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The Legend of Zelda: BoTW Angry Review

  • Published on Mar 21, 2017
  • *Sorry for all the delays! Thanks for all your support guys! This is the 7th version we've tried so far - Someone needs to teach Nintendo Japan about Fair Use! I'm sure this will get claimed eventually which we will fight as much as we can*
    HyruleBook Joke via Reddit!
    LinkJoe is here to save the beautiful Zelda! How do the Joe's like one of the highest rated games of ALL-TIME! Is it truly the 10/10 many have scored it? Find out!

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Comments • 25 495

  • Kurama Asura Mode
    Kurama Asura Mode 19 hours ago

    2 years later and neither the game or the console are cheaper. Glad there are plenty of used though.
    As for the next game, the BOTW sequel looks awesome.

  • Fgc Lash
    Fgc Lash Day ago

    And now breathe of the wild is getting a sequel joe (: confirmed at E3

  • z0h
    z0h Day ago +1

    Blows my mind that Joe has never played Ocarina of Time.

  • Abraham Nicolson

    I got to accept I felt the story was a bit weak too compared to past Loz games but now that the sequel is announced I totally understand why, because it was just the beginning of the of the whole story!!

  • Navalord 7
    Navalord 7 5 days ago +9

    Has joe ever gone lynel hunting? Funnest part of the game

  • CamoLive
    CamoLive 6 days ago

    Why can’t you just repair weapons...?

    • Papa Franku
      Papa Franku 5 days ago

      CamoLive cause then there’d be no use in having a variety of weapons or being creative in the ways that you approach a fight. If you could repair a weapon then you wouldn’t need them you’d just stock up on repair materials and only use your best weapon. It’s a little annoying but there’s a purpose for the durability

  • Stefano Rosas Lisinski

    Is this a game about someone that eats dirt and grass?? That’s what I thought when I saw the title

  • Stefano Rosas Lisinski

    I would rate it a 7.5 out of 10 for to much lag

    • Jacob Wright
      Jacob Wright 6 days ago

      Stefano Rosas Lisinski huh? The frames drop occasionally and there’s some pop ins but other than that it runs really well. Might be your switch or something.

  • aoFeliX
    aoFeliX 6 days ago

    lmao this franchise has its 10/10 around the corner. honestly probably the stupidest comment to say about zelda. possible the most 10/10 franchise there is.

  • Godzilla 187
    Godzilla 187 8 days ago

    Highly recommend you try the other zeldas like wind waker and ocarina of time which are arguably the best in the franchise. These are easily 10/10 Zelda games

  • Xslypher
    Xslypher 9 days ago +2

    You need to play OOT, MM and TP

  • Big blue Button man
    Big blue Button man 9 days ago

    The fucking HyruleBook skit...LMAO

    JUJAMED_DAY 987 11 days ago

    Its my favorite game of all time

  • It’s Iron man
    It’s Iron man 12 days ago

    Please review majoras mask and other games please please please please

  • It’s Iron man
    It’s Iron man 13 days ago +1

    the legend of Zelda botw is like skyrim and oblivion combined

    • It’s Iron man
      It’s Iron man 10 days ago

      Tokyo Knives I do I played both games I know Skyrim comes after oblivion I meant
      Skyrim’s over world
      And oblivion weapon breaking mechanic and other things combined

    • Tokyo Knives
      Tokyo Knives 10 days ago

      It’s Iron man you do know Skyrim is the sequel to oblivion right?

  • Phantomneko Cameron
    Phantomneko Cameron 14 days ago +2

    I still don’t get the controversy he gave it 9/10

  • Godzilla 187
    Godzilla 187 18 days ago

    This game was at least a 9/10 for me. Everything was perfect besides the atrocious weapon degradation and lack of a strong plot unlike previous Zelda games which have had awesome campaigns. Even with these downsides I still had to give this game a 9/10 almost a 10 just for the shear fact of how legendary this game is.

