The Life of Azula: What Happened After the Series? (Avatar Explained)

  • Published on Jan 24, 2019
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  • Ancient Watchman
    Ancient Watchman 11 hours ago

    I feel bad for her. She was too young.

  • Sir Dickens the third
    Sir Dickens the third 11 hours ago +1

    I remember when zuko said “my father always said azula was born lucky but he told me i was lucky to be born” i was like 😬

  • Shaffi Chowdhury
    Shaffi Chowdhury 17 hours ago

    She's like Bellatrix lestrange

  • Zane Berserk
    Zane Berserk 22 hours ago

    16:15 Zuko beat her? Damn that's nice

  • Hakeem Houser
    Hakeem Houser Day ago

    The firebenders need they’re spinoff film or series.

  • Camren Lopez
    Camren Lopez Day ago

    I thought she was 20 yrs old lol

  • SpenEtte. co
    SpenEtte. co Day ago

    "Mei's boyfriend Kilo" ...Huh?

  • tamsila mustafa
    tamsila mustafa Day ago

    im dying for the next episodes of what will happen next

  • Kuba Piksa
    Kuba Piksa 2 days ago

    Is There way to read these comics?

  • The Eggster
    The Eggster 2 days ago

    Ty Lee is an annoying shit

  • Gauss24
    Gauss24 2 days ago

    sounds like aang became useless after the series for the stories sake. imagine if azula had all those bending powers, she'd make short work of everyone

  • Sara S
    Sara S 3 days ago

    Which comic are the images from?

  • TSG KiLLem Twice
    TSG KiLLem Twice 4 days ago

    She just needed a good pounding. Meaning she needed a boyfriend to cut out all that nonsense..

  • TSG KiLLem Twice
    TSG KiLLem Twice 4 days ago

    I will punish Azula’s naughty little honey pot and make her a good little princess Azula..

  • Yoncè Avatar
    Yoncè Avatar 4 days ago

    I feel like azula wasn’t imagining her mom talking to her. I feel as if it’s her mother’s original spirit because noriko has gotten her past life and looks wiped away so she’s a whole new person. And I think that when she talked to her mother it was her mother’s original spirit if you know what I mean. Sorry if this was kind of confusing but it’s my theory.

  • Spanky
    Spanky 4 days ago

    Where do you read these books at?

  • Brett T
    Brett T 4 days ago +1

    A very tortured soul. She loved the power her father had and one day wished it would be hers. But in acting the way her father want felt her mother stopped loving her for how she acted. But its later explained when azula goes crazy that even she knows her mother loved her no matter what but she couldnt accept it. A tortured soul brought up and corrupted by a evil father

  • Kali Göktürk
    Kali Göktürk 5 days ago

    Whats the back ground music ?

  • Clear Apple
    Clear Apple 5 days ago

    Damn I miss this show😭

  • Thatguy
    Thatguy 5 days ago

    oh boy do i hope that stupid ass letter saying Zuko isn't Ozai's kid is ignored or prooven wrong because FUCK that is stupid. totally undermines a large part of what the series theme was

  • Jacq Qulen
    Jacq Qulen 5 days ago

    Since she experience sadness I doubt she's a psychopath. A narcissist or sociopath perhaps

    MOOFAMDEEZ 6 days ago

    A calm and collected villain reduced to a mad raving animal.

  • Aidan Nav
    Aidan Nav 6 days ago

    Is the story still continuing. I’m pretty sure it’s over on tv. So sad. It’s one of my favourite shows

  • Curlyhair4life Boo
    Curlyhair4life Boo 6 days ago

    I’m confused mai and zuko broke up

  • fluores
    fluores 6 days ago

    Wow. 2.5 million views in a few weeks on a series that happened 10 years ago! There are some serious fans out there!

  • Catherine The Second

    *Background music?*

  • Jessa Trinidad
    Jessa Trinidad 8 days ago +2

    Nickolodeon should have just continue this rather than making another avatar series (yeah im talking about Korra). 😑

  • TheGamingCarson _ 0509

    This whole video was one sentence

  • E†YΔE
    E†YΔE 8 days ago +2

    *father always said she was born lucky*
    *And that I was lucky to be born* -Zuko
    That's my favorite Zuko quote

  • Sleepy Dog
    Sleepy Dog 8 days ago

    its been years since legend of korra ended, and they still havent concluded the original legend of aang comics..... woah

  • Algot Henriksson
    Algot Henriksson 8 days ago +4

    Azula has left the chat. Zuko has switched team to ”Fire lord”.

