Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #17


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  • FrootLoop
    FrootLoop 11 minutes ago


  • Matt
    Matt 23 minutes ago

    Best of the Worst: The Last Jedi

  • darkestfugue
    darkestfugue 27 minutes ago

    the reaction to the babe ruth comment was just beautiful lol

  • Andrew Mayer
    Andrew Mayer 55 minutes ago

    I deadass watched Hug a Tree with my Beavers and Cub group

  • morrach
    morrach Hour ago

    Dunning-Kruger effect from wikipedia:
    In the field of psychology, the Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.

  • BionicBinary
    BionicBinary Hour ago

    I feel like you could take the last two minutes of this video and sell it as an exercise tape for the elderly.

  • Pavlovski
    Pavlovski Hour ago

    More like Celebration of AAAAAAAAAAGE

  • Luke M.
    Luke M. 2 hours ago

    Review Barney and Friends.

  • Breandan Downey
    Breandan Downey 3 hours ago

    Pastor James watches a show on ID. "That doesn't look like a dead back street hooker, she looks like a model. Not like I would would know what that is?

  • Maddin1313
    Maddin1313 3 hours ago +1

    Is King Gut Style replacing the Osteoporosis Dance?

  • Will Henderson
    Will Henderson 4 hours ago

    All the umm- cuts crack me up

  • RolodexEnigma
    RolodexEnigma 4 hours ago

    I checked that website. I have no regrets.

  • Chuck Rimbaud
    Chuck Rimbaud 5 hours ago

    Oh hey, a religion video. Time for all of the fedorafags to come out of the wood work.

  • stef. edge
    stef. edge 6 hours ago +1

    And I thought Geralt killed all of the Crones but one ...

  • TheOneKaslay
    TheOneKaslay 12 hours ago

    The old woman looks like Alfred Hitchcock btw

  • Nico Negron
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  • SparkHeart
    SparkHeart 13 hours ago +1

    When you went to Rich's feet, I really wanted to see Crocs, dammit.

  • 593 7
    593 7 13 hours ago

    mrwiggleshiphop leads you to a chinese porn site

  • Floccinaucinihilipilificator

    Mrwiggleshiphop . net
    Is now a Japanese porn website ....
    And the literal translation of '' Pour survivre, reste près d'un arbre '' is'' To survive, stay close to a tree ''.
    The more you know.

  • DrunkUncleJesse
    DrunkUncleJesse 14 hours ago

    I checked that website and now I have five days to live. Thanks.

  • Trox Artis
    Trox Artis 15 hours ago

    "A Murder of Crones" OMF lol

  • John Jack
    John Jack 16 hours ago

    I wanna know more about the chicken crone. I was crying I was laughing so hard

  • chance mctyre
    chance mctyre 16 hours ago

    i went to mr. wiggles website and it was porn

  • Drew Souza
    Drew Souza 16 hours ago

    How is Colin drinking a Zima in 2018?

  • Wizard Of Cause
    Wizard Of Cause 17 hours ago

    Catchy tune.... wise woman wise woman..... I'll be singing that all day now.

  • Ostrich160
    Ostrich160 19 hours ago

    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman
    *incoherent drum banging with no rhyme*
    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman
    wise woman

  • Garrett Kingsley
    Garrett Kingsley 19 hours ago

    Collin wtf are you doing with that Zima?

  • Hunter Hosch
    Hunter Hosch 19 hours ago

    What’s on the website 😂

  • Paul Bujak
    Paul Bujak 19 hours ago

    Is that a Zima?

  • Brian Cole
    Brian Cole 20 hours ago

    As a veteran porn site user, I can say it is true that sometimes certain sites will fuck with you if you try to leave, dumping pop-ups and opening tabs, it sucks. It still happens. Maybe not as bad as back then, but it sucks.

  • Wang Monkey
    Wang Monkey 21 hour ago

    I could watch Rich Evans Jiggle Style all day long.

  • BlueMongMage
    BlueMongMage 21 hour ago

    Had to watch this video in two bits because I was crying with laughter at the Crones video

  • Michael Cody
    Michael Cody 21 hour ago

    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.
    Wise woman.

  • jamespfp
    jamespfp 21 hour ago

    I gotta say, Jim is only slightly more entertaining than Colin... "this has the quality of a beheading video."

  • Tyler Manning
    Tyler Manning 22 hours ago +1

    I love that Colin also drinks Leinenkugel

  • Captain Pants
    Captain Pants 22 hours ago

    Uncle muscles?

  • Habanero Jones
    Habanero Jones 22 hours ago +2

    Homosexuality is a sin...HOW DID HE NOT BURST OUT LAUGHING?! Perfection.

  • negjay
    negjay Day ago

    Very surprised that in the video and in the comments I'm not seeing the Robocop quote of Miguel Ferrer saying 'You're gonna be one bad motherfucker!' when the topic was Robocop but porn.

