Ghost Rider - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Jul 31, 2015
  • Let's close out Nicolas Cage month with an image we're used to seeing, Cage's skull burst out of his face.
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Comments • 3 497

  • Fizzlefuse
    Fizzlefuse 5 hours ago

    I would've loved to have seen a Ghostrider movie about Sam Elliot's character in the Wild West.
    I'm not even much of a fan of westerns but that would've been a much better movie.

  • Felicia Adams
    Felicia Adams 6 hours ago

    ... To be honest, I would like to watch each of those fights you proposed.

  • ACCreedy
    ACCreedy 13 hours ago

    I Lobe This Movie

  • random guy
    random guy 3 days ago

    Fun fact: the chopper Fonda comments on is THE chopper he rode in Easyriders

  • random guy
    random guy 3 days ago

    Pretty good cage impression there critic

  • ElOlafino
    ElOlafino 4 days ago

    Sure, it's not really good, but it's also awesome.

  • dylan bellerose
    dylan bellerose 4 days ago

    Still better than the Spawn movie.

  • quietvalerie1
    quietvalerie1 4 days ago

    The Cage Toupe really stole the spotlight.

  • Typical Kid
    Typical Kid 4 days ago

    Hold on there were two Ghost Riders meaning can't there be more or at least one more since Sam Elliott does it have is Ghost Rider power

  • Morris
    Morris 6 days ago

    Movie is NOT that bad. Silly yeah but Worst comic movie ever? Hell no. That's still Iron Man 3 and Punisher War Zone.

  • Tristin Breland
    Tristin Breland 7 days ago

    I like how ghost riders in the sky remix is playing

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 7 days ago

    Question. I haven’t seen any more of Nicholas Cage month, other than Face/Off, Wicker Man, and of course, Ghost Rider. Why no Cage?

  • Silent Assassin
    Silent Assassin 8 days ago

    i uh...think your readin the wrong bible there

    ZELYNER 9 days ago +3

    The reason for Nicolas Cage being hit by bunch of trucks is real easy. He is just an isekai protagonist.

  • Laura Leftwich
    Laura Leftwich 9 days ago

    Blackhart is a marvel character in the comics

  • Johnny Mckinley
    Johnny Mckinley 11 days ago

    😂 c'mon y'all is Sam Elliot really that hard to understand?😂
    Also as an MLP fan pony rider is downright badass

  • vishnu menon
    vishnu menon 12 days ago

    what's wrong with your moustache Mr. Nostalgia Critic? 😅

  • vishnu menon
    vishnu menon 12 days ago

    what's wrong with your moustache Mr. Nostalgia Critic? 😅

  • System Error
    System Error 14 days ago

    30:22 di-did Ghost pony rider just get a boner? cause it seems like he got a boner...yes, pun intended.

  • Tim Buffum
    Tim Buffum 16 days ago

    They should make a ghost pony rider movie!!! :)

  • mangenkiou
    mangenkiou 18 days ago

    16:32 Well,there was this guy,Abraham...

  • Garrett Jenkins
    Garrett Jenkins 18 days ago

    like cuphead

  • SnoozePlease
    SnoozePlease 19 days ago

    Don't mess around with the Bible like that that's God's word, RESPECT IT!

  • News and stuff
    News and stuff 21 day ago +1

    Cowboy ghost rider I now know what to do
    Gonna take my horse to the old Town road gonna ride till I can’t no more

  • 윤성원
    윤성원 22 days ago

    누가 한국어 자막좀 만들어줘요...

  • Matthew W Jr. Hasch
    Matthew W Jr. Hasch 23 days ago

    I actually liked this movie

  • TV JoshTron
    TV JoshTron 24 days ago

    Ghost pony rider is my favorite pony

  • Teony97
    Teony97 24 days ago

    Though I really like your jokes at the beginning of the video, I find your review a little subjective. Unless if that is what you were going for this whole time.

  • Hank Romine
    Hank Romine 25 days ago

    I know you cut some of the stuff out why

  • Lachlan Harrison
    Lachlan Harrison 25 days ago

    Luckily for marvel fans he’s apart of the MCU now

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall 26 days ago +1

    Google Plus, dating this video by like four or five years from this comment

  • turnitofftv
    turnitofftv 27 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that REALLY wants to see a movie where Dwayne Johnson goes up against Madea?

