RPGMaker (XP, VX, MV) Tutorial | Parallax Mapping (Work Flow)

  • Published on Apr 11, 2017
  • This "tutorial" goes over my work flow/processing for parallax mapping!

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  • Bruno Santana
    Bruno Santana 4 years ago

    Please Translation PT-BR

  • James Ortiz
    James Ortiz 4 years ago

    Nice work, very well explained. I look forward to your next video.

  • Roszhelia
    Roszhelia 4 years ago +3

    This is so beautiful :D

  • DS9

    thanks for making this, very insightful

  • Lady Ruru
    Lady Ruru 3 years ago +3

    I know this video is old but how do I use it for XP? I mean, I did it but I can't see my parallax image on rpg maker xp, it's just all white so I don't know where to place the "X" not-passable tiles... Any tips?

  • Latyssia Barrett-James

    What tileset is this it looks beautiful. I would love to get it. What version of Photoshop are you using?

  • This guy
    This guy 4 years ago

    Would it be cool if you made an oil painting of all of your maps by hand and take a picture of the paintings and put them in photoshop the you transferred them from paint shop into the RPG Maker MV? That's what I'm planning to do.

  • RPG Lance
    RPG Lance 4 years ago

    Can those waters move? , what it looks like when playing? how do you export the map to PS.? So far as I know "Parallax Mapping" means, when you walk on the map, the Background (like sky or mountain) moves slower , to give it a interesting look. Is that right? , I think this video is just about map painting, I don't see any parallax mapping . Sorry, too many questions . Any way , the map looks beatiful.

  • Lian Abd Elkhalek
    Lian Abd Elkhalek 3 years ago

    How can I add them to the map in RPG XP ?

  • ㄏㄏ
    ㄏㄏ 2 years ago


  • Anissa Bashori
    Anissa Bashori Year ago

    May I have this project sir?