Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #17


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  • Jiro
    Jiro 6 hours ago

    James Robison not RobiNson, ohmygooood, Mike you're turning into Rich Evans

  • Art - Breathe - Sleep
    Art - Breathe - Sleep 8 hours ago

    ATTN: Rich Evans, for your safety sir I'd like to point out that bears are quite adept at climbing. When the time comes, do not climb a tree to escape a bear. It won't work.

  • spaceopera87
    spaceopera87 10 hours ago

    The Crones of Crookback Bog

  • John Marshall
    John Marshall Day ago

    "The Crone Wars!" "He's got an army of crones!!"

    5HINOBI 2 days ago

    I died at Babe Ruth. XD

  • MsStevieMarie
    MsStevieMarie 2 days ago

    That last video made me want to download pornography. BRB.

  • Adam Buchanan
    Adam Buchanan 3 days ago

    Why is woman, why is woman? why is woman sittin herr?

  • Paphvul
    Paphvul 4 days ago

    I had a hard time telling whether the whinnies whenever bestiality came up were added in by these guys, or if the video had one or two. X3

  • muntificator
    muntificator 5 days ago

    I happen to think Collin's Obi Wan was pretty damn spot on

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 8 days ago

    Anybody else think the native guy looked like Bill Cosby wearing a wig?

  • Owen Boyle
    Owen Boyle 9 days ago +1

    Should put space cop on the wheel

  • Jennifer Boddaert
    Jennifer Boddaert 11 days ago

    Could those have not been sold online for $!?

  • Pudding Osu
    Pudding Osu 12 days ago

    great video

  • Stacy Williams
    Stacy Williams 13 days ago

    OMG i thought Kathleen Kennedy too when I heard that lady's voice LOL!

  • siukong
    siukong 15 days ago

    Apparently the RLM guys have forgotten some of the shitshow neverending popup chains you could get back in the day. Couldn't be stopped sometimes short of just restarting, and I'm sure things would get even worse for people who actually were stupid enough to click through them, and/or run unidentified .exe files that they downloaded.
    Also, the dancing guy isn't great but isn't terrible either. Even from the few clips we see here you can tell he has at least some skill (especially for back in the 90s). Maybe not worthy of making an instructional video of, but not a complete joke. The main flaw seems to be the ultra low budget production values and the shit video/audio quality.

    • siukong
      siukong 15 days ago

      Oh and Mike has his own verbal tic (like), so the criticism of "know what I'm saying" kind of falls flat.

  • Aaron Tharp Productions

    31:20 "Star Wars Celebration of AIDS!"

  • Luke H
    Luke H 18 days ago

    I want to check out that site, but I am fucking scared of what it might be...

  • dainumo
    dainumo 18 days ago


  • DisposableAccount2
    DisposableAccount2 18 days ago


  • devilmaylol
    devilmaylol 20 days ago

    Dick the Birthday Gimp

  • A Moose
    A Moose 21 day ago

    "Where stupid people tend to overvalue their capabilities."
    The Dunning-Kruger Effect in action.

  • nijnij
    nijnij 22 days ago

    Rich Evans is my muze.

  • DinosaurFan88
    DinosaurFan88 25 days ago

    Which is kinda funny, since he looks like Neville Chamberlain to me.

  • Supertaco5
    Supertaco5 26 days ago

    To be fair, that cover of Unchained Melody was really good

  • the mouth of Sauron
    the mouth of Sauron 26 days ago


  • Adam Campbell
    Adam Campbell 27 days ago

    Isnt Wise Woman to the tune of Come and Get Your Love by Redbone as featured in Guardians? I smell a crone lawsuit.

    ILLUSIVE SUSPECT 29 days ago

    I was in the dance scene for a while, Mr. Wiggles is OG being in for decades, production quality has gotten better. It's out of pocket or community funded but his skills are better seen taking classes or performances in person

  • WraxTV
    WraxTV Month ago +1

    Should have decided tape discussion order with a 4-player game of Rock Paper Scissors like you guys learned in Manners - Who Needs Them?

  • Steve Gallo
    Steve Gallo Month ago

    "Mr. Wiggie's Kang Tits"

  • Hombre de Brindis
    Hombre de Brindis Month ago

    “ unusual form.” made me chuckle

  • M
    M Month ago +1

    I came for Rich Evans, I stayed for the wise woman song.

  • Vinicio Vázquez Mar

    1:10 thank me later

  • weedpuff
    weedpuff Month ago +1

    Did I see a cartoon penis at the beginning? Classic

  • chuckster houck
    chuckster houck Month ago

    Babe Ruth....Lmao..I couldn't breath..and my side hurt for a few days after that..Rich is genius level

  • Garrett OKelly
    Garrett OKelly Month ago

    Gross, Jim and Colin drink Leinenkugels.... weird since Canada has such good whiskey you'd think they drink good beer as well.