  • Karlimo
    Karlimo 18 days ago

    Hate breaking weapons in games with a passion. It´s fantasy, stop killing games for the sake of realism.

  • Bradley Riley
    Bradley Riley 19 days ago

    That intro music sounds like Dethkloks Thunderhorse

  • sonichuizcool
    sonichuizcool 20 days ago +1

    I was hanging fun but the weapons breaking and the uphill nature has ruined it. I don't have hundreds of hours try to get some meaningless edge

  • Asiandeathgod
    Asiandeathgod 20 days ago

    Wind waker, phantom hourglass, and spirit tracks Link are the only ones that can express emotion.

  • Victor Murphy
    Victor Murphy 21 day ago

    I got these switch and this game... after 2 years the price never went down

  • Laser wolf
    Laser wolf 22 days ago

    the game fucken weapons always breaking after a couple of swings this whole game fucken sucks and boring as shit east monsters are like fucken bosses they hit you and take some much damage and most the time kill you this was a waste of money

  • I Am Kyu!
    I Am Kyu! 22 days ago

    Master Sword with 6 hearts

  • ☰╳TR☰KT☰R
    ☰╳TR☰KT☰R 25 days ago

    It does a lot of things right but also a lot of them wrong. It's the first real open world zelda game and I hope the next one will actually deserve a 10/10. This game is more like a 8.5/10 it's good but not perfect.

  • Lester Ropeter
    Lester Ropeter 28 days ago

    Angry joe, please review Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It's such a good game and doesn't get the attention it deserves

  • Lab Rat Brick and Atom Builder

    Hahaha, never attack a chicken in a Zelda game Joe.

  • Drunken Pirate
    Drunken Pirate Month ago

    why does zelda sound likea guy is imitating a girls voice?

  • Iispj
    Iispj Month ago +1

    Please do ocarina of time next

  • Vayos ReaperoftheVoid
    Vayos ReaperoftheVoid Month ago +1

    I'm not gonna lie...I didn't much care for this game. I started playing it and got frustrated within moments. I didn't care that the weapons broke, I didn't care that it could be overwhelming at times with where to go and certain puzzles. I LOVE puzzles and I love the fact that they made it a little tougher to get through them. No what I didn't like...was it stole the freaking same tactic that FFII did. Step in one area and you find yourself with same level enemies, barely move two steps into another are right beside it and get owned by a freaking laser of DEATH! And what used to give FFII such a bad name due to this tactic IS WHAT GETS ZELDA ITS PRAISE!! I can truly go anywhere! And let's be straight i don't mind that FFII gets its bad rap. No , to me i feel that it should scale in LOZ , because its an open world game, kinda like how other games did , like semi open world Borderlands. Like this, okay i kill goblins and Oh shit this went from easy to a bit tough not from easy to OMFG how'd i die!? People say it gets better after you get more hearts and abilities...but it ….just didn't suck me in. Unlike every Zelda game from Link to the past up to Twilight Princess i played jsut about every Zelda game and this one just missed the mark to me. And this is a guy who played Cursed Crusade all the way through....Yeesh, the hell was i thinking.

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    9 out of 10 r u crazy the game had weapons breaking mess i give it a 8.3 out of 10 the weapons is why i give it that

    • Dark Death47xxx
      Dark Death47xxx Month ago

      it is good butt the weapons breaking shit mess up the game i hate that mess is my games it kills me

    • KevSB07
      KevSB07 Month ago

      Dark Death47xxx it’s good, what do you mean?

    • Dark Death47xxx
      Dark Death47xxx Month ago

      because it should not be in a Zelda game it sucks

    • KevSB07
      KevSB07 Month ago

      I really liked the durability system, what's wrong with me and why does everyone disagree with me?

