• Published on Dec 12, 2019
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    In this episode John takes the Mazda RX7 FD out in 3 degrees cold weather on a quest to find traction! If you have a big HP car and it's cold on the road, probably best to avoid driving John rekons! Includes HD RX7 exhaust, turbo sounds and a cheeky little RX7 drift! And a failed McDonalds visit haha! Stay tuned for more rotary content! Much love ML
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Comments • 278

  • Mark C.
    Mark C. 12 days ago

    Bit late to the party (forgive me Monky, worked a lot over Christmas and just catching up) but FUCK ME. 159.9?! London scares me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael Dodds
    Michael Dodds 19 days ago

    The sounds of this rx7 makes me miss the Impreza turbo classic

  • MrDreamer60
    MrDreamer60 20 days ago

    Haha. You make me want to take mine out but it due it's 3000 mile service :(

  • Mark Bowyer
    Mark Bowyer 22 days ago

    Because the 2 stroke is going into the combustion chamber it's best to pick out one of the newer "clean burning" oils. Castrol "racing" seems to be quite good, although the Idemitsu does seem like the dogs, if you can afford it! The guy I bought my current RX8 from used to use marine oil! The sparks were just covered in black gunk....

  • youngsta Young
    youngsta Young 27 days ago

    Never knew you had to put 2t oil in the old rotarys. So it it more of a 2 stroke styley than your normal car? Explains why it's real snappy

  • Omar Monelle
    Omar Monelle 29 days ago

    I'd love to see it at Goodwood for the Festival of Speed

  • davidh4632
    davidh4632 Month ago +1

    Sounds epic

  • mr Robot0101
    mr Robot0101 Month ago +2

    Street night life and tunnels with the mad RX 7

  • FireTwo
    FireTwo Month ago +2

    Never heard of the shell fuel app?! Crazy don’t think I’ve used my cards for a few years now

  • Yamayuki Rizky
    Yamayuki Rizky Month ago +1

    Doritoss powahhhhhhh 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Razor
    Razor Month ago +1

    I would love to own RX7 so much, can't afford it tho 😭

  • De-real Wonton
    De-real Wonton Month ago

    😂🙊I love it, at the end of the vid you got An fto there, fto is my current car and the FD is my dream car.

  • matthew hunt
    matthew hunt Month ago

    The rx7 needs the German autobahns

  • Cory 10k
    Cory 10k Month ago

    Fun brapper that haha


    Track action buddy and instrument panel view in the track where you won't be incriminating yourself. Awesome car. Cheers from Australia

  • the goose
    the goose Month ago

    Rag the f*ck out of it on the streets.

  • Paul B
    Paul B Month ago

    Savage 👌

  • Tim #34
    Tim #34 Month ago

    Id love an rx7 like this. What a car. Nothing else like it on the road.

  • Andy
    Andy Month ago

    Can't get over the editing quality on your vids! Great stuff!

  • Carl Jones
    Carl Jones Month ago

    More vids of that random person absolutely ragging shit out it round streets

  • Carl Jones
    Carl Jones Month ago

    Insane driving john. That bit with the merc was sick

  • Paul Hughes
    Paul Hughes Month ago

    Love to see a bit of banger racing in that ricer

  • therushden
    therushden Month ago

    Car porn. That thing is rapid. Shout out to the Merc riders who loved it 😎

  • turk turklington
    turk turklington Month ago

    Only just found this channel, dude you are so laid back, so chilled out and very entertaining. Earned a sub pal.

  • James Cannon
    James Cannon Month ago +1

    With this mad ride being a street car, are there plans for sound abatement?

  • Jason Gane
    Jason Gane Month ago

    RE-AMEMIYA rx7 on gt6 and sport drift s**t hot like you are demonstrating here ^^^👍👍

  • tectacles
    tectacles Month ago

    Love the car but the wing... yuck

  • Lewis c
    Lewis c Month ago

    It sounds absolutely mental!

  • yapira3d
    yapira3d Month ago

    On track!