  • The National Real Estate Post

    best of the best

  • Dungeon Master1412
    Dungeon Master1412 Month ago

    "Croning" is not a word. Although it appears that they made the noun "crone," into a verb. A crone is defined as: "(typically in literature) an old woman who is thin and ugly."

  • sawy sauce
    sawy sauce Month ago +1

    That celebration of age tape is just a wicker man prequel

  • oktal3700
    oktal3700 Month ago +1

    That the RLM boys could pop just as good as Mr Wiggles, testifies to how great of a teacher he is.

  • Heaven's Door
    Heaven's Door Month ago

    I never know when they're joking and I relate so hard

  • HeitorX
    HeitorX Month ago

    14:50 did he say that because Rich was wearing a spiderman shirt?

  • RocketPhoenix
    RocketPhoenix Month ago

    Rich Evans' back hasn't improved. The damage has evolved so that standing or sitting is just as bad as bending down. He is always in agony.

  • juan villagra
    juan villagra Month ago +1

    When you guys gonna do #18? When this one reachs 1M views? Judging from the high bar this video left just one year ago, it would be a god damned bless.
    RLM has a big fan community here in Chile. We all follow you.

  • David Powers
    David Powers Month ago

    Homosinuality was coined by Bob Odenkirk.

  • Richard Maska
    Richard Maska Month ago

    I'm starting to see things I recognize, I remember Jim and Colin!

  • James Toomer
    James Toomer Month ago

    I think I actually watched "World Wide Web of Deceit" when I was younger.

  • Abhir Gonepavaram
    Abhir Gonepavaram Month ago

    Colin is the only guy in the world that drinks Zima

    • SgtZima
      SgtZima Month ago +1

      There are dozens of us! DOZENS!

    M ESTRADA Month ago

    My wife started singing "Wise Woman, Wise Woman" to the tune of "Come and Get Your Love" without her knowing it. lol

  • Charles Kent
    Charles Kent Month ago

    There needs to be another WotW with plenty of "executive decisions"

  • Numbskull
    Numbskull Month ago +1

    When is the next wheel, you hack frauds?!

  • pprandomnpz
    pprandomnpz Month ago

    Not the BEES!! Not the BEES!! AHHAHAA!!

  • Kayla Halder
    Kayla Halder Month ago +1

    Women's liberation was a mistake.

  • William May
    William May Month ago

    Mike Stoklasa defending "Wise Woman" is both the happiest and most amused I've been in at least 24 hours.

  • Evan Waller
    Evan Waller Month ago +1

    Ripping on old ladies.
    Toxic masculinity at its finest!
    Go get em, boys 😉👍🏻

  • Shayan Shajarian
    Shayan Shajarian Month ago

    The Mr. Wiggles website is some sort of asian porn site now :)

  • pinkninja107
    pinkninja107 Month ago

    You gotta see Poppin John on youtube. He does what Mr. Wiggles does, but FOR REALS.

  • Davy Machinegun
    Davy Machinegun Month ago +2

    Celebration of AIIIDDDSSSSSSS

  • twag86
    twag86 Month ago +1

    The musical stylings of the old crone medicine show

  • The Harlequin
    The Harlequin Month ago

    Dick the Gimp the Birthday Boy

  • Shenaldrac
    Shenaldrac Month ago +1

    Is it wrong that the idea of a Mr. Wiggles Saves Elon Musk movie where he has to use his dancing to replace all the robot arms that have broken down actually appeals to me? As the most ridiculous, heartwarming tale of one hip hop dancer's journey that ends up saving the Tesla?

    MICKDOTZONE Month ago

    As someone who works in the "Adult entertainment" industry i can verify you can just reform in a day. The money isn't worth it to go to hell right.

  • Geoffrey Blackmer
    Geoffrey Blackmer Month ago

    Who is more dedicated to a bit than Rich Evans?

  • That's Awesome, Chen!
    That's Awesome, Chen! Month ago +1

    whiiite women whiiite women whiiite women, white women

  • Benjamin O'Neill
    Benjamin O'Neill Month ago

    38:12 thought i'd left xclusiveace open in another tab

  • Taco Carlsón
    Taco Carlsón Month ago +1

    I sometimes wonder what impact intersectional feminism has had on the crone movement.

    By 'sometimes' I mean never.

  • Alex Wong
    Alex Wong Month ago +1

    That’s exactly how well Solo did! Straight into the floor!

