Ghost Rider - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Jul 31, 2015
  • Let's close out Nicolas Cage month with an image we're used to seeing, Cage's skull burst out of his face.
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Comments • 3 681

  • Ember Firestone
    Ember Firestone 3 days ago

    Also don’t forget that the devil is also called beezlebub and his last name is apparently morningstar or some shit

  • Ember Firestone
    Ember Firestone 3 days ago

    What, aren’t you intimidated by the deleted gay character in the twilight saga series? Oh come on!

  • Danny Caracciolo
    Danny Caracciolo 5 days ago

    Well to be fair critic......... That's a model 1887 shotgun, aka the most badass shotgun on Earth as approved by Terminator 2: Judgement Day

  • HelpfulVader99
    HelpfulVader99 6 days ago

    15:18, black heart and the version of satan in this film (whose called Mephistopheles) are adapted from the they’re not really bible accurate.

  • Nove Temelkoski
    Nove Temelkoski 8 days ago

    Did anyone see the face of the cloud?

  • Nove Temelkoski
    Nove Temelkoski 8 days ago

    He should sing ey ba bo all song:)

  • Mikail Thomas
    Mikail Thomas 9 days ago

    Okay then...

  • Ash Williams
    Ash Williams 10 days ago

    Why do I flock to Athiest TheXvidrs? All my favorite TheXvidrs I eventually discover are Atheists. Not a complaint btw, I am also an Atheist, I just noticed a neat correlation and have never shared it until now.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez 10 days ago

    5:36 That is technically true since the Devil is a fallen angel

  • AgusLuResident0
    AgusLuResident0 11 days ago


  • Khadels Nerdo Gaming
    Khadels Nerdo Gaming 13 days ago

    It's hard to watch most of them if the jokes are all edited out

  • Khadels Nerdo Gaming
    Khadels Nerdo Gaming 13 days ago

    I just realized almost all your old vids are edited. Either the thumbnails video itself or the words. It really shows.

  • 10 cent gamer
    10 cent gamer 13 days ago

    for the record, i like cage in movies and i liked this movie....also i cant watch one of your shows with out laughing so hard it hurts XD

  • The Britt Girls
    The Britt Girls 14 days ago


  • UnderdogIQ22
    UnderdogIQ22 14 days ago

    did you really need to abuse your workers for THIS

  • mrlanza81
    mrlanza81 14 days ago

    He do a very good Nicolas cage impression

  • Jack Hunter
    Jack Hunter 15 days ago

    Wow, your Nic Cage Impersonation was actually pretty good 😁

    MISTER TORQUE 16 days ago

    To be fair I would totally want to talk about people fighting someone called mean poop 😂😂

      MISTER TORQUE 16 days ago

      I, MEAN POOP......

  • Derek Lednicky
    Derek Lednicky 16 days ago

    *Ashes to Asses*
    *Dust to F*ck*
    *You Shouldn't Hit Me With That God Damn Truck!*

  • Shirt Kid
    Shirt Kid 17 days ago

    I looked at my Bible and it was not black heart actually it didn’t mention his name

  • Gunnie
    Gunnie 17 days ago

    Was Malcom an Airman? You don't just _find_ a perfectly fitting Blues uniform like the one he's wearing here.

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers 19 days ago

    Little did NC know that this was just a Nick cage documentary he was not acting at all

  • El Lucas Of UK
    El Lucas Of UK 19 days ago

    Fun Fact: Ghost Rider Eye power does not work on Deadpool because Deadpool does not believe what he does isn't bad. The second person is The Punisher because he has never hurt an innocent person, he just hurt guilty people

  • ES Incorporated
    ES Incorporated 19 days ago

    Sam really does mumble a lot lol.

  • Jim Y
    Jim Y 20 days ago

    Not only did you say the bible book incorrectly you actually got the text wrong when you recreated the verse on screen. Its the book of Revelation and not RevelationS. Yes it matters.

  • Tanner Price
    Tanner Price 20 days ago +1

    13:42 Okay, I want Nick Cage as Spider-Man Noir to say that line.

