"It's A Long Season, We Have To Be Ready" Klopp Fenway Park Interview Exclusive

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • "It's A Long Season, We Have To Be Ready" Klopp Fenway Park Interview Exclusive. Jurgen Klopp spoke to Paul pitchside at Fenway Park about how to judge players in pre-season, using the squad, and trying not to look to the Charity Shield v Man City too soon...

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Comments • 167

  • Heinz Schenk
    Heinz Schenk 19 days ago


  • Stephen Gill
    Stephen Gill 23 days ago

    Liverpool clearly not ready what has happened is klopp is so Arrogant that he thinks this squad is good enough...
    It isnt liverpool need to strengthen..
    FERNANDES is the ideal player for Liverpool but have let him go to utd...
    Kieran Tierney ideal player to cover Robertson but the good thing is he can play 4 or 5 positions bargain price too...
    Klopp thinks he can get a world class player for £8 million like he did with Andy Robertson but it's not going to happen...
    The transfer market has gone crazy cos of the likes of man utd over paying and it's only going to get worse......
    Liverpool keeping
    Is madness if liverpool dont sign anyone then all the work klopp has done will be for nothing...
    Liverpool cannot and will not win the league nor compete on all fronts in the domestic cups...
    Sure the domestic cups have lost all there gloss now and dont mean so much...
    It says that when Burton ALBIAN got to the semi final of the league cup and get beat 9-0
    Watford beat 6-0 in the FA Cup...
    Unthinkable on years gone bye...
    But these cups are good for fans to see their team play a final in England...
    It's great competing in the CL and winning it but fans are either priced out of going to the final or cant get tickets....
    Also the prize money and tv rights help with the outgoings the club have...
    Come on klopp you say you care for the fans you say liverpool are family then give us back the glory days and something to shout about dont win the CL then say that's it then go backwards...!!!

  • MyShowbizName
    MyShowbizName 24 days ago +1

    I'm a West Ham fan and heard from one of the fan channels that you guys get access to speak with people inside the club. Great to see a forward thinking club embracing new media and speaking to people who really care about the club. Also gotta say, it's impossible not to like Klopp. Fantastic manager.

    Good luck for the season ahead.

  • Gaming Fatboy
    Gaming Fatboy 26 days ago +1

    “it’s a long season we have to be ready” but some fucking players then you stubborn arrogant twat and stop trusting youngsters

  • Hayfaa Abdallah
    Hayfaa Abdallah 28 days ago

    Best fan Channel 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻for the best team ever 💪🏻 #YNWA

  • Gary M
    Gary M 29 days ago

    Ive always said it, theres a method to this mans maddness, hes a class act ynwa

  • 3allz
    3allz Month ago

    You can tell Klopp will always give a minute or two to you guys now days. He knows you are a real fan channel representing the fans without the media hysterics and with a certain level headedness. Good/insightful questions which I doubt he's been asked this tour too. Nice one!

  • Franny Darko
    Franny Darko Month ago

    I remember when we always had our pre-season games in ASIA but now FSG are owners he's trying to break into the US market

  • Lolz Beeb
    Lolz Beeb Month ago

    Next time ask about signings

  • Mo lokoB
    Mo lokoB Month ago

    What a man. What a manager ❤️👍🏻 YNWA

  • 01durianpie
    01durianpie Month ago

    Paul I am very much offended by the number of stars on your mic. Change it will ya? lol

  • Ivrish con-Abarth
    Ivrish con-Abarth Month ago

    Jürgen just really wanted to hear the giggle!

  • shane stephenson
    shane stephenson Month ago +1

    Team is no way near ready defending Like donkies again.

  • Supaaaaared
    Supaaaaared Month ago

    our boss is boss, the relationship that you have with him is great

  • ClutchItOut
    ClutchItOut Month ago +2

    The legend literally left some other legendary stuff he had to do just to give you 4 minutes of his legendary time.

  • Arman Teker
    Arman Teker Month ago +1

    What a fantastic interview. Well done Paul.