  • Kevin Gralewski
    Kevin Gralewski Day ago +1

    That "Wise woman, wise woman" thing is just the intro to Lady Marmalade.

  • Sean Thomas Stewart

    "That's for his puppy."

  • speier
    speier Day ago


  • C J
    C J Day ago +3

    It is hilarious laughing at the appearance of women, especially when it is done by well below average out of shape men.

  • Daftrok
    Daftrok Day ago +1

    Wow props to Rich he lost a lot of weight! Keep it up man!

  • Hase
    Hase Day ago +1

    I think mr wiggles likes asian porn

  • R
    R Day ago +1

    John’s dad looks like he really needs pictures off Spider-Man.

    • R
      R Day ago

      *pictures of

  • Kurgle Kreutzer
    Kurgle Kreutzer Day ago

    Spin the wheel of the WURST....preferably bratwurst.

  • Bergz17
    Bergz17 Day ago +1

    Colin your Alec Guinness impression was pretty good we all laughed. Mike was just too drunk to get the reference.

  • Antonio Linde
    Antonio Linde Day ago

    Showing 3 minutes of an industrial assembly bot at the end might be a bit too much meta even for you

  • M. Strain Jr.
    M. Strain Jr. Day ago

    Found a video of Mister WIggles here on TheXvid. Looks like he's chewing gum while popping, which kind of ruins the effect.

  • M. Strain Jr.
    M. Strain Jr. Day ago

    The tape with the old ladies... would give you crone's disease. But seriously, Google's definition of a crone is "an old woman who is thin and ugly", so I don't know what transgender Babe Ruth was doing there. I mean, the ugly part is there, but with too much weight, I think.

  • M. Strain Jr.
    M. Strain Jr. Day ago

    The wise woman song reminds me of the kitty song from Big Bang Theory, but far less creative.

  • varnishvarnish
    varnishvarnish Day ago +1

    How high is Rich? Man can barely open his eyes!

  • Eagle 4
    Eagle 4 Day ago +1

    Does anyone know the name of the music track that opens the video with the shot of the millennium falcon?

  • i'm a alien
    i'm a alien Day ago

    The American Indian guy in Hug A Tree and Survive Canada also portrayed Ish in the first season X-Files episode "Shapes."
    I'm like Mike with Star Trek, only for The X-Files.

  • spankmeister
    spankmeister Day ago

    Mr Wiggles is totally the guy who tries to stick up Bruce Willis in Fifth Element!

  • spankmeister
    spankmeister Day ago

    Goddamnit Mike you don't drink a Tripel out of the bottle.

    I suppose you would though, you drunk.

  • vsGoliath
    vsGoliath Day ago +1

    Mike once again proving to be the master of deadpan comedy. Delivered that "homosexuality is a sin" line perfectly. Not even a pause.

  • Steve Hyde
    Steve Hyde Day ago

    I've laughed more in the first 10 minutes of this video as I have all week.

  • Nicholas Swanson
    Nicholas Swanson Day ago +1

    You misogynist pigs! Why do you hate women so much?! If those ladies want to go in front of a camera and embarrass themselves in front of the world, that’s their right. Ghostbusters is a celebration of women’s strength and how they...wait, what were we talking about again?

  • tomahzo
    tomahzo Day ago

    Maybe I'm amazed :D :D

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    "We're trying to get totally out, and we can't!" ;D

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    "66,000 video feeds, 375 hidden cameras, over 70 live shows, 50,000 XXX images, 4,000 erotic stories and all of this can be yours for the low, low price of five easy payments of $19.95. Less if you present your church loyalty card on check out"
    "But James, how do they manage to offer all of that despicable content 24 hours a day?"
    "Well Steve, thanks for asking. That is because of their dedicated team of porn technicians/nuns who are able to ship material to you at the speed of the fastest dial up connection"

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    "Due to all the graphic images I had seen, the only way I was even able to get a thrill any more was exposing evangelical preachers to the internet"

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    Watching pornography can destroy your relationships and life within the space of a weekend. But WHAT a weekend!!

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    A "bate and switch" video? Sounds rude.

  • Milt TheStilt
    Milt TheStilt Day ago

    Mr. Teapot 👍🏼

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    Mid dance move the picture of Mr Wiggles pauses, turns black and white and slowly zooms in: "Unfortunately after this video was made Mr Wiggles, sufferer of his namesake Wiggles-Schlussman-Crohn's disease, uncontrollably dance moved out into the busy intersection of a street, where his flailing arm movements were interpreted as traffic signals and caused the deaths of 228 innocent people in a multiple ongoing rolling car crash that went on for five hours"

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    Never Stop Never Poppin'
    Or is that "NVR Stp NVR Pop'n"?

