Why Do Disney Remakes Keep Making Money?

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
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    Aladdin, Lion King, Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast. We're all sick of them, yet somehow these films continue to pull in the big bucks. What's the secret and why do we keep falling for it?
    Why do Disney remakes keep making money? Find out on this episode of the Nostalgia Critic.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  2 months ago +564

    Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all! Who knew interpretive dance could be so beautiful?
    The charity for this week is - www.mskcc.org/
    NC reviews Beauty and the Beast - thexvid.com/video/d-_s46Uob5E/video.html
    NC reviews The Lion King - thexvid.com/video/KnyHqxxsD8g/video.html

    • Ladies Man 217 Sun-Luc-Dong
      Ladies Man 217 Sun-Luc-Dong 18 days ago

      @cholin1111I wish Tim Burton would make a live action Chicken Little.

    • cholin1111
      cholin1111 19 days ago

      please make one about blazing saddles

    • Ladies Man 217 Sun-Luc-Dong
      Ladies Man 217 Sun-Luc-Dong Month ago

      @Jrat Production Nature's Calling.

    • Jrat Production
      Jrat Production Month ago

      Do the movie shorts

    • Ladies Man 217 Sun-Luc-Dong
      Ladies Man 217 Sun-Luc-Dong 2 months ago

      @Carlo Nassar It's okay. My new manuscript books are Caverns And CrEEPers', Caverns And CrEEPers': Rock You Like a Hurricane, Caverns And CrEEPers': The Boss Level, Caverns And CrEEPers': The Final Chapter, Back Together ( Amourshipping ), and Amourshipping: "A surprising event".

  • Liggliluff
    Liggliluff Day ago +1

    (17:00) But Disney haven't called it live action, have they?
    That's something the media and the public does, for some odd reason. But not Disney.

  • Liggliluff
    Liggliluff Day ago +1

    (2:10) I can also play that game:
    • Take a rectangle, and round the corners. Add a triangle pointing right.
    • Take a square, and put a lowercase f inside it touching the ground.
    • Take a speech bubble, and put a sideways electric bolt in it.
    • Take 4 outlined circles of the same shape. Put them in a line and have them overlap a bit.
    _Answers in the first reply_

  • Evan Firecat
    Evan Firecat 2 days ago

    Disney: ok guys we've got an idea were going to make a hunchback of Notre Dame remake and make it CGI.

  • Lee Lloyd
    Lee Lloyd 3 days ago


  • Sunny Baggett
    Sunny Baggett 3 days ago

    Easy, people are stupid. You’re welcome.

  • Daniel Malinen
    Daniel Malinen 3 days ago

    Disney's latest live action movies after B&B are so artificial and too cartoonish. Credible and authentic drama, with real feelings, missing of these B-class slapstick humor films. The characters are soulless and blanck wax dolls. And that's not the only problem. They have lost their old quality and, for example, The Beauty And The Beast movie was already be on the edge of good CGI animation quality. The animation was recognizable... It was even more recognizable than CGI quality of the first Jurassic Park. And that movie was made in the 1993! Before the Disney's B&B movie. It's a huge disappointment. But why after that? Because most of Disney's live action movies were reasonably good and Alice in Wonderland (remakes?) was even a lovable masterpiece.

  • Scott Radcliffe
    Scott Radcliffe 3 days ago

    Im being honest i like when ur doing these kind of videos. You do it very well.. Not the other stuff

  • BASIL!!!!! The pumpin' Seagull

    I should check out the live action Lion King, since I have never seen the original.

  • Blaiyan
    Blaiyan 3 days ago

    I think i saw a little of Alice in live action and it looked horrible. Didn't finish. Oh, did they do Hook? I loved that. That's the only one I bought. The rest I haven't seen. Wait I had to see something of 101 dalm back then. Forgettable. I still want a really good mickey mouse movie. Maybe castle of illusion.

  • Jafar ALHADAD
    Jafar ALHADAD 3 days ago

    I dont care if live action movies are big hits
    I always forget about them when i come home

  • quint xavier
    quint xavier 8 days ago

    I've just accepted the fact that I'm apparently a space alien and completely disconnected from this planet.
    Not a *cool* space alien, mind you. I think I fell off the back of an interstellar garbage truck.

  • Dub Squad
    Dub Squad 9 days ago

    Figure it out
    Hell no
    Hell no
    Hell no
    Hell no
    Hell no

  • Wyations
    Wyations 9 days ago

    What was that ad

  • William Jackson
    William Jackson 10 days ago

    It's because Disney no longer has an edge. Why make something new and different when people will flock to shit?

    HECTOR MEJIA 10 days ago +1

    Aladdin was the only live action remake I liked, every other one was terrible

  • Nine_Tails137
    Nine_Tails137 11 days ago

    6:22 - 6:31 Way to reopen an old wound Doug!