  • luke reid
    luke reid Month ago

    Hopefully more youngsters than Brewster can come through this season. With the lack of signings we will need at least 2 to emerge. It's also a big season for Ox. It's vital that he remains injury free. Not talking about little niggles but injuries that keep him out for weeks at a time.
    As it stands, I'm not convinced we can better last season in terms of our League performance. Hope to be wrong of course.

  • Etienne Bunbury
    Etienne Bunbury Month ago

    He ain’t buying shit! Wanker 😡

  • LFC1892
    LFC1892 Month ago +3

    It will be a very dark day in Football when this man retires.

  • psxnotps1
    psxnotps1 Month ago

    hope you know the mic is missing a star.

  • goodled
    goodled Month ago +2

    Wow you are actually boys with Klopp that is mad

  • Pete Zahutt
    Pete Zahutt Month ago +2

    I love the fact your building a little friendship with him now❤️
    But he left you hanging still😂

  • Thom Jones II
    Thom Jones II Month ago +1

    would you give pep the helm for a year if it meant that Jurgen could take a sabbatical but return to the club afterwards? I would fucking kill for this situation, if he gets a premier league, he will go down as the greatest liverpool manager ever.

  • Kyle Gutstadt
    Kyle Gutstadt Month ago +3

    i feel like jurgen is my best friend after seeing how down he is to chat with Maych

  • Aaron Boughan
    Aaron Boughan Month ago +2

    You've got Jurgen's sweat on you. Lucky bastard! haha

  • Bajan Pops LFC
    Bajan Pops LFC Month ago +1

    Paul you have to get Chris on the mike with the Boss before the end of preseason. Loved how he made the effort to speak to his boys, Redmen TV. Keep up the good work.

  • Cameron Goliath
    Cameron Goliath Month ago

    Machine 😂😂

  • Thomas Gibson
    Thomas Gibson Month ago

    Do a lot unboxing of away and third kit

  • Game Changer
    Game Changer Month ago

    Still waiting on the new signings question ... Part 2?

  • Martyn Hicks
    Martyn Hicks Month ago

    Good questions...honest answers.

  • Richard Lewis
    Richard Lewis Month ago +4

    My 2 lads Jack and Jamie age 11 and 12 have wrote a new song for number six, if you like it share it please

    To tune of the Torres song........

    Thousand's made their way to Spain........... Madrid........ Madrid
    We went and won the cup again...................We Did......We Did
    Salah showed them why he reigns and Divock went and scored again
    And we all came marching back in time for the Parade.....Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

    And we all came marching back in time for the Parade

  • ltcSpitfire
    ltcSpitfire Month ago +3

    Anyone notice how his energy dropped as soon as that blue channel 5 mic started eavesdropping on the interview?

  • Thommy Turtle
    Thommy Turtle Month ago

    2:00 20 words in 4 seconds for a non native speaker :D

  • We won it Six times

    Klopp has to strengthen if we don’t make any good signings this season to improve are squad we will not be challenging for the title.. we need a cover LB. Adam Lewis is not good enough to erratic and a top forward to challenge the front 3 for a starting spot. If we don’t make any signings we will just be in a top 4 dog fight

      KWABENA TMI Month ago

      Lol and chelsea, Arsenal and United will be? It's Spurs, Liverpool and City for the title you guys already have the edge on spurs but I do agree if you don't make signings you'll be relying on City to fuck up like last season.

  • anthtan
    anthtan Month ago +7

    Is Redmen TV the ONLY fan channel with access to their team’s Coach? Even AFTV don’t have that!

  • Graham Reardon
    Graham Reardon Month ago +1

    Paul is like a little fanboy

  • Cold Burn Freeze
    Cold Burn Freeze Month ago +6

    I get super jealous watching these lol. I live in the states, but cannot go. Someday I will get to see them live. It is funny being raised a Liverpool fan living in the states. I think the only fandom that has anywhere close to the excitement that true football fans carry is college sports fans. Nothing I have ever experienced can touch LSU fans during college football season. I imagine that will be surpassed the day I do get to go to Anfield... After I stop crying like a baby that is lol.

