Mr. Plinkett's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Review


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  • Walker Of The Skies

    I don't mind Indiana being old but I think they could still use the technology to de age him for another film if they decide to make more. It looks pretty seamless. They've done it for an entire movie with captain marvel making Samuel L Jackson younger so why can't they do that for Harrison for at least one movie or something? Then you can set in the 40s instead of re casting him for more movies. Harrison has aged really well and it won't be hard to make him look younger and I still think he has until his late 70s to be able to do these and even doing it into his early 80s is acceptable if he's de aged. Harrison acts pretty young and has a rare physicality given the reality of his age. Saw him recently in Blade Runner 2049 and he's still got it so I think it's still plausible to take the opportunity to bring us back to the 1940s.

  • MegaParrotMan
    MegaParrotMan Day ago +1

    Send me a pizza roll plz.

  • Arbiter Gaming
    Arbiter Gaming 2 days ago

    I liked Kingdom

  • The Circle
    The Circle 2 days ago

    I loooove the movie. Minus CGI swinging from trees.

  • Madkatz Productionz
    Madkatz Productionz 2 days ago

    What's that George? You wanted to do a movie about Indiana Jones in a 50s sci-fi B-movie world, with aliens and laser-guns?
    You big silly, you already made that! You called it 'STAR WARS'!

  • Charles Iannini
    Charles Iannini 3 days ago +1

    04:24 my favorite movies to masterbate to

  • David Lawrence
    David Lawrence 3 days ago

    I burned my toast again! I'll wager Mr. Luca$ doesn't have this kinda issue the lucky, fat fuck.

  • Dante Alighieri
    Dante Alighieri 4 days ago

    George Lucas is a fuck stick of a director now.
    A rich fuck stick. But a fuck stick nonetheless.

  • Gaming Animator
    Gaming Animator 5 days ago

    Still waiting for those Matrix and Red Tails reviews.

  • MajPeaches
    MajPeaches 5 days ago

    So like... every time these aliens take off..... do they destroying their surroundings? This would be a serious issue.

  • MajPeaches
    MajPeaches 5 days ago

    4:50 ...... what the fuck

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K 5 days ago

    This really creeped me out.

  • Andy Jarman
    Andy Jarman 5 days ago

    30 second review, excellent, thanks Mr Plinkett, now I can get back to cleaning out my aquarium.

  • L L
    L L 6 days ago

    George lucas never understood what made him rich

  • Vice TOLUCT
    Vice TOLUCT 7 days ago +1

    What does this have to do with furies!?

  • Offhand Hominid
    Offhand Hominid 9 days ago


  • Korbis Barkly
    Korbis Barkly 10 days ago +1

    "...he's single..."
    [Shows clip of Indy mourning the death of woman he loved when he was young, who he had only just briefly rekindled that relationship with before she died in a horrible fireball caused by his actions]

  • Alexandru Goga
    Alexandru Goga 10 days ago

    Why does this guy always sound like he's having a stroke

  • bluemonkey223
    bluemonkey223 11 days ago

    I liked the crystal Skull, watched it twice in the theater. Yes it was the weakest of the movies. Yes it had dumb parts. But it was a great theatre experience, first indy film in 20 years how can you not like it?

  • Ben Quinney
    Ben Quinney 11 days ago


  • Ben Quinney
    Ben Quinney 11 days ago

    Old man jokes

  • squattingheads
    squattingheads 11 days ago

    The Communists Plot is the equivalent to the unrelated intro of the first 3 movies
    Something you didnt consider for the to points of critique
    But yeah they still fucked it up

  • Thomas DaSilva
    Thomas DaSilva 12 days ago

    I was not expecting the Olson twins part to last that long

  • MrAppie9090
    MrAppie9090 12 days ago

    Those indian kids were sexy indeed...

  • NPC000 361
    NPC000 361 13 days ago

    You get a sub from me just for that Olsen twins joke.