  • Toi O'Kelly
    Toi O'Kelly 27 days ago +2

    I'm convinced that Nicholas Cage is a live-action cartoon character.😂

  • Just Cooler Then You
    Just Cooler Then You 28 days ago

    Anyone else thought the mortal kombat movie would have been better if they got Nicholas cage to play Johnny cage?

  • Leonardo Crocetta
    Leonardo Crocetta 29 days ago

    Actually, Blackheart IS a Marvel demon character. Just very different from the movie. Like, a 10 feet naked black demon with long tentacles/hairs and without a mouth. As I said, very different!

  • Australian Bucket
    Australian Bucket 29 days ago +2

    13:41 he DOES have a very good point right there.

  • Chris B Bacon99
    Chris B Bacon99 Month ago

    I didn't know Harvey from Gotham is in this movie

  • jackmcd277
    jackmcd277 Month ago

    Am I the only person who loved this film as a kid?

    • Gregory Duru
      Gregory Duru Month ago +1

      Everyone forgets this film...
      Not Us

  • tanner
    tanner Month ago

    "ashes to asses dust to fuck" i love this review

  • Dark Beholder
    Dark Beholder Month ago

    Who else actually wants to see Dwayne vs Madea

  • Christa Frye
    Christa Frye Month ago

    I am not in the mlp fandom but if there was a ghost rider mlp toy or stuff animal I buy it

  • bullwinkle524
    bullwinkle524 Month ago

    Heck even Scooby-Doo episodes used flashlight

  • Amelia Ottenwalder
    Amelia Ottenwalder Month ago

    That moment TFS Cooler deliverd the "I am legion" line better than the fucking antagonist if this film

  • Rack Roll
    Rack Roll Month ago +2

    I love the twist that Blackheart has to absorb the contract, then GR uses the stare on him.

  • Rack Roll
    Rack Roll Month ago +1

    Blackheart is the son of Mephisto in the comics.

  • Caesthoffe
    Caesthoffe Month ago


  • Quicktime Events
    Quicktime Events Month ago


  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith Month ago +2

    Still want a Netflix or I guess Disney Plus series of Ghost Rider focused on the Robbie Reyes version being mentored by Johnny Blaze.

  • ineedaname
    ineedaname Month ago


  • ineedaname
    ineedaname Month ago

    That Cage impression

  • Diego Bareno
    Diego Bareno Month ago

    If you can take the name Braveheart seriously than I'm sure you can take the name Blackheart a bit more seriously.

  • Strange_ 0ne
    Strange_ 0ne Month ago

    I want a cartoon about Ghost Pony Rider

  • Opticsnow1998/ deathMetalelitist

    I just recommend you look up a compaltion of the action scenes

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago

    san venganca = holy vengeance

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago

    Rev. 20:10 seems very cynical...

  • filippe999
    filippe999 Month ago

    It's motherbuckers actually

  • Ms. Devious Plan
    Ms. Devious Plan Month ago +2

    “Mean Poop” kills me every time I watch this.

  • Corey Barker
    Corey Barker Month ago

    This had such potential

  • Gabrielle Engel
    Gabrielle Engel Month ago

    I’m like the most flinching person and I didn’t flinch once.

  • The Smiling Knight
    The Smiling Knight Month ago

    i flinched during the first jump scare he made xD

  • wingsandash
    wingsandash Month ago +1

    Nicholas Cage speech is slowly, but surely, turning into an off Jimmy Stewart impersonation. Not that it's a bad thing. Just saying.

  • Joe 1998
    Joe 1998 Month ago +1

    24:18 30:23 I really wanna fucking kick you in the balls with soccer cleats

  • Elijah Butterfield
    Elijah Butterfield Month ago +4

    2 things.
    We need a good ghost rider movie by marvel
    And can someone please draw a badass picture of Bacon Robot Demon Slayer?

  • Hunter Hess
    Hunter Hess Month ago

    “DON’T THREATEN ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Fucking kills me.

  • AlexGaia
    AlexGaia 2 months ago

    Why the hell Roxanne always has her boobs exposed ?
    I never realised till now

  • Jamie Fox Films
    Jamie Fox Films 2 months ago +2

    Hi Nostalgia gritic I'm a Brony and i know you are not love the show but I can laugh when you joke about it in a positive

  • Beans On Butter
    Beans On Butter 2 months ago


  • S.L. The Coffee Addict
    S.L. The Coffee Addict 2 months ago

    I want a Marvel villain named Evil Poop.