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    ok good for u i lost my shit a lot because i was like what the hell is going on here so got mad a lot

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago +2

    i got all of the abilitys in 48 minutes

    • Miro
      Miro 9 days ago

      @Wes because it's part of the tutorial

    • Wes
      Wes Month ago


  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    i would help u with your cooking its easy i can cook almost anything

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago +1

    i call the game Zelda Bitch of the wild and i hate being the games bitch

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    and still the game makes me really mad 😤😤😳😵

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    all i get is my ass kicked by everything i still dont understand how to play this game butt still playing and being a bitch Link and i beat the game because my little cousin show me how and still suck at the game because of the weapons breaking everytime i get one they dont work good enough to do anything

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    i call him bitch Link hey bitch Link

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    how do u make it easy the game is really hard i blame the weapons breaking for that and i blame the weapons breaking on my Link being a Bitch

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    not really u can uses TheXvid to help with everything now think god for TheXvid

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    i just looked them dumb puzzles up i dont do puzzles

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    i looked everything up because i like to follow way points 😤😒😣😥😭😭😭😭

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    still playing the game butt waitting on weapons that dont suck ass

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    Nintendo did not think about this bad weapons problem

    • KevSB07
      KevSB07 Month ago

      Lol I feel bad everyone hated the weapons "problem" while I'm lucky enough to be able to enjoy it.

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    i use really low lvl weapons and keep the others on me for show butt dont use them only use 3 of my weapons then i go get more weapons that sucks to use because really they all sucks just keep them cool looking weapons for show

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    i use the bombs a lot Nintendo should let u take that weapons breaking mess off in the sitting it sucks all of the weapons sucks only the master swod is good all the other weapons break in 3 hits so they r really bad dont like to use them fuck the weapons need more weapons that dont break give them a timer like the master swod r make them take more then just 3 hits to break i got a high lvl swod and it was shit break in 4 hits still thats not good u cant get enough weapons to do anything with

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    8.3 out of 10 that dumb ass weapons breaking mess u cant give that shit a pass

  • anomander rake
    anomander rake Month ago

    just how cute are them joes

  • Kyle Sundberg
    Kyle Sundberg Month ago

    How this guy has any subscribers at all is beyond me

  • C J
    C J Month ago

    Joe, would you stop being so bitter, just because Nintendo doesn't care for you to make money off of a following theyve had for 30 years.

    • Delike el Ducce
      Delike el Ducce Month ago

      Nintendo's TheXvid policy is shit, Joe has every right to criticize is.

  • thenumber
    thenumber Month ago

    33:50 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hermes 09
    Hermes 09 Month ago

    Wow I can't believe is already been two years. Tbh I like his honesty but I disagree a bit with it. Yes the weapon degradation is something annoying but that's it. For me this is a great game, number one in my list.

  • Joshua Robinson
    Joshua Robinson Month ago

    sinse i grew up with ocarina of time, this one didnt do it for me, the formula is way off

  • Helsic en China
    Helsic en China Month ago

    I've never had a system crash on my Switch O.o

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez Month ago

    So should i buy it?

  • Kaynos
    Kaynos Month ago +1

    The legent of Zelda, Break of the Wild.

  • Jonas King
    Jonas King Month ago

    I played this game so much that the mirroring is driving me nuts. Fucking copyright robots.

  • Tiep
    Tiep Month ago +4

    I hate the flame on destructable weapons. Without it you'd get the master sword and never switch it out. Enemies wouldn't have to drop weapons at all. All of the weapons around would be useless.
    Altough I wish they had a repair feature, so you'd be able to keep the ones you really really love

    • Antonio Rodriguez
      Antonio Rodriguez 16 days ago

      Tiep you can at least repair the champion weapons you get for beating a divine beast

  • Aqeel Qasim
    Aqeel Qasim Month ago

    Other Joe FTW

  • Yi kes
    Yi kes Month ago

    fO dnegeL ehT

  • exactspace
    exactspace Month ago

    Weapons breaking is totally fine. Thank god this game is challenging.

