IT STARTED WITH A VISION - Conor McGregor (Motivational Video)

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
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    Conor McGregor
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    Help us caption & translate this video!

Comments • 464

  • Fetrik Austin
    Fetrik Austin 9 hours ago

  • Uncle Big boss
    Uncle Big boss Day ago

    When they love you, your doing good.
    When they hate you, your doing it better.

  • LilWoody TV
    LilWoody TV 2 days ago +5

    “When preparation meets opportunity, nothing is impossible”- Conor Mcgregor

  • Adem Şavluk
    Adem Şavluk 3 days ago +1

    I was his fan but then he humiliated Islamic culture didn't showed respect to Khabib and lost my respect

  • Ignacio Sian
    Ignacio Sian 3 days ago

    3:20 After winning the world FEATHERWHEIGHT (not lightweight) championship, he went to the welterweight division.
    Great video!

  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
    Khabib Nurmagomedov 3 days ago

    say what you want about this guy , but he is legit a grinding machine

  • notorious 10_
    notorious 10_ 4 days ago

    You made a error when he won the featherweight title he went to welterweight( originally he was going to fight for the lightweight title but RDA pulled out due to injury). So they made Nate Vs Conor at welterweight since Nate wasn’t going to make 155lbs

  • ivan sivic
    ivan sivic 4 days ago

    I don't know if there is a single footage or video i don't know about conor
    maybe 1 day

  • Saltin
    Saltin 4 days ago

    Visions of tapping

  • Usharanjan Bhowmick
    Usharanjan Bhowmick 4 days ago

    Go Conor go

  • Jason Maxwell
    Jason Maxwell 5 days ago

    This Conor was unbeatable.

  • SunFlowerShinobi
    SunFlowerShinobi 5 days ago

    Conor was the best but ill be better =) he will make easy work out of cowboy

  • SunFlowerShinobi
    SunFlowerShinobi 5 days ago

    Conor was the best but ill be better =) he will make easy work out of cowboy

  • SunFlowerShinobi
    SunFlowerShinobi 5 days ago

    Conor was the best but ill be better =) he will make easy work out of cowboy

  • Bradorama
    Bradorama 5 days ago

    Conor McGregor needs to read these comments and he’ll be back.

  • Adam Rasnic
    Adam Rasnic 5 days ago

    Éirinn go brách 🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • Aman Varma
    Aman Varma 5 days ago

    Beat that boring fighter "typical Islamic cold blooded murderer" & redeam yourself Conor..

  • hape
    hape 5 days ago

    I recently got into a argument with a friend he got so upset when he found out i support Conor. The guy literally got so mad almost as if he wanted to fight me. He said how can you support a guy that hits an old man he`s a true asshole!!!. I said its simple the guy has inspired thousands of people including me to have hope and dreams after all he made me try mma and im so happy i did. However what he did to that old man in pub is nearly unforgiveable, I think he had completely lost he`s mind and was not the same person that inspired so many of us. However i still want to give the guy a second chance after all he got through many would have give up and never come back to the fighting game and yet he keeps moving foward. none the less i respect Khabib he is still the best so far in the game but i also respect Conor a true inspiring warrior!.

  • Grindd
    Grindd 5 days ago

    He is the goat

  • Joseph McGinnell
    Joseph McGinnell 7 days ago +1

    He won the feathwight belt then forgot Diaz at 170 then dropped down and became dubble champ

  • Joseph Basile
    Joseph Basile 9 days ago

    He won the Featherweight belt first, then fought Diaz at Welterweight, then got the Lightweight belt

  • Q
    Q 10 days ago

    What video was the clip from 5:05 - 5:12 ?

  • disabled & dangerous
    disabled & dangerous 10 days ago

    But greed took his mind

  • Ferno
    Ferno 10 days ago

    This hit me man. What an Hero he has become for me personally. Let's go champ

  • JAKE aus/nz
    JAKE aus/nz 11 days ago

    Thank You! 😃

  • Jorge Jacobs
    Jorge Jacobs 11 days ago

    He went to welterweight after he won the featherweight strap not lightweight

  • Andy Goodings
    Andy Goodings 12 days ago +2

    We all remember the nights waiting an a hour or two for his pressers to start so excited waiting for the weigh ins waiting for the embedded waiting for the fight mcgregor has everyone engaged from the very start of the fight being announced. He is so relatable with his ambitions to give something for ya family and being your best everyone wants that. he is a hero for everyone being young analysing life

  • Paul Byrne
    Paul Byrne 14 days ago

    I'm Irish from Ballyfermot actually, I'll say these I was a fan Conor did inspire me to do better in life. But you let me down Conor not in the Ufc but in your private life you've let yourself and Irish people that have supported you down. It's true what they say Money is the root of all Evil and I'm sure you know what I mean Champ

  • Jacob Curti
    Jacob Curti 14 days ago

    Can this be added to soundcloud?

    • MrWulfric1
      MrWulfric1 10 days ago

      You can just download the video and have it be strictly audio if you want. Just type in “TheXvid to audio download” into a search engine. I do it all the time 🤙

  • Micheal
    Micheal 16 days ago

    Conner is a bitch

  • Pachelbel Canon
    Pachelbel Canon 16 days ago

    Somebody show this video to Conor. Lol

  • inato achumi
    inato achumi 16 days ago

    Conor McGregor can ignore ufc but ufc cannot ignore him

  • Dev tyagi
    Dev tyagi 17 days ago

    He is a true champion

  • Dv Yadav
    Dv Yadav 17 days ago

    This man has motivated me so much that nothing is going to stop me from supporting him....
    Team McGregor🇮🇪 forever ❤️

  • Illyrian 1
    Illyrian 1 18 days ago +2

    He sound diffrent even his voice if you know what i mean.

