Jay Gets Clingy | The Inbetweeners

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • After getting some extremely wise and sound advice from his Dad, Jay starts to get clingy and Neil is revising hard.
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  • Charlie Richmond
    Charlie Richmond 11 days ago

    is Neil high?

  • wellard geeza 786
    wellard geeza 786 14 days ago


  • Yt GGinforcer
    Yt GGinforcer 16 days ago

    Jay's dads the reason he exaggerates

  • British Thrillseeker
    British Thrillseeker 16 days ago


  • Richard Bryant
    Richard Bryant 18 days ago

    Jay's dad is an arsehole

  • iamyourshirt
    iamyourshirt 19 days ago +1

    Neil playing fifa instead of revising is such a mood

  • Pepsi Lovin' Asian Janitor

    Chloe’s bangers tho

  • Harry Laing-ross
    Harry Laing-ross Month ago +2

    “Although lets face it she probably is”

  • The Handyman
    The Handyman Month ago +1

    "Best you can with your tiny equipment" hahahaha

  • David Peter McMorris
    David Peter McMorris Month ago +2

    I love when jays dad gives him advice after constantly bantering him.

  • Jimmy Shaker
    Jimmy Shaker Month ago +1

    Watching the races
    This show was so on point

  • Football Highlights

    “ teachers told me if I revise it’s unfair on the other kids “ 😂

  • Charlie Austin
    Charlie Austin Month ago

    Imagine revising for history by playing Call Of Duty

  • mcholloway
    mcholloway Month ago

    women are like fairground rides: fucking mental

  • Nerd
    Nerd Month ago +2

    I luv jay

  • DxsKTopZ
    DxsKTopZ Month ago +1


  • Austin Keith
    Austin Keith Month ago

    Show the whole disco party scene

  • Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley Month ago

    I want to fuck neils dad in the arse

    • Elvis Presley
      Elvis Presley Month ago

      @Dials Mavis too busy plowing neils dads shit chute, he loves it and is begging for more

    • Dials Mavis
      Dials Mavis Month ago

      Shouldn't you be revising as well?

  • Deuce Brikkinsson
    Deuce Brikkinsson Month ago +2

    Poor bastard tried hard too.. Almost pity he wasn't able to put that McDonald's chip in Chloe's box. Poor bugger

  • gigi prescott
    gigi prescott Month ago +1

    oh neilllllllluhhhhh

  • GuitarGuy
    GuitarGuy Month ago +12

    I feel sorry for Jay. He only did it because it was his first relationship and she wasn’t sure how to handle it.

  • Joe Lamb
    Joe Lamb Month ago +1

    I put that shelf up didn't I?

  • Rybackilicious
    Rybackilicious Month ago +1

    “I thought she was a fucking pig”

  • J C
    J C Month ago +1

    Check how and... *Where you are*

  • Jude Kay
    Jude Kay Month ago +6

    "Dads are like arseholes. Everyone's got one but also they're arseholes" -Will McKenzie The Inbetweeners Movie

  • AltonTowersUpdates
    AltonTowersUpdates Month ago +2


    • hip2thabone
      hip2thabone Month ago


  • Izzy wisker27 11
    Izzy wisker27 11 Month ago

    Oh neaillll

  • Heavy Duty
    Heavy Duty Month ago


  • Hazza
    Hazza Month ago +1

    i bet the shelf neil put up for his 'coursework' was the shitest half job ever

  • Not a Skrull
    Not a Skrull Month ago +1

    “I thought she was a fuckin pig”

  • MouldyBolog Bolog
    MouldyBolog Bolog Month ago

    she had massive boobs

  • AffirmedJuggler I
    AffirmedJuggler I Month ago +2

    Who actually runs this account? It is someone from channel 4?

  • Seanb 758
    Seanb 758 Month ago +2

    Chloe is penggggg

  • Smech
    Smech Month ago +2

    Oooooooooohhhh nieeeeeeellll

  • nriab23
    nriab23 Month ago +2

    Anyone else think she actually sucked off David Glover? I never see Neil as a liar and is more street aware.

  • Nissian_is _my_dream
    Nissian_is _my_dream Month ago +5

    i love the inbetweeners so much i wish that made another ep its so funny

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot Month ago +14

    I'd love to revise football by playing PES 5/6.

  • Henrys HowTos
    Henrys HowTos Month ago +8


  • Peter Ly
    Peter Ly Month ago +15

    "What about your other subjects like tech and design?". "I put that shelf up didn't I" Neil is hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • Simon Cooper
    Simon Cooper Month ago +9

    I love Carly

  • GNVS
    GNVS Month ago +9

    Yet another clip of the Chloe/Jay romance. Wasn't this already covered in The Chloe Saga?

    • GNVS
      GNVS Month ago

      Yeah, just move to series 3 already, they've already uploaded pretty much every major scene from this episode

    • FrosT ღ
      FrosT ღ Month ago +1

      Out of video ideas lol

    • Liam Eaton
      Liam Eaton Month ago

      They rinse it

    • r3h4n
      r3h4n Month ago +1

      I thought that lol

  • Ana Jacket Off
    Ana Jacket Off Month ago +11

    Did you pull David Glover

  • Mr Trick
    Mr Trick Month ago +1

    Oh Neeeeiiiiiillllllllll.

