Winners & Losers E3 2019 (The Jimquisition)

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
    E3 2019 has been and gone, so it's time for our annual awards of arbitrary recognition! Who did good, who came away sore? Let's find out!
    From hecklers to Final Fantasy to Bethesda being Bethesda, we got the lot here! We got the LOT!
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  • TrenTDafarix
    TrenTDafarix 19 hours ago

    The people yelling make me want to cease video games

  • MrKathaar
    MrKathaar 19 hours ago

    So, Bethesda gets shit on for not taking the EA route and just abandoning FO76? They choose to stick to their guns, own their mistakes, and fix their damn game and that's somehow despicable. Wow, alright.

  • Jasmine Reeve
    Jasmine Reeve Day ago

    How dare you play yuffies theme while talking about Bethesda :< although maybe that was all that could make it bearable

  • AlcarT94
    AlcarT94 2 days ago

    Haven't watched your show since September. I was not disappointed coming back.
    Also, this video is thrice in your playlist.

  • Loki
    Loki 2 days ago

    can you not use binding of isaac OST i'm having painful flashbacks thanks

  • Hatwox
    Hatwox 2 days ago

    Ubisoft. Saving twitch thots one , dance number , at a time.
    also yes yes keaun is cool yea.. but the way he spoke... did it not make your hair stand on end? Like a someone was lying to your face and even thou you know it sounds so weird your alarm is going off , you know you will just accept it cause fuck nothing is in control...
    *Clears throat* ... also hecklers.. yea .. that was a good point

  • Untimely Avengest
    Untimely Avengest 3 days ago

    you forgot to even mention nintendo

  • Michael Blau
    Michael Blau 3 days ago +1

    OMG they will disgrace Commander Keen thats a shame.. cant let any old ip rest in dignity, no we cant..

  • Sarasaland Subserviant

    Losers: Pokémon Sword and Shield. The most hated games at E3.

  • Ethan Bligh
    Ethan Bligh 6 days ago

    To be fair to Avengers, ffxv handled live service pretty well

  • nunya businesan
    nunya businesan 7 days ago

    You should always remember with heckling there is a time an a place and unless it is heartfelt you will get it wrong.

  • Sardrellas
    Sardrellas 8 days ago

    okay but you didn't mention the national dex issue

  • Tobias Leiminger
    Tobias Leiminger 10 days ago +5

    Me, a non-native English speaker: "What is a heckler?"
    Five minutes later: "Ah alright, nevermind."

  • Spike Fontaine
    Spike Fontaine 11 days ago +1

    Dear Mister Sterling,
    Thank you for adding the phrase Yawnsome Guff to my vocabulary, I will treasure it forever! Thank you for going though the corporate coma that was E3 to remind me there isn't anything to interest me this year. You are a Hero sir,
    Your Friend,
    Spike Fontaine

  • Leon Rei
    Leon Rei 12 days ago

    I wonder how many of those Shrekers were Paid Kinda like a hyper

  • Zzarcon1
    Zzarcon1 12 days ago

    11:39 I'm sure Jim is going to get endless harasment for saying that.

  • Crimson Hope
    Crimson Hope 12 days ago

    The Keanu heckler actually turned down the collectors edition and asked for them to donate a game cart to a children's hospital instead. Real stand up guy.

  • Zach Daniels
    Zach Daniels 12 days ago

    Love the intro video. Beavis and butthead are great.

  • Strazdas
    Strazdas 12 days ago

    Just look at the eyes of that woman announcing avengers game. She was very clearly lying! Right upper corner look is the most common lie tell.

  • Strazdas
    Strazdas 12 days ago

    A french company making silly dances in corporate self masturbation is literally trumps america? Well, i guess maybe trumps america isnt that bad. Sure could be worse.

  • King Juggalo
    King Juggalo 13 days ago

    Seems Its Always 1.4k Who Dislike Your Content?
    Same Shit Sucking AAA Bought Viewer's I Suppose?
    Yeah For Sure

  • hiue minh
    hiue minh 13 days ago

    heh where is nintendo ?

    • The Wielder
      The Wielder Day ago

      He talked about Nintendo in a later video, he's excited for Animal Crossing and commended Nintendo for delaying games to avoid Crunch Periods

  • Shade's Insane Chamber

    Very Underwelmin' E3 in this year of 2019.

  • mamasmokin
    mamasmokin 13 days ago

    I stopped watching after Jim accusing Ubisoft most boring, I guess he praised jrpgs afterwards?