  • Josh Stovall
    Josh Stovall 13 days ago

    Lolz. I actually liked it. I thought it was one of the best in the series.

  • Regular Person
    Regular Person 13 days ago


  • Matteo Canova
    Matteo Canova 14 days ago +1

    7:54 look at that disgusted pig face oh God and then he asks why people hate him hugh

  • Dave D
    Dave D 14 days ago

    Medula Noindiana. LOL!!

  • kcin1523
    kcin1523 14 days ago

    I just realized how much Mr Plinkett reminds me of Mr Regular

  • Dos Caffeine
    Dos Caffeine 14 days ago

    Four and a half years later and I'm just hearing about Dan Akyroids Crystal Skull vodka. Thanks Jon Tron

  • Reggie
    Reggie 15 days ago

    04:21 - Glad to know I'm not the only one!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
    Oh shit, just lost my job and have protestors out side. Damn you TheXvid comment section! You win again!

  • Dodge Morningstar
    Dodge Morningstar 15 days ago

    "To an Athlete Dying Young" It seems like a lot of people enjoy that poem. Or, at the very least, they are aware of it. Most of the analysis and explanations focus on the tragedy of someone dying too young. But that's not it. The poem is about the idea of a fair trade. *_THE DEAL_* that anyone chasing greatness, after eventually reaching their crossroads, must confront and decide to accept. So one person might see the death as a tragic development, and find the benefits the author lists as hollow..
    But for those that understand the trade, there is nothing tragic or sad about the athlete's fate. He made the trade and received his glory. The tale ends there no matter what.

  • Call of depression Intimate warfare

    4:30 amazing skill being showcased here

  • Andrew Scholes
    Andrew Scholes 16 days ago

    When are we getting more Mr Plinkett?

  • Jamie Pritchard
    Jamie Pritchard 16 days ago

    Something else Kathleen Kennedy seemed to have been involved with that's now dead... Coincidence?

  • Luadversa 81
    Luadversa 81 16 days ago +1

    Its inaproprieted that they masturbate warching a vid of a child its is pedofilie...

    • Samurai Jack
      Samurai Jack 8 days ago +1

      Luadversa 81 that's the joke 🙄

  • unfa
    unfa 16 days ago

    Nucular Blast

  • unfa
    unfa 16 days ago

    2:51 - Janusz Kamiński - he's Polish.
    Pronounce it like: Ianush Caminsky

  • Ferdinand Petersen
    Ferdinand Petersen 16 days ago +1

    These reviews are so well done. I cant stop watching. Or masturbating.

  • BigBroLittleSis1
    BigBroLittleSis1 17 days ago +1

    Especially after 9/11?... Dan... Danny boy... what happened on 9/11 doesn't hold a candle to events like the Mongol sacking of Baghdad... a event that predates 9/11 by centuries.

  • Hansel
    Hansel 17 days ago

    18:53 nearly killed me.
    Great review.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 17 days ago

    45:08 anyone know the title of the song used? I wanna use it in a project but I can't find it anywhere.

    • G S
      G S 7 days ago

      Camille Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder 17 days ago +1

    Problem is that nazi's aren't real people but more like monsters. Nazis, monsters, vampires, zombies and what have you can do the most brutal and vile things to without feeling guilty because they're not real people but monsters. Unlike Soviets who are just soldiers who just happen to play on the other team.
    I'm offcourse talking about movie-nazis. Not actually Wehrmacht soldiers who mostly were just guys like you and me that go drafted in the army. Doesn't make them good guys and some were monsters but not all ofc; Every army had monsters, allies, nazis, japanese and soviets all did brutal things during the war;

  • John Kek
    John Kek 18 days ago

    Indiana Jones and the Attack of the Giant Ants...actually could have been cool. (Big fan of the old movie "THEM!")

  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe 18 days ago

    38:33 tell this to the people making Terminator 6. I mean, the robot Arnie is so old he's going to start swapping out parts from his zimmer frame. Oh sorry, I meant cyborg...

