Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: An Unbridled Rage

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  • MauLer
    MauLer  2 months ago +10722

    Hello there!

    It's pretty crazy that it's been two years since I put out that video ranting about a crappy movie and now, here we are.

    Disney managed to make, essentially, the exact same mistake as they did in 2017 and so I have a perspective to share on the subject. This video kinda wiped me out a bit, I've been writing, editing and rendering for 3 weeks straight, little sleep/socialising but it meant getting something that normally takes about a month and a half out, in half the time.

    Thanks to that, there may be a couple of mistakes and corners cut but the message is mostly unmistakable;

    The Rise of Skywalker was awful, the sequel trilogy was a disaster...

    But I am thankful for what it brought my life. I'm thankful for you lot enjoying my content and supporting this channel. I guess this video marks the end of an era in a way, or at least the bookend for the two years. I have a bunch of big plans for 2020, I hope to see you lot there. o/

    Also, check out Shadiversity, he makes kickass Medieval media analysis videos -

    See yah next time folks...

    • Anthony Ambrose
      Anthony Ambrose Day ago +2

      This is better then the movie

    • Maximas Longneck jalali
      Maximas Longneck jalali Day ago +1

      Thank u so much for speaking up and telling the world how we all feel

    • Spitfire Mark1A
      Spitfire Mark1A 2 days ago

      I think your reviews of these Disney sequels using the STAR WARS theme and characters (that are systematically undermined and killed off) are superb...
      Far better than the films and infinitely more entertaining...
      And make for repeat watching.
      Thank you...

    • Obi Wan Kenobi
      Obi Wan Kenobi 13 days ago

      Hello There.

    • Plague Bearer
      Plague Bearer 23 days ago

      Why the fuck are all films shite now.
      The only decent films out nowadays are war films!

  • Xavier Caron
    Xavier Caron 2 hours ago

    Anyone else curious about what the Rotten Tomatoes audience score actually is? It obviously isn't really 86%. If we are to take just talking to people in real life or online. I survey around 15%-20%. Seriously at work I surveyed 50+ people who watch Star Wars at my work and 6 or 7 people who have a positive opinion or good enough for this movie. 6ish/out of 50+. Sure it is only 50 people compared to millions worldwide but I you can get a close enough comparison when you do a survey like this

  • Dragonage2ftw
    Dragonage2ftw 3 hours ago


  • John Draisey
    John Draisey 3 hours ago

    "Yes, they are Combing the Desert. Have you found anything?" -"...We ain't found Shit!" Spaceballs =]

  • SaberToothGaming
    SaberToothGaming 3 hours ago +1

    Why did Rey not disappear when she died, cuz she’s not a Jedi

  • Giantwaspface
    Giantwaspface 6 hours ago

    The only possible reason Jar Jar Abrams keeps getting work is because of nepotism. It has to be.

  • Feron
    Feron 6 hours ago

    Just discovered your channel, watched the full 2 hours and enjoyed every second of your unbridled rage. Thank you for your content

  • The Ultimate Demon rat

    I hates it mostly because It was always like just about the force and what that constitues vs the politics of the world..
    But the movie like seemed so incongruous and irrelevant

  • Zoomer30
    Zoomer30 7 hours ago

    Screenwriter = Sentient Bag of Cocaine.

  • megamovieman101
    megamovieman101 7 hours ago

    As far as I’m concerned Rey, Snoke, Finn, Poe, BB-8, Rose, Kylo, Hux, Pryde, Maz, Babu, Zorri, Phasma, and the rest of these characters aren’t even Star Wars characters. They’re fan fiction characters forced into alleged “Star Wars movies”

  • Deft Squirrel
    Deft Squirrel 7 hours ago

    It's a well known fact that one in a million chances happen 9 times out of 10.

  • Hey Asshole
    Hey Asshole 8 hours ago +1

    How fucking dare this channel compare Rose to Shrek.
    Rose isn't anything like Shrek, Shrek has amazing movies that don't do retarded things.
    Rose sucks so much I literally rather listen to a whistle be blown for an entire day in a echo chamber.
    Shrek is amazing
    Rose is not

  • Monster King
    Monster King 9 hours ago

    so between this and kingdom hearts. Which is now the better series about magical swordsmen fighting on the sides of dark and light in space?