    • Yo Mayn
      Yo Mayn Month ago +1

      That ending though?? What a horrible finale

  • Also Known As
    Also Known As 2 months ago +4

    Makes me laugh when people complain that there's too little music in this game. The subtitle is "Breath of the Wild"--the wild, ie Nature, is part of the ambience of the game. When there is music it's in specific, isolated situations in order to heighten the action and add dynamism.
    Additionally the sound design is integral to your survival, allowing you to assess potential threats and stay alert.

    • KevSB07
      KevSB07 Month ago

      Yea I really have no clue how they would go about doing music in this game and still keep the immersion and fluidity of the experience.

    • eM97
      eM97 Month ago +1

      yeah i love the sounds of nature. It makes you feel more within the world they built

  • GamingTV
    GamingTV 2 months ago

    2 hit breakage is the dumbest fuckin idea in zelda history

    • Megan Evans
      Megan Evans Month ago

      I think the only weapon in the game that breaks at two hits is a tree branch, which are easy to find.

  • Gabe Francka
    Gabe Francka 2 months ago

    17:57 To immediately drop a weapon just throw it with R or the right bumper

    • Anti Riku
      Anti Riku 2 months ago +1

      that's throwing to be fair, which reduces the overall durability of the weapon, you can only drop it from the menu

  • Michael ziemer
    Michael ziemer 2 months ago +1

    Well Exuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me, princess

  • Silver Streak
    Silver Streak 2 months ago

    This game sucks. Any other game with the weapon breaking mechanic would get shitted on but not legend of Zelda. The world is dull and lifeless, I can go on for hours but I won't.

    • Silver Streak
      Silver Streak Month ago +1

      @Megan Evans I appreciate your honesty :)

    • Megan Evans
      Megan Evans Month ago

      @Silver Streak I really didn't mind the breaking mechanic. Weapons are easy to find in the game and it forces you to try new weapons instead of relying on one good weapon, which helps makes the fighting more interesting. Though I do wish there was a way to fix broken or damaged weapons. BotW is the first Zelda game I've played, so I'm not a fan who is defending their favorite franchise.

    • Silver Streak
      Silver Streak Month ago

      @Juan Loaiza I did play it. Game got boring. I understand how fans like to defend their favorite franchise but people need to learn how to be honest and admit when their franchise does something dumb. It's just like dbz fans who believes that dbz can't do anything wrong when it reality dbz games have been shitty for a long time before fogjterz. I may not love the legend of Zelda series but honestly like come on, weapons not only breaking but breaking at the rate they do. People need to admit it, it's a dumb mechanic.

    • Juan Loaiza
      Juan Loaiza Month ago

      There’s no way you actually played this game. This by far the best rpg of this generation.

    • eM97
      eM97 Month ago

      lol. you are in the 1% that dont like this game. pretty sure you're wrong buddy.

  • Genie Christensen
    Genie Christensen 2 months ago

    This song at the end was in my playlist for years, so good.

  • Complicasiian
    Complicasiian 2 months ago +1

    Link is much more emotional in previous games despite never talking.

  • Krezkya
    Krezkya 2 months ago

    Is it worth purchasing a Switch just to experience this game? Is it that good, with a lot of replay value? I've never saw an appeal for a Switch until recently, mostly because they dont have many mature/serious titles that I know of. But yeah, this game seems awesome.

    • Riko Vladimir
      Riko Vladimir Month ago

      or do as I did play it on an emulator

    • Megan Evans
      Megan Evans Month ago

      The game is great in my opinion, but I'm not sure if it's worth getting a Switch for. If BoTW is the only game you want to play on the Switch, then you might want to wait until other Switch games you want are released.

  • Jonathan Dick
    Jonathan Dick 2 months ago

    you guys make very pretty princesses. XD

  • Incarnate_Jay B.
    Incarnate_Jay B. 2 months ago

    Dan zelda's buff

  • CoCo Dogs
    CoCo Dogs 2 months ago

    If only it was on PS4 I would play the shit out of this game

  • Sam King
    Sam King 2 months ago

    AJ's always blaming the buttons LOL

  • liquid curse
    liquid curse 2 months ago

    Joe doesn't have wrists in the opening lol

  • Wheatley core
    Wheatley core 2 months ago

    Did anyone else notice joe's gameplay footage was a mirror point of view

  • Erick Hovorka
    Erick Hovorka 2 months ago

    Shield surfing is unique to botw.

