Blizzard Botches World of Warcraft Classic Launch - Inside Gaming Daily

  • Published on Aug 28, 2019
  • First my dad left me for Vanilla WoW, now it's taking my boyfriend?? Am I gonna have to send my son down a river in a Willow-esque fashion for him to escape Blizzard's mealy clutches?? I'LL DO IT DUDE I'LL THROW HIM OFF A CLIFF
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  • Alan Wayne
    Alan Wayne 2 months ago

    I fully expect activision to "suddenly change their minds" and start cash grabbing this, so I'm still not getting this game D:

  • Harold Phoenix
    Harold Phoenix 2 months ago

    Wow classic, I'm hook

  • Toothless
    Toothless 2 months ago

    I love lawrence

  • Winston Fuller
    Winston Fuller 3 months ago

    Question is ... How monitized is Classic WoW now?

  • Valdarious
    Valdarious 3 months ago

    We also had playground 99, old school EQ to Kunark. Granted, this was a private venture but it had dev support.

  • Fak A Yu
    Fak A Yu 3 months ago

    you invalidated everything you said in the second half of the video with everything you already said at the begining.. what the actual fuck lol

  • Stevie
    Stevie 3 months ago

    “Botched” it? Disagree completely. It went probably as well as it could’ve, if you decided to join a server that was full then yeah you had to wait. Plenty of open servers at that time and a lot of them didn’t require you to wait (I got in at launch)
    give it a week and the servers will die down

  • Jostein Eilertsen
    Jostein Eilertsen 3 months ago

    1 help please

  • James Love
    James Love 3 months ago

    I needed this video. WoW has been consuming my mind lately. I had over 600 days /played by the end of WotLK when I quit. I was seriously contemplating going back and getting rank 14 and killing KT again, but I remember how long it took me, 14 hour days of pvping to get rank 14, farming for hours to have all the consumables needed to raid Naxx. Repair bills because even Patchwerk (the first boss my raid started with) would kill 20-25 players, because we would kill him a minute or so after his enrage timer (things were messy) and this was after having him on farm for awhile.
    I didn't go into private servers because they had a bunch of things wrong and they couldn't just take people's word for it (because different people were saying different things). Like boss parry was at least 10% not 5% (turned out to be 14%). Other numbers are wrong like boss resists. Mobs seemed to interact differently than my memory. World buffs had a cooldown, but the private servers did not have a cooldown. Small differences kept me at bay.
    I am glad I got away. I need to stay away. This was a very good video to help support me in keeping away. Thank you for saving my real life.

  • DylskiM8
    DylskiM8 3 months ago

    I told myself I wasn't gonna download it...

    I was up till 5am this morning

  • Henry Collins
    Henry Collins 3 months ago

    cheeky appearance from everyones favourite walrus boy Chris Trott

  • calder bennetts
    calder bennetts 3 months ago

    just dont pick a high pop server and youre golden

  • Tundra Shadow
    Tundra Shadow 3 months ago

    I dont care for classic I let my good memories stay in the past. I just want them to overhaul the game with a new engine/ new system etc

  • Bananakin
    Bananakin 3 months ago

    This is the classic experience we all wanted.

  • Doskii
    Doskii 3 months ago


  • Philip Blake
    Philip Blake 3 months ago

    Yep, Blizzard's fault. They 'botched' it alright. Has absolutely nothing to do with the millions of people attempting to login at once resulting in massive queue times. Blizzard's fault. Botched.
    I get it, you gotta bring in the clicks somehow when your channel is hosted by two neanderthal-looking simpletons, but you're going to have to try a little harder.

  • Stephanie Yung
    Stephanie Yung 3 months ago +1

    The Oldschool CHADscape vs World of Virgincraft

  • Jose Paez
    Jose Paez 3 months ago

    Ohh and im still playing RS3 😂

  • Jose Paez
    Jose Paez 3 months ago

    Lml i lost all my friends because of wow.... not again 😭

  • Zakkary Jenkins
    Zakkary Jenkins 3 months ago

    Adam I got your Duran Duran reference. Sick reference bro

  • ARGENT 191
    ARGENT 191 3 months ago

    I want Activision to release a remaster of all 4 PS1 Tony Hawk games and call it "Tony Hawk: Existential Meltdown"

  • David Elder
    David Elder 3 months ago

    11:13 Thank you I Needed to here That.

  • Desert Fox
    Desert Fox 3 months ago

    You guys should mention mixer number as well, not just twitch

  • Desert Fox
    Desert Fox 3 months ago

    I'm going back and I'm putting all my mods on

  • MarsanGamer
    MarsanGamer 3 months ago


  • AusTkiller
    AusTkiller 3 months ago

    Did anyone noticed the description???

  • Carebear Carebear
    Carebear Carebear 3 months ago

    I was looking forward to Classic but I wasn't hyped at all. I'M HYPED NOW!

    GLOKU 3 months ago

    They definitely didnt "botch" it. One of the best launches I've been apart of

  • Nick Pratt
    Nick Pratt 3 months ago

    I’m sure their is a “nostalgia” element to this mass of interest, but nobody is mentioning that droves of old school players quit the game after several expansions because it no longer resembled the game they started playing....