  • Phobic
    Phobic 10 hours ago

    You know, the thing about stormtrooper armor is that to save on resources the best they could do was to make it so the person shot gets knocked out but isnt killed if a normal blaster is used making the scene of a stormtrooper getting shot in the fucking eye even more wrong considering rey can literally just mind trick him

  • Tintehfiend
    Tintehfiend 10 hours ago

    Vordt face for bad movie twists.

  • Mads-Henning Jensen
    Mads-Henning Jensen 11 hours ago

    The knife shape is one of the worst pieces of writing in recent memory

  • youferrer
    youferrer 11 hours ago

    I don't understand all the hate on the new trilogy. Do the stories suck? Sure, but all of the Star Wars stories suck. These aren't Shakespearean plays. Star Wars has more plot holes than Swiss cheese.
    Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader follow this "ancient" religion that nobody heard of, that dominated military leadership like 20 years before. Somehow. Vader can't figure out that is Leia is his daughter (even though he knows and interacts with her in the Senate and tortures her in IV). Nor did anyone ask Senator Bail Organa how he came to adopt her. Ewoks defeat storm troopers with logs and rocks. A queen is an elected position with a term. Oh, and she shops at an outer rim ancient Mongolian thrift store. Mannequin Skywalker defeats a cruiser by randomly hitting buttons. Vulture droids, AKA the most inefficient way to down a ship. It would be like the British Navy using termites to defeat the Spanish Armada. Jar-Jar. AT-AT walkers that are so poorly designed that you can trip them with a wire. And why does a fighter have a tow cable in the first place? I could go on

    • youferrer
      youferrer 2 hours ago

      ​@Douglas Lamar Yep, and let's be honest. The stories were terrible. What worked was the universe. That's the magic that Lucas had. Lightsabers are cool (rediculous science but cool). The same with the death star, blasters (a much slower than a gun plasma weapon), hyperspace, etc. But it was cool to watch as long as you really don't too much attention to the story.
      This is not unique to Star Wars. Many of today's movies kind of suck if you pay close attention to the plot. The issue I have with the new trilogy is that there is too much rehashing of the old crappy storyline. Rey is Luke, Snoke was the emperor until the emperor was the emperor, Kylo is emo Darth, Death star became death moon, then death ships. Poe is the pre force luke + Solo, Finn is the token black guy (Lando, then Windu) who is stuck in the friend zone. BB8 is R2D2.

    • Douglas Lamar
      Douglas Lamar 6 hours ago

      "but all of the Star Wars stories suck" My man, did you even watch the OT?

  • Quenton Daniels
    Quenton Daniels 13 hours ago +1

    Is just fucking silly....

  • Marcel Lorenzz
    Marcel Lorenzz 14 hours ago +1

    Hey! You Guys know the epic, beloved Arthur Saga? He pulled a sword out of a stone!! But did you know, there was this girl named Mary - And she managed to put in INTO the stone in the first place! Also she knew magic better than Merlin and invented the Internet and modern medicine. If it weren´t for those men suppressing her, imagine where we could have been!

  • Fox Foxington
    Fox Foxington 14 hours ago +1

    I was completely drunk watching this movie and at the end i still thought it was terrible. wow

  • soulofbass
    soulofbass 14 hours ago


  • Sol
    Sol 15 hours ago +1

    At this point even fucking Michael Bay couldn't have done worse

  • LilClank
    LilClank 15 hours ago

    Sub to me or i will end my frog.

  • Thomas Rowberry
    Thomas Rowberry 16 hours ago

    Why does Palpatine tell Rey his plan? Upon hearing that his plan is for Rey to strike him down of course she was going to do everything to not do that... why wouldn't he just antagonise her to a point that she just attacks him in rage?
    Palpatine literally spent the entire prequel trilogy, and his appearances in the original trilogy secretly manipulating people & events, and yet in this he just straight up tells super-Rey his plan as though she's just going to go along with it.

  • Alexandre Olivier
    Alexandre Olivier 18 hours ago +1

    it was such a silly ending...

  • Retarded Gaming
    Retarded Gaming 18 hours ago +2

    Even though I hate these movies with a passion, I’m glad they exist. Hear me out, these movies are so bad they taught me how to think critically about films and other things. I recently just got out the age where flashiness and pointless action means good movies.

