Mr. Plinkett's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Review


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  • Herald of the God Emperor

    I wonder if he’d mail me a pizza roll. I’d really like a pizza roll right about now.

  • Jesus protects
    Jesus protects 9 hours ago

    Whats up with all the murder and pedophilia jokes? Why people never mention this?

  • walkingcubkid
    walkingcubkid Day ago

    I’m probably the only Indiana Jones fan who enjoys kingdom of the crystal skull, I mean, it’s not fantastic, but it isn’t bad either. And again, it is a B-movie, so this movie fits. Plus, I like the idea of aliens being behind the Aztec/Egyptian symbolic raws and architect

  • David Wührer
    David Wührer Day ago

    It needs to be said:
    Indiana Jones 4 is called The Secret of Atlantis, and it was never made into a movie.
    Crystal Skull is the fourth movie, but it is actually Indiana Jones 5.

  • realizedvisions
    realizedvisions 2 days ago

    Joseph McCarthy was right....

  • funkyflights
    funkyflights 3 days ago

    This movie was a disaster ...

  • ArlanKels
    ArlanKels 5 days ago

    I think in Raiders it's also implied that Marian was like..underage and indy basically raped her or something like that?

  • Sean Clapis
    Sean Clapis 5 days ago

    When the natives jumped out of the walls, some guy in the theater yelled, “now that’s dedication!”

  • The Trigger
    The Trigger 7 days ago +1

    Where is my fucken pizza roll!

  • Lunkwow
    Lunkwow 7 days ago +1

    I orderd some pizza rolls from Mr Plinkett but I only got cat poop... it's delicous!

  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith 7 days ago

    The Olson Twins bit is a good "gate" to keep unworthy riff raff from watching the rest of the review

  • shadow102994
    shadow102994 8 days ago

    Lucas coming up with ideas for Indiana Jones movies sounds like bad fan fiction

  • Oskar Toledo
    Oskar Toledo 9 days ago +1

    Harrison Ford, how he ended in the worst movies from good/great frachizes 🤔😂

  • TimeWarpDrive 77
    TimeWarpDrive 77 9 days ago

    Spankoff, what is that name.

  • Benjamin Coutts
    Benjamin Coutts 11 days ago

    Holy Shit! there's Secret Chiefs 3 in the sound track. Good choice!

  • Neufertful
    Neufertful 12 days ago

    There is a scene in Peru where you can hear Mexican mariachi music being played... totally inaccurate. It was so easy to put traditional Peruvian music in the background, and even make the scene more mystical. It is the country of Machu Pichu... and they chose freaking mariachi music to be played in the scene...aye aye aye

  • Marty Jackson
    Marty Jackson 12 days ago

    Part of the violence thing you bring up and how much more sanitized it is, that’s as much to blame on just how movies are today. All that blood and gore used to be maybe a bit extreme for PG, and that’s why PG-13 was created. But now that violence is considered to much for PG-13 movies today. If all of it was included, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull would have been rated R, and they never would have released an R Indy film. It sucks how sanitized PG-13 has become, but that’s one thing I don’t necessarily blame on Spielberg and Lucas

  • LookingGlassProject
    LookingGlassProject 17 days ago

    Is there something that George Lucas can't ruin?

  • Superschokokeks
    Superschokokeks 18 days ago +3

    remember kids: Don't eat while watching Plinketts Review.......................
    A lesson I'll never learn.

  • Matthew Melange
    Matthew Melange 18 days ago

    42:00 My favorite subject all MUUUUUUURDER!

  • Monte Lee My P.O.V
    Monte Lee My P.O.V 19 days ago

    Not many people can pull that joke at 4:25 and get away with it! My hats off to you Mr.Plinkett! Now send me my Pizza Roll from 2013 you bastard!!

  • The Rusty Cutlass
    The Rusty Cutlass 20 days ago +2

    Child Lebuff

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 21 day ago

    That would have been Cool if it were like a 50's B-sci/fi movie with Harrison Ford dressed like an old professor in a lab... Maybe a little more cerebral???...

