daniel Rockbank 15 days ago

    I don't watch a lot of lathe videos but when I do, they have quantum mechanics and time travel in them.

  • MrPdforeman
    MrPdforeman 16 days ago

    Too much drama & trying to make a comedy. Just give it to us real dude. On parts of that, i couldnt tell when you were serious. So the beginner will NOT get it.

    • SirGouki
      SirGouki 13 days ago +1

      You couldn't be more wrong if you tried. Just because YOU don't like it doesn't mean that people wont learn from it. Just because YOU are too inept to understand when he was serious (most of the video) and when he was joking (primarily the mispronunciation of mini lathe) doesn't mean someone else can't. You're probably one of those dry types that speaks in a monotonous voice constantly, always looks tired, and thinks that because you had it a certain way, that EVERYONE should have to go through what you did. Get over yourself.

  • Cabal2600
    Cabal2600 16 days ago

    Wow,What an piece of junk,plastic gears instead metal ones...The whole lathe is a joke,never buy metal working machines from China,if you want to achieve better results stick with USA or European machinery,everything else is junk...I have Craftsman 109 lathe,it under going my own modefications that factory never made them...First of all original Craftsman/Sears/Logan versions have near 9/16 OD of spindle,threaded end for chuck is 1/2 by 20 TPI I believe..I had replaced that original weak spindle by much larger 3/4 OD spindle,it took me drilling larger holes in headstock housing front and back,making new brass bushings,front bushing is special tension adjust bushing but very large now unlike original...For properly headspace and balance there is special flat washer sitting between spindle and housing,next steps was drilling larger holes in face gear/pulley assembly to allow 3/4 spindle to pass,also I made woodruff key slots so everything installs correctly and engages as should..Notice:The modification would take maximum 3/4 no larger than that of OD,othervise if you have different parts it might work but if you trying preserve original factory component by modifying it into larger spindle setting and it's shape than 3/4 is only that can take...The pulley/gear assembly allows drill 3/4 and little larger for allow installing brass bushings inside..So over all the spindle assembly had worked for me,ever science parts looks identical between Craftsman,Sears or Logan they not really interchangeable without certain modification like I went through..The apron/support assembly was grinded at front and redone by welding extra to allow proper clearance and alignment on bed,another thing allow the assembly been clamped or retained by the plate onto bed..Tail stock saddle had same issues,I had to weld extra at sides and than grind to the level so it aligned as supposed and now sits and slides exactly as supposed..The apron was modified,extra piece was weld on bottom,this is allow now installation of new feeding,installing gear,hand wheel and worm along with geared rack,the change that would boost lathe into proper and easier rotation of apron rather than turn screw hand wheel at end which is uncomfortable..I also made new split nut that works at lead screw,there is very minor work with it so I saving for the last,the real true master piece I up to now is making gear box for lead screw,the part that never been made by Craftsman,this would eliminate setting different gears individually on lead screw from time to time,instead it would take only adjusting lever at specific gear to get certain speed for lead screw...Becouse I always busy and sometimes kind of in rush I ended up buying Atlas MFC Horizontal milling machine,at least by parts mostly and about 94% fully available..I also took liberty modifying Atlas 618 lathe spindle with spacer to MFC spec,the only difference between them total length of extra 1/2 been added..The bull gears are the same,the front section of spindle and their thread also same,front size of spindle is one inch outer diameter,the front spindle bearing also exactly same Timken 7100,the pulley length is same as MFC and its diameter except center hole that 3/4 instead 7/8 and smaller V belt tracks..But spindle assembly aligns exactly with original MFC back gear making it exact component or sub component of headstock housing...I wasn't been able to find eccentric rod for back gear and ended up making my own which exact replica of original,i also managed making handle cast..There is some small items that never normally available anywhere so I ended up making those things myself instead..I only acquired major parts that hard to make and not normally possible like change o matic transmission assembly,reverse tumbler assembly,gear mounting plate,cross feed table stearing box with scope shafts and other items like body cast,bottom base plate,Console which mistakenly called knee....I had worked yesterday at change o matic,a person who sold me didn't told me that gears was locked by unknown substance like peanut butter or glue,gears was not been able to turn at all..I had to strip every single item and wash them in alchohol than scrape all debree off,after that I oiled all shafts ,gears and bolts and mount everything back againon their original places..At the end gears get greased,now everything rotates as supposed and gear bracket mounted inside cover with large turning knob/handle..The only remaining major part is arbor assembly with driving spacer,everything else minor sub components like 3 pulley's for countershaft,the hanger in form of rainbow that retains countershaft bracket,lead screw for cross feed table and 4 hand wheels for turning with their dial collar's...Ones all parts acquired MFC would undergo full assembly process...I also managed making new support column for Wen 12" drill press,original was weak thin walled like exhaust pipe which was no go,over time it would result head leaning and out of center drilling,along with the table assembly that swings from left to right...By mounting table assembly to column changes everything,with adding cross feed table and collet chuck drill press become vertical milling machine...The only small problem I didn't went through is hooking up or rewiring motor speed indicator to power switch so it would turn on only when machine is running rather than just plugging wire in outlet..