  • Bale Sahagun
    Bale Sahagun 18 hours ago

    She's Ray Macmuffin of the clan Macguffin: respect the kilt pattern or she'll force throw the moon Endor at your crotches

  • Lemontarts01
    Lemontarts01 18 hours ago

    I'm done trynna defend the movies. It has its problems but y'all just take piss out of anything Disney does. So there's no point, the fact that y'all can't take just a few things just as they come. I mean I had ALLOT more wtf moments in Lucas's movies. Like the OBVIOUS PEDOFILIA NOONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT. But hey as I said y'all are fucktards and only against stuff with Disney on it. How about BLAMING THE RETARD WHO SOLD IT TO THEM????? STFU ITS THEYRE FRANCHISE NOW THE CREATOR GAVE IT TO THEM I THINK ITS A GOOD LESSON IF ANYTHING AND I LIKE SOME OF IT RATHER THAN GET MAD

  • Bale Sahagun
    Bale Sahagun 19 hours ago

    Don't use words? Ya I'd be swinging my folding chair at JJ

  • Zachary Thompson
    Zachary Thompson 19 hours ago

    The sequels make TPM and AOTC look like masterpieces

  • Danny Walters Jr.
    Danny Walters Jr. 19 hours ago +2

    Not sure if this "Everything wrong with" guy can top this.

  • Dr. Larry Mitchell
    Dr. Larry Mitchell 20 hours ago

    This is eminently re-watchable; The Rise Of Skywalker is most emphatically not.

  • KYB
    KYB 20 hours ago

    Force awakens 2 / 10, Last Jedi - 1 / 10, Rise of Skywalker 1 / 10 total= 2 / 30 seems right I think

  • Max Harrop
    Max Harrop 21 hour ago

    love me some mcmuffins

  • Grace Gonzales
    Grace Gonzales 22 hours ago

    Mauler, I love you. Please do the prequels next :D

  • Da Fank
    Da Fank 22 hours ago

    I refuse to acknowledge this shitshow trilogy as star wars.

  • Halo MasterThrasher
    Halo MasterThrasher 22 hours ago +2

    The inconsistencys of this trilogy is really starting to hurt my head and i still can't believe the Star Wars"fans" are defending this trilogy

  • LightCan
    LightCan 22 hours ago +1

    1:09:59 didn’t rey destroy kylos TIE Whisper on passana? How did kylo get another one later on

  • David Young
    David Young 23 hours ago

    So the people of this galaxy just forgot about the clone wars like wtf but fucking clone is a damn sith secret

  • Sliider
    Sliider 23 hours ago +1

    imagine waiting for the next mauler video.

  • Master Thnag
    Master Thnag Day ago

    Damnit I want a mcmuffin now

  • Craw Fish
    Craw Fish Day ago

    Where is a rage about Rogue One? Loved this one, Its never too late. 😁

  • Amrinder Singh
    Amrinder Singh Day ago

    I can't even tell how many times i have laughed watching this

  • buu678
    buu678 Day ago

    Where were all these thousands rebel ships during TLJ?

  • Monsterbird Nation

    But I thought she Bypassed the Compressor in TFA.

  • Jake Gib
    Jake Gib Day ago +2

    The most inconsistant character in Star Wars. Well, knowing what I know about JJ Abrams & company's knowledge and respect for Star Wars lore and canon, I seriously suspected it would be Spock too. LMFAO while SMH.

    • Jake Gib
      Jake Gib Day ago +2

      I've watched a lot of these videos searching... searching for one scene just one freaking scene, where Rey has her mouth shut. So far, no luck.

  • Susan Johnson
    Susan Johnson Day ago

    This was amazing!!

  • Hugo Chavannes
    Hugo Chavannes Day ago

    Hi there. I love the first six films (more the older ones), but these last 3 are just awful. Writing is so poor that it is unwatchable. I only saw SW VII, The Force Awakens and I was in pain. For my SW is dead. The only way to solve this would be to have George Lucas re do the last 3 films, but I don't think he has the energy or the patience to do so. At least we have the first 6 to watch...

  • number 1 enemy of the useless

    This whole video needs to have a theater's more interesting then these awful screwed up stories.

  • number 1 enemy of the useless

    Who's that chubby Asian girl looking to see who's looking at her?

