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  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • When you think of Russia, it's doubtful you think of rugby. And yet, with Russia miraculously qualifying for a second World Cup last year, they now have a chance to change that cold connotation. So what should we expect from Russia, who should we keep an eye on, and why didn't the sport take off there in the first place?
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  • Lord AristoCat
    Lord AristoCat Day ago

    1922-1991 Remember those dates ... russia has history before and after them ... it's not all Soviet Union

  • taZZo
    taZZo 2 days ago

    next video: georgians chance on world cup 2019 ;)))

  • Nicholas Smirz
    Nicholas Smirz 3 days ago

    Beating Italy really isn't a challenge though..

  • Pearl Jade
    Pearl Jade 5 days ago

    Thanks for this, Squidge. I live in Japan and will be attending all Ireland's group games, so it's good to have some background knowledge on one of our opponents. And it'll be played in my hometown of Kobe!

  • RationalThinker1859
    RationalThinker1859 7 days ago

    Great videos sir.

  • Epoch plus5
    Epoch plus5 7 days ago

    I once watched a russian rugby match on my polish girls satellite tv, funniest thing i ever saw.

  • Web Design Gold Coast

    Another great video Squidge

  • Allan Lamb
    Allan Lamb 9 days ago

    Rugby seems like such a natural fit for Russia. Its almost crazy that its not a bigger sport in Russia and that Russia isnt a bigger force in it.

  • Jack Tsang
    Jack Tsang 10 days ago

    Maybe it's because that rugby doesn't feature in the Olympics until very recently. Post WW2 there was a push at all Olympic sports as a matter of increasing sporting prestige and the Soviets from nowhere became a superpower of some of these sports in a short period of time, the most notable example being their ice hockey team.

  • Reece Turner
    Reece Turner 11 days ago

    Actually played against krasny yar this year with a lot of Russian internationals in it, must say they were very good but they did have an average age of late 20s whereas ours was 19😐

  • Elle Sea
    Elle Sea 11 days ago

    I honestly hope they go far.
    "What dya mean we weren't doping?" Confused Russian Bureaucrat.

  • beatonthedonis47
    beatonthedonis47 11 days ago

    The Soviet Union came into existence in 1922 after the Russian civil war, so it was the Czarists who suppressed rugby.

  • Nick Leeder
    Nick Leeder 12 days ago

    My school is 200 meters from blackrock college and we drew against them

  • Ertzisrad86 Ertzisrad86

    Вот это да

  • Lúcás Ó'Ceallacháin

    Number 8 in footage in Anton Rudoy - best player for Kazakhstan and Enisei STM that got poached under the Olympic 7s rule.

  • An Cúl Tóna Níos Mór

    7:41 ringrose went to saint michaels, not blackrock

    • infra white
      infra white 17 days ago

      the man went back & forth between the 'two giants' of irish college rugby? Now that's a box office backstory!

    • Christian Thoms
      Christian Thoms 20 days ago

      Well no he did go to blackrock

  • Sim
    Sim 23 days ago


  • wderrick87
    wderrick87 24 days ago

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate "couldn't present a cat"

  • Dom Sheppard
    Dom Sheppard 26 days ago

    You're a twat you gay cunt. This game ain't for pooftas. Northern hemisphere can have Australia since you guys are a bunch of pooftas. Don't bring that homo shit into this Gentlemen's only game. Lll

  • Rachel says Irish Rughy Won't get out of pool

    I am sure Russia will enjoy the World Cup. i can't see them beat any of the teams in their pool, but if i had to choose it would be Ireland. the other teams would be too strong.

  • Geoff Keil
    Geoff Keil 27 days ago +2

    "Why isn't Russia big in Rugby"???? ...... Well, they're not in the Southern Hemisphere for starters.

  • Graggle5
    Graggle5 28 days ago

    Umm, that they stand no chance of beating England, Ireland, Scotland, All-Blacks, South Africa, etc, etc.

    Is that what we have learned?. Because that is all that is likely to be learned.

  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones Month ago

    You ripped on the Dragons brilliantly pmsl

  • lil DEX
    lil DEX Month ago

    Talk about rugby in Portugal

  • Gonçalo Dias
    Gonçalo Dias Month ago +4

    Could you do a vídeo about Portugal? Even tho then only went to a world cup once they've been brilliant in the last few years in the U20 trophy!