    • Cabal2600
      Cabal2600 13 days ago

      The problem is metal working machines is not driving a car,it is cutting metal for the starters..The more cutting and deep drilling you do the more tension and friction goes toward gears resulting their fast wear out and destruction...All machinery gears required be made from steel,cast iron or zink/tin alloy,did you ever seen that car motor have plastic gears inside???If so than you must be on cracks...

    • SirGouki
      SirGouki 13 days ago

      If you drive a car, you have plastic gears in many places.

  • Prospect Vic
    Prospect Vic 17 days ago

    Thanks tot, I think I will spend a bit extra for a better quality lathe on a stand, you probably just saved me some heartache.

    ZAMAELL 18 days ago

    I was considering buying one but.......

  • Captain Amigo
    Captain Amigo 19 days ago +3

    I've been working with 6"s my whole life

  • YouKnowMyName
    YouKnowMyName 20 days ago

    Tony the rubber mounting feet are so it doesn't make so much noise as it vibrates across the bench. Oh BTW if you bolt it down to your bench don't forget to bolt down your bench too. and as far as the plastic gears, I don't think they are going to out-live me and I'm 65.

  • Kirk
    Kirk 20 days ago

    Poking it with a stick, = priceless. I live for those moments. : )

  • LDN Wholesale
    LDN Wholesale 21 day ago

    I have one of these with a 400mm bed. And the gears are black plastic. So far so good. A pain to work steel with with [for me] 10 thou cuts. Though I have turned 50mm down to 40mm and put a 3/4 drill down the centre, in stages.
    I too bought a quick change toolpost and yes I have to make a sleeve from 10-12mm. So am still using the one it came with.
    It is good for small jobs and fairly accurate. I have access to bigger and then bloody huge lathes [2 foot swing] The modern Chinese 250mm one is quite good,, the big one scares me. And is pre WW1! He has actually bought one of these to do little jobs as it is a little hard turning 1/2" pins with the big one!

  • Ian Norris
    Ian Norris 21 day ago

    is the tailstock solid and straight? Most of my projects require a good tailstock. I also have a low budget.

    • St glock
      St glock 20 days ago

      U can definitely drill decent holes. But you'll probably have to adjust the tailstock out of the box

  • tfish0
    tfish0 21 day ago

    now we go looking for a minimill and miniturntable to make the metal gears first thing for all the machines

  • bob simons
    bob simons 22 days ago


  • David s Lefort
    David s Lefort 22 days ago

    yeah if I had the money I would be equipped with the machinist tools

  • The Novice DM
    The Novice DM 22 days ago

    Have you presented a video on mini-lathe recommendations for the beginner? I'm looking for recommendation of brand and quality. I'm learning quite a bit in your videos so I appreciate all that you've presented.