    • Erick Hovorka
      Erick Hovorka 2 months ago

      The weapon breaking makes the game more realistic come on AngryJoe!

    SHR SHRED 2 months ago

    funny how joe treats his audience like raw eggs lately.Allmost like a hunchback toe sucker that is fullfilled of fear about the events eventually to come xD

  • HandheldGamer1991
    HandheldGamer1991 2 months ago

    Its funny for me to see anyone saying they dont know how to fucking cook

  • Ningnomaningnong
    Ningnomaningnong 2 months ago

    Nice ink, Princess. lol OH MY GOODNESS! That chicken attack had me in tears.

  • Roberto Perez
    Roberto Perez 2 months ago

    The intro is why I couldn’t even play this game. Weapon durability was so low, I trashed my other weapons, fighting a boss/monster. Realized that I had to restart the entire game just to save all my weapons... and I lost the will to play.

    • GreatWolf Sif
      GreatWolf Sif 2 months ago

      I played on an emulator and disabled durability. Easily made the game 10x better.

  • Ahri
    Ahri 3 months ago +2

    I personally think that this game was more enjoyable as someone who liked the older games, as it makes the transition to open world that much more breathtaking
    I'd give it a 9.5/10. The exploration/thrill of discovery and the combat were the highlights for me. My small complaints were the lack of enemy variety and the shitty dungeons/dungeon bosses compared to the older games (except for Hyrule Castle which was an excellent dungeon)

    • KevSB07
      KevSB07 Month ago

      Now I have no context for the other games, but I would say that it's more enjoyable as someone who hasn't played any of the other games. I have no precedent for anything that recurs in Zelda, especially the dungeons, which are the major point of contention with fans of Zelda games of past. In my opinion, due to my complete lack of Zelda experience, I enjoyed the enemy variety, the shrines, the divine beasts, the story/memories, and the weapon system.

  • Jaydev Raol
    Jaydev Raol 3 months ago

    9:50 Did I just hear a Dragon Ball Z sound here. 😄

  • GiftOfGabIHavd
    GiftOfGabIHavd 3 months ago +1

    why is the gameplay footage inverted horizontally

    • GreatWolf Sif
      GreatWolf Sif 2 months ago

      He tried 6-7 times to make this and was getting copyright strikes. I guess that fixed the detection.

  • UltraGalaxyify
    UltraGalaxyify 3 months ago +1

    The skit at the beginning summed up my issues with the game entirely!

  • michael John
    michael John 3 months ago

    This game made me fall back in love with my wiiIU, playing it on pad with my beats plugged in is such an imerssive life consuming experience.

  • RastastheRascal
    RastastheRascal 3 months ago +6

    If you want a brilliant story driven Zelda game, try the semi-linear, semi-open world game "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword". Breath of the Wild was based upon this game as the base.

  • TayR0C
    TayR0C 3 months ago +5

    13:00 it was in Jak 2. 14 years before this came out.

    • Levy Atã
      Levy Atã Month ago +1

      So what? Nintendo made Mario Bros. Can't other platformers use... Platforms?

  • Frans Swinkels
    Frans Swinkels 3 months ago

    Haha it's not Nintendo's fault that Xbox and Playstation mapped the buttons the wrong way around...
    Since the SNES it's been this way.

  • Yazan Natour
    Yazan Natour 3 months ago +2

    "When the prices come down "
    Still waiting untill this moment

    • KevSB07
      KevSB07 Month ago

      @FaZe SLASHER Yea and? Nintendo had to pay the people who made the game.