  • Peter Mowry
    Peter Mowry 24 days ago

    Best film reviews in the mix right now. This should be the gold standard for film reviews.

  • Benjee Silv
    Benjee Silv 24 days ago +1

    Ok that orgasm was hilarious

  • extremetee
    extremetee 24 days ago

    The worst thing was I had to see it twice. Once on my own and once with a group of friends because I ahd nothing better to do. If anything Plinket was kind to the movie!

  • Joshua Hopkins
    Joshua Hopkins 24 days ago

    "You should get help, it's a quicksand pit."
    "Son, quicksand is my specialty."
    Oh. Oh sure it is!

  • Terry Coyle
    Terry Coyle 24 days ago

    Don't think I didn't recognize Going To Zone at 46:15 !!!

  • Harc 70
    Harc 70 27 days ago +2

    You missed the guy he backed into the airplane propellor in Raiders- should be 10 kills.

  • Justified Gamer
    Justified Gamer 27 days ago +1

    9:13 Pizza roll segment.

  • RicAdbur
    RicAdbur 28 days ago +2

    That Russian lady = Ivana Trump joke seems weirdly prescient now lol

  • K G
    K G 28 days ago

    That was more semen than I expected. I expected some, just not as much.

  • Hedgpig
    Hedgpig 29 days ago

    I also like it when the goo comes out

  • Jacob Whitehouse
    Jacob Whitehouse 29 days ago

    4:05 Are they statues?

  • Richard Strage
    Richard Strage 29 days ago

    5.35 oh no....

  • brickman409
    brickman409 Month ago +1

    What were these people smoking?

  • Nacalal
    Nacalal Month ago

    I want a pizza roll

  • TheRainbowShepherd
    TheRainbowShepherd Month ago

    #1 problem with this film
    Too many commies, not enough helicopters 🚁

  • Andrewik
    Andrewik Month ago

    Maybe instead of "Russians" he could've said "Soviets".

  • daustin8888
    daustin8888 Month ago

    10:52 lmao

  • lauren94
    lauren94 Month ago +1

    The most frustrating part is that they were going to have indianna jones have a daughter

  • Bruce
    Bruce Month ago

    i wanna spank off part time

  • Eric Staples
    Eric Staples Month ago

    The sci-fi 50's theme might have worked if they'd have, ya know, actually done that. Indy belongs in a lab, he's too old to be swinging through jungles in his cowboy hat.

  • Will Lauzon
    Will Lauzon Month ago

    I dont think aliens were the problem. If you can have vodoo magic, a telephone to God and the Holy Grail, why not aliens? It was just a bad movie

  • Crushonius
    Crushonius Month ago +3

    that was the first movie that ms kennedy and disney DESTROYED

    • Jake Garnett
      Jake Garnett 6 days ago

      Crushonius Disney didn’t own Lucasfilm at the time, but you’re still partially correct.

  • Dutchrudders
    Dutchrudders Month ago

    Mack feels like a character Ricky Gervais would play as a joke to make fun of a spy movie.

  • Papillon Effect
    Papillon Effect Month ago +53

    5:35 Kathleen Kennedy... HOLY SHIT! Did anyone notice this? She's currently ruining Star Wars, she was this far back in the timeline?!?!

    • Brian Nodar
      Brian Nodar 6 days ago

      Wait. We're calling Zack Snyder a good director now?

    • Superschokokeks
      Superschokokeks 15 days ago +1


    • Dialask Isel
      Dialask Isel 15 days ago +4

      Wait...could it be that she WASN'T involved back then and only now we see her because... because she's actually a time traveler trying to ruin the timeline and rule the universe! She has already conquered a galaxy far far away, we're next!

    • Superschokokeks
      Superschokokeks 18 days ago +7

      you might think somebody with this Resume have aquired some skills in film/deceison-making..

    • Coffee & Comics
      Coffee & Comics 20 days ago +3

      She was Steven Spielberg's assistant since the 70's. She has been around since 1973 while he was filming Jaws, at least that far back.