  • Tyler Schell
    Tyler Schell 18 days ago


  • ummmwhatnow
    ummmwhatnow 19 days ago +1

    5:34 introducing the producer who helped ruin star wars. You can see she sucked a lot of dick to get to where she's at. Gg, Kathleen Kennedy

  • Micah Newman
    Micah Newman 19 days ago

    Skip to 4:53 if you don't want to see something you can't unsee. You're welcome.

  • Stephan Hey
    Stephan Hey 19 days ago +1

    54:41 WOMAN :'-D damn you´re hilarious

  • darkevilazn
    darkevilazn 20 days ago

    Shai LeBeouff doesn't fit action roles. He really doesn't. He's a decent actor, but not for action.

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones 21 day ago

    You would have preferred a remake instead of what we got? Are you mad? That's the problem Hollywood's in now remaking old classic films and most times doing it worse. At least however poor this Crystal Skull instalment was, Spielberg done the decent thing and continued the adventures with a 4th entry. Something Ghostbusters should've done in 2016.

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones 21 day ago

    Willie Scott was fucking hot even if annoying. The Crystal Skull was at least better than The Last Jedi.

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox 22 days ago +1

    Am I too late for the free pizza rolls?

  • Just Like Paradise
    Just Like Paradise 22 days ago

    Always Love these videos. Thank you fat Ass

  • Nicholas Heilig
    Nicholas Heilig 22 days ago

    Why is this movie so ugly?

  • hellion75
    hellion75 23 days ago

    Oh! How could it be! I put my wife through a tree!

  • DinosaurFan88
    DinosaurFan88 24 days ago +4

    Mr. Plinkett does have a point about the aliens: it would have been far better if the plot was centered around an ancient artifact from Russian Orthodox, Mongol, Siberian, or Turkic mythology, something the Soviets would have been interested in dipping up on their own soil. That, and it would have been neat seeing Indy traveling around Siberia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, or even Persia/Iran.

  • RAN_ doomer
    RAN_ doomer 24 days ago +1

    Why this kid has bigger bald spot than me? 5:15

  • marc-andrĂ© Potvin
    marc-andrĂ© Potvin 24 days ago

    self interest is capitailsm... it's literally the principle of neoliberalism... you make a point about how this movie sucks

  • Fuzzy Dunlop
    Fuzzy Dunlop 25 days ago

    The World War II thing could just mean he was an archaeologist in an archaeological military unit - all the big belligerents had those. The fucking Monuments Men, basically, but with slightly older shit. It actually makes perfect sense - his ass could've been drafted. That shit happened back then "Oh, you like old things - you like old things for US now!" I honestly thing that's where the movie should've been set, I like the Mutt character and that dynamic but I think it's just too cool to have indie fighting Nazis while the rest of the world is ALSO fighting Nazis - or maybe switch it up and take on the Japanese. That would be interesting. The stakes are automatically higher because WAR. Too bad they went back to drink from the well like ten years too late. It would actually be a good premise for an Obsidian video game.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop
    Fuzzy Dunlop 25 days ago

    I feel like 65% of what Plinkett enjoyed was Shia LaBeouf-related. Didn't people hate him being in the movie? Idk, I liked him in it. I feel like Shia brings that old-school Marlon Brando style of batshit insane to the table. Hollywood needs that. Like he might win an Oscar for best supporting actor but he'll pull his dick out on the stage during his acceptance speech. America needs that right about now. Anyway, what movie is this?

  • vubhuhjkbhubohjb
    vubhuhjkbhubohjb 25 days ago

    Fun fact Satan sold his soul to Kathleen Kennedy after watching this film.

