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  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • When you think of Russia, it's doubtful you think of rugby. And yet, with Russia miraculously qualifying for a second World Cup last year, they now have a chance to change that cold connotation. So what should we expect from Russia, who should we keep an eye on, and why didn't the sport take off there in the first place?
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  • Chilligamer 5
    Chilligamer 5 28 days ago

    Is not Soviet Union in 1886

  • Dawsk i
    Dawsk i 2 months ago

    Jesus christ, where is the source for that lyn jones stuff, what the fuck is all that about

  • chima chibi
    chima chibi 2 months ago

    Russian ballet! Russia produces the best ballerinas!!

  • ikon
    ikon 3 months ago

    had to do a project on something current to with russia thanks for doing all the research for me

  • The Scatman
    The Scatman 3 months ago

    Watching this as Ireland scores a try against them in the first 2 mins

  • Barry Hawk
    Barry Hawk 3 months ago


  • Mike Barker
    Mike Barker 3 months ago

    Great effort last night..tackled their asses off

  • Juan José Oñate
    Juan José Oñate 3 months ago +1

    They just got wrekced by Japan LOL

  • Evan Cooper
    Evan Cooper 3 months ago

    They would fuck up the all blacks I reckon easy.

  • Ivor Biggun
    Ivor Biggun 4 months ago +1

    Sorry to be pedantic but Stalin was Georgian, not Russian.

  • Lol Alrighty then
    Lol Alrighty then 4 months ago


  • Harold Flohr
    Harold Flohr 4 months ago

    Dear sir, just while you re changing the word Soviet to pre-revolution /Tsarist Russian Empire (for pre 1920s stuff), also change 'insight' to 'incite' in that quotation you give - and assuming it was in Russian originally you read it in English somewhere so basically I would doubt that source as well if it said it was Soviet in the 19th century AND misspells a common enough word..

  • Damo Taps
    Damo Taps 4 months ago

    Coz they low key sending spy’s through there rugby team.

  • Daire O'Reilly
    Daire O'Reilly 4 months ago

    Thanks for spoiling all of Hamlet u dick

  • Chester Donnelly
    Chester Donnelly 4 months ago

    This is all you need to know. Don't put any money on them to win any games because they won't.

  • Alexander James
    Alexander James 4 months ago

    That’s so funny because I go to Blackrock in Dublin

  • Hank
    Hank 4 months ago

    That homosexual joke is low hanging fruit and well played out.
    Do better,

  • Deaglan Kennedy
    Deaglan Kennedy 4 months ago +1

    Criticising communists for cracking down on rugby when they wouldn't come into power for years after any of that took place

  • Niuean Laho
    Niuean Laho 4 months ago

    Russia would be a tier one nation in rugby if they had carried on since 1896........

  • tomas bachiller
    tomas bachiller 4 months ago

    if there was TMO on that Argentina XV match russia would have lost like 50 to 7 tho

  • Sum Boi
    Sum Boi 4 months ago

    After losing to the Jersey reds and also getting gubbed off Connacht I’m afraid to say it doesn’t look like Russia will be able to do much this RWC. Aside from maybe scoring try of the tournament, it looks like all the other teams in pool A will prove too much for them. Especially when considering how they qualified

  • Dan Keane
    Dan Keane 4 months ago +1

    Watched them against Connacht yesterday.. not a great team but not a bad game to watch

  • Bailsrugby Beast
    Bailsrugby Beast 4 months ago

    Boi u called rugby gay

  • frankos rooni
    frankos rooni 4 months ago +1

    they will get thumped --but thanks for caring

  • Alexander Alex
    Alexander Alex 4 months ago

    Georgia rapes them as they have a chance

  • Mr Fred
    Mr Fred 4 months ago +2

    And they have just lost to jersey

  • Miguel Portela
    Miguel Portela 4 months ago

    The dragons will be the best pro14 team in 4 years...

  • Brian Sergeant
    Brian Sergeant 4 months ago

    47. T.A.T.u? Or are we gonna pretend they never existed! #46thingsaboutpoccnr

    DARTH MONG 4 months ago

    00:25 Hey Ted Haggard wasn't gay either. He like to gay-bash until he got caught sucking off a rentboy.

  • Aaron Murray
    Aaron Murray 4 months ago

    So the other week Jersey Reds beat Russia 35-22 in Moscow. Jersey is 119.5km^2 Russia is 17,125,200km^2. Something is telling me Russia are at best a 3rd tier nation..... I expect them to lose every RWC match.

  • Joseph van Wyk
    Joseph van Wyk 4 months ago

    Hahah, ah this was funny.