    • pisswobble
      pisswobble Month ago +1

      Good luck Red.. One day you will go to Anfield and see the glory that is Liverpool... We will lift the prem title this season mate😜

  • andybyrne50
    andybyrne50 Month ago

    Top interview and well done in the heat !

  • LFC Spectre
    LFC Spectre Month ago +7

    Good to see Paul best German mate spending time with channel for couple of minutes.

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago

    When you go to fist bump the gaffa and he just gives you the elbow 🤣

  • uthank pettukola
    uthank pettukola Month ago

    Come on old man klopp buy someone!

  • Hamzah Hussain
    Hamzah Hussain Month ago +1

    Klopp is the Best..🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • David Burgess
    David Burgess Month ago

    I'm thinking about getting 6 European trophies on my forehead

  • Jesus serve my life bro

    This is what you redman TV do so when this go wrong is very hard for you to criticize or say the truth because you what to be interviewed the manager or players that why you do not have so much subscribe the first TheXvid football channels yet never got a million sub for years change the way you do

  • RED HOT Mo [Lfc]
    RED HOT Mo [Lfc] Month ago +7

    Seriously we have the best manager world sports never mind football

  • Hari Wyn Griffith
    Hari Wyn Griffith Month ago +2

    When I see klopp just talking, I just can't stop smiling, it just imposible

  • RED HOT Mo [Lfc]
    RED HOT Mo [Lfc] Month ago +1

    Wonderful man? I 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, & #6th that 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Vikram Kachroo
    Vikram Kachroo Month ago +1

    The Machine!!

  • jeffescantube
    jeffescantube Month ago

    good great interview, asked sensible questions,love it love it maych

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago +1

    "A Wonderful Man" 👍🏻😉🏆

  • Tony Andrews
    Tony Andrews Month ago

    Pajak is fuming behind the camera that he’s missed another opportunity to interview the big man 😂

  • Darren Mccann
    Darren Mccann Month ago +8

    Good on you Paul. Every fan is super jealous of your realtionship with the boss. Good content always. Love this channel. Fan channels are getting better then the tv stations pundits who are generally biased from whatever team they had success from.

  • Anita Hafadump
    Anita Hafadump Month ago

    What an amazing bloke

  • Matthew Froud
    Matthew Froud Month ago

    Class acts all round here

  • TheIceyeddy
    TheIceyeddy Month ago +17

    Paul is like a giggly girl around Klopp. So sweet!😍

  • Mark Kavanagh
    Mark Kavanagh Month ago +6

    Great to see the close relationship Klopp has with redmen Tv. Not surprising excellent interviewing with a sense of humour.

  • Adam Ford
    Adam Ford Month ago +2

    Probably going to get abuse for this but if we dont sign at least 3 players including an attacker i'll already be saying city have the league. My heart would like to say otherwise but you dont beat the champions by having the same squad that couldnt beat them last season for the title while city are still strengthening

    • anuoluwa adewale
      anuoluwa adewale Month ago

      Klopp always have the way of proving people like us wrong. Just let keep our legs crossed

  • oskarkc
    oskarkc Month ago +10

    Paul on the fly showing how you can do an interview without stupid questions. Press conference jounalists, take note!

  • chase dream
    chase dream Month ago

    Kop from the mighty Mt Everest

  • Atiff Hamadah
    Atiff Hamadah Month ago

    EPL title confirmed😊

  • Ato Neikha
    Ato Neikha Month ago

    Jurgen Nobert fucking Klopp, what a legend😎

    DAVES LFC CHATS Month ago +2

    Well done Paul 👍🏆

  • Tommy Lister
    Tommy Lister Month ago +1

    So jealous you got that close to the man himself

  • Simon Cheah
    Simon Cheah Month ago +1

    Paul, thanks and keep up the good work. Great interview and questions that generated deeper insights into Klopp's approach & thoughts on pre season matches, the USA training venue, squad selection & opportunities...(great feedback!)