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    "Is this the next day?" - I would love a montage of the parents going back to their hotel, then a restaurant, clinking wine glasses in celebration, before in the morning making themselves look like they spent a sleepless night searching the woods before wandering casually up to the Ranger Station.

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    Lying spreadeagle in a meadow is fine until a combine haverster comes along and does not see you

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    The boy in the plastic bag is the worst Twin Peaks cosplayer ever

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    "Wise woman, young woman messing with her breasts. Wise woman, young woman, giving me some head"

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    I was so disappointed when I finally got onto the internet in the late 90s and *did not* zoom down a tunnel with websites flying past me.

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    I spent the whole of my childhood surrounded by warnings to *never* stick my or anyone else's head inside a plastic bag. Suddenly its fine now that you are out in the woods and it wasn't OK to do it to my little brother in the middle of the supermarket that one time?
    EDIT: Though maybe not making airholes was my one mistake

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago


  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    Isn't the worst thing to do to someone who is 'reformed' in their pornographic behaviour is to get them sat down in front of a computer and explain in detail all of the sites they visit? Like taking your Alcoholic Anonymous group on a trawl of all of their local dive bars.
    And frankly the base story of Beauty and the Beast is already about beastiality, even if the Disney version glosses over that

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    "C.I.T.s?" Thank goodness they avoided the awkward acronym of *C* rone *L* adies *I* n *T* raining

  • Colin R
    Colin R Day ago

    Laugh it up all you want guys, but Celebration of Age: The Croning Ceremony is how every film is planned to be in the post Ocean's 8 era. ;P

    • Colin R
      Colin R Day ago

      Helena Bonham Carter will obviously play the mad lady banging the drum

  • bucketman86
    bucketman86 Day ago

    In case anyone was wonder, Mr.Wiggleshiphop dot net is in fact an asian porn site

  • Ariane Guedes
    Ariane Guedes Day ago

    "She sounds like she is bored of her own voice"

  • Knee Grow
    Knee Grow Day ago +1

    This Is so unfunny and boring It hurts

  • Sasgalula
    Sasgalula Day ago

    queue the internet is for porn song

  • Razzy1312
    Razzy1312 Day ago

    Hey man, in the 90's unstoppable waves of porn pop-up ads and pop-ups that pretty much hijack your computer were a real thing. Close one and two more would appear.

  • K2Nemesis
    K2Nemesis Day ago

    I’m only halfway through but I’m dying over here. Babe Ruth and the Kathleen Kennedy/Tommy Lee Jones hybrid. JFC🤣🤣🤣

  • anijen21
    anijen21 Day ago

    a woman should replace rich evans on this panel to focus the conversation

  • lasarousi
    lasarousi Day ago

    These fine gentlemen dont really respect themselves do they, I had the sudden realization on the part where Rich was visibly losing years of his life, and said nothing.

  • Matthew Thomas
    Matthew Thomas Day ago

    That moment you catch yourself singing "Wise Woman" days after watching this...

  • SpamNapkin
    SpamNapkin Day ago

    wise women wise women wise women wise women wise women wise women wise women wise women wise women wise women wise women wise women wise women wise women wise women wise women

  • Scott Lakas
    Scott Lakas Day ago

    Does nobody notice the Zima for the third film? Why was it not discussed?

  • MrPing1000
    MrPing1000 Day ago

    Is Mister Jiggles available for childrens parties? I have some kids I want to traumatise.

  • Klager
    Klager Day ago

    'The Crones of Crookback Bog' have been forever ruined for me. Thanks RLM.

  • Booze Zombie
    Booze Zombie Day ago

    I got half way through watching this and I haven't stopped drinking. Well, three days later isn't a bad amount of time to finally finish this.

  • Jason
    Jason Day ago


  • John Cummings
    John Cummings Day ago

    Jokes aside, there's actually quite a bit of evidence and research towards the negative impacts of over-saturation of porn usage and symptoms of ED

  • Lizard
    Lizard Day ago

    I swear I saw that hug a tree video in elementary school.

  • Sargento Capitão

    I just realized how much fun it will be for post-millenials to watch best of the worst (assuming the world exist and that people still care), I mean if it's funny for us to laugh at these 80s vhs tapes, I'll assume 30years from now, our 'modern' approach will be just as out-dated, so in the future they'll be able to laught at our humour as much as the tapes, all in one video, basically they'll be laughing at how we make fun of the 80s stuff as much as they laugh at the 80s stuff itself

  • gameslayerism
    gameslayerism Day ago

    If only that pastor knew that there are worse things than porn in the internet now

  • setitus
    setitus Day ago

    end was amazing

  • Ethan
    Ethan Day ago

    Rich dancing felt like a snuff film.

  • scott logan
    scott logan Day ago

    youtube trying to sell me no adds for a month XD ....