    • FaZe SLASHER
      FaZe SLASHER Month ago

      @KevSB07 actually, they already been paid when they were working on this game, if i buy this game now my money go to nintendo directly

    • KevSB07
      KevSB07 Month ago

      @FaZe SLASHER god i hate this
      *one of the best games ever made
      *doesn't feel like paying the people who worked hard on it

    • FaZe SLASHER
      FaZe SLASHER 3 months ago +1

      Don't have console, i was playing this game 2 years alredy on emulator, one of the best games ever made, can't wait 5 more years to see new zelda game and play it on switch emulator xd

  • cloudicus
    cloudicus 3 months ago +1

    Love you Joes

  • Easton F
    Easton F 3 months ago

    I straight up got so sidetracked at the beginning of the game I just explored like 50% of the map (because I didn’t have like jack shit for the cold/hot/desert environments)

  • GODLESS101
    GODLESS101 3 months ago

    This game is overrated. FUCK weapon durability. It's bad game design.

  • Brian D d
    Brian D d 3 months ago

    13:27 Hey man, men can cook too... Bodybuilders have to prep all their own meals, they're less of men too?

    • zwombi
      zwombi 2 months ago

      He said he felt like less of a man because he can't cook...

  • ` Kerlias
    ` Kerlias 3 months ago +1

    I'd give this game 10/10 but the endgame's inconclusive and kind of fucks you over so I'll give it an 8/10 and a big ol' korok seed

  • CanadianTurf Sandwich
    CanadianTurf Sandwich 3 months ago +1

    Finally a just review with no dellusions. I would rvrn have give it a 8/10, its still mean its a pretty good game.

  • WarMachine 1776
    WarMachine 1776 3 months ago +3

    This is my firs Zelda game as well.

  • Stefan Constantin Dumitrache

    This is the very first Zelda game for many players :|

    • Myre 36
      Myre 36 3 months ago +1

      @Stefan Constantin Dumitrache Dude it's fine I didn't misunderstand you I was just kinda joking and I won't judge other people opinions ( Well except if what opinion is wrong ) BOTW was also my first Zelda game and I loved it. It got me to play older Zelda games. Its good that you enjoyed BOTW so I would recommend some of the older games. Sure they are nothing like BOTW and they are kinda hard to play now days since they are mostly on Wii U, Wii, DS and GBA but they are good and fun games. Don't misunderstand me I was just joking about you being a Zelda hating scrub. Same here about oot I just can't find N64 and a copy of oot since it's hard to find Nintendo consoles that came before the WII and DS where I live. Thank you and have a good day

    • Stefan Constantin Dumitrache
      Stefan Constantin Dumitrache 3 months ago +1

      @Myre 36 I love BotW, don't get the point of Fortnite, never played a CoD game. Recently got in to Warframe on Switch, don't know ho often I'll play. Since finding BotW about 3 weeks ago I rarely tried other games and none of them was on PC. So yeah, I LOVE BotW! But never really got in to the previous games. Probably they are not modern enough. Can't get used with the cameras and the controls. And I really wanted to play OoT.

    • Myre 36
      Myre 36 3 months ago

      @Stefan Constantin Dumitrache I olso thougth you were one of those zelda hating scrubs that play fortnite and say COD IW is good

    • Myre 36
      Myre 36 3 months ago

      @Stefan Constantin Dumitrache I was kinda joking I know you didn't mean all players

    • Stefan Constantin Dumitrache
      Stefan Constantin Dumitrache 3 months ago +1

      @Myre 36 I said many players, not all players ;)

  • Allec Azzam
    Allec Azzam 3 months ago

    I have so many awesome swords that I don't want to break... It's the ONLY reason I don't play this game anymore. I simply don't want to fight anyone in the game anymore. Worst weapons system ever

  • Jason Myers
    Jason Myers 3 months ago +2

    Zelda has already had it's 10/10 years ago with Ocarina of time!

  • Gjoko Blazinski
    Gjoko Blazinski 3 months ago

    Just play Ocarina of Time