  • Legatus Lucius
    Legatus Lucius 20 days ago

    Now that is a good question with the Penance stare work on Megatron

  • Legatus Lucius
    Legatus Lucius 20 days ago

    So you wouldn't go after the town or whatever to send a thousand souls to hell because it would be give the devil power but you can get Millions of Souls by nuking Afghanistan and all of them are going to hell anyway this makes no sense to me

  • Anthony Haven
    Anthony Haven 21 day ago

    HA HA HA! Ghost Pony Rider. That got me good! HA HA HA

  • Transformers 1
    Transformers 1 21 day ago

    Funny I just watched The Big Lebowski

  • Corey Burgh
    Corey Burgh 21 day ago

    Do Drive Angry with Nick Cage. It's so great lmaooo

  • The Jazz King
    The Jazz King 22 days ago +1

    R.I.P Peter Fonda.

  • Dj Kat
    Dj Kat 23 days ago

    Ghost Rider is cool

  • Merrin Guthrie
    Merrin Guthrie 23 days ago

    I liked both the ghost rider movies. I want a third one.

  • Jake Jimenez
    Jake Jimenez 24 days ago

    Your funny, but you clearly don't read comics you seemed so shocked that the character was named black heart it's based on the comics.

  • Timilehyin Hussain
    Timilehyin Hussain 24 days ago

    Ok, the rock vs medea is a fight I'd pay to wacth.

  • Chillbot17
    Chillbot17 24 days ago

    Ermac: we are many more

  • MHMD
    MHMD 24 days ago

    This movie was a mix of fuuny moments and cool moments I don’t get the hate I really like it

  • MHMD
    MHMD 24 days ago

    I liked both movies actually but the first one more

  • Redwood LOG
    Redwood LOG 24 days ago

    15:54 or DEATH GUN

  • thetruephoenixful
    thetruephoenixful 25 days ago

    Not gonna lie if I had the star power of Nicholas Cage I'd use it to just see how crazy the things I ask for can get before someone tells me to stop.

  • Rocky Ting
    Rocky Ting 25 days ago

    mean poop

  • Rune
    Rune 25 days ago

    This series is getting nostalgic

  • Almevo GamerM
    Almevo GamerM 26 days ago

    We need Ghost pony rider

  • King Lightbulb
    King Lightbulb 26 days ago

    Nicholas cage is probably a god of old

  • HS 'THS' SK
    HS 'THS' SK 26 days ago

    Wait wait wait Read the Revelation Right Critic!

  • Pyro
    Pyro 27 days ago +1

    7:40 they’ve been watching me

  • The Confederacy
    The Confederacy 28 days ago +2

    Nostalgia critic: *mentions Star Wars Christmas special*

  • Corey Bradley
    Corey Bradley 28 days ago +1

    like doug owns a bible. pffft

  • Loki Scarlet
    Loki Scarlet 29 days ago

    Consonants. A word whose consonants don't require lips

  • Red reaper
    Red reaper Month ago

    if ghost rider was in mlp that show would get all marvel fans bronie

  • Tim Sanborn
    Tim Sanborn Month ago

    22:01-22:02 your pissing me off. I always think of that line when I get mad at someone or a video game is making me mad.

  • Josephus Mutzenbacher
    Josephus Mutzenbacher Month ago +1

    RIP Peter Fonda

  • Casual Bronzie
    Casual Bronzie Month ago +1

    RIP Peter Fonda

  • Kind Karma
    Kind Karma Month ago

    Still one of my favorite Marvel movies

  • P.C. Principal
    P.C. Principal Month ago +5

    4:19 RIP Peter Fonda
    “It’s Thomas The Tank Engine!!!!!!!!!!”
    Like if you got that reference

  • Aztecelotl
    Aztecelotl Month ago +1

    RIP Mephisto

  • UBI fan
    UBI fan Month ago

    I love this movie I don’t know why probably all from nostalgia but I just can’t hate it

  • Aordaz ordaz
    Aordaz ordaz Month ago

    You look more like Hitler than Nicholas Cage at 8:42