  • Matt Martinez
    Matt Martinez 11 days ago

    Hey on the bright side at least this gives you more reviews to do right?

  • Jamison Fawkes
    Jamison Fawkes 13 days ago

    Normal person: honey
    Doug: orgasum

  • mikael englund
    mikael englund 13 days ago

    Disney used to give you gormet meals, now they just give you leftovers that been heated in the microwave.

  • The Smart-Casual Gamer.
    The Smart-Casual Gamer. 13 days ago +1

    8:33. Let it be known, that PIXAR THEMSELVES didn't like this, and many staff members, of various ranks, left in annoyance.

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 15 days ago +1

    Here’s 1 of the main reasons, because despite the fact that the internet wants to convince you otherwise these remakes aren’t as hated as people say they are

  • Lily Stephans
    Lily Stephans 16 days ago

    The only remake I've hated is Lion King, and Cinderella was just boring. Beauty and the Beast remains my favorite with Aladdin coming in at a close second and Dumbo at third because that baby elephant is absolutely PRECIOUS.

  • Katie Cochran
    Katie Cochran 16 days ago

    *wheeze* HONAY

  • Marco Bravo
    Marco Bravo 17 days ago

    Actually, Dumbo from 1941 was a Bix Office success.

  • darkstar100x
    darkstar100x 19 days ago

    Meanwhile we still don't have a Tron 3.


  • zicari101
    zicari101 21 day ago

    Disney gives us these remakes. At least there is there cartoon SVTFOE. Oh yeah that ended. *poorly. apparently bcuz it has been out for the age demographic.* WHAT ABOUT GAMES? Um.. well there is Star wars.. *oh yeah those are mostly by ea.* fuck Disney

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 25 days ago

    12:17 loses a secret to Disney live actions making money, proceeds o explain why Disney live action remakes. So the jokes there about him losing the answer was for nothing.

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 25 days ago

    Anyone who reads this someone PLEASE! Stop the Disney live action remakes seriously we need a hero to save us!

  • vandammefan34
    vandammefan34 25 days ago

    Gosh that background music is so annoying

  • Calum Yeaman
    Calum Yeaman 26 days ago

    Okay I don’t care about the other upcoming Disney live actions but I am beyond the excited for the Live action Sword in the stone & Hunch Back of Notre dam because these movies are pretty much the only two that you can make a change and everyone will be fine with. Maybe Hunch Back of Notre dam much darker and closer to the source material and give Sword in the Stone more action and monsters being a little more fantasy than the last one I just can’t wait

  • vandammefan34
    vandammefan34 26 days ago

    I dont care what anyone says that original live action Jungle Book was great!

  • Samara Manziak
    Samara Manziak 27 days ago

    Maleficent isn't a remake!

  • noobpro 97
    noobpro 97 27 days ago

    I love what honey does but I also know I just couldn't handle Doug in a skin tight green suit playing dressup.

  • Sin Sanity
    Sin Sanity 28 days ago

    You ever notice that you review ALOT of new shit for someone named The NOSTALGIA CRITIC? Stop doing that!

  • J Francis
    J Francis 29 days ago

    2:08 I, for serious, thought the three circles were the representative model for H2O

  • Alec Radcliffe
    Alec Radcliffe Month ago +1

    The reason why they continue to do the same thing but one of them is live because they’re fucking retarded lip tarts because all you got is fucking liberals they don’t care about the people all they care about money and business that’s why wake up

  • PolarTechie
    PolarTechie Month ago

    Honey is spyware. Cmon.


  • Silvesther Lusion
    Silvesther Lusion Month ago

    I have seen neither, still, I understand Aladdin, but the new Lion King doesn't really qualify as "Live Action". I'm convinced that most, if not all, animals and environments are just good shot by shot CG.
    The way I see it: -"Oh, the Lion King HD remaster with 2019 graphics..." (Yeah, I'm more into videogames than movies.)
    Lion King 3 is probably the only remake we needed.

  • Titenrex051 Owens
    Titenrex051 Owens Month ago

    I wish they would remake Hercules obviously it would be terrible but at least it would be some what more interesting than all the other remakes that they've put out recently

  • Travis Linton
    Travis Linton Month ago

    Can I have a source for Disney attempting to submit Beauty and the Beast for best picture?

  • Joseph Greenhorn
    Joseph Greenhorn Month ago

    that Honey ad is really hard to focus on with Doug's David Bowie in that green suit

  • Sherio88
    Sherio88 Month ago

    I haven't seen Dumbo, Alladin, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King OR the Jungle Book remakes... ah well looks like I'm not missing much.

    • 0deadx21
      0deadx21 17 days ago +1

      With Dumbo, you missed A LOT.

  • Finn Snow
    Finn Snow Month ago

    Also no one can convince me the stupid Lion King 2019 movie is good. People have tried but I'm sorry what is good about it? It looks grey and washed out and the mouth movement makes the CGI look awful. I point those out because I'm showing I don't have to compare it to the OG to know it's bad.