  • Kimberly B.
    Kimberly B. 9 days ago

    The music makes this even more deep and interesting. 😯

  • Angie T
    Angie T 9 days ago

    Damn Azula was a grade A bitch

  • Nikorasu Dragneel
    Nikorasu Dragneel 10 days ago +1

    I always wondered what happened to Azula after the final episode of Avatar! Now I know😀thx a lot man!(Subscribe)

  • awkward catfish
    awkward catfish 10 days ago

    Poor azula

  • Tarnov
    Tarnov 10 days ago +1

    How do you infiltrate something from the outside?

  • Everest Ibewuike
    Everest Ibewuike 10 days ago +2

    I thought it all ended on the part when kitara and aang kisses...

  • Stephen Martin
    Stephen Martin 11 days ago

    Mai’s useless ass boyfriend lol she left zuko for that 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • nigga higga
    nigga higga 11 days ago +2

    "Azula was born lucky and I was lucky to be born" ~ zuko

  • Chelsea Ibe
    Chelsea Ibe 11 days ago

    Why was this never animated?

  • Kate
    Kate 11 days ago +5

    I'm surprised Aang didn't take away Azula's fire bending.

  • * Nox *
    * Nox * 12 days ago

    Do Toph!

  • Phaire Couchpotato
    Phaire Couchpotato 12 days ago

    Don't put your dick in crazy!, enough said!!!

  • Marissa A
    Marissa A 12 days ago +1


  • lilly r
    lilly r 12 days ago +1

    Who else is rooting for azula😂😂

  • donit gamer
    donit gamer 13 days ago +2

    Aang should have taken away her bending

  • Annabelle Nonimous
    Annabelle Nonimous 14 days ago

    I thought Azula was the older sister for a long time. She doesn't seem the same age as the rest of the gaang

  • NerroEX TV
    NerroEX TV 14 days ago +3


    • Asteria Sheria
      Asteria Sheria 10 days ago

      I thought they ended when the Legend of korra came out, but I guess not.

  • Knightwalker V Peace
    Knightwalker V Peace 14 days ago


  • Naomi Allen
    Naomi Allen 14 days ago

    There’s a comic?!?!!

  • Galaleelee
    Galaleelee 14 days ago

    I’ve been wait for YEARS

  • Kodukula Anirudh
    Kodukula Anirudh 14 days ago +1

    Fact 1
    Azula was an interesting person

    Fact 2
    If Azula wasn't hot, nobody would give a shit about her

  • Jarmila Adam
    Jarmila Adam 14 days ago +2

    I find it really interesting that she's so powerful that only she herself could become her own fatal enemy.

  • MissScarlet
    MissScarlet 15 days ago

    why couldn't we have had this instead?

  • Stella Wilcox
    Stella Wilcox 15 days ago

    are they still writing the books?

  • TheRedShadow
    TheRedShadow 15 days ago

    Bad parenting...

  • Julia's Life
    Julia's Life 16 days ago +1

    blue fire is actually weaker than normal fire

  • Noah
    Noah 16 days ago

    Azula is the baddest bitch to ever appear on a animated series

  • Corvo Batmano
    Corvo Batmano 16 days ago

    I will give her my dicc so she can calm down

  • Stealthy Archer
    Stealthy Archer 16 days ago

    To imagine all the main female characters are under 18 years old

  • alexander newberry
    alexander newberry 17 days ago

    So pretty much anime hitler

  • EnjoII
    EnjoII 17 days ago

    I know what she needs...

    Some Milk.

  • kolo2300[Game Terrorist]
    kolo2300[Game Terrorist] 17 days ago +1

    Asula acted like Stalin xd

  • lisa houghton
    lisa houghton 17 days ago

    8:39 😂😂😂😂

  • Eli :/
    Eli :/ 17 days ago +3

    Nickelodeon can we get a show about Azula

  • Kensie Malacas
    Kensie Malacas 17 days ago +1

    What happened to her after the series? She became Ming Hua. 😂 😂

  • Teylan Carreathers
    Teylan Carreathers 17 days ago

    So who is zuko’s real dad. And how did I miss these episodes??