  • Benjamin Macdonald
    Benjamin Macdonald 4 months ago


  • Morné Brink
    Morné Brink 4 months ago

    GReat video

  • AotNZ 405
    AotNZ 405 4 months ago

    Pahahaha that Scenario happened at our Senior Club Rugby for the 2017 NZ Mid North Competition. We lost the Semi Finals by 2, then the team who beat us enquired about players in the team they were to go up against. After a thorough investigation it was noted that the played an illegal player in our Semi (hadn't played a minimum of 2 games for the club), and therefore were dropped from Finals and we were put in. Unfortunately we lost that final lol.

  • AotNZ 405
    AotNZ 405 4 months ago

    4:16 this man is actually from Norway Hahahaha

  • 2,808,892 views #1 ON TRENDING

    hey bro hanging out for the new All Blacks vs Wallabies video, the 2019 second bledisloe cup match at Eden park, much love mate

  • Lord AristoCat
    Lord AristoCat 4 months ago +1

    1922-1991 Remember those dates ... russia has history before and after them ... it's not all Soviet Union

  • taZZo
    taZZo 4 months ago

    next video: georgians chance on world cup 2019 ;)))

  • Nicholas Smirz
    Nicholas Smirz 5 months ago

    Beating Italy really isn't a challenge though..

  • RationalThinker1859
    RationalThinker1859 5 months ago

    Great videos sir.

  • Epoch plus5
    Epoch plus5 5 months ago

    I once watched a russian rugby match on my polish girls satellite tv, funniest thing i ever saw.

  • Web Design Gold Coast
    Web Design Gold Coast 5 months ago

    Another great video Squidge

  • Allan Lamb
    Allan Lamb 5 months ago

    Rugby seems like such a natural fit for Russia. Its almost crazy that its not a bigger sport in Russia and that Russia isnt a bigger force in it.

  • Jack Tsang
    Jack Tsang 5 months ago

    Maybe it's because that rugby doesn't feature in the Olympics until very recently. Post WW2 there was a push at all Olympic sports as a matter of increasing sporting prestige and the Soviets from nowhere became a superpower of some of these sports in a short period of time, the most notable example being their ice hockey team.

  • Reece Turner
    Reece Turner 5 months ago

    Actually played against krasny yar this year with a lot of Russian internationals in it, must say they were very good but they did have an average age of late 20s whereas ours was 19😐

  • Elle Sea
    Elle Sea 5 months ago

    I honestly hope they go far.
    "What dya mean we weren't doping?" Confused Russian Bureaucrat.

  • beatonthedonis47
    beatonthedonis47 5 months ago

    The Soviet Union came into existence in 1922 after the Russian civil war, so it was the Czarists who suppressed rugby.

  • Nick Leeder
    Nick Leeder 5 months ago

    My school is 200 meters from blackrock college and we drew against them

  • Theycallmecanadian
    Theycallmecanadian 5 months ago

    Вот это да

  • Lúcás Ó'Ceallacháin

    Number 8 in footage in Anton Rudoy - best player for Kazakhstan and Enisei STM that got poached under the Olympic 7s rule.

  • An Cúl Tóna Níos Mór
    An Cúl Tóna Níos Mór 5 months ago +1

    7:41 ringrose went to saint michaels, not blackrock

    • infra white
      infra white 5 months ago

      the man went back & forth between the 'two giants' of irish college rugby? Now that's a box office backstory!

    • Christian Thoms
      Christian Thoms 5 months ago

      Well no he did go to blackrock

  • Sim
    Sim 5 months ago


  • wderrick87
    wderrick87 5 months ago

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate "couldn't present a cat"

  • Geoff Keil
    Geoff Keil 5 months ago +4

    "Why isn't Russia big in Rugby"???? ...... Well, they're not in the Southern Hemisphere for starters.

    • infra white
      infra white 14 days ago

      I just realized russia's within a shout of covering more land than the entire *south. hemisphere*

      ..and of course defo more than sh in soviet times, i-mean that's just a fact!

  • Graggle5
    Graggle5 5 months ago

    Umm, that they stand no chance of beating England, Ireland, Scotland, All-Blacks, South Africa, etc, etc.

    Is that what we have learned?. Because that is all that is likely to be learned.

  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones 5 months ago

    You ripped on the Dragons brilliantly pmsl

  • lil DEX
    lil DEX 5 months ago

    Talk about rugby in Portugal

  • Gonçalo Dias
    Gonçalo Dias 5 months ago +7

    Could you do a vídeo about Portugal? Even tho then only went to a world cup once they've been brilliant in the last few years in the U20 trophy!

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith 5 months ago

    Anything on the rugby championship yet or are you just gonna ignore it ?

  • Billy Mackay 99
    Billy Mackay 99 5 months ago

    Thank you