  • Sam
    Sam 3 months ago


  • Outdoors Nevada
    Outdoors Nevada 3 months ago

    Had 14 realms starting. Should have done 30

  • Baraz
    Baraz 3 months ago

    Eh... what about short people !
    - what server are you on so Dwarves, Gnomes and Goblins can kick your ass !
    ( my avatar here is a Dwarf, with a red beard, on a mount, by the way ! :P )

    • Baraz
      Baraz 3 months ago

      ps: I do not play WoW and dislike MMOs that are WoW clones :P For real, dumb blind and deaf mobs, that react only to aggro range, annoy me. Among other classical MMO things.
      I liked Shadowbane (played in 2009), Darkfall (2009 to 2013) and ESO (2014). Of course, they cannot fully escape being a bit like WoW on some aspects.

  • rabidslurpy
    rabidslurpy 3 months ago

    My name's Cody, and I was drinking a monster at the time of viewing. I feel attacked.

  • zytosaur
    zytosaur 3 months ago


  • A slav who likes beets
    A slav who likes beets 3 months ago

    Personally love right up to wrath of the Lich King, but cataclysm was great at the time because after so long of the same thing it was fresh and new but now I miss the old version

  • Kensei_Immortal
    Kensei_Immortal 3 months ago

    I played WoW for 7ish years. From launch to the end of Wrath of the Lich King. I don't regret my time in that game but I will NEVER do that again. Some things need to stay in the past.

  • S V
    S V 3 months ago

    I havent played WoW since 2007, I've been thinking about getting back into it. I think this might be the time.

  • CampaignerSC
    CampaignerSC 3 months ago

    Is Vanilla Azeroth markedly different from TBC Azeroth? TBC was my first 1-60 leveling experience.

  • Rogun987
    Rogun987 3 months ago

    Every new MMO back then had server capacity issues. We wanted a classic experience, we got that exact same experience.

  • InformalNarwhals
    InformalNarwhals 3 months ago

    Before I watch: just GTA online all over again, gamers cry because demand for game was bigger than servers can handle.

  • Dr Octostache
    Dr Octostache 3 months ago

    how did lawrence forget about numetal, the soundtrack to every thirty-somethings angsty adolescence

  • McYosheeee
    McYosheeee 3 months ago

    With Runescape, the modern version is RS3 and then you have Old School Runescape - which I call RS4. This is simply because with the modern version they tend to release everything, bad and good. Meanwhile Old School can learn from this and only use the good stuff.
    I personally play RS3 and the higher tier content is quite demanding. But like all MMORPG's, it's all a numbers game.

  • Scotch German
    Scotch German 3 months ago

    Thank you for that last comment, Connor. I appreciate you.

  • Rujholla H
    Rujholla H 3 months ago

    Don't forget EQ that has been doing various kinds of Classic Progressions servers for a couple of years at least

  • Agent Smith : Retro Gamer

    I'm definitely looking forward to playing classic WoW. I first started this game back on that specific update. and I really lost interest when the trait system got changed and simplified. It'll be nice to trait build with more then 3 choices of routes. current wow trait builds are basic 3 choices so every player is the same.

  • Spike X
    Spike X 3 months ago

    What is this "we" nonsense.

  • unsteddie music
    unsteddie music 3 months ago +1

    Reverting is always the best, like when fortnite reverted the building after 1 day. they still need to revert the mechs though to when they didnt exist

  • unsteddie music
    unsteddie music 3 months ago +1

    League of Legends number 2??
    😂 lol

  • Wilde Sage
    Wilde Sage 3 months ago

    Cool shirt, Adam.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 months ago

    Leave it to Inside Gaming to botch a news story....we want The Know back

  • X412 Saint
    X412 Saint 3 months ago

    Actually I am watching this from my way back from the bathroom

  • James Hurley
    James Hurley 3 months ago

    Goes to show how badly people want a game you actually have to play rather then pay to win....anf i haven't fallen as deep as my regrets for Anthem so i think i can get up ok....

  • GlitchyDust
    GlitchyDust 3 months ago +1

    Why are they not understanding that WoW Classic is freaking better than retail... make me sad

  • Jordan
    Jordan 3 months ago

    Old school runescape

  • Jarrik73
    Jarrik73 3 months ago

    Leeroy Jenkins is a much older thing than WoW. I remember people pulling the Leeroy Jenkins manuever in EverQuest, along with plethora other dickish things like training the entire host of mobs from the plane of a then end-game zone back to the zone-in spot.

  • dannycr06
    dannycr06 3 months ago

    Dont worry Adam, I did get the Duran Duran "Notorious" reference.

  • Excaliber
    Excaliber 3 months ago

    As far as que wait time.. Give it a little time, once the KIDS and snowflakes figure out that it is hard and much harder than retail wow. and that it will take a long time to level, they will quite.

  • sol porter
    sol porter 3 months ago

    I fell

  • zoomonster2
    zoomonster2 3 months ago

    Adam called out me taking a shit in the morning while watching this. I don’t need help guy. I’m just multitasking

  • A Casual Solo
    A Casual Solo 3 months ago