  • Darius Phillips
    Darius Phillips 17 days ago

    Umm...was all this really in the series because i don’t remember seeing it

  • Jeri Brown
    Jeri Brown 18 days ago

    The movie was sooo shit. Love this cartoon. Heard Netflix is going to make a live action version. I personally think that the showdown with Azula and Izzi should be a movie. That battle was so fucking epic. Like use the show to lead to that moment and then BAM! Movie

  • saun4455
    saun4455 18 days ago +1

    Like if u thought that was orochimaru for a sec

    GFK CEG 18 days ago +1

    12:14 post-avatar

  • _yoon iee
    _yoon iee 18 days ago +3

    Wait, I thought Mei and Zuko is a thing. Who's this Kilo guy?

  • Matt k
    Matt k 19 days ago +1

    2 things:
    1. The music paired with talking about her turning insane is fucking creepy as hell.

  • BlueFire 1398
    BlueFire 1398 19 days ago

    5:25 : )

  • Nadine Ali
    Nadine Ali 20 days ago

    it would be really cool if there is a game or sth like that released on the story of azula and the rest of ATLA characters, as to what happened after the show ended

  • June Passingthroughthegate

    I want to watch this show again now.

  • Norman E
    Norman E 20 days ago

    I thought was gonna be a summary not a damn life story.....dislike

  • Myles Thomas
    Myles Thomas 20 days ago

    This made me wanna cry

  • DaBlackStar
    DaBlackStar 20 days ago

    Can Azula get her own spin off series? That would be badass

  • HB plays
    HB plays 20 days ago

    Dam azula made herself insane like dam she crazy and over thinks everything

  • HB plays
    HB plays 20 days ago

    Lol I feel like I could manipulate azula, she hot but she needs a good punch

  • Mic_Glow
    Mic_Glow 20 days ago

    Avatar season 4? Q_Q

  • crazy_ resho
    crazy_ resho 20 days ago

    In my fantasy i had the wish to fuck girl like her ,Azula my crazy bitch😂😂

  • LyonSyde
    LyonSyde 21 day ago

    I'm pretty sure Zuko and Azula hated Love Amongst the Dragons. Zuko said that in S3

  • KuRoMoN
    KuRoMoN 21 day ago

    Wow I didn’t even know they had a comic series!

  • De ViceCrimsin
    De ViceCrimsin 21 day ago

    Wait mom's didn't know pops was a psyco/sociopath and thereby breed more? AND didn't know how to deal with her?!! . . . Good luck with that.

  • Adam A
    Adam A 21 day ago

    “We’re Chan and Ranjan”
    “Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah 😏”

  • Caitlin Kolick
    Caitlin Kolick 21 day ago

    Azula was a horrible person. She was bad from beginning. She did horrible things to people and was even a bad influence on her "friends". It was as if she gained more of her father's traits than her own mother. I didn't even think she was even human. To me Zuko seemed to have more heart than his sister and at least some honor.😒👹😈👺👿

  • Phil Jr Woodard
    Phil Jr Woodard 21 day ago

    2 mil views already

  • king naz
    king naz 21 day ago

    Wow this is Nickelodeon

  • Voss Li
    Voss Li 21 day ago

    I wish they did something more with her character. She was way too self aware to be psychotic

  • Richard Don
    Richard Don 21 day ago +1

    I had a huge crush on Azula when I was younger can't believe she was 14 though. Even when she had her mental breakdowns the love was still there lol

  • Why Not
    Why Not 21 day ago

    I don’t know what it was but she still is one of my favourite characters. I love how complex her character was

  • Master Von James La Hood

    i always liked her maniqure (idk how it is spelled....)

  • cod skills
    cod skills 21 day ago

    How come mai has a boyfriend “keelo”? Sorry might have spelled his name wrong, but i Thought zuko was mai’s boyfriend ?

  • Nic Kra
    Nic Kra 22 days ago +1

    Did anybody know the name of the backround music?

  • Late Night Thinker
    Late Night Thinker 22 days ago

    Character development in this show is unparalleled

  • SVGamer
    SVGamer 22 days ago +22

    Just take Azula’s bending away. Problem solved.

  • Brielle Horton
    Brielle Horton 22 days ago

    Where can I read this?

  • Dimaren
    Dimaren 22 days ago

    Damn they should of animated this instead of Korra