  • Gary Oak
    Gary Oak 13 days ago

    i cant believe youre against heckling. Heckling is a lost art, a large part of the performance lost to due to soccer moms with a finger over their lips.

  • Eduardo Kuri
    Eduardo Kuri 13 days ago

    I feel genuinely bad about the just dance dancers

  • BigBallzBerto
    BigBallzBerto 14 days ago

    Id say the biggest winner is Sony,they weren't there and still managed to be the most talked about publisher in 3rd spot,not bad for not showing up and still being relevant,sony must have been like Nice one boys,we saved alot of money that will be put towards ps5 and most of the titles shown on Xbox also are playable on ps4.

  • Kariuki Ke
    Kariuki Ke 15 days ago

    Winners and losers inspired by l2inc

  • Human Toilet
    Human Toilet 15 days ago

    10:10 I think i heard someone say "CALM DOWN!"

  • Lord Adz
    Lord Adz 15 days ago

    That guy screaming in e3 bathesda is elder memes

  • Drog .NDTrax
    Drog .NDTrax 16 days ago

    Developers announcing "features" at this point has essentially become this scene:

  • Lecto-Sama
    Lecto-Sama 16 days ago

    Nothing about Nintendo, Game Freak, or #Dexit? We could use your voice on this one Jim. No one cares about Randy Pitchford, we all know he’s a scum bag. Start covering Nintendo before we loose one of the last great companies.

  • Vipul Gupta
    Vipul Gupta 17 days ago

    Don't agree with everything but the Avengers reveal was complete shit...definitely!
    Edit: Bethesda was shit too 100% shit!

  • bopp9
    bopp9 17 days ago

    That Bethesda heckling part reminds me of the episode from Spongebob where they host a talent show at the Krusty Krabb, and Patrick Star wont stop laughing at Squidwards jokes to the point where he interupts him after every word he says.

  • techdeckdudes _
    techdeckdudes _ 17 days ago

    I would argue that Devolver already fucked it up with the Shadow Warrior reboot. But that can be forgiven.

  • UthersonL
    UthersonL 17 days ago

    But FF8's been on Steam for years, along with most of the classics (4-9)

  • HateSolstice127
    HateSolstice127 17 days ago

    When are we going to have another superhero game where you can create your own custom characters instead of being forced to play canonical popular ones? DC Universe Online, Champions Online, City of Heroes/Villains(which I heard was being or already has been resurrected), and I think there were a couple others. Nothing Marvel, sadly.

  • Dallas Kelley
    Dallas Kelley 17 days ago

    ironic hecks: WOOOOOOOOOH
    bathesda: Dang this is going really well, guess they really like the direction we're going.

  • Talyn has time
    Talyn has time 18 days ago

    The dancing was stupid, but I respect those dancers for doing their job.

    • The Wielder
      The Wielder Day ago +1

      I honestly feel bad for the dancers. They likely spend weeks or even months choreographing the dances to look that seamless, only for people to cringe like crazy

  • Travis C
    Travis C 18 days ago

    I gave myself a kudos for correctly guessing bethesda ;D

  • Tracytron
    Tracytron 18 days ago +3

    13:18 Wait why is Iron Man's Una-beam orange instead of blue

  • Tracytron
    Tracytron 18 days ago

    And people wonder why I hate crowds

  • Jason 0790
    Jason 0790 18 days ago

    8K 120FPS with ray tracing! what has Microsoft been smoking?

  • Atty Mizer
    Atty Mizer 18 days ago +1

    I swear all those hecklers were actually just one person!

    • Joshua Van Der Sluys
      Joshua Van Der Sluys 17 days ago

      I'm thinking the hecklers this year, might make the gaming corporates into not inviting these "Hyperfans" or "Influencers" for ruining a press conference.

  • Quixe Bee
    Quixe Bee 18 days ago

    Also it's been bugging the hell out of me, but those weren't hecklers in the audience those were "poppers" they're plants in the audience to get applause by starting a chain reaction. the reason why it was obvious with Bethesda is because nobody there gave a shit except for DOOM ETERNAL

  • Rat King
    Rat King 18 days ago

    @Jim Stearling you know why all the dates are set 1 year back.... up quality from whatever shit EA pumps out and
    TO REMOVE THE LOOTBOXES that will get the company in legal trouble.

  • 427noob
    427noob 18 days ago

    I mean the new Watch Dogs looks pretty cool

  • Hunter Dombrowski
    Hunter Dombrowski 19 days ago +20

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Fallout: New Vegas was the best Fallout game because Todd Howard had nothing to do with it.

  • GammaWALLE
    GammaWALLE 19 days ago

    Oh god, what the hell did they do to Black Widow!?!

