Brexit Party 'won't stand in 317 Tory seats' - does it make Johnson win likelier?

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • As political U-turns go - this was pretty spectacular.


    Just days after declaring his Brexit Party would run in every seat in the country - today Nigel Farage declared they wouldn't. In fact, they won't be standing in any of the 317 seats the Conservatives won last time around, in what Mr Farage described as a “unilateral Leave alliance”. Boris Johnson welcomed the move - but where does it leave the pro-Brexit vote in some of the Tories key target seats?

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  • Islam Ahmed
    Islam Ahmed 15 days ago

    وَلَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الْإِنْسَانَ وَنَعْلَمُ مَا تُوَسْوِسُ بِهِ نَفْسُهُ ۖ وَنَحْنُ أَقْرَبُ إِلَيْهِ مِنْ حَبْلِ الْوَرِيدِ

    It was We Who created man, and We know what dark suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein.
    quran islam

  • Shanjan Usman
    Shanjan Usman 25 days ago

    Kick out Labour

  • d Gtm
    d Gtm 25 days ago

    Richerd is a lier and Dogy

  • John Dixey
    John Dixey 26 days ago

    The Labour paid trolls have hit this site again en masse. Typical Channel 4 bias and hopefully once this Brexit is sorted out we can get the public financial contribution stopped to the BBC and get Channel 4 out of public ownership.

  • Gringadoor
    Gringadoor 27 days ago +2

    I hope all of you brexiteers now realise Farage just took you for the ride of your lives.

  • Gringadoor
    Gringadoor 27 days ago +2

    Wave the chance of a peerage at Farage and suddenly half of the party is ready to stand down... charlatan.

  • zulfiqar Tareen
    zulfiqar Tareen 28 days ago

    If I went through what Brexiteers are going through.
    following is the details of their misery.
    Brexiteers are under constant watch by the EU's secret service.
    without the EU's permission, the Brexiteers cannot take a shower, use the toilet, have breakfast, go to sleep or even break the air.
    poor Brexiteers are being brutalised, beaten, arrested, harassed and persecuted by the operatives of fascist EU state.
    EU is also planning to send Brexiteers to concentration camps.
    it hurts me to see Brexiteers suffocating under the EU rules and regulations.
    The world and the UNO are silent at this human tragedy
    Brexiteers need a champion like Joan of Arc to lead them to freedom from the EU.
    Zulfiqar Tareen, a friend of all, the enemy of none.

  • K M
    K M 29 days ago

    Hahaha this is hilarious.. 'Trust me' :p

  • Allard Freichmann
    Allard Freichmann 29 days ago

    Brexshit. Greed and corruption.

  • Gregory Wonderwheel
    Gregory Wonderwheel 29 days ago

    Farage is showing what a hypocrite he is. There is something deeply wrong with UK democracy when the Party leader (dictator) can tell candidates they can't run in their own constituency.

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago

    It has zero positive effect for the tories.
    Brexit Party is a tiny, pointless protest party, just like UKIP was.
    They'll get zero seats, just like UKIP did.
    The only thing he's done here, is he's restricting the Tory vote in marginals, which will help Labour far more than the Tories.

  • Anomalous
    Anomalous Month ago

    oh no... the brexit party and conservative party strategically working together, THE TRAVESTY...
    why aren't they fighting each other to help Labour, SNP and Lib dems....
    umm is this the best angle channel 4 can try pick apart..

  • BigWilki123321
    BigWilki123321 Month ago

    That's the most I've ever seen Richard Tice squirm.

  • red label
    red label Month ago

    Bullshit baffles brains !

  • Raymond Pockett
    Raymond Pockett Month ago

    Would you trust a snake. Why then trust a politician....Two Faced Farage.. Porkie pier Johnson..🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • Gavin -UK
    Gavin -UK Month ago +1

    By the looks of that backdrop, it seems he's also changed his party's colour - from light blue to puce green!

  • Steve Meier
    Steve Meier Month ago

    Why does Tice have no eyebrows?

  • G S
    G S Month ago

    thanks god they are leaving ...sick and tired to listening this hegemony in eu parliament

  • Gary Fletcher
    Gary Fletcher Month ago

    Trust anything these two say at your peril.

  • Battle One
    Battle One Month ago

    well.. now, that was unexpected

  • Pemze
    Pemze Month ago

    Again, decisions made from Twitter

  • klein weich
    klein weich Month ago

    at last someone got ditched

  • Dr Peter jones
    Dr Peter jones Month ago

    The correct strategy is the people should seek a court injunction to stop any MP who has been in this rotten parliment which has collapsed the notion of democracy in the UK.


    This scum team gave us numerous hit jobs .farrage.arron banks etc all found to be fake news why are the snp traitors never off this scum show collaborator's used to be shot and not with a camera but that was all before chakrabaki labours lying Lord and dull papers like the guardian were deemed unimportant by TV media now their fake stories dicide the TV news agenda.

  • Kegs202
    Kegs202 Month ago

    Johnson & Farage could make it their policy to exterminate every UK citizen when they reach retirement age and still the brain dead people of this country will vote for them. Noted & continual liars, caught out time and again yet the brain dead somehow think they're honest guys. If you vote for them and subject this country to 5 years of Johnson & Farage and you'd be as well turning the lights out right now.

  • Fender Blues
    Fender Blues Month ago

    If we are going to stay in which looks more than likely, we may as well
    stay in with Corbyn, no good voting for conservatives we've seen their
    way of staying in over the last three years.

  • Fender Blues
    Fender Blues Month ago

    If we are going to stay in which looks more than likely, we may as well
    stay in with Corbyn, no good voting for conservatives we've seen their
    way of staying in over the last three years.

