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Hotel Hell - Season 1 Episode 5 - River Rock Inn Full Episode HD

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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  • James Gragan
    James Gragan 2 hours ago

    It kinda sucks that the place already has shit reviews

  • jennyinpink22
    jennyinpink22 17 hours ago

    You know he’s in Pennsylvania when there’s tons of stinkbugs. 🤢

  • Anisti Barrett
    Anisti Barrett 17 hours ago

    They probably be giving Gordon their “best” room too, and it’s STILL trash.

  • Kamikaze Productions
    Kamikaze Productions 21 hour ago

    Waiter: That meal can feed an Ethiopian family of 49.
    Me: :0

  • Grace Vonderheide

    Yo I need a wingman just like Gorden Ramsey

  • French Allende
    French Allende Day ago

    At 5:04 I lost it 😫😫😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  • Piggnatti’s Loot

    Subscribe and like for more Gordon ramsay

  • melissa jackson
    melissa jackson Day ago

    Gordon Ramsay is a very fit, good looking man but I do not want to see him drop his underwear and shower... Luv ya Gordon but please don't show me your drawers. Lol

  • Atemis _
    Atemis _ 2 days ago

    Kenny: it really saddens me bacause I would do anything for them and I feel like they don’t see that.
    You can’t even give them your cookies. Seriously?

  • ReactionGames Played

    Oh my lord...not even my grandma would like the style...she would die if she saw this.

  • Ammo123
    Ammo123 2 days ago

    Bro i live like 30mins from here. May go here someday prob not tho but whatever lmfao

    Edit: I lie ill prob go there durring ski season only thought of it when it said there werebookings for next season

  • Layla Blount
    Layla Blount 2 days ago

    I love you Gordon you inspire me so much

  • Sage Red Gaming
    Sage Red Gaming 2 days ago

    shrek rates this place 10/10

  • Abdullah Khurram
    Abdullah Khurram 2 days ago

    8:39 Bro! Bad move!!

  • 2018 Connor Purcell
    2018 Connor Purcell 3 days ago

    I wish Ramsay would help me find a girlfriend

  • Matheus Alcantara
    Matheus Alcantara 3 days ago

    Best wingman ever

  • May J
    May J 3 days ago

    I can’t believe the stylist’s name is Baribe 😂 Barbie and Ken, what a pair they could have made

  • TheBrabon1
    TheBrabon1 3 days ago

    you can do the blacklight test in the finest of hotels and see the same stuff
    has nothing to do with quality

  • Gunner Hansard
    Gunner Hansard 4 days ago +1

    I am not insulting him but I wish I could eat and swear for a job

  • Tan En Xian
    Tan En Xian 4 days ago +1

    Ewwwwwwwwwww so gross but at least they are cleaning it up

  • zєη
    zєη 4 days ago

    "I'll miss the Simpsons"

  • Tran Tram Anh
    Tran Tram Anh 4 days ago

    I'm gonna miss simpsons!!

  • ilove food
    ilove food 5 days ago +1

    ok but why is the intro catchy af

  • Brenda Collins
    Brenda Collins 5 days ago

    the bug in the bathroom was a boxelder bug

  • Nurul Ardini
    Nurul Ardini 5 days ago

    Omg i gagged at the bugs

  • 23mimipolfliet
    23mimipolfliet 5 days ago

    9:22 that not thai food!!!!! that's trash right there.

  • Annie Hovsepian
    Annie Hovsepian 5 days ago

    Looks like Los Feliz Motel in Los A California Los Feliz/Atwater Village. Where the owners niece is a drug addict, the brother yells pay customers and housekeeping is a joke, especially when you find used condition under the bed and housekeeping tells you that the bed cover isn't washer or changed. Only fresh sheets towels a sample bottle of shampoo/condition charge was $125/night and that depends on who checks you in and what time. No room service. Fast food and a few local restaurants walking distance, including hair salon and pet salon.