  • Finn Snow
    Finn Snow Month ago

    Made me realize my family has no taste. I have three adult brothers and one sister and nearly all are like "Wow so amazing just as good or better than the original". My sister was trying to get me hyped for Lady and the Tramp and I'm just Like " Please get that fucking trailer away from eyes and STOP GIVINGBDISNEY MONEY".

  • aboomination
    aboomination Month ago

    There are always parents with children of a suitable age around who remember seeing a version of these as kids.
    So they take their kids to the movies.

  • RyanMantis
    RyanMantis Month ago

    Am I the only one that JUST NOW learned that boo box pirate in Hook was Glenn Close????

  • Javier Anderson
    Javier Anderson Month ago

    Aren't these live-action remakes being done in order to extend the copyright on these stories/characters further now that DCMA is closing in on Disney's original works from the 1920's-30's?

  • JuliusCaesar500
    JuliusCaesar500 Month ago

    10:40 This is the best ad break ever!

  • Heavenlyhounds96
    Heavenlyhounds96 Month ago

    Disney, do what the REMAKE of Night of the Living Dead did.

    It did a LOT of point-for-point, shot-for-shot, (in a sense), work...but added onto the work, changed things up for a better less...misogynistic time, (I mean the racist white guy was still a racist white guy but that's still an issue even decades later; look at Barbara between the two movies).

  • TheDutchMovieGuy
    TheDutchMovieGuy Month ago +1

    And the new Jungle Book is way better than the animated one

  • TheDutchMovieGuy
    TheDutchMovieGuy Month ago

    Uhm, I prefer the new Beauty and the Beast over the old one *dodges bullets*

  • andyhoov
    andyhoov Month ago

    Obviously the next step will be sequels, only instead of straight to DVD they will still be $150-200 million dollar blockbusters.

    I've managed to avoid most of these remakes, with the only exceptions being The Jungle Book and Aladdin. The former I actually thought was pretty decent. However, I've always had a much stronger connection to Aladdin and were it not for the fact that my girlfriend at the time wanted to see it, I probably would have avoided it! Needless to say, I didn't like the Aladdin, and I'm also single now.

  • Shaheen Ahmad
    Shaheen Ahmad Month ago

    Call me obvious but do you any of you also realize disney making films based on their theme park rides also?

  • Антон Калинкин

    Please please please make Disney's Robin Hood review, and a big one. I believe this animated movies deserves it as being the stepson of Disney's classic animated movies collection.

    • Hannah Papernick-Yudin
      Hannah Papernick-Yudin Month ago +1

      Welcome to the "newest first" side of the comments section, where we newcomers, overpowered by the top comments, are neither seen nore heard.

  • Brandon Prater
    Brandon Prater Month ago +1

    5th reason...
    Some people simply hate/dislike animation. Usually referred to as "kiddie crap" or "a f***ing cartoon". Saying things like, "It was okay... it would be better, if it wasn't animated." People like this see animation & just turn their brain to off.
    ... a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless.


    That honey interpretive dance could be it's own episode.

  • Gikiller
    Gikiller Month ago +1


  • Malcolm Randall
    Malcolm Randall Month ago +1

    Ya know I understand and respect people's opinions. But you honestly think these live action remakes are cash grabs? No, no, no direct to DVD sequels were cash grabs. They were lazy and unimaginative and obviously with a smaller budget animation was cheaper. But u can't tell me that Disney is not trying to make these good. And has anyone noticed that these live action are more of just adaptation then just remakes of the cartoon. You gotta think though there's is a lot of time differential between the live action and the cartoon, most of the cartoon versions came out in the 1970-1990s or maybe even earlier then that, were in 2019 that's a huge gap between the two versions. There's obviously not going to be word for word, scenes for scenes. I mean I understand Will Smith as the Genie from Aladdin is not ideal but you obviously can tell he's doing it his own way, and it worked. And Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins was really good, not like Juile Andrews but it was really good for how she did.
    Like I said I respect people's opinions, but I just think these live actions are more of just adaptations of the original. And as so we can choice to respect them as what they are, not what they should be.
    Thank you to anyone who has read this entire paragraph.

    • Hannah Papernick-Yudin
      Hannah Papernick-Yudin Month ago +2

      And you're welcome, as you like all us other newcomers are lost beneath the top comments (I needed to switch the comment display settings to "newest first" in order to even see you).
      You bring up some valid points, as there is more creativity and planning behind these remakes than people give credit for. But there are still a lot of problems, most notably reliance on computer graphics and lackluster acting. But there are diamonds in the rough, pun intended.

  • anakin skywalker
    anakin skywalker Month ago

    whoever made date movie epic movie and disaster movie should make another movie and call it epic disaster date movie