  • Amru Ataa
    Amru Ataa Month ago +1


  • Dennis Martin
    Dennis Martin Month ago +1

    He is the man you boys are lucky to talk with him... YNWA

    • Simon Cheah
      Simon Cheah Month ago +1

      I am jealous too. As always, good questions by Paul. YNWA!

  • UoonTube
    UoonTube Month ago

    Great interview lads.

  • Sachin San
    Sachin San Month ago

    Like if salah will sign new contract soon

    • I believe
      I believe Month ago

      He won't, hes going Real Madrid next summer

  • Kalevi
    Kalevi Month ago +8

    Klopp's probably one of the views of this video.

    • Alexbob
      Alexbob Month ago

      I totally understand him fanboying Paul and Chris, two great lads

  • lazylad 90
    lazylad 90 Month ago +23

    The best fans channel by far👍👍. Always good interesting and different content. You boys are doing a great job. Ps the video with the Mrs was brilliant very humorous👍👍👍👍👍

  • xX1Ns3RT C01NXx
    xX1Ns3RT C01NXx Month ago +5

    Where are the signings, we need players!!

    • Adam C
      Adam C Month ago +1

      Dave Crawley how does that mean he’s a prick? Because we do need more players another forward is a must, as if one of the big 3 get a long term injury, don’t expect us to win the league with Brewster and origi playing up front, most games...

    • Gian Luca
      Gian Luca Month ago

      Antony Jones In case Robbo is Injured, Milner can Play LB as well

    • Antony Jones
      Antony Jones Month ago

      Who do we need? We have 3 or 4 quality players for every position.
      Maybe LB but we are promoting youth like Larouci or Lewis.
      Have the faith in Jurgen

    • xX1Ns3RT C01NXx
      xX1Ns3RT C01NXx Month ago +2

      @Dave Crawley
      Put that crack pipe down lad.

    • Dave Crawley
      Dave Crawley Month ago

      Fuck off and support someone else. Not needed here.

  • Advenco
    Advenco Month ago +18

    Paul has become best friends with Klopp meanwhile Chris still hasn't even met him lol

    • Pete Zahutt
      Pete Zahutt 27 days ago

      @Tommy2shoe811 yeah man it killed me like! 🤣

    • Tommy2shoe811
      Tommy2shoe811 29 days ago +1

      Pete Zahutt I saw that video that was fukin classic. It was the video for champions league final media junket at Melwood. I prolly laughed harder at that than anything I’ve seen from Klopp. Chris is just chillin n Klopp is right by him Chris walks up to Klopp n says “yo Jurgen, this poor bastard’s gotta go to Paris on a family freakin holiday” and Jurgen starts dying laughing right in his face like, you poor silly bastard that’s what you get for not havin the faith. It was fukin hilarious.

    • Em C
      Em C Month ago +1

      @Sudarshan Sridharan He is, its on Paul's channel. They laugh at Klopp teasing Chris about his red face.

    • Sudarshan Sridharan
      Sudarshan Sridharan Month ago

      @Livin' Like LarryNo mate! That doesn't sound like Chris

    • Pete Zahutt
      Pete Zahutt Month ago +9

      There's a video on here of klopp laughing in pajaks face cos he couldn't go to the CL Final😂😂😂

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T Month ago +1

    paul and jurgen are besties

  • SM92
    SM92 Month ago +2

    Paul you are now known as the machine! That is brilliant!

    • Chris Johns
      Chris Johns Month ago +2

      @Simon Cheah hes the Maychine.

    • Simon Cheah
      Simon Cheah Month ago

      Brilliant indeed. Thought that the "machine" label has been taken by Milner (?)

  • Secret Guy
    Secret Guy Month ago +4

    Klopp needs to bring in new players, otherwise Liverpool might not bring anything new for the next season.