  • animefan32
    animefan32 22 days ago

    it's made in china...what else can I say

  • Matthew Poole
    Matthew Poole 22 days ago

    I bought a mini grizzly and when i tried to change gears not only did they break the gears that are metal broke. I had them come get their junk.

  • xstma
    xstma 23 days ago

    Link to purchase?

  • Andrew Henderson
    Andrew Henderson 24 days ago

    I would really be wanting a guard over the chuck and where you are cutting.
    I can remember what flies out sometimes when cutting metal and it gets uber hot!!!
    But it looks cool and cute.

    • LDN Wholesale
      LDN Wholesale 21 day ago

      They come with a plastic guard over the chuck with a switch. First thing I did was remove it. Safety? Yes, , but quite inconvenient.

  • Caleb Carinci
    Caleb Carinci 25 days ago

    I have a smaller one

  • Kade Vohn
    Kade Vohn 25 days ago +1

    The way you switched minilathe with subscribe immediately after you mispronounced the former was incredibly clever. Kudos in a major way.

  • Franco Carrieri
    Franco Carrieri 25 days ago +1

    I bought the yellow version. It broke down within the month. Don't know why, Perhaps it didn't like me varying the speed. Only used it for a couple of dozen hours or so. It performed OK with soft metal. I had to be very patient turning mild steel. Ineffective turning stainless.

  • Doesn't Hurt Yet
    Doesn't Hurt Yet 25 days ago

    550W/0.74HP is surprisingly robust for a lathe so small, even my bench drill press for small stuff is only 400w and 13mm holes aren't a huge struggle for it if i back it off a little with an 8mm predrill so props to this bad boy.

  • Retrogamer1010
    Retrogamer1010 26 days ago

    Click bait. Please fail and go away

  • Dominic
    Dominic 26 days ago

    always wondered why people thread towards the head stock. much safer going the other way.

  • Makan Tahi
    Makan Tahi 26 days ago

    i have smaller, if size matters

  • n3c2o
    n3c2o 26 days ago


  • yo
    yo 27 days ago

    crack gear.... no thanks. We dont have enough space to land fill cheap and easy to break power tools.

  • DEFkon001
    DEFkon001 27 days ago +2

    how did this end up in my video feed list? I rent a one bedroom apartment.. just big enough for a bed, and now a mini lathe.

  • bfarm44
    bfarm44 27 days ago +2

    Pokes it with a stick. I dam near died.🤣 Now my wife is like. “What are you ordering on Christmas Eve?!”

  • Richard Webb
    Richard Webb 28 days ago

    Comments - obsessed with plastic gears.

  • Richard Webb
    Richard Webb 28 days ago

    Infamous: 'having an extremely bad reputation, deserving of or causing an evil reputation; shamefully maligned, detestable'. What has the mini lathe done to deserve such a reputation? Maybe it is not the lathe - rather your infamous lack of skill using it?? Maybe better stick to simple hand tools.

  • Tab Creedence
    Tab Creedence 28 days ago

    poke it with a stick: an excellent first move.

  • SethV.
    SethV. 28 days ago

    This guys hilarious!

  • Werner Von Braun
    Werner Von Braun 28 days ago

    Got laithe?

    • Richard Webb
      Richard Webb 28 days ago

      Laithe: A dwelling with other farm buildings, including a barn, as a single structural unit, with separate entrances for human and livestock areas.

  • Lathe Cobb
    Lathe Cobb 29 days ago +1

    I'm named after a tool....

  • Theophilus Thistler
    Theophilus Thistler 29 days ago

    I'm looking for something similiar (hopefully much cheaper) for plastics only.

  • Level3Lifestyle
    Level3Lifestyle 29 days ago

    Watched this video, opened ebay, typed lathe and the very top one was this lathe but 7x16 (y)

  • Lee C
    Lee C Month ago

    Did you ever make it into a CNC lathe?
    It could work for one of my ideas,
    my longest part should be under 6 inches.