  • Berserkkiller
    Berserkkiller 5 days ago

    Its nice that this is a 40 minute video with only two mid roll ads

  • Madelyn Hartshorn
    Madelyn Hartshorn 5 days ago

    Bro that’s not a cockroach, it’s a boxelder bug

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S 5 days ago

    Y'all gonna ignore all those jizz stains on the beds putrid

  • Ashley
    Ashley 6 days ago

    13:34-13:44...Gordon has me dead👏👏

  • julien lemay
    julien lemay 6 days ago

    I tought gordon was gonna càll him a hoocker

  • Jessica Harris
    Jessica Harris 6 days ago +3

    Sees box elder bug.
    Gordon: "It's a cOcKrOaCh!!"

  • Martin Vela
    Martin Vela 6 days ago

    The old lady ugly as fuuuuuc

  • CurseFlame74
    CurseFlame74 6 days ago

    5:20 that's a kissing/assassin bug. They can give you Chagas disease!

  • Kristen Barton
    Kristen Barton 6 days ago +12

    "I feel like I've eaten a flip flop with mayonnaise."🤣

  • Wolves
    Wolves 6 days ago +1

    They have some balls serving that Thai sampler

  • michelle morgan
    michelle morgan 6 days ago

    The poor laundry lady

  • JasonXxX209
    JasonXxX209 7 days ago

    I guess we can say they were inn trouble :3

  • Tameika Davis
    Tameika Davis 7 days ago

    Dear Gordon Ramsay,

    A hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina named “Carolinian Beach Resort” was not the best experience. There wasn’t enough food for breakfast, the hair dryers didn’t work, the beds were not the best and in my room the ceiling popcorn was falling off. Please explore the place and help fix it.

  • Julia Barie
    Julia Barie 7 days ago +2

    Kenny: don’t touch my cookies!!!!!
    Gordon: Kenny is crazy and the staff is correct. End of therapy session

  • Oreo Gaming
    Oreo Gaming 7 days ago

    The hotel Chester is still the best episode❤

  • Jdhs Sjsus
    Jdhs Sjsus 7 days ago

    Im addicted to these videos wth

  • paco flores
    paco flores 7 days ago

    The place closed, old owners bought it back and reopened it

  • Avery Spotswood
    Avery Spotswood 7 days ago

    Oof Gordon wanted to watch the simpsons. i feel you.

  • Izumi
    Izumi 7 days ago

    Owner: I’m the only one who does work around here!
    Employees: *surprised pikachu face*

  • Scorlox YT
    Scorlox YT 8 days ago

    Ken and Barbie what are the odds

  • l̸o̸v̸e̸l̸y̸s̸p̸i̸l̸l̸ _

    reminds me of how once i went on a field trip and they didnt allow you to bring your own lunch so they served you lunch. I got mac and cheese and it had bugs in it, the lunch lady said this "Oh well its not a big deal, bugs are high in protien!" 🤣😵

  • ly
    ly 8 days ago

    12:51 please change to background music hahahahahaha kinda disturbing

  • Raaf Jansen
    Raaf Jansen 9 days ago +1

    The owner is not a bad guy at all. He just needed a bit of guidance. Glad Gordon was there to help them out. It all turned out great.

  • Kjmoff Gaming
    Kjmoff Gaming 9 days ago

    Why the waiter remind me of doctor evil.

  • paydem
    paydem 9 days ago

    37:29 kind of a creepy shot but ok...

  • javi orellana
    javi orellana 9 days ago

    hotel should prohibit ppl from having sex there, look at the mattresses! also I'd like to understand the thought process of the guests, it's like "ugh, this place is disgusting... let's do it" 😂

  • Izmayla Maulana
    Izmayla Maulana 9 days ago +4

    Kenny looks like that dude who dressed as a chicken in toy story 2

    + : Also, that moment when Gordon is also an excellent wing-man

  • John Egbert
    John Egbert 9 days ago

    Hhhh is that a box elder bug. Yeah no I'm good cx

  • Fancy Bear
    Fancy Bear 9 days ago +1

    I have arachnophobia and that intro did not help

  • Jonathan Lockwood
    Jonathan Lockwood 9 days ago

    Box Alder Bugs Ramsay!