  • AyeP Weakly
    AyeP Weakly 18 days ago

    Sad buncha casuals it's not ur fault...expand ur mind and watch a real animal a true warrior his name is Khabib ✔

    • Michael Flores
      Michael Flores 2 days ago +1

      AyeP Weakly that’s a good fight I’d like to see & you ain’t debating just hurling insults & ain’t much to debate conor lost he said he was injured I’m not saying it’s the truth but it’s out there & if a rematch does happen well you’d have nothing to worry about if you’re confident in khabib winning although he fights tony first , if that happens .

    • AyeP Weakly
      AyeP Weakly 2 days ago

      @Michael Flores why poke me if ur scared to debate? All im saying is WHY & WHAT has he done to even be mentioned in a rematch? Let him beat Dustin again

    • Michael Flores
      Michael Flores 2 days ago

      AyeP Weakly Jesus guy you so hung up on conor you have to reply 3 times lol the rematch will happen and then we can talk ok?

    • AyeP Weakly
      AyeP Weakly 2 days ago

      @Michael Flores I'm actually into combat and everything it entails your little boyfriend would be dead outside with khabib absolutely dead within a minute he wouldn't be humping would be crushing his head like a piece of popcorn hahaha hahaha

    • AyeP Weakly
      AyeP Weakly 2 days ago

      @Michael Flores Conor can't grapple or box..the Elderweight champ is going the PRISON soon

  • Peter
    Peter 18 days ago +1

    Now he’s obsessed with whiskey and bullying Khabib

  • Odysseus 13
    Odysseus 13 18 days ago +4

    He won his *featherweight title and then moved up to welterweight
    He won his lightweight title after the Nate fights

  • EL D
    EL D 19 days ago

    After he won the featherweight champion not the lightweight champion. then he go to welterweight to fight Diaz

  • Joshua Torres
    Joshua Torres 19 days ago

    Don’t need to watch it, I know this is good. I still walk with this man win or lose, fuck the fake, bandwagon fans

  • Hannes Lehiste
    Hannes Lehiste 19 days ago +6

    I’m not irish but Conor makes me feel like i am🇨🇮

  • Ace Curry
    Ace Curry 19 days ago

    Let's go conor I need this motivation comeback and win this shit
    I'm watching this as I'm feeling lonely in this damn cold night cuz I fucked up again

  • Ghost Squad
    Ghost Squad 20 days ago +1

    Sold his soul

  • Immense Hamal
    Immense Hamal 21 day ago

    He used to be the best and i liked him but now if he doesn't come back with that strong and hungry mentality he will just be known as 'retarted'.

  • Jonny Quid
    Jonny Quid 22 days ago

    Conor 🦶 🎈 mcgregger

  • Danny Lopez
    Danny Lopez 23 days ago +1

    I still respect Connor fuck everyone !!! We all go thru shit in life he's no different !!!

  • Visiqz, Same Thing But Different.

    The truth is like a lion.
    You don't have to defend it.
    Let it loose.
    It will defend itself..
    The lion will rise again, even stronger

  • Nadjib Benhadda
    Nadjib Benhadda 23 days ago

    Habib hhhhhh

  • Ishaq Durrani
    Ishaq Durrani 23 days ago

    3:22 its featherweight

  • Dave Randle
    Dave Randle 23 days ago

    Twenty Eight wins Zero Loses.

  • Daniel Fisher
    Daniel Fisher 24 days ago

    He won featherweight title then went to 170 and won 155 after

  • Andrew Price
    Andrew Price 24 days ago +10

    Team McGregor since day 1! He didn't "lose" those fights, he pushed himself to do something other fighters aren't willing to do. I admired him before those fights, he became an idol when he stepped into the octagon with them.

    • Andrew Price
      Andrew Price 14 days ago

      @Alec Vicari What I was trying to say is that for so many fighters who shy away from fighting outside of their weight class, he didn't. So although he officially lost, in the end it makes him better than other fighters. Besides, he won the second match.

    • Alec Vicari
      Alec Vicari 14 days ago

      Andrew Price is tapping out not “losing”? Or would you prefer quitting instead

  • Video Monks
    Video Monks 24 days ago +6

    *“The most pathetic person in the world is some one who has sight but no vision.”* - Helen Keller

  • speckyhotdog84 Anderson
    speckyhotdog84 Anderson 25 days ago +4

    I will never ever forget what this man done in mma it was history. His rise to the top hunger disire was unmatched!! Thank you for those memories notorious i can't wait to see ur return to the cage sir take all them heads clean off make them remember. ☝️👊

  • Oo oO
    Oo oO 25 days ago +1

    What a joke #clown

  • YouTube Comments
    YouTube Comments 25 days ago

    He gets all the hate for ‘tapping’ to the current best fighter of all time. His wasn’t in the right place after winning all that money against mayweather. I believe if he works on his stamina and gets his striking back to 100% he can beat him . And if he does that just shows he is one of the greatest of all time . Fuck the haters he earns more than us all combined

  • Ramij Shaikh
    Ramij Shaikh 25 days ago

    Khabib make him humble

    • Ramij Shaikh
      Ramij Shaikh 25 days ago

      He will back and he will loss again & again again

    • Chispa Motivation
      Chispa Motivation  25 days ago +1

      He absolutely did! In my opinion he needed that loss, I hope he get back up again soon.

  • Leo Engel
    Leo Engel 25 days ago


  • Jp Dejager
    Jp Dejager 25 days ago +23

    Plz God bring this man back who brought the Masses to ufc

  • Benjamin Yakobi
    Benjamin Yakobi 25 days ago

    Great fighter who deserve a great motivational video.
    The one & only, the notorious.