    Second note: getting into this story I'm so friggin confused... I stopped watching Star wars after Hain was killed and Ray landed where like was on a island... I'm so glad I didn't keep going... This crap is botched.

  • Nion Ashborn
    Nion Ashborn Day ago

    I think the entire force healing thing was made up to kill kylo, cuz Abrams didn’t know what the hell to do with him.

  • Noah
    Noah Day ago

    I've seen Rise of Skywalker, Foodfight and MIB: International. Kill me

  • King Rhys
    King Rhys Day ago

    1:22:36 That tower looks like the Cybran Tech 3 omni radar installation from Supreme Commander.

  • Warren88 Olen
    Warren88 Olen Day ago

    It isn't so hard to find something in the desert. you just comb it.

  • Sir Paul John
    Sir Paul John Day ago +1

    This is why the real monsters own money and all the banks, that's the best way to control everything, they don't like war as they always lose. This is so much better than the actual film:)

  • Alex Tolleson
    Alex Tolleson Day ago

    Those reactions speak volumes

  • Joshua Singleton
    Joshua Singleton Day ago +1

    😂😂😂😂😂 I love your work!!!

  • Twinships
    Twinships Day ago

    That last part killed me tbh...the realization that Anakin didnt kill Palps. Ripped from him almost like JJ wanted the honor more than the characters he's supposed to be representing...fucking awful.

  • verse vica
    verse vica Day ago

    Mauler, im borrowing a lot of your insults, thanks you galactic fuck!

  • Julinator
    Julinator Day ago +1

    That space cancer might be soe kind of wormhole leading to some place that is so far away from everything else that it's on no map, aand that there is no way anyone from startwars-main-galaxy could ever find it by accident

  • Craw Fish
    Craw Fish Day ago +1

    I am new to watching movie reviews and yours is one of the first I came across for the SW movies and I just wanted to let you know you are one of my favorite reviewers. When I am cleaning house, Mauler reviews, when watching my fish tanks, Mauler reviews...ect, ect. Please keep them up! Your “Unbridled rage/praise” ones are the best of all!

  • Masacross
    Masacross Day ago

    The only thing these movies have going for them is the special effects and the visuals.

    It doesn't matter what Disney does, or what anyone does to Star Wars at this point. I'm never going to recognize anything beyond Return of the Jedi. None of these sequels deserve to even be called Star Wars.

  • Nice Try
    Nice Try Day ago

    It should have just been Snoke again. Snoke would have actually made the movie make some kind of sense. 'He's alive again. How's he alive again? Why are there Snoke clones in a jar?' *See, nothing changes*

  • Ethan Ovsak
    Ethan Ovsak Day ago

    1:34:44 congratulations J. J., You now have DBZ fans laughing at you. Including me.

  • Joe Swanson
    Joe Swanson Day ago

    22:20 "Well the Romans did bring us safety, prosperity, the aqueducts, roads, education...."
    "YES, but ASIDE from that!"

  • Geralt Rivia
    Geralt Rivia Day ago

    i went to watch this movie when it had already been out for a while and mostly because me and my lady wanted to try some risky stuff in public.
    i left thinking what i understood of the movie didn't make much sense.
    now i find this review and see that me not understanding most of it was not entirely because of the viewing circumstances

  • Maximus
    Maximus Day ago

    It was bad. Nothing more to say.

  • philippe Ouellette

    20:10 depend on the type of cloning.
    clone trooper: modified bio template that you have to train for around a decade.
    sith cloning: exact copy with the soul of the dead dragged into it.

  • philippe Ouellette

    16:03 well yes. force user can do more precise hyperspace jump, piloting, and targeting then a ship computer ever could. in "a new hope" Obi-wan is saying "use the force luke" for a reason. Poe maybe is an ace pilot but using the force is like having a joker in your sleeve.

    the computer could tells you "there is a 85% chance to hit if you shoot in the next 3 second" but the force will tells you "it's very unlikely you will miss if you shoot....NOW". the unlikely chance being that the guy you are shooting has the force on his side as well to dodge. But then it all comes down to machine specs.