  • Richard Deese
    Richard Deese 26 days ago

    Oh, and on the "nuke-you-ler" thing... you know, Jimmy Carter was in the Navy on a nuclear sub. The power plant malfunctioned, and he - along with another guy (I think) volunteered to go in there and repair it, saving the ship. And even he couldn't say, "nuclear." It's a simple word, really - 2 syllables: new [or 'noo'] + clear = nuclear. I once knew an older woman who couldn't say "oxygen." Somehow, it always came out as, "ok-she-gun." Fun for days. Of course, I have to be careful when saying the word, "trajectory." If I don't pause - just a bit - to think first, it's as like as not to come out as something like, "ta-zhek-tory." No idea why. Just one of those things. tavi.

  • Richard Deese
    Richard Deese 26 days ago

    You know, they used to use snakes as ropes to cli... hey, wait - you tricked me into saying that, didn't you? Did you mind-rape me with a crystal skull? [Or in your case, a glass ashtray] Anyway, yeah; this movie was a clear cash grab. Thing is, I really liked both of these directors - in the 70s & 80s. It's hard to contemplate now, but these two directors, between them, once had 7 of the top 10 highest grossing films of all time (Star Wars; E.T.; Indiana Jones, etc.) But they both seem to have become increasingly unhinged to some degree or other in recent years. I certainly agree that, aside from some pretty good action scenes, this movie sucks on many levels. It might have been saved even then (kind of) - if only the end made any sense at all. Those crystal skulls are fake, anyway! ;) tavi.

  • BrickNinja 99
    BrickNinja 99 26 days ago

    1:08:39 Me when I finish collecting CHUG Transformers
    1:09:31 Me when new CHUG figures are announced

  • Joe McKenzie
    Joe McKenzie 26 days ago

    Shit movie

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 26 days ago

    I stumbled on this video, is this guy drunk?

    • Avatrass
      Avatrass 20 days ago

      No, he's just a crippled elderly serial killer

  • P Y R O T E C H N I C K
    P Y R O T E C H N I C K 26 days ago +1

    Bring back mr plinkett please. I never got my pizza rolls

  • Walker Of The Skies
    Walker Of The Skies 27 days ago +2

    I care about Indiana enough to not see him wear his iconic jacket or hat considering he's going to be older and realistically shouldn't be wearing the same exact clothes he wore when he was like 35 or whatever. Although the whip is too important not to have by his side just like Luke can't go without his lightsaber or Han can't go without his iconic blaster. I remember how Indiana wears a tuxedo and his professor clothes in Temple Of Doom and Last Crusade while he was on his adventures and it never bothered me because I cared about him enough. Granted those movies do eventually see him in his full costume though. But I would totally be interested to see him in an environment we hadn't seen him in before like in Temple Of Doom. That is if it's the right kind of environment that is consistent with the pulp adventure tone set by the original trilogy. I'm actually fine with him being older for one last movie. I'm thinking if they get the story right and give it all the grit it needs then the age thing won't factor into it much. I guess the next film would need some young blood too though that's not Shia labouf. Another thing to point out that I disagree with as far as your "idea of the character" argument is that in Last Crusade Indy has a father figure which gives the character even more depth to the point of caring about him regardless of how the title character looks or what he wears. Make no mistake the hat and jacket are integral to the image that surrounds the character and he is more shallow compared to certain characters but that doesn't mean I don't care about him.

  • Ludo Kressh
    Ludo Kressh 27 days ago +1

    "Most disappointing thing since the Phantom Menace."

    TLJ: Hold my beer!

  • Mostwanted
    Mostwanted 27 days ago

    All Indiana movies seem the same and good. 4 isn't bad, same as all of them

  • J w
    J w 29 days ago

    I've never seen a single Star Trek episode or movie, but every reference Mike makes is amazing. Not only because he essentially memorized the series, but also it seems like Star Trek did everything first.

  • dasparado
    dasparado Month ago

    Kathleen Kennedy is poison.

  • MrCaseClayborn
    MrCaseClayborn Month ago

    Gotta love that Metropolis ost jazz.

