• Published on Jan 8, 2022
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  • Qahs
    Qahs  +464

    You guys are such nice people. Giving as many free footballs as possible to the poor hospital patients 😂😂

  • Johnsxn
    Johnsxn  +335

    Whoever washes the kits has my upmost sympathies 😂

  • Ricky J.
    Ricky J.  +100

    Manny, the way you malfunctioned on that first Fred goal... 😂🤣

  • dn10HD
    dn10HD  +45


  • Ryan Burton

    look forward to these videos every Sunday amazing content and such a great bunch of lads who play with heart and passion keep them wins coming well done great win guys

  • katahlyn
    katahlyn  +78

    Their keeper getting nutmegged after making faces to the camera - absolutely priceless. Him on the ground after the 5th goal is the cherry on top.

  • BlueShift36

    I've played on pitches like this plenty of times. So much that my cleat would get stuck in the mud and i'd have to take a second just to pull it out. Its super tiring to play on but is very fun. You guys played great this game and fair play to Meridian as well, definitely put in a shift against you guys.

  • David Levett

    Happy new year UTR 🎉 ✨ this is going to be another amazing year for the team!

  • Conor Holloway

    Some of Mannys through balls especially on this pitch are really difficult to do but hes making them look easy. Good win and respect to the kitman/woman 🙏

  • Vivitoss

    I think UTR FC has been dominating their league every year. They are so good. I wanna be a part of their team. But I’m in the US 😭😭

  • Callum Johns

    Another week where Kwamz shows how good he is, he’s so underrated

  • Allen Alfaro

    The entire play leading up to the first goal is the most Sunday league shit I've ever seen and I love it

  • Josh Rowe

    Manny on fire this game bro, 2 assists and unlucky with the finish👍keep it up mate all of you are ballers

  • JJW
    JJW   +3

    could you maybe put the table of your competition after every sunday league video? would be sick to see

  • Albinator

    Nothing better than seeing half of the Team do the Siuu Celebration weekly 🐐❤️

  • Nathan Lhoni

    This was the most Sunday league game of ball I've ever watched n I loved it looooool😂😂😂😂

  • J Fella

    Always look forward to this series each week!

  • Josh Bloomfield

    man i’d love to play for UTR it looks like a lot of fun honestly

  • Without The Mask

    That knee slide by Drew hurt me 😂

  • Ethan Phillips

    Love watching UTR best of luck in the future