  • Fender Blues
    Fender Blues Month ago

    If we are going to stay in which looks more than likely, we may as well
    stay in with Corbyn, no good voting for conservatives we've seen their
    way of staying in over the last three years.

  • Fender Blues
    Fender Blues Month ago

    If we are going to stay in which looks more than likely, we may as well
    stay in with Corbyn, no good voting for conservatives we've seen their
    way of staying in over the last three years.

  • Mike Harvey
    Mike Harvey Month ago +1

    Is it anything to do with a peerage?

  • Sam Edwards
    Sam Edwards Month ago

    Tice as slippery as they come, like all these politicians. One week the Tories and the Brexit Party are not in it together, now: they are? If only people will realise they're not doing Brexit on behalf of the public!

  • Sam Edwards
    Sam Edwards Month ago +3

    "I'm putting my trust in Boris" says that female voter. Has she been hiding under a rock or something? Silly woman.

    LISA MOWBRAY Month ago

    This is embarrassing.....

    LISA MOWBRAY Month ago

    Hes realised he will lose his 90,000 wage from being MEP.....

    LISA MOWBRAY Month ago +1

    So much to say until it comes to the crunch.....he is all.mouth and no substance

  • 23Domo
    23Domo Month ago

    Johnson and Farage are both fucking liars. Everyone with a bit of experiance in life can see and hear it.

  • Peter Green
    Peter Green Month ago

    I would laugh my ears off if every Brexit party supporter voted Labour just to get back at Nigel Mirage. What a sell out. You can be sure he'll be on the list to visit Buck House come the new year for services to the Tory party

  • Mosab Hijazi
    Mosab Hijazi Month ago

    never really watched british tv , i like how he challenges him straight up like "no there is no basis for your argument you just went back on your word "and hes like CORRECT LOL !

  • Marc Jones
    Marc Jones Month ago

    Don't panic Brexiteers. It's all part of Putin's plan - vote Conservative you'll still get your Brexit sh*t show and NHS sell off.

  • Jacob Jorgenson
    Jacob Jorgenson Month ago

    Nigel's millionaire backers got trumped by Boris billionaire backers

  • BenjL
    BenjL Month ago +1

    The Fascist Brexit Party can't afford to lose all those deposits

  • Gloriana Private
    Gloriana Private Month ago

    Nigel should not stand down any further. It is time the lock on the country if the two party system is broken. We no longer trust either the Tories or Labour.

  • agbjorn
    agbjorn Month ago

    Oh, these journalists.

  • Lxman Joshi
    Lxman Joshi Month ago

    Nice job sir

  • Nonye Business
    Nonye Business Month ago


  • Nonye Business
    Nonye Business Month ago


  • vordman
    vordman Month ago

    Nigel Farage has done the right thing. Labour is the real enemy, and I hope his Brexit party can take some seats from Corbyn's band of creeps.

  • Red Peony
    Red Peony Month ago

    "The single most important thing is to prevent a second referendum"- this from those who claim they support democracy. Utter hypocrites!

  • MrWilko58
    MrWilko58 Month ago

    They're all full of sh@t.
    Doris should now be dead in a ditch, having backed down on his own withdrawal agreement.
    Farage should crawl under the nearest rock, having caved in to Trump and Doris.
    Real Brexiteers now have nobody to rely on, and they will probably vote Tory and get BRINO. Just like they did in 2017.
    Corbyn wants to take us back to the 70s. Sounds like a great idea at the moment.

  • Oneki Isekpe
    Oneki Isekpe Month ago

    if you vote tories or brexit party and leave the eu then goodluck to you. all i would say is i am sorry for you and your offsprings in dave chappelle's words "i'm rich bee"

  • S A
    S A Month ago

    Band of liars headed by Trump, followed by BoJo, the perpetual liar Farage the snake oil salesman and the 600 plus crickets fed by the likes of Aron Banks

  • Drinkin dat Hemlock
    Drinkin dat Hemlock Month ago +1

    If you cannot see what is happening then it is this: Brexit can go swing as long as the status quo is maintained. Since 2009 the richest 1,000 in Britain have seen there wealth increase by 183% from 256b to 724b (during austerity/we're in it together/slashing of services). Corbyn threatens this system. Maintaining that system is ALL Nigel Farage (commodities broker, ret.) is interested in. Over a couple of weeks Nigel's "outrage" at the Conservative Party has magically disappeared.

  • IPCC SaysLessThan12Years

    Dear Britain,
    You're permitted to choose between a right winger like Tony Blair or a right winger like Boris Johnson.
    Jeremy Corbyn does not fall within these parameters because he won't support wars for profit, tax cuts for the rich, austerity, privatisation with public handouts and fracking. Please now get back in your box and do what you're told. Lots of love, The Establishment.

  • johnny foreigner
    johnny foreigner Month ago

    Nigel stole 47, 000 pounds from his withdrawn candidates. So how would he treat his voters?

  • Tommy Aung - GMail
    Tommy Aung - GMail Month ago

    What are you talking, what’s your analysis.

  • jo bro
    jo bro Month ago

    farage =arron banks? boris johnson =arron banks =torys?? stuff you nigel

  • Roy Manewell
    Roy Manewell Month ago

    this maybe your biggest mistake nigel,

  • melvin penman
    melvin penman Month ago

    he made this decision based upon one nights and one short cant make this bs up

  • melvin penman
    melvin penman Month ago

    this is a comedy show..westmonster at its best...lolz

  • Jason Faulkner
    Jason Faulkner Month ago +1

    Been a lot of proven false promises and empty reassurances from Farage and Johnson in recent months. Does that make them untrustworthy in terms of campaign promises and post-Brexit reassurances? Yes, probably.