  • Feiroz Sifaf
    Feiroz Sifaf 10 days ago +1

    Barbie.... Ken....

  • Inset Anathema
    Inset Anathema 10 days ago

    5:23 i think that’s a cockroach!!

    that’s a box elder bug

  • Larrison Smith
    Larrison Smith 10 days ago +3

    16:06 "it's like a galaxy "


    "I'm so shocked..a little bit"

  • Louis Frost
    Louis Frost 10 days ago

    The size of those cum stains bought back many happy memories

  • Nathan Conversi
    Nathan Conversi 10 days ago

    So is no one going to mention the creepy window shot of the couple kissing at 37:30

  • Channon Nicole
    Channon Nicole 10 days ago

    Any other Pennsylvanians here 2019

  • Esteban Fuenzalida
    Esteban Fuenzalida 10 days ago


  • jquest43
    jquest43 10 days ago

    "I'm sorry for all those multiple jiZz and Cooze,residuals layered on your bed...we ran out of SPOOGE-BE-GONE!!

  • jquest43
    jquest43 10 days ago

    5:00 " Blue bottle flies?? We only have Green bottle flies !!- only the best flies at our inn!!

  • Cupcake Satan
    Cupcake Satan 11 days ago

    That was an elder beetle, not a cockroach. The red lines on it's back gave it away. They're harmless and aren't really a pest. They just kinda get stuck inside whenever someone opens a door.

  • Dushant Sharma
    Dushant Sharma 11 days ago

    I love how there start with rough opening but a happy ending

  • miha
    miha 11 days ago

    Is it now possible to make Gordon Ramsay an official match maker

  • Dani H
    Dani H 11 days ago

    I love how the thumbnail is always the palest, most disgusting food ever.

  • Tiff Fiddler
    Tiff Fiddler 12 days ago

    Oh dear goodness. That man Kenny. Talk abt being lazy. I’m pretty amazed that the workers are still working there.
    “Spirit Sucker”?? Oh goodness. I’d be sadden TOOO if my employees thought of me like that.
    I hope this INN is much more vibrant now.

  • Freedom ForAll!
    Freedom ForAll! 12 days ago

    Exposure therapy is the best.

  • Saoirse Dove
    Saoirse Dove 12 days ago

    Am I the only person who gets irrationally angry when a person's tongue is overly visible while they're talking? I had to look away whenever they showed the owner speaking because his big fat tongue is so repulsive. UGH - he'll never get a woman as long as that's going on!

    • jquest43
      jquest43 10 days ago

      Saoirse Dove he found a nice young cannabals witch !

  • Beyer Brady
    Beyer Brady 12 days ago

    that was actually a boxelder bug not a cockroach

  • Nell Russell
    Nell Russell 12 days ago

    "I'm a loyal dog, but my bone has worn thin"

  • IzzzyCat
    IzzzyCat 12 days ago

    Who is filming the shower???

  • Pluto Solarius -
    Pluto Solarius - 12 days ago +1

    Would you rather stay a week in the ‘’before’’ hotel or have to listen to the intro song on loop for ten hours

    • cuteyalexia
      cuteyalexia 9 days ago

      Pluto Solarius - I’d take the first option. I’m not afraid of bugs and I could sleep in a sleeping bag like Gordon did. The opening song is horrid.

    • cuteyalexia
      cuteyalexia 9 days ago

      Pluto Solarius - I’d take the first option. I’m not afraid the bugs and I could sleep in a sleeping bag like Gordon did. The opening song is horrid.