  • The Best Cancer Around
    The Best Cancer Around 2 months ago

    I like how he doesn't know that black heart is a well know marvel antagonist and obviously doesn't even bother to research the characters origins

  • Carlos Turrubiates
    Carlos Turrubiates 2 months ago

    Ah beat me to it.
    Soon slayer soon

  • andynonymous .mous
    andynonymous .mous 2 months ago

    I was CRUSHED when this movie came out. My absolute favorite Marvel comic book was done so badly! I read these from age 9 till this movie came out.

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 2 months ago

    my eyes. i was scared by the mlp transition

  • Toi O'Kelly
    Toi O'Kelly 2 months ago

    FUN FACT: The helicopter pilot is the voice of Inuyasha, Richard Ian Cox.😁

  • Toi O'Kelly
    Toi O'Kelly 2 months ago

    They should've used the Ghost Rider voice from Marvel VS Capcom Infinite. Where was that guy when this movie is made.😓

  • Toi O'Kelly
    Toi O'Kelly 2 months ago +1


  • Olórin The Wonderer
    Olórin The Wonderer 2 months ago

    Are you related in any way to CinemaSins?

  • Toi O'Kelly
    Toi O'Kelly 2 months ago


  • sebastien ismailov
    sebastien ismailov 2 months ago +3

    I d surely watch MLP with a ghost pony rider....

  • Lester Aanholt
    Lester Aanholt 2 months ago

    Eva Mendes is so unbelievably attractive.

  • Widowsquill
    Widowsquill 2 months ago

    22:04 I didn't know Inuyasha got his helicopter licence.

  • Blue Dragon Entertainment
    Blue Dragon Entertainment 2 months ago +5

    C’mon, the fanfics aren’t all that bad...

    Please, don’t kill me
    It’s a joke, you see

  • Gen3 Nostalgia
    Gen3 Nostalgia 2 months ago +2

    Ghost Rider one of my favorite Marvel characters

  • Mr.agent 47
    Mr.agent 47 2 months ago

    The 70s comic was soooo much better than this.

  • Brandon Martin
    Brandon Martin 2 months ago

    Black heart smoked waaaaaaaay to much weed in the end

  • 217sherlock
    217sherlock 2 months ago

    I can't believe ypu're complaining about Blackheart's name. You should be conplaining about them mak8ng him a pretty purple boy when he was actually a fucking scary creature

  • Henry Layman
    Henry Layman 2 months ago +2

    23:01: every jailbreak cop in a nutshell

  • Trey Epperley
    Trey Epperley 2 months ago +1

    Ok this coming Halloween im going to be the Ghost Rider. Im going to attempt to use fire so if this fails i love this movie. :)

  • amon mercury
    amon mercury 2 months ago

    oh well rozan likes him... women like bad boys in real life tbh.

  • Human Glitch
    Human Glitch 2 months ago +2

    Ashes to ashes, dust to fuck. You shouldn't of hit me with that god damn truck!

  • PoP 01
    PoP 01 2 months ago

    the second one is bad

  • sniper jack123
    sniper jack123 2 months ago

    Black hart is a real marvel character so yeah.

  • Charlie Hicks
    Charlie Hicks 2 months ago


  • Danielle Pointer
    Danielle Pointer 2 months ago +4

    Black Heart was too edgy for me to take him seriously.

  • Mr.Hex
    Mr.Hex 2 months ago

    Honestly, I know Ghost Rider is not the best film ever, but it certainly is not the worst and one of my personal guilty pleasures. I loved it so much as a child, of course now its not as cool as i remember it, but Ghost Rider still looks dope

  • silver saber
    silver saber 2 months ago

    That scene when Cage is on the highway next to the news van IS real. It’s in the bonus features where they show how the stunt was done.

  • A fan of stuff
    A fan of stuff 2 months ago +1

    I like that this is cannon in the mcu thanks to marvel agents of shield

  • Diego Bareno
    Diego Bareno 2 months ago

    I think the "My name is Legion" bit has some potential to be somewhat scary.

  • TheFudgeyNugget
    TheFudgeyNugget 2 months ago

    Peanut stare

  • KeewwwEng
    KeewwwEng 2 months ago +1

    Just me who actually liked this movie? The second one is shit though tbh

  • jonny barnard
    jonny barnard 2 months ago

    That guy in the jail was baal from ash vs evil dead! Learn sumthin new every day