  • Shark boi Smith
    Shark boi Smith Month ago

    Anything on the rugby championship yet or are you just gonna ignore it ?

  • Billy Mackay 99
    Billy Mackay 99 Month ago

    Thank you

  • Sam L
    Sam L Month ago

    I was at that Spain vs Belgium game with a rugby club from Surrey i met on the piss in Brussels the night before. Absolutely wild scenes! Worst display of refereeing I've seen in my life! Really gutted for Spain, would have been awesome to see them at the world cup this year at the rate they've been improving.

  • Kotehnmbp
    Kotehnmbp Month ago

    Классно : )

  • oscar cole
    oscar cole Month ago

    your history is a bit fucked

  • The JC Cheetah
    The JC Cheetah Month ago

    how do you edit your videos? I use imovie

  • George Yeldham
    George Yeldham Month ago

    the soviet union didnt exist in the 1800s and didnt exist until 1922. Just saying Squidge.........

  • It All Starts With Gilgamesh

    Rugby=winter=fuck that in Russia!

  • Mark Silva
    Mark Silva Month ago

    Guys. What is with this pussy message above the comment section.

  • Ryan Bonner
    Ryan Bonner Month ago

    love these

  • N B
    N B Month ago

    Your speed up speed down style of diction becomes tedious after a few minutes.

  • Blackflame Solutions
    Blackflame Solutions Month ago +1

    The actual penalty count in *that* Belgium Spain game was 18-8, not 26-8.
    26-8 was a fabricated figure being spread around by some disgruntled elements around Spanish rugby.
    If you watch the game it isn't that incredible that Spain conceded that many penalties - their attitude towards the ref from the start was appalling.
    More here -

    • Eric Parramonj
      Eric Parramonj 22 days ago

      Spanish victimising themselves like Everytime they lose

  • Wan Dering
    Wan Dering Month ago

    Hahaha... Russia did what we call in Australia a "Bradbury" to get into the world cup

  • 53A17 E
    53A17 E Month ago

    Sadly, I can see my beloved Manu Samoa losing to Russia

  • ynwa forever
    ynwa forever Month ago

    RUSSIA PLAYS RUGBY?!!!!!!!!!
    RUSSIA PLAYS RUGBY?!!!!!!!!!
    RUSSIA PLAYS RUGBY?!!!!!!!!!

  • L Wesley
    L Wesley Month ago

    The Soviet Union didn’t exist until 1922

  • Ernest Hemingway
    Ernest Hemingway Month ago +1

    Great video man

  • King merkulov
    King merkulov Month ago

    the Soviet union didnt exist in 1886 it didnt appear till 1920

  • J Lopez
    J Lopez Month ago

    Bro are you gonna do samoan yet

  • J Lopez
    J Lopez Month ago

    Where's Samoan

  • J Lopez
    J Lopez Month ago

    Do Samoa

  • ParlezVousRugby
    ParlezVousRugby Month ago +1

    Cheers mate, thanks for kind words!!

  • Fianna
    Fianna Month ago

    Russia aren't good at any sports

  • Timon Burford
    Timon Burford Month ago

    As much as I love ur videos u completely messed up russian history ffs

  • Wales Gaming
    Wales Gaming Month ago +1

    If Rugby was introduced in the 1880s, then it wouldn't be the Soviet Union it would be the Russian Empire.
    I love your videos though, sorry to be that guy.

  • Lucas Munoz
    Lucas Munoz Month ago +1

    Can u make a video of chile? it isnt a big country in rugby but i would like to watch a video ab it

    • Lucas Munoz
      Lucas Munoz Month ago

      @Ernest Hemingway i think there is already a urugay one

    • Ernest Hemingway
      Ernest Hemingway Month ago +2

      I'd rather see one about Uruguay first though. But Chile would be next.

  • Luke
    Luke Month ago +1

    I shall use the comparison between Russian rwc qualification and Hamlet in future English tests

  • Saor Éire
    Saor Éire Month ago

    “Everybody's On Steroids”

  • twoonthewall
    twoonthewall Month ago +2

    The russian state didnt like rugby because it was seen as elite and the close and great friendships that form in rugby teams could lead to political discussion

  • h d
    h d Month ago +1

    Awesome squidge!