  • Mr Trick
    Mr Trick Month ago +2

    It wouldn't be fair on the other kids.

  • DeMarcus Nephews
    DeMarcus Nephews Month ago +2

    Do Simon and Tara

    • Dials Mavis
      Dials Mavis Month ago

      I'd do Tara, Dunno about Simon though, I'm no Bender

  • Wobbly Greatsword
    Wobbly Greatsword Month ago +92

    Poor Jay, his dad made him the loser he is.

    • paul daniel
      paul daniel Month ago +2

      I think its fuckin sond advice tbh

  • 18Rebel18
    18Rebel18 Month ago

    "I thought she was a facking pig, oh and check where she is the whole time. That's the only way you'll be sure she's not sucking off this other bloke. But let's face it. She probably is"
    Hahahahaaha imagine your Dad actually saying that to you then giving you that advice.

  • Epic Wolf
    Epic Wolf Month ago +15

    I’m clinging on to hope for season 4

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic Month ago +7

    Do the best with your tiny equipment

  • Chilli Charles
    Chilli Charles Month ago

    Jay is the real pedo Kennedy cause one of Chloe’s textbooks says GCSE on it

  • Airwolf 276
    Airwolf 276 Month ago

    Jay’s dad is such a cock

  • Ichigo 360
    Ichigo 360 Month ago

    “Your mother is very sex”

  • Jake Loughnan
    Jake Loughnan Month ago +9

    "Your only hope is when she wants some you do the best you can with your tiny equipment"

  • justgo12642
    justgo12642 Month ago

    Look mate, women are like fairground rides. *Fucking mental!*

  • Leoplurodawn12
    Leoplurodawn12 Month ago +67

    So you’re back with the pig?

    • Fut Gazza
      Fut Gazza Month ago +1

      Leoplurodawn12 Dad, we didn’t split up and please, don’t call her a pig

  • Edwin Reji
    Edwin Reji Month ago +2


  • mufc gamer
    mufc gamer Month ago +26

    Bumders of for a spot of badminton with mr chippy

    • Stephen R
      Stephen R 29 days ago

      @mufc gamer ohhh friend, grammar police friend

    • mufc gamer
      mufc gamer 29 days ago

      @Stephen R oh grammar police

    • Stephen R
      Stephen R Month ago


  • rxgueee
    rxgueee Month ago +3

    Oh neillllllllllll

  • DrScoob
    DrScoob Month ago +10

    Ohhh Neeeeiiiillllll

    • Jake Loughnan
      Jake Loughnan Month ago +1

      I really think you should be revisinnng

  • JSD Family
    JSD Family Month ago +3

    1:55 ohhh neilllllllllllll

  • SicParvisMagna123
    SicParvisMagna123 Month ago +16

    Inbetweeners channel new uploads:
    1. Include 80% same content from prior week.
    2. Release.

  • ThomasTurnipples69
    ThomasTurnipples69 Month ago +1

    Chloe obviously wasn't expecting Jay's massive cock and having a threesome with a top model

  • Blurryface skeletøn
    Blurryface skeletøn Month ago +5


  • Jason Jenkins
    Jason Jenkins Month ago +62

    Though let’s face it she probably is 😂

  • Phizx
    Phizx Month ago +2


  • Lukimus Prime
    Lukimus Prime Month ago +74

    “Oh Neeeeeil....”

    DAN AND PHIL 4 EVER Month ago +212

    'Oh Neil I really think you should be revisINGGG'

    Edit: omg I never have had this much likes have an amazing day x 😧😧😂

  • Fut Gazza
    Fut Gazza Month ago +161

    *your only hope, is when she wants some, you do the best with your tiny equipment* 😂

    • Fut Gazza
      Fut Gazza Month ago

      Luke Holmes good night

    • Luke Holmes
      Luke Holmes Month ago +1

      It’s Jimin But in MLG mode good night 🛏🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌📻🛏🛏🛏🛏⏰🛏🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🍽🛌🛌🛏📻☀️⛅️🌥🌤🛌🛌🛌🛏🛏🚐📺

  • TyJohnz 04
    TyJohnz 04 Month ago +7

    Oh Neillll

  • CtM1088
    CtM1088 Month ago +80

    'Teachers say, cause i've got a photographic memory, it wouldn't be fair on the other kids'

  • Taylor Ruddick
    Taylor Ruddick Month ago +217

    Pedo kennedy walks in

    "Its only me boys"

  • GMAC 5
    GMAC 5 Month ago +30

    At least he messaged her on Bebo

  • Conor O'Boyle
    Conor O'Boyle Month ago

    Jays dad loves fucking pigs

  • Charlie Jones
    Charlie Jones Month ago +2


  • Fin Plays Games
    Fin Plays Games Month ago +2

    Inbetweeners (first)