  • Pupper
    Pupper Month ago +1


  • cso2040
    cso2040 Month ago

    It's 2018 and I'm still waiting for those Matrix reviews. I guess you can't trust the word of an old psychopath murderer asshole.

  • jbrisby
    jbrisby Month ago

    Crystal Skull is the second best Raiders movie. Its only real flaw was that it had too many 'fuck it' moments; moments when the screenwriter didn't know what to do, so he just went 'aw, fuck it' and did something ridiculous and unrealistic. Pulling Indy out of the quicksand with a snake. Mutt swinging through the jungle on vines. Marion driving into a tree that gently lowers the car into the water. And of course, the refrigerator. Fuck it.

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    The whole alien debacle was George Lucas' idea. No joke

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    At least this film was better than Temple of Doom.

  • Eff
    Eff Month ago +1

    Part time

  • MrTomFung
    MrTomFung Month ago +1

    Part time.

  • ChipplesDClown
    ChipplesDClown Month ago

    Indiana Jones and the Comfortable Couch-Conan O’Brian

  • kevin ivory
    kevin ivory Month ago +2

    Let's not gloss over the fact that Kathleen Kennedy was a significant part of this production.

  • Raptyrn
    Raptyrn Month ago

    song at 45:40? i recognise it but dont know the name cos im fuckin retarded

  • auraguard02
    auraguard02 Month ago

    Imagine if they made the nuclear testing thing be in Russia. They had nukes at the time, too!

  • kucfogflesrouy hctib

    could have been lara jones...

  • Gary
    Gary Month ago

    i love that mr plinkett is such a fully defined character. it really lends credibility that the writers know what they're talking about when they create such a hilariously strange personality to deliver their talking points

  • Vexivero
    Vexivero Month ago


  • Steve Zombory
    Steve Zombory Month ago +1

    I love these videos so hard... EXCEPT - dude, ease up on Karen Allen - she's earned a lifetime Awesome Pass for all of her past work, at the least. If she ever ends up in your basement, you're gonna have some real trouble on your Totino's encrusted hands.

  • zombiekilla
    zombiekilla Month ago

    4:29 Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  • JMArrangements
    JMArrangements Month ago +2

    Is the pizza roll offer still available? I'm so hungry

  • Marcel Gardner
    Marcel Gardner Month ago

    George Lucas=a stoner who accidentally made great movie.
    However, has continuously been stoned and been trying to make great movies.
    Ivana Spankoff......hahaha

  • Vasily Krushev
    Vasily Krushev Month ago

    I don't know about Spielberg so I'm not gonna say anything. But Lucas had never really been a good director man, he got away with a one hit wonder, and the good ones were not even by him.

  • Kid goku
    Kid goku Month ago

    Making jokes about cyning to 10 year old girls isn't cool no matter who they are smh

  • chewyskeleton
    chewyskeleton Month ago

    Um excuse me, but the part where you talk about Irina "evaporating" is grossly inaccurate. You see, when an object goes directly from a solid state to a gaseous state that process is called sublimation, not evaporation. Check your facts! Thumbs down, unsubscribe.

  • TruncateCar3
    TruncateCar3 Month ago +2

    >Nazis are evil because they're Nazis
    >Soviets are just misunderstood! Nevermind that they killed millions of people
    Give me a fucking break.

  • trevor random
    trevor random Month ago +2

    It's ALL Katherine Kennedy's fault!

  • John Ghost
    John Ghost Month ago +4

    Wait, was that Kathleen Kennedy next to George Lucas??? Well then that explains it right there. I assume she was assistant producer or something, some role with just the right influence to turn the movie into a pile of sh*t.
    BTW, that T.V. scene was both disgusting and hilarious.

  • Brad Bosshart
    Brad Bosshart Month ago

    It's like the Young Indiana Jones tv show. The old Indy at 99 was pathetic and sad. So that's also what happened with this movie. I thought it was ok. Not the worst movie ever. I mean, look at the movies we have now.

  • Prosercunus
    Prosercunus Month ago +2

    George Lucas sucks.

