Dropping a bottle cap, but face down.

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • Always face down😐.
    I broke my camera lens while making this video 🤦🏽‍♂️ can you guess when that happened.
    Oddwin - 8.16.18
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  • Bob
    Bob 9 hours ago

    Now imagine that but on a clay tennis court.

  • lI Unknown Il
    lI Unknown Il 11 hours ago

    I thought I was the only one who grabbed a paper towel when I couldn’t open a bottle with my bare hands😂

  • not Courtney
    not Courtney Day ago

    This was so intense to watch

  • hax
    hax Day ago

    am I the only one who doesn't care if I drop my cap on the ground or

  • Felype Rennan
    Felype Rennan 2 days ago

    Drama here is better than most TV shows nowadays 😂

  • Ashlee - 404
    Ashlee - 404 2 days ago

    How is this a issue who tf cares n put it back on damn

  • commie doggie
    commie doggie 2 days ago

    bruh I have no clue what this joke means someone tell me I need to know

  • Trenton Quant
    Trenton Quant 4 days ago

    I don’t get it, shouldn’t the title be “face up?” When the bottle cap is positioned like that, it’s face up. When the face is down on the ground, it’s face down.

  • GetaGripTV
    GetaGripTV 4 days ago

    Not that serious...

  • Noodle Head117
    Noodle Head117 4 days ago

    All ur vids r relatable

  • Jaden Allbert
    Jaden Allbert 4 days ago

    Why are you so upset over this

  • Ali Jarri
    Ali Jarri 4 days ago

    I don't relate

  • Lua
    Lua 5 days ago


  • Bloodyidit
    Bloodyidit 5 days ago +1

    I don't get why you don't just wash the bottlecap and screw it back on
    why not, I do it.

    ODOWSHD 5 days ago

    Basically if the cap drops face down it means you have no choice but to finish the drink, you can't save it for later. this is for those uncultured swines that don't understand this video.

    • Kazzy K
      Kazzy K 3 days ago

      Unless you have that thing called water

  • angel jung
    angel jung 5 days ago

    I felt this on a personal level

  • Adrian Cruz
    Adrian Cruz 5 days ago

    If this bothers people just wash the damn cap. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Gay
    Gay 5 days ago

    *That's basically me*

  • Smuuuth
    Smuuuth 5 days ago

    The most relatable channel easy

  • RadioactiveRat
    RadioactiveRat 5 days ago

    Bruh... you know soap and water is a thing right?

  • VisionaryType
    VisionaryType 5 days ago

    Dropping the Cap isn't so bad after all, as if it's landing somewhere under the Coach or so. ☹

  • Default Dan The Magical Man

    I’m so confused

  • Joseph Aviles
    Joseph Aviles 6 days ago

    Umm just wash it?

  • Aj Morris
    Aj Morris 6 days ago

    Now you gotta drink the entire bottle

  • Lunatica9th
    Lunatica9th 6 days ago

    Oh...COME ON!

  • Super Pony 3
    Super Pony 3 6 days ago +4

    No matter how clean and spotless the kitchen floor is, a huge wad of hair always ends up sticking on a cap that dropped face down :(

  • antman DJ
    antman DJ 6 days ago

    Only when I'm outside dose it bother me.

  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch 7 days ago +1

    But you can just wash it hahaha

    CMANIAC1 7 days ago +3

    I mean, theres a sink right next to you. Just wash the damn thing off...

  • Yassin TDM
    Yassin TDM 7 days ago

    You know you can clean it right 😂

  • Bad Guy Forever
    Bad Guy Forever 7 days ago

    it hurts

  • Savalas Lindsey
    Savalas Lindsey 8 days ago

    I’m confused 😰

  • Alfonzo Jackson
    Alfonzo Jackson 8 days ago

    What is the music

  • Super Might
    Super Might 9 days ago

    Me:*opens bottle of water*
    Accidently drops bottle cap but it lands face up

  • kelp shake
    kelp shake 9 days ago

    That day he went into life hibernation and was never heard from again

  • Rodney Destin
    Rodney Destin 9 days ago


  • olivier
    olivier 9 days ago

    Dont see the problem

  • TheMinecraftWhisperer
    TheMinecraftWhisperer 9 days ago +1

    Yo I didn’t know people cared about this... I just pick it up and keep using it. Plus only a tiny section of the cap (the part that never comes into contact with the drink inside mind you) ever even touches the ground. It’s not like it’s infected... talk about germophobia...