  • Lophardt
    Lophardt Month ago

    The comment about Fast&Furious didn't age so well... literally :D

  • Daniel Shays
    Daniel Shays Month ago

    Indiana Jones is basically the American equivalent of James Bond.

  • Fuzzy Duo
    Fuzzy Duo Month ago +2


  • ShadowAkatora
    ShadowAkatora Month ago +2

    23:11 - coincidentally George Lucas middle name

  • Herbert West
    Herbert West Month ago

    Jesus Christ I swear to god George Lucas has the worst fucking ideas.

  • carlwinslo
    carlwinslo Month ago

    Still waiting on all these promised Plinkett reviews. Lenny the Wonder Dog,The Matrix etc. Maybe since he is talking about setting out of the next Star Wars movie he will have time to make "personal films"

  • East Craven
    East Craven Month ago +1

    I cant believe this review was an hour and ten minutes long, and not once did you mention cate blanchetts absolutely HORRENDOUS russian accident. I mean, ive heard some bad ones, but this one was fucking atrocious. And her russian was a million times worse. At some points it felt like she originally had lines to say, and she either couldnt do it or said them so bad, that they had her flail her arms instead.

  • Guitar Pedal First Look

    part time....

  • Richard Stuivenberg

    Please sent the pizza rolls to "groene woud 62 Oudenbosch Netherlands".

  • OmegaWafflesHax
    OmegaWafflesHax Month ago +4

    I don't know what it is about last crusade but I love last crusade I just think it's the best because of the characters and the backstory is great. But temple of doom will always have the most iconic scenes like where the mine cart shines the light on him and he beats the dude up.

  • Lars Himself
    Lars Himself Month ago +1

    P A R T T I M E

  • Planet Mars
    Planet Mars Month ago +1

    He described the fast and the furious fan base exactly... I know, because I am one.

  • Alluviale Daempfer
    Alluviale Daempfer Month ago

    Temple of Doom was my fav. Indiana Jones movie as a kid and still is.

  • Nicholas Stafford
    Nicholas Stafford Month ago

    Disney ruined star wars. I miss George.

  • Jason Edson
    Jason Edson Month ago +2

    I've used a snake as a rope 3 times! One of those times was in the jungle when I was stuck in quicksand. I told my friend to go get help and he brought back the Russians even though we just escaped from them.

  • eraserhead
    eraserhead Month ago

    4:32 Olsen twin eating pizza and being jizzed on - in 2012. Coincidence? Really makes you think.

  • TheBrabon1
    TheBrabon1 Month ago +1

    because of the olson twins joke, mr plinkett will never be allowed to direct a marvel movie

  • Jack backerrack
    Jack backerrack Month ago

    Happy time murder reference in here. Unintended but when you have the same humor as the worst puppet movie ever. . . You should probably not feed your ego.

  • Spencer Gray
    Spencer Gray Month ago

    I would literally pay money for an hour of plinket poetry, I've had a bit to drink but easily $20 for an hour.

  • Quack Attack 5000
    Quack Attack 5000 Month ago

    So the guy he kills by blowing back the dart...isn't that the guy from Surf Ninjas?

  • Gandoan
    Gandoan Month ago +1

    Heres a theory, a real shot in the dark. What if ... and hear me out. Marion and the monkey she grew close with from the first movie mated? And the monkey is the actual father of Mudd HENCE why he and the monkies bonded...
    ok so this theory is ignoring that the monkey in the first movie was poisoned.

  • Ben Balko
    Ben Balko Month ago

    I love the “dream a little dream of me” in the background

  • Eric c
    Eric c Month ago

    I love how they use 90s rap instrumentals for background music in these videos.

  • NFM
    NFM Month ago

    "No one cares about half in the bag!"
    How times changed...

  • The Rogue Clone
    The Rogue Clone Month ago

    the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was ok. It was a good movie but not as good as the originals.