blink-182 - Remember To Forget Me (Lyric Video)

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
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    Throw my wishes in a fountain
    Deep down under where I found them
    Don’t let go, I’ll probably drown in them
    Three, two, one, but who’s counting them?

    Hey mom, I’m on my own
    Scared to death and far from home
    Can you imagine that?
    You know I’m bad at that

    You left pieces of me along the side of the road
    Right after you said you’d never leave me alone
    Found myself on the wrong side of the door
    I’ll come in if you let me
    I got a song in my head you played me over the phone
    Left a light on upstairs but there ain’t nobody home
    All the nights that you end up all alone
    Remember to forget me

    This is hard, I’m one step off
    I call but you’re gone, I’m here but you’re not
    We both made a left, it don’t make it right
    I’m trying to forget but remember the times
    #Blink182 #Nine #RememberToForgetMe
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  • diegocaracasfc
    diegocaracasfc 5 hours ago

    One of my favorite songs and certainly one of the best!!

  • Фёдор Клеверов

    Где тот старый блинк?!
    Мой , мой любимый.

  • butterfly girl
    butterfly girl 15 hours ago

    Love Blink 182, I can relate totally to this song. Love this song, they are Incredible and they always have a story to tell in their lyrics. Thank you

  • NiceN ́Easy
    NiceN ́Easy Day ago

    Love it! Keep it up! Blink 182 never disappoint. Thank you very much :´)

  • Dominik Voss
    Dominik Voss 2 days ago

    This song ... Hit me right there where it hurt´s :(

  • Metal1992
    Metal1992 3 days ago

    remember to forget darkside's video

  • Ween The Savage
    Ween The Savage 3 days ago

    I think we're all working on forgetting that Lil Wayne shit still.

  • Ross stewart
    Ross stewart 5 days ago

    I find this a weird song, I think Matt's verse is very reminiscent of the 90s boy band that blink was made famous for mocking in all the small things lol. But the 2nd half sounds alot like avenged sevenfolds I won't see you tonight part 1.
    It's a bizarre song, I think it's just not quite right. But hungover you is my favourite song on the album and this follows it.

  • Kelpjuice Bigmoose
    Kelpjuice Bigmoose 7 days ago +2

    I had a friend who killed himself, he was like my brother and he was only 15 and he loved blink 182 so whenever I listen to them I think of him. I love you little bro and I know I'll see you again one day.

  • TayLybb
    TayLybb 8 days ago

    You have Travis and you're programming drums?!!?

  • Jasmin T
    Jasmin T 8 days ago

    wow 💕

  • Laeren Kruesnison
    Laeren Kruesnison 8 days ago

    This song makes me tear up, but still I love that it brings the feelings up. Amazing album

  • Dolo 1k
    Dolo 1k 8 days ago

    This is fire🔥💔🚶‍♂️

  • Ty Dwight
    Ty Dwight 8 days ago

    This song is amazing. It makes me sad think about people I have lost in my life

  • carlos281
    carlos281 9 days ago

    Best song...

  • Boerhanudin Said
    Boerhanudin Said 9 days ago

    Lagu favoritku, salam dari Indonesia

  • Elisabetta Giardina
    Elisabetta Giardina 9 days ago

    love this song.. it's special

  • Ahmad Sulaiman
    Ahmad Sulaiman 10 days ago

    You prove it matt

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 10 days ago +7

    This is the kind of album where your favourite song is constantly changing........

  • Bm Motovlog
    Bm Motovlog 11 days ago

    i try to hate but i can't

  • Ramon Torres
    Ramon Torres 11 days ago

    What happed to the the 90s dammit

  • Sarah Ellissa Peck
    Sarah Ellissa Peck 12 days ago


  • PMB Fit
    PMB Fit 12 days ago +1

    The songs just keep getting better and better, loved them! I grew-up (high-school 2000 era) listening to your songs! However there's 1 ingredients I miss from your music nowadays: that "simple-catchy guitar and/or bass certain melody" (usually as the intro). Remember Adam Song, Stay Together for the Kids, All the Small Things, First Date, Damn it, etc? I learned guitar and memorized your music thru those melody. The good 'ol Blink 182!

  • Alucard30
    Alucard30 12 days ago

    Best ballad since "What Went Wrong" !

  • Kevin Hibbard
    Kevin Hibbard 12 days ago +1

    This song is beautiful, and thanks travis for rocking the fuck out and taking it to the next level.