    • Mistur Jostur
      Mistur Jostur 9 days ago +1

      Wow people understand that the cap is just fine...

    • Double XQ
      Double XQ 9 days ago +1

      Bruh fr, i was so confused when i saw that people actually care when they drop the cap, if ya drop it on somethin messy then just clean it up a bit with sum water and its fine, but i usually dont even care

  • Trey Anderson
    Trey Anderson 10 days ago

    Just blow it off it’s good

    GWENT KENYA 10 days ago +1

    The way he mourns it...priceless

  • Lasty Hopper
    Lasty Hopper 10 days ago

    just a tip, please don't shoot a white object on a white background

  • Yasir Rizwan
    Yasir Rizwan 12 days ago

    It really do be like that

  • Greater Grievobeast 55

    Just wash the cap!

  • ModderArmy
    ModderArmy 13 days ago

    I thought i'm the only person that knows that feeling😂

  • RynKen
    RynKen 13 days ago

    Look on the bright side. You can pour some out, for your dropped comrade.

  • Chase Turbo
    Chase Turbo 13 days ago +3

    This man...jumped....for a bottle cap...

    • antman DJ
      antman DJ 6 days ago

      U try an grap it in one of your hands before it lands on a side

  • The Speedy Arrow DJ Max

    Can anyone tell me the joke I don't get it

  • wyeth sutton
    wyeth sutton 13 days ago

    On god throw it away

  • Reyes K1ng
    Reyes K1ng 14 days ago

    My mans teeth could drink a water and turn it into a lemonade

  • Boomer59
    Boomer59 14 days ago

    Why does it matter though? Its the cap.

    • Nourii
      Nourii 12 days ago

      the problem is its position to the ground, when you drop a bottle cap upside down now the bottle cap cant be use because its not sterile

  • Angelcake101
    Angelcake101 14 days ago +1

    When you drop your bottle cap face down *outside*

  • Omni Tv
    Omni Tv 15 days ago

    But why does it matter

  • brisonmaray jr.
    brisonmaray jr. 16 days ago

    He fell on he's camara🤣

  • Iron Blackwall
    Iron Blackwall 16 days ago

    Bottle cap-sama, NO!

  • frazxD IV
    frazxD IV 16 days ago +1

    Bro I swear this be happening to me😅😂🤣😹🐱

  • Chia C.
    Chia C. 17 days ago +1

    So no one's gonna talk about the mosquito on the wall behind him? Its the size of a small dog

  • Gabriel Gomez
    Gabriel Gomez 18 days ago

    I use sanitizing wipes when that happens

  • imjustacake01
    imjustacake01 18 days ago

    Then go over to the Tap and sadly wash the top

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 18 days ago

    I don’t get it but I understand

  • The 3DS Life Channel
    The 3DS Life Channel 18 days ago

    Best by: Oct-15-2019

  • NazQa
    NazQa 20 days ago

    This man act with more emotions than some professional Hollywood actors

  • Joe1887
    Joe1887 21 day ago

    Why is there so much suffering in this world?

  • Psycho Iko
    Psycho Iko 21 day ago

    I just blow on it and call it good if it lands face down lol. If i get cancer later okay then at least i enjoy my drink now

  • SaggyHaggis
    SaggyHaggis 22 days ago

    And I end my turn.

  • Gold
    Gold 22 days ago +2

    wait this is an actual issue for people? never bothered me. huh.