  • Daniel Sampson
    Daniel Sampson Month ago

    21:59 I can't stop looping back to this part when he comes in singing, this is the funniest shit I've ever heard

  • My20GUNS
    My20GUNS Month ago


  • Sound Author
    Sound Author Month ago

    0:35 BANANA! BANANA! 🤣

  • escobari
    escobari Month ago

    that mir. wiggles robot story line sounds like adamn sandler movie

  • iPervy
    iPervy Month ago

    Its funny how crone's literal definition is "a cruel or ugly old woman" haha so blunt.

  • Zissou Moonshot
    Zissou Moonshot Month ago +1

    If back when A New Hope was in theaters, someone had told me there would eventually be a Han Solo origin story film, and would have zero interest in seeing it, I would have laughed in their face.

  • jackytheripper
    jackytheripper Month ago

    The crone ceremony is for the most basic of bitches

  • John Leary
    John Leary Month ago

    "Is this a Harmony Korine movie?" Holy shit, I love Jay lol

  • James Dexter
    James Dexter Month ago

    Exeptance gives you strength. An openmind expands your vision. Tolerance gives you a broader perspective. You do not need to fear us, just try to understand. I would like for you to educate yourselves on the subject of Wicca. I am not angry or even saddend by what you said about the video, I just want to help you understand who we are. Blessed be.🎇

  • Michael Akkerman
    Michael Akkerman Month ago


  • MiqelDotCom
    MiqelDotCom 2 months ago

    Holy shit 2018 has been a long year. It feels like this was from 2016, lol.

  • SirSamJuan
    SirSamJuan 2 months ago

    "A woman who's stories matter tremendously"

  • punchy001
    punchy001 2 months ago

    Old guy with hitlers mustasche looks like Peter Parkers boss in the 70's spiderman cartoon.

  • paul coy
    paul coy 2 months ago +1

    42:00 I think Rich means the Dunning-Krueger Effect ?

  • paul coy
    paul coy 2 months ago

    17:30 I'm surprised Rich didn't shout "AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE".

  • Kramer Szczesniak
    Kramer Szczesniak 2 months ago

    rich evans as mr wiggles looks just like my downstairs neighbor

  • MrStevenMagnet
    MrStevenMagnet 2 months ago +1

    My dad when I walk into the living room

  • Bert Bargo
    Bert Bargo 2 months ago

    39:16 What are you, from the Department of Know'm sayins? You takin' a know'm census? You countin' my know'm sayin's?

  • GrindcoreNinja
    GrindcoreNinja 2 months ago

    Two Canadian's who can't remember j-rock from TPB.
    Know wha'im sayin?

  • Peef Rimgar
    Peef Rimgar 2 months ago

    11:59 can't believe none of y'all went with a Crone Wars joke

    • Peef Rimgar
      Peef Rimgar 2 months ago


  • /u/forgotmy_username
    /u/forgotmy_username 2 months ago

    25:39 does Rich have a pillow over his crotch to hide his boner?

  • FruitSmax
    FruitSmax 2 months ago +3

    "give me firewater" gets me every time

  • Gerado Jimenez
    Gerado Jimenez 2 months ago

    The first song they use is a YES rip off !

  • Andreas Söderberg
    Andreas Söderberg 2 months ago

    Flip flop style! :D This is so great! :D

  • Marty Jackson
    Marty Jackson 2 months ago +2

    Rich Evans should be a porn star

  • danekarl
    danekarl 2 months ago +3

    Is the croning ceremony what happens in Hereditary?

  • Anime 101
    Anime 101 2 months ago

    Soooo the Mr.wiggles website shown took me to a site about Icelandic cinema, and when I typed it in again with "hiphop" instead of "shophop" it took me to what I think you would get if you crossed a Japanese porn site with a Casino...

  • PicturesJester
    PicturesJester 2 months ago

    Dude with the hair is definitely gay and was mad af at the end lmao

  • The Hammurabi Chode
    The Hammurabi Chode 2 months ago

    *Press **56:20** for horse*

  • tylerdurden3891
    tylerdurden3891 2 months ago

    What the hell is with the random cutaways to the crazy woman yelling nonsense, and then clucking like a chicken before rolling in the grass?

    • Sahuagin
      Sahuagin 26 days ago +1

      I think demonstrating LSD

  • Caitlin Jo Pepe
    Caitlin Jo Pepe 2 months ago +1

    "super Parkinson's" made me laugh and now I feel bad

  • frowning ham
    frowning ham 2 months ago +1

    So many tapes i want to see on this wheel..
    (So many tapes I want them to have to endure for my amusment)

  • 3 A-Holes
    3 A-Holes 2 months ago

    They couldn't find a way to make the video quality crappy enough to simulate Mr Wiggles Home videos