  • Maria Quiroz
    Maria Quiroz 12 days ago

    My heart! 💔

  • K.
    K. 12 days ago

  • Shin Arima
    Shin Arima 13 days ago

    Best track of Nine and one of the best made from the new formation, please mark not talking for all duration of the song respects the interludes

  • Ikmal7989
    Ikmal7989 14 days ago

    This is the best song in this album. Thanks for still making music guys. It saves many lives.

  • Matthias Guntrum
    Matthias Guntrum 15 days ago

    Hammer Song. Grüße aus Germany !!!

  • repola81
    repola81 15 days ago

    Miss you little one....

  • Prof Daniel
    Prof Daniel 15 days ago

    My crush hate me 😔, thanks for this song...

  • Dr. MountainDew
    Dr. MountainDew 15 days ago

    These drums are sick.

  • nml 22
    nml 22 15 days ago

    If that annoying trap beat wasn’t in the second verse this would be a top 5 song off the album

  • epicTHUNDER poop
    epicTHUNDER poop 16 days ago

    Who else thinks they sound like lil peep in this song?

  • Gabriel Punk Rock Covers

    Matt Skiba ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Christian Garcia
    Christian Garcia 18 days ago

    *Tom has left the chat

  • Mr. Salesman
    Mr. Salesman 18 days ago +1

    Holy shit

  • Shawn Givan
    Shawn Givan 18 days ago +1

    power song

  • Dorian Prosper
    Dorian Prosper 18 days ago +4

    this song is bringing tears and its warming my heart so much

  • Mateus Hendler
    Mateus Hendler 19 days ago

    Are they gonna make more vídeo clips for the songs ?

  • BandaAFK-hardcore
    BandaAFK-hardcore 19 days ago

    somos uma banda de pop punk, escuta nossa musica drogada gostosa

    CRØNOX 19 days ago

    1:42 goosebumps... YES!

  • Michael Palmer
    Michael Palmer 19 days ago

    Sounds like a total rip-off of that Shakira song

    • Michael Palmer
      Michael Palmer 19 days ago

      @WmRed I think it's called "Remember To Forget You". The last line of the chorus complete with words and melody is lifted from that song into this one.

    • WmRed
      WmRed 19 days ago

      Michael Palmer which one?

  • chazzy chazz
    chazzy chazz 19 days ago

    I always looking for songs that could match in my emotions..

  • Segunda Animada
    Segunda Animada 19 days ago


  • CarnivalOfTheDamned9
    CarnivalOfTheDamned9 19 days ago +2

    This song made me tear up every time. Thank you Mark, Matt and Travis for still making music.

  • Natalla Hadikusumah
    Natalla Hadikusumah 20 days ago +6

    do I hear a part of "No Heart To Speak Of " by 2:11 ??

  • Tristan Stevens
    Tristan Stevens 20 days ago +17

    Anyone else hear a little bit of No Heart To Speak Of at 2:10? Anyone, anyone.

  • Martina Švitelová
    Martina Švitelová 20 days ago

    this song took my heart, love it so much !!

  • Kayleen Myers
    Kayleen Myers 20 days ago +4

    This song is terrible

    Terribly addicting

  • bribri1135
    bribri1135 20 days ago

    Forget Rock n Roll this is straight up Blues 🎶🎵

  • Kritingmanja
    Kritingmanja 20 days ago

    Video clip please

  • Bubz84
    Bubz84 20 days ago

    Sounds like plus 44 but I like all blink. Plus 44 box car racer angel amd airwaves and new blink but been round since 95 so.... Cheshire cat dude ranch enema o state exc. Exc. Exc.

  • I love white〈3
    I love white〈3 20 days ago

    I used to be a huge fan of you, but honestly, this album freakin sucks, you cannot replace Tom's voice like that, then only two or three songs are not bad..

  • Norma Lawson
    Norma Lawson 21 day ago

    Love this song

  • Jil Patel
    Jil Patel 21 day ago

    Fuck I love my mom

  • Nick Jansen
    Nick Jansen 21 day ago

    Best song on the album!!!

  • Nicholas J. Kaiser
    Nicholas J. Kaiser 21 day ago +3

    That last verse from Matt to close the song out.... chills

  • Nicholas J. Kaiser
    Nicholas J. Kaiser 21 day ago +2

    Matt Skiba has arrived , AMAZING song with creativity