  • GammaWALLE
    GammaWALLE 19 days ago


  • ChaosDraguss
    ChaosDraguss 19 days ago

    *The holidays are too crowded, let's release in March* thought every single publisher before E3. This was followed by *Well...shit*

  • Fab Elger
    Fab Elger 20 days ago

    22:09 WHAAT???The CD project red one didnt drop your Jaw??????????dafuq???

  • Michael
    Michael 20 days ago

    Warframe till Cyberpunk 2077 comes out.... just about everything else is complete SHIT!!!! lol

  • Cross
    Cross 20 days ago

    I think the big 3 should honestly agree to put on their own gaming conferences aside just agree on a place and date to hold a gaming convention so all the devs, publishers and media have a alternative to e3....something to where everyone in the industry can get together and share what their latest projects and stuff...cuz e3 isn't e3 anymore, but I would hate to have "Nintendo directs" from everyone at different times etc....I love e3 cuz u get everything in one week....all the press conferences/directs...all the new game trailers, gameplay, new announcements would suck if everyone did their own's not as special

  • ZoanBlade90
    ZoanBlade90 20 days ago

    4:56 THAT is Panic At the Disco now, huh? If I liked their work a little more, that would just be sad. "I write sellouts, not tragedies."

  • Beta Maxis
    Beta Maxis 20 days ago

    I haven't cared about any game not coming out on the Switch since Persona 5 and it's updated rerelease.

  • Graham McCarthy
    Graham McCarthy 20 days ago

    Is Bethesda becoming the new Konami? Cause it really seems like they’re becoming the new Konami

  • The Pagan
    The Pagan 20 days ago


  • Eduardo Salinas
    Eduardo Salinas 20 days ago +1

    I also got negative comments towards me fo voicing my skepticism against the FF7 Remake. I guess that´s what happens when you try to speak rationally in the presence of fanboys. I still believe that the game being episodic will be a bad idea.

  • Shepard
    Shepard 20 days ago

    I guess its a good time to dust up my snes/gamecube and prepare for 2020, as it gets kinda obvious that there is only cyberpunk 2077 worthy of my attention (in the tripple a bracket) and a couple of "low budget " (but not low quality) titles that got my interest.
    All the live service, always online games already disqualified themselves... and for the rest... well i am rather skeptical, about pointless grinds, throttling, monetization etc etc.

    About the e3 being a loser in itself, i guess the interest will fade more and more. The shows are boring at best for the very most part and you can get all the information you need/look for on the internet anyways.
    For me this kinda conventions have been always looked upon with confusion why people would actually want to spend money on wasting their time getting drip feed content shown and bored to death by snakeoil salesmen speeches. All the while they could just spend the day working, making money, and enjoy all the information in a compressed format after work in their nice and comfy own 4 walls. No need to pay entrance, no need to stand in line to get to look at something no dealing with crowded places. Just relaxing with a beer soaking in all the news and more.

  • TheSpellShell
    TheSpellShell 20 days ago

    This heckling stuff was pure cringe

  • Jacob Kleinsasser
    Jacob Kleinsasser 20 days ago

    No matter who wins, the consumer looses. Which is why I still have not bought one and Xbox 1 or PS4. My original Xbox, 360, PS2, and PS3 work just fine, and I have plenty of games to play. Sure I have played them multiple times, but I would rather replay one of my favorite games over playing any of the sh__ they come out with now.

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 20 days ago

    Okay Jim, those dancers at the 5 minute mark came straight out of the left

  • 00x000
    00x000 20 days ago +1

    I'm not sure how I feel about pushing the poor Xbox to 120 fps when most users play on 60hz TVs.

  • Rodolfo Brito
    Rodolfo Brito 20 days ago

    Fuck all this Devolver presentation bullshit, holy shit. This is so enforced that it looses all the appeal. Also, every year is the same presentation. Fuck this.

    SAGEMODERAUL 2 20 days ago

    It's there anyway you could make your videos let's say 2 or 3 hours long?

  • Andrea Call
    Andrea Call 21 day ago

    How do you not even mention Nintendo?? BotW sequel announcement was the closest thing to jaw-dropping and it's not even mentioned?

  • PiercingSight
    PiercingSight 21 day ago

    All I cared about was the Nintendo Direct and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Both were fantastic.

  • rambobunny1
    rambobunny1 21 day ago +2

    will become Grandpa's and everything is a bloody reboot it's becoming like Hollywood crap land

  • Sleepyhead
    Sleepyhead 21 day ago