  • Titus M.
    Titus M. Day ago +1

    I can't believe how retarded this movie is

  • fern fern
    fern fern Day ago

    1:07:38 WHY do they have to fight? Kylo does not want to fight her, he wants them to go to Exegol together and fight the Emperor. And Rey attacks him because... what? Because she wants to go to Exegol and fight the Emperor alone? That's just silly! Kylo is a mighty warrior, she could use his help in that fight!
    Besides, she didn't know he had Mcmuffin1 on his ship. So if she killed him, there would be NO way for her to get to Exegol. So WHY attack him?
    Alright, maybe she hated him so much that she couldn't think straight, she just wanted him dead.
    But... she healed him right after she run him through with his saber!
    Why?? He was still her enemy, wasn't he? He was still the leader of the First Order, she didn't know he'll switch sides 5 minutes after she heals him.
    That's all just silly! So silly!

  • She's my President

    Disney did not just drop the ball on Star Wars , they dropped a ball with a Universe destroying SuperBOMB in it

  • Enrico Marelli
    Enrico Marelli Day ago

    "or MovieRobert for some reason" got me laughing. Cannot understand how he likes this stuff.

  • Aname Goeshere
    Aname Goeshere Day ago

    "Rich chocolatey Palpatine!"

  • MynameisnotBlaine
    MynameisnotBlaine Day ago +1

    I can't imagine Anakin was very happy about his lightsaber being permantly entombed by several feet of SAND.
    Favorite moment in the video.

  • Alexander Scott
    Alexander Scott Day ago

    Managed to resist adding a like until Kylo was described as a 'greased weasel'! LOL!

  • Formerlyknownasmousecopp

    15:39 Every time you showed this shot i swear i saw a second millenium falcon that essentially mirrors the one that the camera follows but this freeze frame confirms it... the fuck?!

  • Jerko Ardalić
    Jerko Ardalić Day ago +1

    Man when I think about the setup SW rebels were going for, with the bendu, and the force being its own entity that binds everything together, there was no dark, or light only the force. I always thought the main point to the sagas was the fact that the universe did not need the jedi nor the sith, only the force to bind everything together and push things along. In fact i always felt that the moral of the sagas was no mater how good your intentions are, if you struggle for power , people are gonna suffer regardless. The balance was about regainig the balance that was offset in the beginning of it all with the first force users tipping the balance, and everything to follow was the force trying to regain balance or in other words take back the force from the jedi and the sith. And playing Kotr, reading the expanded universe you could feel and see that both jedis andthe sith are nothing more then individuals clinging to their own morals and beliefs, constantly oversteping the limits with the way they use the force. It could have been a story about the dangers of falling prey to ones ambition, being over zealous and the pitfalls of trying to do the right thing in the worng ways. A story about growth, acceptance and humility and perspective, you know, about being human. But no... good wins, evil sucks, gg.

    • Jerko Ardalić
      Jerko Ardalić Day ago

      Also Ray "of hope" Drekwalker

    • Jerko Ardalić
      Jerko Ardalić Day ago

      Also why G. Lucas ever needed another 4 billion dollars is beyond me. Just shows you how important that message would be. And now we got this agenda driven, poorly written, story deprived, disconnected... stuff. Media is an important world shaping tool. In a way the SW saga movies are the perfect example on how the media and hollywood were shaped and what they have shaped into. It is no longer about enterraining the masses, but filling pockets with abusing the nostalgia of people that grew to the values the old movies brought forth. It was never a movie for children with space wizards, it was a story about interplanetary war, slavery, politics, connections and destinies and most importantly the perspective of the human soul and how easily it twists when it craves to hold onto things that can't be saved and ultimately the victory of the human spirit. But now at the end of it all we got a jedi that never struggles, always does the right thing, gets unbelivable force powers and takes the Skywalker name. Its kinda poetic actually, Anakin fell under palpatine due to his own hubrise, Luke fought so hard to get the force powerful skywalker name and his own father out of the clutches of palpatine and now a Palpatine carries the skywalker name.

  • Fattman
    Fattman Day ago

    1:32:53 = Dominion Battlecruiser??? Yes, all this move needed was a touch of Activision-blizzard as well

  • Hermann la Grange

    Regarding the Snoke clones, I haven't watched the movie and am not familiar with the details of the the story. BUT if I were to come up with a theory, I would say that Palpatine was ¬attempting¬ to clone Snoke. It may be that the success rate is very low.
    As to why, I can only guess because he wants to use them as his personal generals? Its also possible that Palpatine gave up after a while, realizing its too much effort to try and repeat his success.
    That's just my theory regarding the botched clones.