  • fleshen
    fleshen Month ago

    10.48 "Shit House Bastard"!!! HahA I spat my vodka out laughing at that!!

  • Caro Sarda

    I think the Russian team is going to put some teams to shame in this R W C , they certainly want to prove something to the Georgian team , love to see them in the knockout stage

  • charlespirate1
    charlespirate1 Month ago

    The Soviet Union didn’t exist until 1922

  • Just Smashing
    Just Smashing Month ago +3

    Wait until the Chinese get serious...then the ABs & Boks are in trouble

    • R H
      R H 29 days ago

      Just Smashing ye but most Chinese are small well the ones that are living in the west are anyway

    • Just Smashing
      Just Smashing 29 days ago

      R H I worked there for a bit, they have big people:)

    • R H
      R H Month ago

      Just Smashing the average Chinese isn't that athletic aswell that's why they win most of their Olympic medals in obscure sports like table tennis
      The NBA player Yao Ming is an anomaly for a Chinese person
      Their is a reason we will never see a Chinese heavyweight boxing champion

    • R H
      R H Month ago

      Just Smashing although China had a huge population America still fares better at the Olympics
      Americans dominate sports boxing and Mma Which are just as popular in Europe and even more popular in Russia Mexico and Brazil
      Americans don't even care about football and there women's team is by far the best in the world
      Imagine if NFL wasn't a thing and all them super athletes played rugby instead

    • Just Smashing
      Just Smashing Month ago

      R H Have the Yanks The willpower or physicality needed to face the ABs & Boks and dominate?
      The 1.5bn Chinese will be instructed to, on pain of (fill in blank, here:..........).
      If the Chinese won 3 rwc's in a row, did it’d change how the world perceives them & they could do it, if they wanted (44th currently)
      It would be fun to watch the 2023 RWC Paris final USA vs China :)
      ...(if the world survives that long)

  • Gabriel Delos Santos

    What’s up with the shade

  • Andrius Zaicenko
    Andrius Zaicenko Month ago +1

    Make about lithuanian rugby

  • Sandeep Jani
    Sandeep Jani Month ago +1

    Hockey!!! Imagine Alexander Ovechkin as a rugby player.

  • jomin john
    jomin john Month ago

    Can u do something on David pocock plz

  • NK
    NK Month ago +1

    lol 😂 thanks for the history lesson and memes. It was actually very mind boggling 🙌🏾💪🏽

  • Andy Quantick
    Andy Quantick Month ago

    December 1989 Cornwall 12 - 12 USSR at Redruth RFC

    • Andy Quantick
      Andy Quantick Month ago

      @powerbite92 Plenty of ale , pasties and singing!

    • powerbite92
      powerbite92 Month ago

      What were the after-match festivities like?

  • Brem
    Brem Month ago +2

    Rugby is on my list of things about Russia.

  • Tom Pearse
    Tom Pearse Month ago

    "he steals the ball like American state secrets" 😂😂😂😂

  • Fishwithadeathwish
    Fishwithadeathwish Month ago

    The Soviet Union did not come into existence until the revolution. Which was in 1917. So...

  • Pat Tanackered
    Pat Tanackered Month ago

    Honestly I'm unsubscribing. I just can't get behind this quick text style. Too millennial and dumb

  • Joe Tait
    Joe Tait Month ago +1

    I love and hate the fact that you make me spend 20 minutes watching a 10 minute video, because of the constant pausing needed to read your notes roasting dickish players 😂

  • Tom Krys
    Tom Krys Month ago +1

    This video is hilarious

  • Olwen S
    Olwen S Month ago

    Perhaps the size of the country is also a problem. It took the USA a long time to get moving, partly because getting players from the north, south, east and west together regularly was difficult.

  • zmmz001
    zmmz001 Month ago

    The Soviet Union was not a thing in the 1800s

  • Eben Visser
    Eben Visser Month ago +1

    I appreciated your first 12 seconds squidge read all 47, thanks for the great videos best rugby channel on youtube. Great reliable information about every team great insights on how rugby should be played. Appreciation all the way from South Africa

  • Gordon Struth
    Gordon Struth Month ago +1

    Russia v Scotland to be the highest scoring match in the competition? Scotland will likely be resting some key players for this but nonetheless, it could be bonkers.