  • Santa clause brother
    Santa clause brother 23 days ago

    I like your outro music

  • DeAngelo H.
    DeAngelo H. 24 days ago +1

    This is me all day 🤣 then hot water after

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 24 days ago


  • Sweet_Demon_UwU
    Sweet_Demon_UwU 24 days ago

    This is true xd

  • Ghost Of Sparta
    Ghost Of Sparta 24 days ago

    Lol I just take and return it... I mean it's not inside the bottle...

  • Mr. Horse
    Mr. Horse 24 days ago

    We all aren't so different after all lol

  • 愛R i ȵ
    愛R i ȵ 25 days ago +1

    Just wash it

  • mr theawesome
    mr theawesome 25 days ago

    This is so fucking sad alexa add die to my to do list

  • Remnants
    Remnants 26 days ago

    Gotta drink the whole bottle now

  • Kam3man
    Kam3man 26 days ago

    Great, now u have to wash it 😤😤😤

  • Jaida Phillips
    Jaida Phillips 26 days ago

    Caleb, are you okay dude?

  • Eusana Galilée
    Eusana Galilée 26 days ago

    that's why we civilised people take our shoes off when at home

  • W H O L E S O M E
    W H O L E S O M E 26 days ago

    I live for the fitting anime music in the background EVERY DAMN TIME

  • Blank
    Blank 26 days ago +1

    Well the place where the cap touches the liquid in the bottle isn’t actually dirty but the sides are which doesn’t matter

  • jerry rich
    jerry rich 26 days ago

    This is the funniest thing.

  • Julian Young
    Julian Young 28 days ago

    I hate this shit cuz then I have to finish the bottle right there.

  • Kino
    Kino 29 days ago

    Who else just doesn't put the shit back on the bottle and just hold it in your hand till you finish it

  • Daniel Z-V
    Daniel Z-V Month ago +1

    So to make this video, what did it cost you?
    Caled: Everything...and my camera

  • Jordan Coates
    Jordan Coates Month ago

    He went ssj18

  • John Banks
    John Banks Month ago

    Nah bro you run that baby to the sink screaming STAY WITH ME

  • C4Zero
    C4Zero Month ago

    this is his it feels when my Blistex cap falls like that

  • Yoxiv
    Yoxiv Month ago

    *When you pick up a napkin and it slips out of your hand*
    The struggle knows no bounds

  • Arthur Kimes
    Arthur Kimes Month ago

    Neighbors much have a hard time getting to sleep with all the drama coming out of that house.

  • M
    M Month ago

    Fucking baby sheep like this

  • Exiled Pumpkin Lord AQ3D

    Bottle cap: Face Down
    Germs:I'm about to end this whole cap's career

  • Devotion
    Devotion Month ago +5

    This legit how it be. In class, my brother dropped it face down and the class went silllent bruh.

  • Poccri Peardew
    Poccri Peardew Month ago

    Welp time to down the whole famn drink in less than five minutes because you have somewhere to go but are too self conscious to throw away the drink and too much of a germaphobe to put on the cap unless you wash it with hydrochloric acid and fire.

  • Ciara Fletcher
    Ciara Fletcher Month ago

    It's funny because for some reason if it falls on the flat part, it's still OK 😂

  • Mela_mc_el 1
    Mela_mc_el 1 Month ago

    I know how it feels 😭

  • Melissa Thorpe
    Melissa Thorpe Month ago

    This was funny and all but can someone explain to me what’s wrong with the bottle cap being dropped face down? I don’t get it lol

    • mr theawesome
      mr theawesome 27 days ago

      Y'know, i was gonna explain, but i think its better if you never have to experience this

    • M
      M Month ago

      It doesn’t make sense and it’s not funny.

  • Michael Jagella
    Michael Jagella Month ago

    This is more than comedy, this is art.

  • Turtle Bob
    Turtle Bob Month ago

    Props to the bug on the wall

  • Yasmine
    Yasmine Month ago

    I just wash it off afterwards.

  • Jayla Alexander
    Jayla Alexander Month ago +1

    I be hating when that happens

  • sec436
    sec436 Month ago +34

    That bottle cap deserves an Oscar for it's performance 😂