  • SheepProd
    SheepProd Month ago


  • Aaron S
    Aaron S Month ago

    “Ivana Spankoff” LMAO

  • abcd
    abcd Month ago

    I guess it just came off as goofy, and the context wasn't that obvious when watching at first. The Nazi's actually were big on archaeology to prove the Aryan Race were the 'destined' race to rule. Russians on archaeology? Testing nukes? It's just random shit that was happening during the time but had no direct correlation to make a movie about it.

  • gr8oone007
    gr8oone007 Month ago +1

    "The 'What Could Have Been Great' book that's currently being written by George Lucas" lol

  • ZeroBeat1
    ZeroBeat1 Month ago

    A pizza roll would be cool.

  • Irving Silverman
    Irving Silverman Month ago

    I would like a pizza roll, plz.

  • space man reviews
    space man reviews Month ago

    Time to take a fat shit on these shitty movies!

  • The Guardian
    The Guardian Month ago +2

    Well, to be fair you don't have to be from USA or live in the 60 to hate today's "sneaky fucking russians".

  • PartTimeJedi
    PartTimeJedi Month ago +2

    I would like a pizza rolls please!
    Send to:
    Goerge Lucas
    2318 W. Canomino Dr
    Beverly Hills

  • phil b
    phil b Month ago

    The last jedi makes indy 4 and phantom menace look like good films.

  • Bearded Bjorn
    Bearded Bjorn Month ago

    5:36 put a fucking trigger warning you ass

  • First
    First Month ago

    5:15 nice haircut kid

  • PD Zombie
    PD Zombie Month ago +3

    The pedophilia jokes are so funny because you'll have to apologize in ten years so you can be fired from Disney!!!

  • Skider Runner
    Skider Runner Month ago

    You got downs?

  • HorribleReeds
    HorribleReeds Month ago

    I love your reviews. They take apart these films in ways I never see coming and show me a real truth as to why they are the way they are. Now, it may be me, but I didn't find most of Indy 4 to be a problem. (monkeys notwithstanding) Two big items for me leaving the theater was as you said, I didn't know about the Mitchell crystal skull discovery, and everything Indy did, a kid, a woman, a fat man, and an old man did. Kinda made him seem less unique. I liked Shia in this and would've liked to see him take the reins as he was a fun character, but wasn't it said that the reason he even was in the film was that the initial concept of a return of "Dad" had Sean Connery saying no, due to "retiring"? Aside from watch commercials and whatever. Thanks again for a great review. I still hope they do an Indy 5, but if I thought he was old here, its been another 10 years! Why couldn't they just do one of the novels or the LucasArts game plots?? Ah, well.

  • j p
    j p Month ago

    So what is the next target on the f$@k it up tour. ET, close encounters maybe. Jaws. People love jaws. They could really f%@k up jaws.

  • Jonathan Lewis
    Jonathan Lewis Month ago

    Are we going to see the adventures of Mutt Jones?

  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth Month ago

    Women love Indiana Jones lol.

    HUBRIS Month ago

    (sigh) Still waiting on that Lenny the Wonder Dog review. How will I know what to feel about that film?

  • Scott Wyllie
    Scott Wyllie Month ago

    The Olsen Twins bit was inspired.

  • Jen Haley
    Jen Haley Month ago +1

    If they're going to make IJ5, might as well have Short Round come back.

  • Vertical Sombrero
    Vertical Sombrero Month ago +1

    Goddddd. Utterly fuck George Lucas

  • TheMeravok
    TheMeravok Month ago

    Kathleen Kennedy was involved with this mess... makes sense.

  • Gonzalez Family
    Gonzalez Family Month ago

    i found the "old James Gunn Tweets" edition of Mr Plinketts reviews

  • ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose

    Karen Allen in a Tollbooth. I'm slayed.

  • Joshua Knudsen
    Joshua Knudsen Month ago

    It wasn’t that terrible there were some OK parts but yes it sucked

  • NINO
    NINO Month ago

    As a movie fan, I think Indiana Jones and the Attack of the Giant Ants would have been a great movie!
    Also, I am not George Lucas