  • mikey4410
    mikey4410 Month ago

    Epic dude

  • Adam NRG
    Adam NRG Month ago +6

    I love how you can hear you laughing like a little kid at 2:16 lol

    CAR LIFE! Month ago

    What a beast, sounds epic 👌🏻

  • Dennis Fausild
    Dennis Fausild Month ago

    It sounds so goddamn good... ʘ‿ʘ

  • Br0k3nLiNk
    Br0k3nLiNk Month ago

    Don’t need a wallet these day’s, contactless on your phone has no limit - at least Apple Pay doesn’t!

  • DaveGSi
    DaveGSi Month ago

    Man that car is so fucking sick!

  • PainCreatesBeauty
    PainCreatesBeauty Month ago

    Makes me want to sell my supra and buy an rx7

  • paul holland
    paul holland Month ago

    That rundown is mint should do that on all vids!

  • paul holland
    paul holland Month ago

    That is fucking Savage!!!

  • Leon Millson
    Leon Millson Month ago

    You need to keep that John geezer away from your motor Monky .. he drives like an absolute loooooonertic

  • Epic
    Epic Month ago

    0:01 ok yep already can tell John's gonna get a lot of blame in this one LOL

  • s14sean
    s14sean Month ago

    Your videos are so chill thanks for brapping about in this lovely FD

  • duong nguyen
    duong nguyen Month ago


  • MLT
    MLT Month ago

    Would love to see some long form GoPro footage like in this vid

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Month ago

    The things sounds beaut!

  • Alan Moley
    Alan Moley Month ago

    Chobham services naughty boy!
    2t oil ! Get some Castrol r in there it will smell great.👍👍👍

  • Cold Passion
    Cold Passion Month ago +1

    oil, I think new rears with every fill-up might be a good idea :)

  • Craig B
    Craig B Month ago +1

    Would love to see this doing the 1/4 mile

  • sabbage100
    sabbage100 Month ago

    Why drive like a dick in public?

  • Khial Stocker
    Khial Stocker Month ago

    Killing it mate, that looks like a riot what a machine!

  • Charlie Harper
    Charlie Harper Month ago +3

    2:36 hahaha look at the truck in the roundabout. So fast forwarded...

  • Daniel Rogers
    Daniel Rogers Month ago

    £1.60 per litre omg no Wonder John has no money wtf I'm in shock. You southerners get the piss ripped out if you man wtf!! At the motorway services here I was disgusted seeing £1.47 but Jesus Toby £1.60 is a f@cking joke. Anyway car is epic I bet GG is living the dream ✌🏻✌🏻

      MONKY LONDON  Month ago +1

      @Daniel Rogers ah okay our normal is 1.26 so not far off, that services just make it up as they go along John says

    • Daniel Rogers
      Daniel Rogers Month ago

      @MONKY LONDON £1.21 mate at Tesco. Momentum is £1.26. Government rinsing us all for fuel when we already pay excessive car tax.

      MONKY LONDON  Month ago

      How much is your regular unleaded Dan?

  • shaun wafer
    shaun wafer Month ago +1

    Would love to see you vs Dave in his M3 on a track👊🏻👍🏻

  • Going Rogue
    Going Rogue Month ago +9

    When are you going to give the people what they want....
    Which is a Bridgeport.

  • Hoonatic Bloggs
    Hoonatic Bloggs Month ago +1

    You HAVE to use Castrol R two stroke, purely because it smells the best

    • Tim #34
      Tim #34 Month ago

      its true...all I used to run in me fs1e...

  • brockytv
    brockytv Month ago

    Actually the best automotive channel on TheXvid 👍🏻

  • Ber fus
    Ber fus Month ago

    love the way you presented the spec of the car... much better this way

  • DIRT over TARMAC
    DIRT over TARMAC Month ago

    Track day is an absolute MUST

  • Lewis
    Lewis Month ago

    Yes finally some dangerous driving on the public road! The best kind of videos, the reason why 90% of us subcribed :)

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis Cruz Month ago

    Your videos are pointless

  • Dale Manuel
    Dale Manuel Month ago

    You thought about under sealing the rx7 and because dont break it on track xd