  • ItsNate
    ItsNate 13 days ago +1

    5:26 that’s a boxelder bug

  • Panamanian Thing Scene
    Panamanian Thing Scene 13 days ago +1

    When he started talking about the menu I was in tears 😂And when the food came out I was done😂

  • Panamanian Thing Scene
    Panamanian Thing Scene 13 days ago +1

    I would have walked in and right back out that place looks horrible.My OCD is in overdrive watching this🤦🏾‍♀️🤢I don’t know how much more I can take.

  • Tante Marianne
    Tante Marianne 13 days ago +1

    I love the intro of this show

  • After Hours
    After Hours 13 days ago

    Bruh it would have been such a twist if he came downstaira and said "i watched everything you said.... you're all fired" oh boy i would have shit

  • Billy Wintergreen
    Billy Wintergreen 13 days ago

    the only thing i want to know is if Ken and Kim are still together. i doubt it but i would be interesting to know.

    • Billy Wintergreen
      Billy Wintergreen 10 days ago

      @jquest43 wtf??? Shut up you troll you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • jquest43
      jquest43 10 days ago

      Billy Wintergreen they both transitioned..she's a he,and he's a she!!( It's a bit awkward at sextime,because of his DOUBLE-Ds!!)

  • Mamabear 06
    Mamabear 06 14 days ago

    The Hotel owner is a little PUKE! He looks like he still sucks on his mom's tit!! Shit he moved OUT of his mom's house into another house SHE pays for!

  • Mamabear 06
    Mamabear 06 14 days ago

    Is it just me or does the older woman with short hair remind you of a mouse?

  • Ebizzill
    Ebizzill 14 days ago +1

    He just needed a punanah to get thing rolling. He'll be alright.

  • Ace Balangitan
    Ace Balangitan 14 days ago

    Gordon ramsey is like ben tulfo from philippines

  • catracha V.
    catracha V. 14 days ago

    The mattress could wash with viniger with coxi clean with water inside botter spray with good brush n carpet cleaner vacuum machine ....

  • Tina Creekmore
    Tina Creekmore 14 days ago +10

    I've seen so many owners like this. They need to work for someone who knows what they're doing and just punch a time clock.

  • Tina Creekmore
    Tina Creekmore 14 days ago

    What is so sad is that there are so many people that have no experience on how to run a business and spend so much money just to buy it. Have absolutely no clue what they're doing.

  • Kee Rose
    Kee Rose 16 days ago

    He said it looks like someone dropped a t-rex on my plate.😂😩

  • rocker1889
    rocker1889 17 days ago

    Kenny should come to Los Angeles. He'd have no problem finding all kinds of hoes willing to do porn star stuff to him. He'd wear a permanant smile.

  • Anaphina Athens
    Anaphina Athens 17 days ago +16

    Absolutely no one:
    That dancing cockroach: 😏

  • Sonia Uribe
    Sonia Uribe 17 days ago +1

    You know he fucked it when he said it was frozen 😂😂

  • Sonia Uribe
    Sonia Uribe 17 days ago +1

    This motivated me to clean my room

    • Sonia Uribe
      Sonia Uribe 10 days ago

      jquest43 wtf 😂😂

    • jquest43
      jquest43 10 days ago

      Sonia Uribe you own a pet?
      You have a partner?
      Refer back to my original comment and don't be so angry!

    • Sonia Uribe
      Sonia Uribe 10 days ago

      jquest43 it’s a joke calm down

    • jquest43
      jquest43 10 days ago

      Sonia Uribe why bother,it won't get rid of your Lyme, toxoplasmosis,and Bartonella?

  • rwsthedemonking
    rwsthedemonking 18 days ago

    I love hoe Gordon is old enough to know how to use the coat hanger in the TV trick. My family used the same hanger for several years when I was a kid.

  • lola òkami
    lola òkami 18 days ago +3

    Can you imagine having GORDON RAMSAY as your wingman?! Lol best night ever!

  • WaffenHerMuff
    WaffenHerMuff 19 days ago

    Fukk sake Ken save some for the rest of us 🤔